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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle ReNamer (portable)

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Muutokset v6.6 - v6.8

Muutokset v6.5 - v6.6

Muutokset v6.2 - v6.3

Muutokset v6.1 - v6.2

  • * Added Indonesian language PO file;
  • * Updated Japanese and Russian language PO files;
  • * Split filter settings into default and session settings; Any modifications to filters now apply to session settings, with an option to use them as defaults;
  • * Extract MP3_TrackNo, MP3_DiskNo, WMA_TrackNo, WMA_DiskNo from numeric track and disk tags, in addition to standard "X/Y" format;
  • * Added WMA_TrackTotal meta tag;
  • * Deprecated MP3_PartOfSet and WMA_PartOfSet tags in favor of respective MP3_DiskNo/MP3_DiskTotal and WMA_DiskNo/WMA_DiskTotal tags;
  • * Trim new lines at the end of system formatted renaming errors;
  • * Renamed ID3_* meta tags to MP3_* (ID3_* will remain as hidden aliases);
  • * Internal cleanup of handling of MP3_* meta tags;
  • * Do not pad with zeros MP3_TrackNo and WMA_TrackNo meta tags;
  • * Handle Unicode data in FLAC_* meta tags;
  • * Added Portuguese translit alphabet;
  • * Added FLAC_AlbumArtist, FLAC_TrackTotal, FLAC_DiscNo, FLAC_DiscTotal meta tags;
  • * Added MP3_TrackTotal, MP3_DiskNo, MP3_DiskTotal meta tags;
  • * Added WMA_AlbumArtist, WMA_DiskNo, WMA_DiskTotal, WMA_PartOfSet meta tags;
  • * Fixed non-string tag handling issues in WMA files;
  • * Broader range of supported WMA files (no limits on SampleRate, ByteRate, etc);
  • * Converted WMA_TrackNo meta tag from 0-based to 1-based;
  • * Fixed limitation of FLAC library which prevented processing of files containing artwork/picture;
  • * Fixed encoding conversion issue with the renaming error message;
  • * Updated Chinese Simplified (zh_CN) translation file;
  • * Updated Russian (ru) translation file;
  • * Fixed issue with cut off last character in meta tags from FLAC files;
  • * Added uninstaller icon;
  • * Improved registration handling;
  • * Provide more information regarding invalid licenses;
  • * Implemented measures to prevent reverse engineering;
  • * Fixed issue with always centering non-main forms;
  • * Added "CamelCase" note to the "Insert a space in front of capitalized letters" option;
  • * Changed full language title from "Title (Native)" to "Title - Native";
  • * Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation file;
  • * More spacious Settings window, better fit localized text;
  • * Store BeepOnPreview and BeepOnRename variables in settings file;
  • * Added Chinese Simplified translation;
  • * Renamed default language title from "Default" to "Original (English)";
  • * Suppress language icon loading exceptions and handle Unicode icon paths;
  • * Fixed localization issues in auxiliary message dialogs: Go to Folder, Mark by Mask, Select by Mask, Select by Extension, Select by Filename Length, Confirm overwrite with new name, Could not open the following file;
  • * Unicode support for remembered values of: Add Files, Add Folders, Filter Masks, Mark by Mask, Select by Mask, Select by Extension;
  • * Better positioning of components in Browse dialog for localization;
  • * Fixed loading of localized description of meta tags;
  • * Fixed encoding mix-up in registration data handling and messages;
  • * Updated Japanese language file;

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