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Muutokset v1.3.1 - v1.3.90 Beta

  • This is the beta for what will become TigerVNC 1.4.0. A lot of changes has happened since the last major release, but the big highlights for this release are:
  • Colour map (aka indexed, palette) mode is largely removed. TigerVNC is still compatible with other VNC implementations, but you can no longer run Xvnc in colour map mode.
  • Improvements to the keyboard handling both on the server and client
  • Support for newer Xorg versions in the server build
  • x0vncserver now supports XDamage for instant updates, making it slightly less useless
  • IPv6 support on the servers (not WinVNC though).
  • WinVNC now works in service mode on newer Windows versions
  • Better full screen mode for the Java client on OS X
  • man pages should now be up to date
  • Improved TLS implementation in the Java client
  • Lots and lots of cleanups and bug fixes

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