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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Sandboxie (64-bit)

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Muutokset v5.15.8 - v5.16 RC

Muutokset v5.07.1 Beta - v5.07.6 Beta

Muutokset v5.03.1 Beta - v5.03.2 Beta

Muutokset v5.02 RC - v5.03.1 Beta

Muutokset v5.01 Beta 12 - v5.01 Beta 13

Muutokset v5.01 Beta 11 - v5.01 Beta 12

Muutokset v4.15.8 Beta - v4.15.9 Beta

  • Hooking crash in Win 8.0 fixed

Muutokset v4.15.4 Beta - v4.15.5 Beta

  • 1) More hooking code fixes.
  • 2) Fixed drag/drop crash in Chrome

Muutokset v4.15.2 beta - v4.15.4 Beta

Muutokset v3.81.08 Beta - 4.01.02 Beta

Muutokset v3.51.08 Beta - v3.52

  • Enhancements and Revisions:
  • Improvements support for installations involving Windows Side-by-Side assemblies.
  • Added support for a question mark character in Sandboxie settings that is considered a single-character wildcard.
  • For third-party APIs: On 64-bit systems, the 32-bit DLL (SbieDllX) has been renamed to SbieDll.
  • New translations: Greek, Portuguese (Portugal), and Arabic.
  • Problems Fixed:
  • Fixed a problem with Forced Folders on 64-bit Windows.
  • Fixed a problem with the Sandboxie UAC confirmation window overlapping the Windows task bar.
  • Fixed a conflict with the Immunize feature of Spybot-S&D which caused some slowdowns.
  • Improved compatibility with:
  • Adobe Reader X in Protected Mode
  • Internal Flash player in recent versions of Google Chrome
  • Web Browser: Comodo Dragon
  • Proxies and Filters: NetNanny 6.5, ProxyCap, Super Socks5Cap
  • Utilities: Active Captions, Actual Window Manager, Arum Switcher, Copernic Desktop Search, IntelliType Pro, ManyCam, RadeonPro
  • Security Software: Microsoft EMET tool, Norton 360, Norton Safe Web Lite
  • Virtual Machines: Running Sandboxie in a Windows system virtualized by Xen

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