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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Screamer Radio

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Muutokset v0.4.3 - v0.4.4 (20100924)

  • Fixed meta parsing crash bug
  • Menu fix to be compatible with screen readers
  • Upgraded BASS to
  • Upgraded BASSWMA to
  • Upgraded BASS_AAC to
  • Enabled BASS playlist parsing as fallback
  • Turned on DisablePopups option as default

Muutokset v0.4.2 - v0.4.3

  • A new version was released today, this update delivers much, much, MUCH better Windows Vista support! You no longer have to run as administrator and Screamer Radio now records songs to your Music folder by default. Check out the history for a full list of changes.

Muutokset v0.4.1 - v0.4.2

  • 081001:
  • Another menu related fix, hopefully it will work slightly better now
  • Fixed a deadlock bug
  • Fixed bug causing stop button to be ineffective against connect attempts
  • Implemented automatic version update notifier
  • 080930:
  • Fixed bug in log window causing it to display wrong title in some cases
  • Fixed one bug that would cause message "Connect error: No error"
  • ICY tags sent via HTTP wasn't parsed
  • ICY tags sent on AAC streams wasn't parsed
  • Refactored and cleaned up some code
  • Updated BASS to
  • 080824:
  • Missed that BASS 2.4 handles OGG metadata differently, now fixed

Muutokset v0.4.0 - v0.4.1

  • Oops, in the newly released version of Screamer Radio there were two bugs that affected Windows 9x causing problems on older computers. They have now been fixed and a new version is out.

Muutokset v0.3.9 Beta (070222) - v0.4.0

  • Upgraded BASS to
  • Upgraded BASSWMA to
  • Added a lot of language files and converted all of them to UTF-8
  • Refactored a bunch of code
  • Fixed UTF-8 bug on non UNICODE-build
  • Peakmeter didn't update properly, required a restart to turn on or off
  • Statusbar only updated when switching languages if you were currently playing
  • Merged changelogs, now there is only one

Muutokset v0.3.9 Beta (070217) - v0.3.9 Beta (070222)

  • Solved the lockup bug, FINALLY managed to painfully replicate the problem

Muutokset v0.3.9 Beta (070215) - v0.3.9 Beta (070217)

  • Removed an unneccessary callback from BASS and improved recorder semaphore protection hopefully eliniating any potential deadlock bugs therein
  • Preset update notification added on manual update (silent on automatic)
  • Implemented basic proxy auth support

Muutokset v0.3.9 Beta (070128) - v0.3.9 Beta (070215)

  • Reverted window resize code to that of beta 060524
  • Presets are now downloaded from a separate cache server to reduce load on the main website

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