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Muutokset v9.8.5 - v9.8.10

  • Fixed : VC1/WMV Codecs, now support the MS Media Center av formats.
  • Fixed : Fixed the MP4 and DivX decoder
  • Improved : MPEG2 Encoder for DVD NTSC and PAL video quality.

Muutokset v9.8 - v9.8.5

  • Fixed : Fixed the MP4 and DivX decoder
  • Fixed : Fixed source video file aspect detection function.
  • Fixed : the bug of 16:9 MPEG2 video detection ( especially for jvc MOD , and sony mpg file).
  • Add : multi-core CPU detection. now ,support multi-core CPU (intel and AMD )
  • Improved : MPEG2 Encoder for DVD NTSC and PAL video quality.
  • Use can choose the encoder engine for especial needs, such as minish size of DVD or need best quality, etc.

Muutokset v9.5 - v9.8

  • Fixed : WMV OGG and some other codec.
  • Add : Add a burner method , use can choose and setup the burning device.
  • Fixed: Add-Fixed a new DVD Burning method ,support DVD-R,DVD+R,DVD+RW,DVD-RW,DVD+RW DL,DVD RAM, media type.
  • Fixed : Fixed a bug about the process of DVD Subtitle with srt file.
  • Add : Add sse2 and ssse3 encoder function.
  • Fixed : H264 decoder and MKV decoder. support MKV now.
  • Add : Add interleaving method , it is useful for some interleaved file such as JVC MOD file and Sony MPG (HDD Camcorder ) etc.
  • Add : Add a free software "JVC MOD MPEG rebuilder", you can download from

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