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Muutokset v3.0 build 364 - v3.0 build 365

Muutokset v3.0 build 363 - v3.0 build 364

Muutokset v3.0.362 - v3.0 build 363

  • Changes in this build:
  • Added the ability to keep the Launch process open at the end of launching all applications. See Options -> Startup Applications tab, 'Automatically hide Startup Delayer Tray Icon after launching all Applications' checkbox, which is checked by default
  • Added the ability to wait for between 0 and 59 seconds at startup before launching all applications. See Options -> Launch Process tab, 'Wait for x Seconds to pass at Startup before launching any Delayed Applications'
  • Added Japanese translations
  • Added check for corrupt Courier New font
  • Added error message for missing NGen from corrupt .net installation
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Muutokset v3.0.360 - v3.0.362

  • Added the ability to keep the Launch process open at the end of launching all applications. See Options -> Startup Applications tab, 'Automatically hide Startup Delayer Tray Icon after launching all Applications' checkbox, which is checked by default
  • Added the ability to wait for between 0 and 59 seconds at startup before launching all applications. See Options -> Launch Process tab, 'Wait for x Seconds to pass at Startup before launching any Delayed Applications'
  • Added Japanese translations
  • Added check for corrupt Courier New font
  • Added error message for missing NGen from corrupt .net installation
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Muutokset v3.0.359 - v3.0.360

  • Added the ability to disable Performance and Launch Logging
  • Updated AutoUpdate url
  • Updated how User Profiles are read so that customized folder paths can be used
  • Updated English translation
  • Set generatePublisherEvidence to false so that authenticode certs aren't verified on every launch
  • Fixed delay resetting when saving a common user application
  • Fixed duplicate Column order affecting the appearance of the Column
  • Some other minor fixes

Muutokset v3.0.357 - v3.0.359

  • Added Description column to Startup Applications which maps to the Executable File Description for better identification
  • Added codesigning to Startup Delayer executables as well as the Setup executable
  • Added several retries before asking for user assistance when attempting to write log files out to disk
  • When adding new Applications, modified to use the description instead of the Product name
  • Updated Languages: Hungarian, Dutch, Italian
  • Fixed idleness being monitored while apps with arbitrary time values were launched. It's now ignored.
  • Fixed the Panel that displays Startup Errors from covering the columns when first started
  • Modified list refresh to remember selection
  • Fixed application properties not getting updated if changed from Normal to Disabled in the properties window

Muutokset v3.0.333 - v3.0.356

Muutokset v3.0.331 - v3.0.333

Muutokset v3.0.329 - v3.0.330

Muutokset v3.0 build 326 - v3.0 build 327

Muutokset v3.0 Build 319 - v3.0 build 326

Muutokset v3.0 Build 318 - v3.0 Build 319

  • Fixed generation of xml runtime classes by switching to a binary storage system
  • Updated all existing xml serialization code to use binary serialization instead
  • Created new SDXmlUpgrader project that gets run during installation

Muutokset v3.0 Build 315 - v3.0 Build 318

  • Build 318 contains fixes for crashes as well as improvements to the detection of paths and launching of applications that have previously ignored the Minimized checkbox.

Muutokset v3.0 Build 314 - v3.0 Build 315

  • Refactored the Binary modules to allow for smooth XmlSerialization, resulting in a faster start time
  • Fixed crash when invalid characters were found in the PATH variable. In this case it was "g4�b4�"
  • Fixed crash when accessing generic Startup Application
  • Fixed the detection of 'valid' executables if they were part of the path name
  • Removed serialization of the detected Filename and Path as both are generated from the Target
  • Fixed crash when path doesn't contain any recognised executable extensions
  • Fixed crash when attempting to retrieve valid executable name from a path with arguments to an application that no longer exists
  • Moved the loading of the Digital certificate to when properties are requested

Muutokset v3.0 build 312 - v3.0 Build 314

  • Build 314 includes a number of fixes including the reported inability to move Common items without being continuously prompted about Admin rights.

Muutokset v3.0 build 309 - v3.0 build 312

  • Fixed the 'Open in Startup Delayer' context menu of Startup Launcher
  • Added fix for crash when adding a process item in the options window that contained a "
  • Fixed crash during install
  • Removed assert protection around common areas to help find more errors to be caught
  • Added fix for crash when an invalid icon is loaded
  • Fixed Applications sometimes re-ordering on refresh or reload
  • Added several early security assert checks to ensure a smoother startup
  • Added check for empty Start menu path.
  • Fixed the creation of the Startup path for a user if it doesn't exist when creating a new Startup Application
  • Added creation and security setup of all known directories in Startup Delayer settings path to ensure they exist and are accessible by users who may not normally have permission to write such things as log files
  • Added fix during install if the backup files are locked. A prompt will now appear allowing you to retry
  • Added retry prompt during install when the translation files couldn't be accessed
  • Added preventative checks for processes to ensure the lists aren't modified while they're being updated
  • Fixed the size of the schedule label on the Edit window
  • Added fix for crash during install on the Common user due to missing selected user profile

Muutokset v3.0 build 307 - v3.0 build 309

  • Forced the zip codepage to 850 to fix an error on systems where the default code page is unrecognised
  • Fixed the inability to switch tabs when disabling certain tabs
  • Updated English text for UnableToLocateDependencies
  • Fixed crash when unable to gain access to the SID key in User Profiles
  • Fixed crash when using TaskDialog on pre Vista/7 due to missing image resources
  • Added fix for crash when accessing empty optionUser list
  • Fixed crash when retrieving an empty user for the user column
  • Improved the refresh of the User list and Startup apps so that all related controls are disabled until it's complete, thereby preventing strange states where users or applications aren't available
  • Fixed crash when garbage characters are found in the Windows PATH environment variable
  • Added font validation check for Tahoma Italic
  • Fixed crash when waiting for idle input on an application that you don't have permission to access
  • Added Error messages for when the current user can't access their own Registry settings

Muutokset v3.0 build 305 - v3.0 build 307

  • Added an option to specify the amount of time to wait during each check for Idleness. Helps when you find that too many automatic applications are launching too quickly
  • Modified StartMenu shortcut finder to use Top level only, and not all subdirectories when looking for shortcuts
  • Added default executable list if PATHEXT system variable couldn't be found
  • Added checking for external dependencies on startup to ensure the executable wasn't moved to another directory by the user (instead of a shortcut created). If not found, a prompt is displayed and Startup Delayer is closed.
  • Added fix for crash when unable to access a registry key due to security permissions
  • Added auto ignore for any non-local users when Startup Delayer is invoked at startup
  • Added further fixes for invalid filenames with tabs, newlines and character returns in them
  • Added fix for disposed Icon on shutdown
  • Added fix for crash when Applying Quick Panel changes that have previously been reset
  • Split Startup Delayer back into 2 seperate executables so that Startup Delayer can be launched as Admin while Startup Launcher can still launch normally
  • Added support for Common and Active User lists that are combined in the one view
  • Added Professional system skin
  • Added Translations for the Graph log
  • Add files with missing digital signatures to the cache to save future lookups
  • Added Localization coverage ability for checking missing strings
  • Implemented full support for combined Common and Active users, including for Backups, Profiles and the Launcher
  • Fixed 120dpi issues on main toolbars
  • Added Options for Disabling the Services and Running Tasks tabs
  • Fixed the colour of the Quick Delay panel so that it works in all skins
  • Fixed Drag and drop support
  • Removed Segoe UI font reference in main form
  • Updated LaunchStartupApp to expand environment variables before starting process
  • Removed the display of the uacshield when combined user mode
  • Modified the (default) entry in the registry so that it's only displayed if the value isn't empty
  • Increased the size of the Author label in the About window to accommodate multiple lines
  • Fixed an issue where items would be hidden from the list view if duplicates were found elsewhere in the list
  • Completely removed duplicate checking as it creates too many false positives
  • Fixed loss of active user when toggling combine checkbox
  • Added support to the installer to remove files no longer needed
  • Fixed font usage in Launch Tray
  • Fixed crash when disabling the active tab
  • Fixed the performance graph application launches so that they show up again
  • Modified sorting of Backup window so that latest backups are presented at the top of the list
  • Added extra padding into Quick Edit bar

Muutokset v3.0 build 304 - v3.0 build 305

Muutokset v3.0 build 303 - v3.0 build 304

Muutokset v3.0 build 300 - v3.0 build 303

  • Reverted to the old method of grabbing Usernames instead of using the proper NTAccount/Domain information. This should fix all speed issues that users were experiencing.
  • Fixed crash when no PATH variable could be found on a system
  • Fixed crash when opening edit form when no Active user is set
  • Modified all serialization routines to write out Unicode
  • Fixed Common items not being launched on some systems
  • Fixed Common user not being detected on systems with various input locales
  • Added better prompt if no user profiles could be found, and disabled several interface features that would cause follow on effects
  • Fixed IOException that could occur during startup
  • Added fix for crash when the single instance mutex was previously deleted
  • Added fix for crash when unable to Obtain the All Users profile during startup. Instead if the cache is empty, its loaded

Muutokset v3.0 build 299 - v3.0 build 300

  • Removed the colour/bolding from certificate and microsoft items as it was too confusing
  • Added Error message if an Icon couldn't be retrieved
  • Added prompt during install when Segoe UI font is corrupt or can't create a bold variant
  • Added handler for UnauthorizedAccess when loading a shortcut
  • Improved the display of the Auto update information by splitting the changelists into versions instead of combining it all into one list
  • Fixed crash in Edit window when copying text to the clipboard and the clipboard is locked
  • Added fix for crash when querying a registry key that doesn't exist
  • Added prompt to fix when "System.SystemException: The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed." is encountered
  • Fixed crash when a shortcut file could not be found (possibly due to permission issues)
  • Fixed crash "System.InvalidOperationException: This access control list is not in canonical form and therefore cannot be modified."
  • Fixed the ordering of the Launch window
  • Improved the accuracy of the timer used to launch applications delayed by arbitrary values
  • Added an 'All Users' button to the Running Tasks tab which relaunches elevated and allows you to view all Tasks
  • Re-arranged the Quick edit panel for more clarity
  • Updated the Quick edit panel to include information about selection
  • Reduced the minimum size of the main window
  • Fixed disabling items that are delayed by an arbitrary value, so that they no longer lose the time you assigned. Now when you enable them again, the time will be restored, instead of reverting to an automatic delay
  • Modified the Invalid item font style to be bolded italics, and added the hint 'Invalid or Missing Target' to the Product name
  • Fixed the categorization of delayed arbitrary timed items in several windows such as the Deleted Applications
  • Removed the Ordinal prefix from the Application names for delayed items, so that you can sort by name. When re-ordering items, its best to sort by the Delay/Order column, which has now been made default for new installs
  • Added an Option to toggle the Prefixing of the Ordinal to Applications to the Options window
  • Fixed the icons in the Launch process window
  • Added the Delay/Order column to the Launch list
  • Added permission denied prompts anytime we are attempting to Serialize data to the All Users Data path and it fails
  • Fixed System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object when the Form was closing but the Notifier was being displayed

Muutokset v3.0 build 296 - v3.0 build 299

  • Added a new 'Setup by Behaviour' window that allows you to choose the behaviour you expect from Startup Delayer. This in turn sets the default CPU and Disk Idle times to handle the desired behaviour
  • Added improvements to accomodate the various startup behaviours.
  • Increased the startup timer to check every 100ms instead of 500ms
  • Removed the default 'Wait for idle' and replaced it with a check box in the Wait tab of the Edit window. Disabled by default.
  • Fixed an issue when launching applications that didn't initially show a window. This was causing up to a 5 second delay as Startup Delayer was waiting for the window to be created.
  • Fixed crash when editing multiple items with various idle values
  • Added Error message when an application can't be written back to the registry due to a permission issue
  • Fixed the Localization tool so that it correctly saves new values
  • Fixed a crash when accessing a file that was already open (such as a log file). Converted all file reads/writes to shared
  • Fixed re-ordering issue when deleting Applications after they were recently shifted around
  • Updated the colours and styles used to represent disabled, Microsoft, Digital Signatures and Errored applications. Uses the Skin colours and underlines and bolding as well
  • Modified all windows to work in 120 DPI
  • Updated Notifier window so that its really thin, but can be expanded with the click of the Info button
  • Updated Notifier window to make it slightly transparent as well as allow it to be moved to any location on the screen
  • Fixed the Time column in the Launch log so that it shows correctly

Muutokset v2.5.138 - v3.0 build 296

  • Fixed crash when an invalid path is encountered in the Path system variable

Muutokset v2.3.134 - v2.4.135

  • Fixed a bug where the StartIn path from shortcuts wasn't being properly read
  • Added support for tracking the IconFile and IconIndex used in a shortcut so that it can be restored
  • Fixed a bug where dragging a shortcut to 0 delay when not already delayed, caused the shortcut to be removed
  • Fixed "Run-time error "5" Invalid procedure call or arguement.
  • Added Traditional Chinese Translation - Thanks Feelin Lin!
  • Updated the Dutch Translation - Thanks Piet Bruinsma
  • Removed the Concept of Safe Mode/Advanced Mode as it has been confusing too many users
  • Renamed 'Move To' to 'Change Location' (Translators you will need to send me an update!)
  • Modified 'Space Evenly' to use the current delay order for sorting. So organise your application order by delaying to random amounts and then use 'Space Evenly' to space out, keeping the order.

Muutokset v2.3.133 - v2.3.134

  • Made the uninstall routine automatically restore all delayed applications back to their previous location. (Wasn't working on all systems)
  • Fixed a bug when pressing the Skip button in the GUI Launcher while waiting for an application that was marked to pause until it was closed
  • Fixed the Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set error when you use the GUI version of the Launcher on a profile that's never run Startup Delayer
  • Fixed the Run-time error '5' if you reset the GUI position twice, or if it didn't exist in the first place

Muutokset v2.3.130 - v2.3.133

  • Add Tooltips to the Time Chart
  • Fix the GUI Launcher Width to the Longest string instead of changing it with the size of the label all the time
  • Fix recognition of some command line arguments - Thanks Darren!
  • Fix About Menu Link so that it underlines when over
  • Fix spelling error on Application Information page - Thanks Alain!
  • Added Spanish Translation - Thanks Legion!
  • Added Dutch Translations - Thanks Gijs!
  • Fixed bug related to program icons vs location icons - Thanks Rui!
  • Fixed Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure call or argument due to invalid path and the FileLen function - Thanks Larry!
  • Fixed "pause until application has closed" from consuming a lot of CPU on older systems by cutting the polling time down to once a second - Thanks John!
  • Updated the French Translation - Thanks Andy Bo!

Muutokset v2.3.125 - v2.3.130

  • Fix for not recognising and handling shell shortcuts
  • If a Shortcut to a shell Item is found, such as Display Panel, it is now ignored until a solution can be found
  • Added progress bar to GUI Laucher so that you can see the progress of the Startup
  • Added new Language Support for French (Thanks Martin Ledoux!)
  • Fix so that Applications are not removed/readded and the path reformatted and fixed, unless the user saves the properties
  • Add missing language strings, "User Mode", "Application Information", "General" and "Show In Explorer" to the English Strings file
  • Add Russian Language File
  • Change Delay column from Human readable text to digital display, but leave human readable text in Status area
  • Add Tooltips for the main listview in case columns are too small to display the whole entry
  • Updated German Language File, Thanks u!^DEV!
  • Added Chinese Language File, Thanks WangKing
  • Fix time issues and add cancel issue - Thanks Rene
  • Added preliminary Windows Vista Support - Please send feedback!
  • Added support for deleting Application Information entries, by selecting them and pressing the delete key
  • Fixed bug when checking and unchecking Current User items, and having them swap to All Users - Thanks Thomas!
  • Fixed bug where the Minimized/Maximized states from items in the Startup Folder weren't being remembered - Thanks Thomas!
  • Updated the Chinese Simplified with changes from Wang King

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