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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle QuiteRSS for Mac OS X

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Muutokset v0.18.8 - v0.18.9

Muutokset v0.18.5 - v0.18.8

Muutokset v0.18.4 - v0.18.5

Muutokset v0.17.4 - v0.17.5

  • Added: Button "Clean Up"
  • Fixed: Application crash

Muutokset v0.17.3 - v0.17.4

  • Added: Saving SSL Certificates
  • Fixed: Application crash

Muutokset v0.17.2 - v0.17.3

  • Fixed: Application crash
  • Fixed: Enable option "Stay on top"
  • Fixed: Operating with Cookies

Muutokset v0.17.1 - v0.17.2

  • Added: Save page as HTML in "newspaper" mode
  • Added: Option to display notification on same as QuiteRSS display (option value: -1)
  • Added: SSL-certificate check
  • Added: Language: Bulgarian
  • Changed: Drag links from embedded browser to Firefox
  • Fixed: Displaying main menu when using several monitors
  • Fixed: Value inversion of the transparent option of notifications
  • Fixed: Updating some feeds (server returns 302)
  • Fixed: Displaying control buttons in newspaper view when images are disabled
  • Fixed: Dragging several feeds at once
  • Fixed: Determine home page of some feeds
  • Fixed: Displaying notifications (Mac OS)
  • Fixed: Opening links in external browser (Mac OS)
  • Fixed: Feed list navigation (Mac OS)

Muutokset v0.17.0 - v0.17.1

  • Added: Button and shortcut to switch layout
  • Added: Ability to delete news in newspaper layout
  • Added: News list search: "Find in links"
  • Added: Ability to choose monitor to display notifications
  • Added: Notification transparency option
  • Added: Notification text and background colors options
  • Added: Notification option "Show when main window is inactive"
  • Added: Additional options for notification layout
  • Added: Scroll by page shortcuts in embedded browser
  • Changed: Retain search text while switching feed
  • Changed: Show deleted news number after clean up wizard
  • Changed: Multi-select behavior in news list
  • Fixed: Host-name absence in some feed links
  • Fixed: Inactive filters with "Link" field and "is" condition
  • Fixed: Update of the feeds which last update date is 1970
  • Fixed: Occasional error of restoring feed list columns length

Muutokset v0.16.2 - v0.17.0

  • Added: The Newspaper view (View->Layout->Newspaper)
  • Added: Socks5 proxy support
  • Changed: News opening in external browser
  • Fixed: Sorting by feed title in news list

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