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Muutokset v1.0.2 Beta - v1.0

  • support for the new slim psp /3.xx firmwares/WPA
  • better streaming (so is reported)
  • fully graphical, fast scrolling, proportional fonts
  • not based on pmp_mod anymore
  • DNS lookups
  • started from scratch
  • better energy consumption (playing MP3)

Muutokset v1.0 Beta - v1.0.2 Beta

  • still a beta.. had some troubles with the syncing of audio and video (remember this new version everything is from scratch)
  • Added color, in experimental fase now.
  • Also you can quit a movie with triangle

Muutokset v0.91 - v1.0 Beta

  • not based on pmp_mod, uses mp3 hardware decoding and plain software decoding (no me.prx needed)
  • completely from ground up
  • color info not right yet, need to implement yuv->rgb
  • fully graphical
  • a beta, not all functions yet ported
  • when in movie no stopping yet (test with small movies)
  • sound still skippy

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