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Muutokset v2.13.1 - v2.14 Build 155

Muutokset v2.12.1 Build 137 - v2.12.2 Build 138

  • Updated the libical library which should fix the crash problem with Google Calendar.

Muutokset v2.12 - v2.12.1 Build 137

  • The last character was trimmed in some texts in local ics files breaking the text encoding.
  • Linux version crashed on Google's authentication.
  • The time zone for Google events was not adjusted correctly.
  • The events were marked as past a day early if multiday event grouping was set to none.
  • Disabled autocompleting combobox for the categories in Linux since the control doesn't support setting the selection.
  • Manager shows the number of items currently visible/selected in the list.
  • Added possibility to limit the downloaded events by time in the Google calendar v3

Muutokset v2.11.1 - v2.12

Muutokset v2.11 - v2.11.1

  • Fixed a crash bug if another instance of Rainlendar was started.
  • "Number of past days the list shows" was not working.
  • Reversing the sorting from the event list's context menu could not be done.
  • The font effects did not work for custom categories.
  • The tool buttons in the manager adjust tthe text width.
  • It was not possible tremove calendar selection on Mac if "Allow multiple calendars" was enabled.
  • Exporting the events in the manager only worked if the list had selection. Now all events are exported if there is nselection.
  • The autocompletion works again in the category combobox.
  • The traytip does not gain focus anymore when it is shown.
  • Double click on the week or day view always created an all day event.
  • The reminders were not read correctly from iCloud with CalDAV.
  • The status image was not shown in the tray icon on Windows and Mac.
  • Executing lua from command line failed on Linux and Mac.
  • Creating a exception ta event in week view by dragging deleted the original event from Google calendar.
  • Writing events with nduration tiCloud failed.
  • Completing an alarm for non-recurring task in the alarm window did not dismiss it.
  • Removed hard dependency tthe gnome-keyring library on Linux.
  • Backup opened incorrect file dialog in Linux.
  • The value for "Poll for changes"-setting in Toodledwas not read correctly.

Muutokset v2.10 BETA build 112 - v2.10 BETA build 117

Muutokset v2.9 - v2.10 BETA build 112

Muutokset v2.8 - v2.8.1

  • The time offset for the initial calendar wasn't initialized so if could contain a random value.
  • Creating events with the quick add near the end of the month sometimes caused invalid dates.
  • Deleting events from Lua script could cause a crash.
  • Transferring the backup files between different computers works better now.
  • Possibility to add custom audio as an alarm is now disabled for calendars which don't support it.
  • For performance reasons the alarm window will disable automatic updating if it containse more than 10 visible alarms.
  • Time offset now adjusts the weekday correctly for the weekly recurring events and tasks.

Muutokset v2.7 Build 91 - v2.8

  • The to do list now takes the start/due time into account also when sorting the list.
  • Window variables with predefined list didn't work when localized texts were used. Fixed.
  • Week number in the week view wasn't adjusted by the "Week number delta" setting. Fixed.
  • Copy group adds postfix ".x.y" to the "id" for the copied items.
  • Old languages are removed from the config folder on startup if there is a newer one in the program folder.
  • CSV export wrote the first instance of a recurring event twice to the file. Fixed.
  • The operating system's default language is used automatically instead English on new installations.

Muutokset v2.6 - v2.7 Build 91

  • The message box after import and export caused a hang on Mac. Fixed.
  • The check for update in about dialog worked only if the update check was enabled from the settings. Fixed.
  • Added advanced option tshow the time for the tasks when the list is sorted by due or start date.
  • Dismissing weekly recurring event's alarm could cause a hang. Fixed.
  • Added an API function tcheck if a calendar is enabled or not.
  • Dismissing alarm when the task was set completed didn't work. Fixed.
  • The included/excluded categories are now shown with localized texts.
  • Multiline texts which didn't have enough space tdraw the ellipsis were drawn incorrectly.
  • The schedule scroll position is now remembered alsif the calendar is refreshed.
  • Removed warning from the log when xml comments were used in the file.
  • Backups were written tthe incorrect folder if the location of the config file was defined in the command line. Fixed.
  • Aerpeek doesn't hide the edit controls anymore.
  • Calculating the last alarm for Outlook events could cause an infinite loop. Fixed.
  • Changes in the RTM tasks are now handled better when polling the server.
  • Fixed drag'n'drop in todlist which had gotten broken at some point.
  • Fixed scroll bar positioning in the schedule items.
  • Removed topmost flag from the options dialog on Mac because it broke down the file dialog in the new calendar wizard.
  • New implementation for the "On Desktop" feature which should work alson Windows Vista and 7.
  • Added day, week and month views for the Chromophore skin.
  • The previous build broke the vertical and horizontal line calendars. Fixed.
  • Schedule options overwrote the event list's options. Fixed.
  • Daylight saving time adjustment could prevent Outlook alarms from being dismissed. Fixed.
  • Added global event for online calendar status (ok/sync/offline).
  • The schedule view now remembers its position when autoscroll is disabled.
  • The event list showed one tomany future days. Fixed.
  • Added location, categories, priority and url support for the quick add.
  • Dismissing Google calendar's event from Rainlendar didn't work. Fixed.
  • RTM authentication got broken in the previous build. It should work now again.
  • Links and keywords didn't work in the schedule. Fixed.
  • Added possibility tdefine the width and height of the week days rows & week nums columns in the calendar.
  • Added possibility tshow the event text inside the calendar too. The month view in Shadow4 skin shows this.
  • The schedule items can now show the start/end time, location and calendar.
  • The skins can be deleted from the context menu in the advanced skin options.
  • QuickAdd could create tasks ta calendar which didn't support them. Fixed.
  • Made autoscroll optional in the schedule views.
  • Right mouse button actions didn't work for the list item buttons (e.g. in alarm). Fixed.
  • Duplicating a calendar didn't save its settings. Fixed.
  • If "Support Mozilla alarms" is enabled Rainlendar now alsupdates the X-MOZ-LASTACK property when the alarm is dismissed.
  • The calendar's password couldn't be changed from the options. Fixed.
  • Yearly recurring events with alarm caused problems in the Google calendar. Fixed.
  • Fixed issue with Outlook recurring events which caused corrupted events in Rainlendar.
  • Remember The Milk authentication token is now cleared only if the server returns proper error.
  • The events from Google calendar were not read properly after resuming from suspend mode. Fixed.
  • Fixed a crash bug with the start another instance dialog.
  • Google missed the last day of the recurring events which defined the "until" as the end. Fixed.
  • Outlook alarms were set tofar in the past. Fixed.
  • The event list can now show items from the past to(Options->Advanced->"Number of past days the list shows").
  • The pastitem and pastheader can be used tcustomize the past events in the list.
  • The past events can be hidden from the event list with Options->Advanced->"Hide past events".
  • The event and task list track now the state of the past/overdue items and update the list when necessary.
  • Switched back twxWidgets 2.8.
  • Setting a task completed will change the status correctly on Outlook too.
  • The url field for events and tasks can now use wiki style link formatting.
  • The todlist settings (e.g. the sorting orders) can be changed now from the options too.
  • Added support for "exevents" for the xml format skins.
  • Added a special "" category which hides the event/task from other windows except the alarm.
  • Fixed a crash bug when the calendar is reloaded at the same time the user chose an event from the menu.
  • The year, month and day in the keywords can be replaced with YYYY, MM and DD trepresent the next date from today. E.g. "[days=YYYY0101]".
  • Added possibility tdefine the height and width for the Shadow4's calendar window from the settings.
  • Changing tsimple skin options didn't remove the active window list. Fixed.
  • Double clicking a skin or addon showed a DDE error. Fixed.
  • Script timers got broken in the previous build. They should work now again.
  • Fixed log for the Linux and Mac builds.
  • Message box with nparent window remembers its position.
  • The alarm window should stay now better on top of other windows.
  • The lock file is now stored t/tmp on Linux and Mac.
  • The task priority wasn't set correctly tOutlook. Fixed.
  • Outlook showed empty and non-existing categories as separate. Tfix this Rainlendar doesn't create empty category properties anymore.
  • The exception date increases by the current recurrence when the "Add" button is clicked.
  • The task list header format for start and due date is now customizable from advanced options.
  • Added import limit setting for the Outlook calendar.
  • It's now possible ttransfer tasks between Remember the Milk lists.
  • When editing RTM tasks now only the changed fields are send tthe server which should improve the performance.
  • Fixed text wrapping when the area gets really small.
  • Column order in the manager can be changed by dragging (only supported on Windows though).
  • It's now possible tdefine any file for the alarm. All non-audifiles are executed instead of played back.
  • Changed the way Google alarms are defined. You now have option talways use alert, the Google's methods or the default Google notifications.
  • Added advanced setting tdelay the network access on startup.
  • Category filters didn't work for translated category names. Fixed.
  • Retry if proxy fails setting didn't work with RTM. Fixed.
  • Added grid calendar for the Chromophore skin.
  • Added navigation arrows tthe day and week views in the Shadow4 skin.
  • The first uncompleted task is now shown from RTM (previously it was the last one).
  • Changes tthe window positioning on Mac. The dialogs stay now always on top since previously they could open behind other windows.
  • The windows stay visible with Aerpeek.
  • Some of the colors in the old ini format skins were messed up. Fixed.
  • Playback of the alarm file was synchronous on other platforms than in Windows. Fixed.
  • Recurring Outlook events which were originally created as all day events but which had time defined did not have time in Rainlendar. Fixed.
  • The windows were not redrawn properly if the same event or task was read from multiple calendars. Fixed.
  • Mouse wheel didn't work with the grid calendar. Fixed.
  • Added week and day views tthe Shadow4 skin.
  • The event descriptions in the schedule view can be shown/hidden from the advanced settings.
  • Setting task completed will now dismiss its alarm also.
  • Changed the way "On Desktop" works in Snow Leopard. The windows are not put tdesktop anymore but stay in place when Exposéd.

Muutokset v2.5 - v2.6

  • Windows with edit controls moved incorrect place on Linux if copy transparency was used. Fixed.
  • The status field didn't work for Outlook tasks. Fixed.
  • Some monthly recurring events which spanned across the year end were not shown correctly. Fixed.
  • QuickAdd didn't always set the year correctly. Fixed.
  • If "Disable keyboard shortcuts" is enabled the menu shortcuts are not shown in the context menu,
  • Grouping events in the event list showed items twice if they defined a start time. Fixed.
  • Added #DATE# as the substitute for the buttons in the lists. The substituted date is a string in format YYYYMMDD.
  • Tooltips were not shown in the correct position for the url icons. Fixed.
  • Alarms are removed from the events with RECURRENCE-ID property because they set as read-only.

Muutokset v2.4 - v2.5

  • Changing the events did not update the lists. Fixed.
  • The tray icon menu was missing the submenus on Mac. Fixed.
  • Added possibility to add separators to the alarm window.
  • Updates to the ics file are safer now so it shouldn't get corrupted even if the application crashes in the middle of writing.
  • Moved snooze items from the sub menu to the alarm menu.

Muutokset v2.1 Build 43 Beta - v2.2

  • Events with same start and end time couldn't be added to Google calendar. Fixed.
  • Links didn't work in old skins. Fixed.
  • Removed link formatting codes from the items in context menu.
  • Added Urgent category to the Shadow4 skin.
  • Added a separate snooze button to the alarm window for all items.

Muutokset v2.1 Build 42 Beta - v2.1 Build 43 Beta

  • Alarm time was calculated incorrectly for weekly recurring events. Fixed.
  • Added support for urls in the lists and to tooltip.
  • Tooltip can be left open (or kept hidden) by keeping shift key down.
  • Added edit links to Outlook events. The links can be hidden from the settings.
  • Added "Disable text formatting" advanced option to disable the wiki style formatting and the hotlinks.
  • Fixed Outlook notifications with nested calendar folders.
  • Added "DST" to
  • Added option for safe uploads to the network calendars.
  • Fixed a DST problem which caused some months to be shown incorrectly in certain timezones.
  • Fixed window snapping in Linux.
  • Added option to close the MAPI connection in Outlook plugin so that the message store file isn't locked all the time.
  • Added option to poll changes in the Outlook and automatically refresh when events when something happens.

Muutokset v2.1 Build 39 Beta - v2.1 Build 40 Beta

  • Fixed a crash bug in Linux when new calendars are added with the wizard
  • Reverted the config folder back to the way it was before since the new system created problems in Vista
  • The name of the calendar is written as "X-WR-CALNAME" to the ics file
  • Removed blank lines from the ics file for better iPod compatibility
  • Fixed a crash bug on Linux network calendar when the offline file didn't exist
  • It is now possible to delete just a single instance of a recurring task
  • The ics files will always use CRLF as end of line mark

Muutokset v2.1 Build 37 - v2.1 Build 38

  • Weekly recurring events were sometimes shown in incorrect day. Fixed.
  • Start time for Outlook tasks wasn't read correctly. Fixed.
  • Due time was shown incorrectly for Outlook Tasks. Fixed.
  • All buttons were missing from ini-format skins. Fixed.

Muutokset v2.0.1 - v2.0.2

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