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Muutokset v11.4.3 - v12.0.0

  • •Windows External Version History
  • •Added video trimming to allow you to cut out sections of your video.
  • •Introduced new method of capturing that no longer requires choosing image or video and allows you to modify your selected area before finalizing the capture.
  • •Major refresh of Snagit Editor.
  • •We are no longer supporting Windows XP/Vista.
  • •Improved save workflow to give you an easier way to keep your original video captures.
  • •Added a dedicated way to create, edit, and manage your Snagit profiles.
  • •No longer contains text capture mode.
  • •Transitioned “OneClick” into an all new “Capture Window,” which provides immediate, single click access to all capture profiles as well as the new capture workflow.
  • •Added in-product training content to make sure you better understand video trimming and profiles.
  • •Added a way to directly tag single captures.
  • •We now require .NET 4 Full.

Muutokset v11.4.2 - v11.4.3

  • Fix for scrolling capture in Google Chrome
  • Other bug fixes

Muutokset v11.4.1 - v11.4.2

  • •Additional fixes for scrolling capture in Google Chrome
  • •Major performance improvement when uploading to
  • •Fixed crash when ‘how to’ animation is displayed during first capture
  • •Closing “Print Preview” caused Snagit to crash

Muutokset v11.4.0.176 - v11.4.1

  • We squashed all of the following bugs:
  • •Scrolling capture support for Google Chrome version 32
  • •Added Close and Delete buttons back to Command list for use in Quick Access Toolbar
  • •Installer error fixed where Snagit is still running during install/uninstall
  • •Screen capture on system with monitors having different screen resolutions
  • •Fixed region capture is working again
  • •Ability to capture secondary monitor when using Surface or other DVI adaptors
  • •Snagit Help not showing for Tray and Editor references
  • •Added Close, Delete, Keywords, Flags to “Popular Commands” for use in Quick Access Toolbar
  • •Fixed crash on first capture due to help window displaying

Muutokset v11.3.0.107 - v11.4.0.176

Muutokset v11.2.1.72 - v11.3.0.107

Muutokset v11.2 - v11.2.1.72

Muutokset v11.1 - v11.2

  • Redesigned OneClick.
  • Redesigned the Snagit Message Center.
  • Added support for two-factor authentication in the YouTube output.
  • Added additional Japanese file name components for automatic file naming.
  • Re-added support for resizing multiple images through batch conversion.
  • Improved the performance of scrolling captures in Microsoft Outlook emails.
  • Fixed a bug where Snagit Editor would crash after uploading a video to YouTube.
  • Fixed a bug where Snagit could not back up and restore a library larger than 4 GB.
  • Fixed a crash bug caused by grouping and ungrouping several vector objects on the canvas.

Muutokset v11 - v11.1

Muutokset v10.0.0 - v11

Muutokset v9.1.3 - v10.0.0

  • Added All-in-One capture.
  • Improved scrolling capture.
  • Improved text capture.
  • Improved region capture and region autoscroll capture.
  • Added transparency to Editor.
  • Added ability to capture transparency.
  • Added ability to change Snagit's color theme.
  • Added a Page Curl effect.
  • Enhanced the Cutout tool.
  • Improved Snagit's performance.
  • Added a Getting Started .snag file to Editor.
  • Fixed a bug capturing Japanese text in text capture mode.
  • Fixed a problem with the magnifier window continuing to display during a region capture.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by a timer-activated text capture.
  • Added support for Windows 7.
  • Added a preview window to the Save as dialog box.
  • Added default install of output with thumbnail and URL option.
  • Added the ability to rotate text boxes.
  • Restored custom trim.
  • Added deleted images now go to Recycle Bin.
  • Added 1GB video capture warning.

Muutokset v9.1.2 - v9.1.3

  • Fixed an issue where Snagit was preventing Windows 7 from shutting down.
  • Fixed a bug where Snagit Editor was running very slowly when navigating in the Search Pane to a folder with a .zip file.
  • Fixed a bug where Snagit would hang when using the magnifier on Vista with Aero theme.
  • Fixed a bug where high DPI settings on Vista caused Snagit Editor to display distorted images.
  • Improved Snagit's performance by caching thumbnails in the tray rather than redrawing them.

Muutokset v9.1.1 - v9.1.2

Muutokset v9.1.0 - v9.1.0

  • Added Live Preview to the editor.
  • Added mini toolbars to the editor.
  • Replaced the text tool’s and callout tool’s text editing dialog with in-place editing.
  • Added the ability to backup and restore automatically saved captures and their associated metadata.
  • Enhanced the stamp tool’s organization.
  • Added TUDI (TechSmith User Design Initiative) functionality.
  • Changed Snagit’s branding.
  • Earned Microsoft Vista Logo certification.
  • Fixed a crash bug with Text capture on Windows 2000.
  • Fixed a bug with autoscroll capture in Word 2007 and Adobe Reader 8.
  • Fixed a bug where the Scanners & Cameras feature was not working on Windows Vista x64.
  • Fixed a bug where DirectX capture was broken on Windows Vista x64.

Muutokset v9.0.1 - v9.0.2

  • Fixed a bug where users could not paste an image into some applications after clicking Copy All in SnagIt.

Muutokset v9.0.0 - v9.0.1

  • Fixed a bug where SnagIt could not save to the PSD format.
  • Fixed a bug where user-created quick styles were not saved.
  • Fixed a bug with the COM server failing on every second capture.
  • Fixed a bug with the Word add-in not properly scaling large captures.
  • Fixed several crash bugs from Windows Error Reporting.

Muutokset v8.2.2 - v8.2.3

  • Updated SnagIt to run C# accessories.

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