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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Opera (64-bit)

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Muutokset v51.0.2830.34 - v51.0.2830.55

Muutokset v50.0.2762.67 - v51.0.2830.34

Muutokset v50.0.2762.58 - v50.0.2762.67

Muutokset v48.0.2685.35 - v48.0.2685.39

Muutokset v48.0.2685.32 - v48.0.2685.35

Muutokset v48.0.2685.22 RC - v48.0.2685.32

Muutokset v47.0.2631.80 - v48.0.2685.22 RC

Muutokset v47.0.2631.71 - v47.0.2631.80

Muutokset v47.0.2631.55 - v47.0.2631.71

Muutokset v47.0.2631.39 - v47.0.2631.55

Muutokset v47.0.2631.13 Beta - v47.0.2631.31 Beta

Muutokset v46.0.2597.46 - v46.0.2597.57

Muutokset v46.0.2597.32 - v46.0.2597.39

Muutokset v45.0.2552.888 - v45.0.2552.898

Muutokset v45.0.2552.881 - v45.0.2552.888

Muutokset v45.0.2552.812 - v45.0.2552.881

Muutokset v45.0.2552.635 - v45.0.2552.812

Muutokset v44.0.2510.1218 - v44.0.2510.1449

Muutokset v42.0.2393.27 Beta - v42.0.2393.38 Beta

Muutokset v12.15 - v12.16

  • Security
  • Replaced code signing certificate; see our advisory

Muutokset v12.14 - v12.15

  • General and User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where the search bar's default engine could be overridden by third-party apps.
  • Security
  • Fixed a moderately severe issue, as reported by Attila Suszter; details will be disclosed at a later date.
  • Added safeguards against attacks on the RC4 encryption protocol; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue where cookies could be set for a top-level domain; see our advisory.

Muutokset v12.15 RC - v12.15 RC2

Muutokset v12.14 - v12.15 RC

Muutokset v12.13 - v12.14

Muutokset v12.13 - v12.14 RC

Muutokset v12.13 RC2 - v12.13

  • General and User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where Opera gets internal communication errors on Facebook
  • Fixed an issue where no webpages load on startup, if Opera is disconnected from the Internet
  • Fixed an issue where images will not load after back navigation, when a site uses the HTML5 history API (
  • Linux and Windows
  • A new stand-alone update-checker, as part of a planned upgrade of the auto-update system
  • Windows
  • Improved protection against hijacking of the default search, including a one-time reset
  • Security
  • Fixed an issue where DOM events manipulation might be used to execute arbitrary code, as reported by Arthur Gerkis; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where use of SVG clipPaths could allow execution of arbitrary code, as reported by anonymous via the iSIGHT Partners GVP Program; see our advisory
  • Fixed a low severity security issue; details will be disclosed at a later date
  • Fixed an issue where CORS requests could omit the preflight request, as reported by webpentest; see our advisory

Muutokset v12.13 RC - v12.13 RC2

Muutokset v12.13.1721 snapshot - v12.13 RC

Muutokset v12.12 - v12.13.1721 snapshot

Muutokset v12.11 - v12.12

  • Fixes and Stability Enhancements since Opera 12.11
  • General and User Interface
  • Several general fixes and stability improvements
  • New option ‘Delete settings and data for all extensions’ option (off by default) in the Delete Private Data dialog
  • Corrected an issue where using the 'Delete Private Data' dialog could delete extension and settings data
  • Redesigned the 'Delete Private Data' dialog to be more usable with small screens
  • Fixed an issue where quitting Opera while in fullscreen mode could cripple the interface on the next start-up
  • Security
  • Fixed an issue where malformed GIF images could allow execution of arbitrary code; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where repeated attempts to access a target site could trigger address field spoofing, as reported by Masato Kinugawa; see our advisory
  • UNIX-only
  • Fixed an issue where private data could be disclosed to other computer users, or be modified by them, as reported by Jann Horn; see our advisory

Muutokset v12.12-1662 snapshot - v12.12-1704 RC 2

Muutokset v12.11 - v12.12-1662 snapshot

Muutokset v12.11-1658 snapshot - v12.11 RC 2

Muutokset v12.11-1655 snapshot - v12.11-1658 snapshot

Muutokset v12.10 - v12.11-1655 snapshot

Muutokset v12.10 RC3 - v12.10 RC4

Muutokset Next v12.10 b1642 - v12.10 RC3

Muutokset Next v12.10 b1627 - Next v12.10 b1642

Muutokset Next v12.10 b1618 - Next v12.10 b1627

Muutokset Next v12.10 b1605 snapshot - Next v12.10 b1615 snapshot

Muutokset Next v12.50 b1581 snapshot - v12.50 b1583 snapshot

Muutokset Next v12.00 b1445 snapshot - 12 RC Euro 2012 edition

Muutokset v12.00 b1424 snapshot - Next v12.00 b1445 snapshot

Muutokset v12.00 b1417 snapshot - v12.00 b1424 snapshot

Muutokset Next v12.00 b1413 snapshot - v12.00 b1417 snapshot

Muutokset NEXT v12.00 Beta - Next v12.00 b1413 snapshot

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