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Muutokset v3.0.7 - v3.0.9

Muutokset v3.0.6 - v3.0.7

Muutokset v3.0.5 - v3.0.6

Muutokset v3.0.4 - v3.0.5

Muutokset v2.5.9 - v3.0.4

Muutokset v2.5.8 - v2.5.9

Muutokset v2.5.7 - v2.5.8

Muutokset v2.5.6 - v2.5.7

Muutokset v2.5.5 - v2.5.6

Muutokset v2.5.4 - v2.5.5

Muutokset v2.5.3 - v2.5.4

Muutokset v2.5.2 - v2.5.3

Muutokset v2.5 - v2.5.2

Muutokset v2.4.7 - v2.5

  • • More vigilance! TunnelBear blocks all un-encrypted traffic in Vigilant mode and will keep you protected from leaks if VPN tunnel breaks unexpectedly
  • • More dynamic alternate tunnels for hostile countries/ISPs
  • • New and improved create account form, now with 40% less typing
  • • Fixed: Diagnostic speed test broken on Yosemite
  • • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Muutokset v2.4.6 - v2.4.7

  • • Bear-grade encryption for the masses! (AES256)
  • • By popular demand added an option to hide the dock icon
  • • IntelliBear now understands wildcard domain names, i.e. *.com
  • • Optimized sounds for lag-free playback
  • • Updated the updater (should fix a few rare crashes)
  • • Upgraded to the latest stable version of OpenVPN (2.3.6)
  • • Fixed layout “gaps” in preference views caused by unavailable preferences
  • • Fixed a few issues in bear diagnostics
  • • Fixed a couple of crashes

Muutokset v2.4.5 - v2.4.6

  • • Sharper claws, to maul ISPs who don’t believe in internet privacy and freedom
  • • Fixed compatibility issues caused by non-standard command line shells

Muutokset v2.4.4 - v2.4.5

  • • Fixed: mauled tracker counters not being updated in “Privacy” view
  • • Simplified account creation
  • • Combed bear fur and widened the tunnels

Muutokset v2.0.16 - v2.1

  • TunnelBear now mauls the ads, scripts, cookies, beacons and social buttons that track everything you do online!
  • Improved support for those grizzly old Windows XP SP3 and Vista users
  • Lots of bug fixes and UX Tweaks
  • 137% more Bears!

Muutokset 40417 - v2.0.16

  • Redesigned and reengineered from the paws up for always on privacy
  • Sanded and rebuffed wood user interface
  • Opens and connects on computer startup (optional)
  • “Vigilant” feature monitors your connection for occasional disruptions such as flaky WiFi, computer sleep, etc and blocks unsecured (http) traffic while TunnelBear reconnects
  • Smoother reconnection from computer sleep
  • Still no ads, no bloatware and no logging, rawr!

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