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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Registry Finder (64-bit portable)

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Muutokset v2.23 - v2.24

Muutokset v2.22 - v2.23

Muutokset v2.21.1 - v2.22

Muutokset v2.20.1 - v2.21.1

Muutokset v2.19 - v2.20.1

Muutokset v2.18.2 - v2.19

Muutokset v2.16 - v2.18.2

Muutokset v2.15.1 - v2.16

Muutokset v2.14 - v2.15.1

Muutokset v2.12 - v2.13.2

Muutokset v2.11 - v2.12

Muutokset v2.10.5 - v2.11

Muutokset v2.10.4 - v2.10.5

Muutokset v2.10.2 - v2.10.3

Muutokset v2.9.1 - v2.10.2

Muutokset v2.8.1 - v2.9.1

Muutokset v2.8 - v2.8.1

Muutokset v2.7 - v2.8

Muutokset v2.6.2 - v2.7

Muutokset v2.6.1 - v2.6.2

Muutokset v2.6 - v2.6.1

Muutokset v2.5.4 - v2.6

Muutokset v2.5.3 - v2.5.4

Muutokset v2.5.2 - v2.5.3

Muutokset v2.5 - v2.5.2

Muutokset v2.4 - v2.5

  • Ability to import reg and hive files.
  • Added the Type column in the Find Results window.
  • Toolbar and status bar visibility is restored after restart.
  • Tooltip if text in list view is not fully visible (Registry, Find Results, History, Remove from Favorites windows).
  • Only a single instance of the application is allowed to run.
  • Ability to send support a detailed information about crash.
  • Bugfix: if toolbar was hidden, it cannot be shown until restart.
  • Bugfix: possible crash after clearing the undo history.
  • Bugfix: an error message after the Replace operation.

Muutokset v2.3 - v2.4

  • The undo history is saved across sessions.
  • Pressing ENTER in the list pane opens the edit dialog.
  • Bugfix: crash when double clicking outside of any item in the list pane.
  • Bugfix: favorites imported from regedit refer to parent key of original favorite.

Muutokset v2.2 - v2.2.1

  • ◦Bugfix: in localized versions, some texts in dialogs are truncated.

Muutokset v2.1 - v2.2

  • ◦Ability to load/unload hive.
  • ◦Selecting all items in a list by Ctrl+A.
  • ◦Switching between tree and list panes in the Registry window by Tab or F6.
  • ◦Bugfix. The Refresh command adds new keys as child of the Computer node.
  • ◦Bugfix: In the main menu, commands in the New Value submenu are always disabled. (Though, were available though context menu).
  • ◦Bugfix: Incorrect initial state of the View|Registry Tree command.
  • ◦Bugfix: Crash on Windows XP when displaying context menu.
  • ◦Bugfix: Dark background of disabled toolbar buttons on Windows XP.
  • ◦Bugfix: Crash after the Go To command if the key was deleted.

Muutokset v2.0 - v2.1

  • Favorites.
  • Status bar displays full path of the current key.
  • Images in menus.
  • Bugfix: unable to edit the default value if it is not set.
  • Bugfix: after the default value is deleted it disappears from the list.
  • Bugfix: some commands in menu are enabled/disabled incorrectly.

Muutokset v1.7 - v2.0

  • In the Registry window you can: browse your local registry; create, delete, rename keys and values, modify value's data; perform search and replace operations.
  • It is allowed to open multiple Registry windows. Next time you start Registry Finder, those windows will be reopened on the same keys as before.
  • In the left pane, the values can be sorted by clicking column header.
  • Current key path can be copied to clipboard.
  • Behavior of the Go To command changed. Instead of starting RegEdit, it navigates to key/value in the Registry window.

Muutokset v1.6 - v1.7

  • Ability to save only selected search result items.
  • Bugfix: when multiple search result items are selected, the Delete command deleted only the first one.

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