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Muutokset v4.1.00 - v4.2.00

Muutokset v4.0.23 - v4.1.00

Muutokset v4.0.10 - v4.0.23

Muutokset v4.0.01 - v4.0.10

Muutokset v4.0.0 - v4.0.01

Muutokset v4.0.00 Beta 2 - v4.0.00 Beta 3

Muutokset v4.0.00 Beta - v4.0.00 Beta 2

Muutokset v3.9.00 - v4.0.00 Beta

Muutokset v3.8.00 - v3.9.00

Muutokset v3.7.00 - v3.8.00

Muutokset v3.6.00 - v3.7.00

Muutokset v3.5.65 - v3.6.00

Muutokset v3.5.60 - v3.5.65

Muutokset v3.5.44 - v3.5.60

  • New and Changes
  • - New Speed Launch dialog: Invoke the workspace with the Global Hotkey and click 1-9 to quickly launch shortcuts. Display the Speed Launch dialog by pressing the question mark key (?) or clicking the new Speed Launch menu item from the workspace right-click menu. You can now also click and launch the shortcuts displayed in the Speed Launch dialog with the mouse.
  • - Choose between solid or gradient workspace background fill and choose between darker or lighter gradient.
  • - Shortcut Comment: A new field under the Shortcut Properties dialog allows you to add comments to various workspace shortcuts so that you can remember what they are meant for (the comment is visible when hovering over the shortcut icons). Thanks to Onig|Gino for the idea!
  • - Target and Parameters fields in the Shortcut Properties dialog are now multi-lined.
  • - Speed Launch entries can not be overwritten so that there no need to remove a Speed Launch number from a shortcut before you can assign it to a new one.
  • - New buttons for RSS news feed containers next to the [R] (Set all as read) button: [T] Toggle article tooltip and [B] Toggle built-in viewer.
  • - The 'Reset' button in the Shortcut Properties dialog is now located next to the shortcut style settings and clicking it won't close the dialog.
  • - Slightly modified icons when a shortcut's icon cannot be loaded (in case deleted or on a portable drive that isn't available).
  • - When selecting different icons to for 'folder shortcuts', the File Open dialog now opens up in the same folder (Shortcut Properties dialog >> Icon).
  • - Refresh Icons [F5] command now appears under the container's Right Click >> Arrange menu in addition to the workspace menu.
  • Fixes
  • - When dragging shortcuts to a container when the container tag view is selected (showing only shortcuts that belong to a certain tag), the current tag wasn't always added to the new shortcuts.
  • - Problem that prevented switching to certain tags or listing tags in a container or the workspace Tag Menu when using similar tag names.
  • - The shortcut mini-toolbar occasionally disappeared when adding new shortcuts to the workspace or to various container by dragging them from the Windows Explorer.
  • - Portable installation fixes.

Muutokset v3.5.40 - v3.5.44

  • New and Changes
  • - The Global HotKey section in the Settings dialog is highlighted when SideSlide can't register the HotKey (in case it is already in use by the system).
  • * Remember that you can use the Global HotKey to undock the workspace and then launch shortcuts with the keyboard.
  • - Changed RSS error headlines (when the feed can't be shown).
  • - Container colors are now shown in the Appearance dialog under the Preview pane.
  • Fixes
  • - Right clicking a headline (RSS containers) and selecting Open on Website didn't work.
  • - Saving the workspace (F8) when there are no containers could have crashed the program.

Muutokset v3.5.35 - v3.5.40

  • New and Changes
  • New option to show a list of all shortcuts selected for Speed Launch (1-9) in case you forget which number launches a certain shortcut.
  • Press [Shift] + [?] when the workspace is in focus to see the Speed Launch list.
  • Remember that you can use the Global Hotkey to undock the workspace.
  • When saving the workspace (Right Click >> Save Workspace/F8) the confirmation dialog is no longer displayed and an 'explosion' effect is shown instead.
  • The Start Selected button (Shortcut Mini-Toolbar) remains visible when the workspace is locked for editing.
  • Fix: The current year was not automatically selected from the list when adding a reminder.

Muutokset v3.5.30 - v3.5.35

  • New and Changes
  • Nicer automatic label formatting when adding URL shortcuts to top level domains ('http://', 'www.' and '.com' are stripped from the label | New >> Web URL).
  • Workspace titlebar is no longer displayed using bold font, and indicates (lighter color) whether the workspace is in focus or not.
  • The Floating Toolbar (left click an empty space to quickly create different objects in the workspace) now appears slightly to the side of the mouse pointer and not directly below it.
  • Connection Proxy setting is now taken directly from Internet Explorer ('Set Proxy' under the Setting Dialog has been removed).
  • New 'File not found' icons
  • Maximizing the workspace will no longer cover the Windows Taskbar area.
  • New command under the Position menu: Maximize/Restore (the menu at the top right corner of workspace).
  • The tooltip for shortcuts and containers is no longer displayed when the workspace is not in focus (use the Grab Focus option if you want to activate the workspace using the mouse without clicking it).
  • Suspend Auto-Collapse setting is saved and restored when the program starts.
  • RSS icon is not displayed on program startup when loading RSS containers unless the 'Load on Startup' option is selected.
  • Pressing the [Esc] key will now firstly unselect containers and shortcuts then dock the workspace.
  • Misc. minor changes. •Fixes
  • Number of selected shortcuts disappeared after refreshing RSS containers.
  • Previously selected shortcut which was no longer selected was re-selected after shrinking back containers.
  • Number of selected shortcuts remained visible after removing shortcuts.
  • Number of selected shortcuts was not shown when dragging shortcuts to containers or links from Explorer.
  • Impossible to create folder and note containers when using the "Draw to Create" setting.
  • Fixed crash when trying to resize or move an invalid picture.
  • Fixed a rare crash when exiting the program.
  • Fixed high CPU usage on some machines when starting shortcuts from detached containers while the On Top setting is disabled (thanks Garvin!).
  • Workspace collapsed after starting a shortcut and the Suspend Auto-Collapse option was checked.
  • Workspace brought back into focus after launching a shortcut when undocked or the Suspend Auto-Collapse option was checked.
  • Expanding a container when the Floating Toolbar was still visible could have prevented the workspace from collapsing properly.
  • Wrong label displayed when editing RSS search terms.
  • Workspace occasionally collapsed unintentionally when expanding containers.
  • Keyboard didn't work in the workspace when there were shortcuts selected and the On Top setting was disabled.
  • The Shortcut Mini-Toolbar remained visible after pressing Ctrl+U to unselect shortcuts.

Muutokset v3.5.18 - v3.5.30

  • New and Changes
  • Speed Launch: An even faster way to launch shortcuts. You can now select up to 9 shortcuts to launch using a single keystroke (1-9). Assign a number to quickly launch shortcuts from the Shortcut Properties dialog next to the shortcut label.
  • Spacebar Flip (Use the space-bar to scroll through and focus on shrank and folded containers): New option under the Settings dialog 'Selected'. You can now add individual containers to the Spacebar Flip order (Right click a container >> Arrange >> Spacebar Flip). This is especially useful when using the Global Hotkey to invoke the workspace and the arrow keys to select shortcuts in different containers.
  • A little bit more logical command order under the Container and the Detached Container right click menu: There is now a new 'View' submenu which includes options related to the way a container is displayed in the workspace (Colors, Shrink Size, Hide Toolbar and more).
  • Shortcut Mini-Toolbar now includes a new button Start Selected: Same as the right click menu option to start all selected shortcuts (this will ignore the Tag Start setting if it's enabled for one of the selected shortcuts).
  • Added the Ctrl key to the list of available Global Hotkey options. For example, you can now select Ctrl+S to invoke the workspace using the keyboard.
  • New option (disabled by default) under the Settings dialog, Center Mouse, will move the mouse cursor to the center of the workspace when invoked by moving the mouse to the edge the workspace is docked. This can basically save you time but needs some time to get used to. If yo use this option, make sure to remove shortcuts from the center of the workspace so the tooltip won't popup every time you undock the workspace with the mouse.
  • When dragging a shortcut icon and dropping it on top of another shortcut label, all selected shortcuts will be used as command line arguments. Example: Select multiple HTML files and drop them on top of a Notepad++ shortcut to open Notepad++ with the selected files.
  • The number of selected shortcuts is now shown in the title-bar. This is particularly useful to know that you have selected shortcuts in shrunken containers.
  • Container tooltip (Hovering over a container toolbar or icon) now includes the creation date in addition to the other info items when the container note is exposed.
  • Pressing the Esc key or the Dock Now button (top right corner of the workspace) to dock the workspace will also shrink the recently expanded container. Remember: You can always right click the container's title and select Keep Expanded.
  • When double-clicking to unfold folded containers, they will fold back when you drag shortcuts between containers or expand other containers. Use the Keep Expanded container right-click menu option to keep the container unfolded.
  • Other misc. minor changes. •Fixes
  • News feed headlines were not always fully visible when using a larger font size.
  • Spacebar Flip was not working properly to scroll through folded and shrank containers in the workspace. Forward (Space) and backwards (Shift+Space).
  • Problems with reselecting previously selected shortcuts in keyboard navigation when expanding containers.
  • Other misc. minor fixes.

Muutokset v3.5.16 - v3.5.18

  • New and Changes
  • Added new 'Zoom in' and 'Zoom out' buttons to RSS containers to quickly adjust headlines' font size. The buttons are located on the bottom right of the container next to the 'Set all as read' button.
  • A new button under the Shortcut Properties dialog allows you to quickly open a Google search for the shortcut label. - New setting, Article Tooltip, determines whether the tooltip with the first few lines of a news feed article is shown or not when hovering with the mouse over a headline or scrolling through headlines with the arrow keys. This setting can be adjusted globally or individually for each RSS container. You can also hold down the [Shift] key while hovering with the mouse over a headline in order to display the tooltip even if this option is unselected.
  • A new option under the Settings dialog, Container options: Focus on Expand/Unfold (selected by default). Focus on the container on expand/unfold so you can use the keyboard to launch shortcuts, scroll through headlines in RSS containers or enter text in note containers. With this option selected, the Grab Focus setting is redundant after expanding/unfolding a container.
  • The Keyboard Launcher is no longer shown by default when invoking the workspace using the global hotkey (for new installations). Use the arrow keys to focus on shortcuts or press any key to show the Keyboard Launcher.
  • Added a new menu item, Refresh Icons, to the main right-click menu under the Arrange sub-menu. This option reloads shortcut and container icons in case some of the files were not available when the program started. Pressing [Shift+F5] was always possible. •Fixes
  • Smoother switching between workspace tags (Ctrl+Tab or F7)
  • Tooltip is unloaded when using the arrow keys to select shortcuts.
  • When creating a new command the wrong tip was shown in the command edit field.
  • Container remained selected after toggling the Built-in Viewer right-click menu option.
  • On certain occasions, the arrow keys didn't work to scroll through RSS headlines in expanded containers.
  • Shortcuts in the workspace are now reselected when invoking the workspace with the global hotkey and shrinking back containers. This helps in keeping the keyboard navigation order.
  • Setting the colors for reminders displayed Note Foreground and Background colors which are irrelevant for reminders.

Muutokset v3.5.15 - v3.5.16

  • New and Changes
  • Added two new commands to the Shortcut Right-click menu:
  • * 'Override Parameters Field' to start the selected shortcut without any specified parameters (you can specify additional parameters to a shortcut via the Shortcut Properties dialog).
  • * 'Run as administrator...' (overrides the 'Administrator' setting for selected shortcuts).
  • Use a container icon from a relative path (when SideSlide is running from a USB drive): Once you choose an icon for the container (Right-click a container and select 'Choose Icon...'), you will be given the option to use a relative path for the file the icon is taken from.
  • The option to add RSS containers to the online library has been restored.
  • Fixes
  • Containers may not be properly restored to their original location on program start.
  • A warning is shown when the selected Global Hotkey is already in use when the program starts (The Settings dialog will be loaded allowing you to select a different key combination).

Muutokset v3.5.10 - v3.5.15

  • New and Changes
  • Removed round corners: Thanks to Windows 8 for making rectangle windows cool again!
  • RSS News feed containers: You can now select to open articles using the built-in viewer or your web browser individually for each container (Right click an RSS container; right-click everything!).
  • Removed toolbar buttons 'Fold/Unfold' and 'Shrink/Expand' all containers. You can still use these commands from the menu and using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + F1 / Ctrl + F2).
  • Removed the built-in Bug Report dialog. Please email me directly if you want to report a bug or suggest a new feature.
  • Added: 'Flip' submenu command under the Tags right-click menu (now also [F7] instead of the Bug Report dialog or the old shortcut, Ctrl+Tab) to scroll through workspace tags.
  • Fixes
  • Undocking was sometimes impossible using the mouse when the workspace was docked to the left.
  • Fold/Unfold effect check box remained enabled after reopening the Settings dialog.
  • The icon of a previously non-existing shortcut (unavailable when SideSlide was loaded) is re-drawn when the shortcut is launched (shortcuts on removable media).
  • Fixed some problems affecting SideSlide completely disappearing due to the fadeout effect when running under Windows 8.
  • Some other minor bugs where fixed.

Muutokset v3.0.03 - v3.5.10

  • New and Changes
  • Program restart is no longer required when changing the global hotkey.
  • Added new key options to choose from for the Global Hotkey: Left arrow key, Right, Up and Down: Left: [<] Right: [>] Up: [/] Down: [\]. For example, you can position the workspace in the upper corner of the screen and use [Alt+Down Arrow key] to invoke it.
  • An error message is shown if the selected global hotkey could not be registered because it is already in use.
  • Request for update sends the OS version besides the program version.
  • Fixes
  • Mouse wheel and some other functions did not work in the workspace when the global hotkey was disabled.
  • Using the global hotkey when another program dialog is showing could have crashed the program.
  • Resolving Windows shortcuts on 64-bit systems wasn't always working properly and the shortcut was added with the wrong path.
  • Removed object/detached containers shadows on Windows XP. I don't use Win XP anymore on a daily basis and solving the shadow glitches requires lots of extra motivation. Bugs in the previous beta version:
  • Launching certain shortcuts (such as Remote Desktop .RDP files) didn't work.
  • Selecting and unselecting a container didn't restore the correct Tag Button color when a container was in Tag view mode.
  • Bug in the bug report (pun intended) dialog: Sending empty bug reports is no longer possible. Clicking Send without entering text will simply close the dialog.
  • Changing the workspace background color didn't properly render icons in shrunken containers.
  • Drawing icons when switching shortcuts (dragging an icon on top of another icon) when one of the shortcuts is inside a shrunken container didn't render the icon properly.
  • [Ctrl+Mouse Wheel] didn't work when trying to resize shortcuts.

Muutokset v3.0.00b Beta 5 - v3.0.03

  • NEW: Added the ability to set the container note font size (see 'Note font size' under the container right click menu).
  • NEW: New option 'Confirm Open with...': Set whether or not a confirmation is required when starting shortcuts with others as command line arguments (drag a shortcut icon on top of another shortcut label).
  • CHANGE: New About/Splash screen.
  • CHANGE: Shortcut tooltip now includes shortcut tags and Tag Start indication.
  • CHANGE: Can now drag shortcut icons and drop them on top of other shortcut labels to use as command line arguments even when the workspace is locked for editing.
  • CHANGE: Same menu options for shortcuts and containers when the workspace is locked for editing (you still need to unlock the workspace if you want to rearrange objects).
  • CHANGE: Removed confirmation for container alignments.
  • CHANGE: The tag asterisk symbol that was visible when the mouse is on top of a shortcut icon is no longer visible by default (use the settings dialog to toggle).
  • CHANGE: Detached shortcuts container now hides when you dbl-click an empty area inside the container.
  • CHANGE: When using the right-click menu option Start Selected, the shortcut will not be launched with the Tag Start option even if it is selected for that particular shortcut.
  • CHANGE: Some adjustments to mouse sensitivity.
  • FIX: Launching a shortcut that is set to Tag Start from a detached container crashed the program.
  • FIX: The shortcut properties dialog was shown for the wrong shortcut when launching multiple shortcuts at once when there was an error opening one of the shortcuts.
  • FIX: Wrong shortcut selected in the properties dialog when launching a non-existing shortcut from detached containers.
  • FIX: Problem which prevented the workspace from collapsing when pressing the Esc key.
  • FIX: Workspace did not collapse when launching shortcuts with other as command line arguments (drag and drop shortcut icon on top of another shortcut label).
  • FIX: Right click menu items that are not applicable for command line shortcuts are now hidden.
  • FIX: Launching shortcuts with others as command line argument is now disabled when dragging shortcut icons on top of command line shortcuts.
  • FIX: Choosing container icon didn't work for multiple selected containers.
  • FIX: Entering an RSS container name with the keyboard did not expand shrunken RSS containers.
  • FIX: Appearance tab: Color theme didn't change when using the keyboard.
  • FIX: Problem extracting correct name when adding shortcuts to computer disk drives.
  • FIX: Some problems with the keyboard navigation functionality.
  • FIX: Wrong tooltip for command line shortcuts in detached containers.
  • Other misc. minor changes and fixes.

Muutokset v3.0.00b Beta 4 - v3.0.00b Beta 5

  • NEW: When launching a shortcut that doesn't physically exist the properties dialog that pops up will now let you save the changes and open the shortcut again ('Save and open' button).
  • NEW: Added Delete command to the shortcut mini-toolbar.
  • CHANGE: The shortcut mini-toolbar is made visible when the workspace is locked, shortcuts are selected and clicking the Lock button that allows you to unlock the workspace for 10 seconds.
  • CHANGE: The word "Tag" will appear before the shortcut's name when using the keyboard to launch a shortcut that is set to Tag start (start other shortcuts that share the same tag automatically).
  • CHANGE: When removing a single shortcut, the shortcut's name will be displayed in the confirmation dialog.
  • CHANGE: When removing a single container, the container's name will be displayed in the confirmation dialog.
  • CHANGE: Online Library: The option to add new RSS containers to the online library has been restored. The option to add other types of containers (Shortcuts and Notes) is disabled at this time.
  • FIX: Wrong tooltip for the Bold checkbox in the shortcut properties dialog.
  • FIX: Installer: Will no longer install demo containers when upgrading from previous versions.
  • FIX: Wrong tooltip for system command shortcuts.
  • A few other minor changes.

Muutokset v3.0.00b Beta 3 - v3.0.00b Beta 4

  • NEW: When undocking the workspace using the global hotkey, you could always launch shortcuts in the workspace by entering any part of the shortcut's name. Now, you can also open folders and websites by typing the folder name and a backslash, or a website when the search string includes a dot (".").
  • Examples:
  • Open folders from SideSlide working drive:
  • Windows\
  • windows\system32\
  • From a different drive:
  • d:\test\example\
  • URLs:
  • (anything with a 'dot' will be treated as URL)
  • NEW: Added Alt to the global hotkey selection.
  • NEW: The global hotkey can be combined with the spacebar key by entering the underscore character (_).
  • For example, you can now use Alt+Space to undock the workspace and enter a shortcut/folder or URL to launch.
  • CHANGE: Now extracts parameters from windows shortcuts when dragging them to the workspace.
  • CHANGE: Open file location menu item now visible when the workspace is locked for editing.
  • CHANGE: Remove shortcut and container menu item is now visible when the workspace is locked for editing.
  • FIX: Detached container colors did not change in real-time when changing the workspace color/theme.

Muutokset v3.0.00b Beta 2 - v3.0.00b Beta 3

  • FIX: Program may crash when deleting containers with pictures.
  • FIX: Program may crash when refreshing or deleting Folder Containers.
  • FIX: Using the mouse wheel when there are no containers crashed the program.
  • FIX: Workspace remained invisible when using the Center Workspace command from the tray menu and the Invisible border option was selected.
  • FIX: Fold/Unfold all command folded containers with the container toolbar hidden.
  • FIX: Resize border when resizing containers could have remained visible under certain scenarios.
  • FIX: Some Settings dialog option buttons appeared in black on Windows XP.
  • CHANGE: Restored the ability to choose custom colors.

Muutokset v3.0.00b Beta - v3.0.00b Beta 2

  • NEW: Option 'Undock on click' from the Settings dialog will let you undock the workspace ONLY on mouse click.
  • FIX: Reminders didn't work properly on certain system time zones and locale.
  • FIX: Container Shortcuts menu appeared even when there were no shortcuts inside the container.
  • FIX: The tag button color was not restored when changing container colors and a container tag is selected.
  • FIX: The 'Loading...' label was not visible when refreshing detached news feeds by using the right click menu option.
  • FIX: Detached containers without tabs undocked after Windows lock/resume and didn't dock back.
  • FIX: Detached containers reappeared in the workspace when detaching containers immediately after expanding them.

Muutokset v2.409b - v3.0.00b Beta

  • CHANGE: Confirmation is now required before applying style settings (size, color and weight) to multiple shortcuts from the Shortcut Properties dialog.
  • CHANGE: You can now submit notes with up to 1500 characters to the online library.
  • FIX: Dbl-clicking to shrink a container and right clicking to shrink an RSS container might have caused it to automatically re-expand (depending on location).
  • FIX: Starting all shortcuts by dbl-clicking a container or via the right click menu was not working with system commands.
  • FIX: Global Hotkey wasn't working correctly.
  • FIX: Undocking the workspace using the default method (keeping the mouse in the same position for half a second) was longer than half a second. Tip: You can always click to undock immediately or use the 'Undock without delay' option.
  • FIX: 'Click to expand but auto-shrink' setting was not working properly.
  • FIX: Color box in the Shortcut Properties dialog was not initialized properly and when multiple shortcuts were selected, the color was not changed after clicking OK.
  • FIX: You can no longer draw containers that are larger than the active workspace.
  • FIX: Attaching a detached container back to the workspace will always place it on top of other containers.
  • FIX: Starting shortcuts using the keyboard didn't work as expected under all circumstances.
  • FIX: Unable to use the Enter and Del keys on hidden shortcuts (hidden when using the container tag feature).
  • FIX: Dragging shortcuts over containers didn't show the right error-tip for Folder Containers.
  • FIX: Containers didn't unfold when dragging files from Explorer/other Folder Containers over the container label.
  • FIX: Toggling the Command check box from the Shortcut Properties dialog will no longer affect multiple shortcuts.
  • FIX: Failed to upload new containers to the library when items contained the & (ampersand) or % (percent) symbols.
  • Other misc. changes and fixes.

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