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Muutokset v9.0d - v9.0e

Muutokset v9.0c - v9.0d

Muutokset v9.0b - v9.0c

Muutokset v8.0c - v9.0b

Muutokset v8.0b - v8.0c

  • New features
  • New API events '509 desktop sticky moved' and '510 desktop sticky sized'
  • Changes
  • Stickies now uses less CPU if there are no attached notes
  • Fixes
  • Bug fix which prevented backups from starting until Stickies had run continually for 24 hours
  • Possible fix for occasional crashes when using the Restore function
  • Bug around selecting a colour from the fader changing the shade fixed
  • Bug with sizing stickies and stacks from the bottom snapping too small (including to zero height) fixed
  • Fixed bug with skin 'fixed size' indicator not being refreshed when size mode changed
  • Stack indicators better refreshed when dragging stickies into a stack
  • Searching stored stickies containing a single quote (') character now works

Muutokset v8.0a - v8.0b

  • Changes
  • Changing pen colour in image stickies also sets the text colour
  • Performing data file a restore now includes more files
  • In the Sleep dialog, the ampersand has been moved back from until to until
  • Creating a DC with "DISPLAY" checked for success to try to avoid a possible crash
  • .sti files are attached to SMTP emails again as in v7, rather than .rtf file
  • Two new API commands: set desktop utext , get desktop utext
  • Fixes
  • Can now send again a note with sticky.exe using a plain text file with carriage returns
  • The option "Prevent duplicate recurring" works again - which was broken in v8.0a
  • "Do To All" actions from the notification area menu no longer affect stacked stickies
  • Changing the shadow border setting in Options no longer hides all stack windows
  • Creating a new store category under an existing category from the "Store this sticky" dialog could create it under a stack tree item, and so "lose" the sticky
  • The option "Use alternate colour selection" no longer has no effect
  • Orphaned content was being created with the option "Keep deleted" set to zero
  • A crash when writing to transfer file (surrounded with "" characters) prevented
  • Calling up the Save dialog in a text sticky no longer leaves all the text selected
  • Having a stack on the screen with the option "Create a new sticky with a single tray icon click" no longer stops input focus reaching the new sticky

Muutokset v7.1e - v8.0a

  • New features
  • Images can be inserted into text stickies
  • Stacks for desktop stickies
  • Friendly name hyperlinks
  • Periodic automatic full backups
  • Properties dialog added for all stickies in all categories
  • Screen grab directly to an image sticky
  • Skin browser dialog
  • Stored sticky category icons
  • Image undo levels can be configured
  • Restore from backup
  • 'Solo' a sticky to work with just that one
  • Option to offset screen position of new stickies to prevent overlap
  • New image editing operations: rotate, greyscale, invert, flip, mirror, border, blur, jitter, flood fill, border
  • Configurable tab stops
  • Feature to move data file location
  • Save image stickies as JPG
  • Show recurring parent
  • Default note content files for text and image notes
  • Changes
  • Stickies is now fully Unicode, supporting all languages throughout
  • Stored stickies retain many more attributes, like create time, position, read only, source
  • New data storage format, RTF split into separate files, settings, options and friends into their own files
  • 'Rescue offscreen' command now also fixes the Manage dialog
  • Manage dialog has been optimised, and so is less 'flickery'
  • Hotkey functionality built into the exe file, the DLL is no longer required
  • Text desktop note contents can be edited in the Manage dialog
  • Hold shift while attaching a sticky to attach it relative to the position of the window
  • Option to disable RTL shortcut keys
  • All tray icons can now be changed
  • Choose a place to create a new store category when storing a sticky
  • 'Set all' checkbox on the Recurring dialog
  • -rescue command line parameter added
  • Defaul text highlight colours made a little less harsh, users can now change them
  • Title items on menus are now bold, not grey
  • All numeric values in Options have spin controls
  • At startup, the stickies.exe path is checked for data files as well as the CWD
  • Maximum size of stickies raised to 614,400
  • Image sticky pen now shrinks to single pixel width
  • All icons changed to include an alpha-channel
  • Shift-context menu key opens the content menu, not the sticky menu
  • Removed: recover dialog
  • Removed: Palm and PPC support
  • Removed: -registry, -recover, -norecover command line parameters
  • Removed: import/export store categories in Manage
  • Fixes
  • User values (user1/2/3) are now correctly initialised for new notes
  • Bug when moving a note from Stores to Closed to Desktop fixed
  • Sending from a Stored category to the Desktop no longer decrements the count by two
  • After choosing the pen colour, the original input focus is restored
  • Paste buttons on skins can now convert a RTF note to an image note
  • New notes set to appear in the center of the screen now do so correctly
  • WM_QUERYENDSESSION messages handled
  • Fixed English text "Snooze alarm for X minutes" fixed
  • .sti file loading no longer affected by setting an incoming network style
  • On-top setting is no longer lost by using the menu to set another note not-on-top

Muutokset v7.1c - v7.1e

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