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Muutokset v5.1.11 - v5.1.16

  • Added : 7z.dll is now used to handle archives. (toggable in settings)
  • Added : Change password via toolbar command. (encrypted files is now trail with * character).
  • Added : Work based action is now logged, log can be viewed using notification item dropdown.
  • Updated : German translation
  • Fixed : PreviewHandler shell extension now usable in multiple instance.
  • Fixed : (96) AutoTranslate does not work properly.
  • Fixed : (97) NotificationItem’s progress bar does not change color when error or canceled.
  • Fixed : (98) ViewMode automatically reset after directory change.
  • Edited on 11July11 : Quick Zip 5.1.16 updated the following:
  • Fixed : (99) Crash when adding files in archive using shell context menu, when sevenzip is enabled.
  • Updated : German translation

<<Takaisin ohjelman lataussivulle

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