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Muutokset v60.0.3255.59 - v60.0.3255.70

Muutokset v58.0.3135.90 - v58.0.3135.107

Muutokset v58.0.3135.79 - v58.0.3135.90

Muutokset v58.0.3135.65 - v58.0.3135.68

Muutokset v57.0.3098.116 - v58.0.3135.53

Muutokset v57.0.3098.106 - v58.0.3135.30 Beta

Muutokset v57.0.3098.106 - v57.0.3098.110

Muutokset v57.0.3098.102 - v57.0.3098.106

Muutokset v57.0.3098.76 - v57.0.3098.91

Muutokset v56.0.3051.104 - v57.0.3098.76

Muutokset v54.0.2952.60 - v54.0.2952.71

Muutokset v53.0.2907.106 - v53.0.2907.110

Muutokset v53.0.2907.37 - v53.0.2907.57

Muutokset v51.0.2830.34 - v51.0.2830.55

Muutokset v50.0.2762.67 - v51.0.2830.34

Muutokset v50.0.2762.58 - v50.0.2762.67

Muutokset v48.0.2685.35 - v48.0.2685.39

Muutokset v48.0.2685.32 - v48.0.2685.35

Muutokset v48.0.2685.22 RC - v48.0.2685.32

Muutokset v47.0.2631.80 - v48.0.2685.22 RC

Muutokset v47.0.2631.71 - v47.0.2631.80

Muutokset v47.0.2631.55 - v47.0.2631.71

Muutokset v47.0.2631.39 - v47.0.2631.55

Muutokset v47.0.2631.13 Beta - v47.0.2631.31 Beta

Muutokset v46.0.2597.46 - v46.0.2597.57

Muutokset v45.0.2552.888 - v45.0.2552.898

Muutokset v45.0.2552.881 - v45.0.2552.888

Muutokset v45.0.2552.812 - v45.0.2552.881

Muutokset v45.0.2552.635 - v45.0.2552.812

Muutokset v44.0.2510.1218 - v44.0.2510.1449

Muutokset v34.0.2036.25 - v35.0.2066.37

  • DNA-40757 [Win] Black titlebar in private window
  • DNA-47124 In the new private window can not write in address bar.
  • DNA-48508 Not possible to type anything in Address Bar in private window – Opera 35
  • DNA-48525 [Mac] Tab menu should not draw selected items when cursor has moved on

Muutokset v26.0.1656.32 - v27.0.1689.54

  • 27.0.1689.54 – 2015-01-27 – blog post
  • * DNA-32618 Opera stops working after enabling insecure content in popup window
  • 27.0.1689.44 – 2015-01-13 – blog post
  • CHR-3506 Fix Apple Color Emoji support for OS X 10.7+
  • CHR-3596 ServiceWorker: Reject registration access from script created documents
  • * DNA-25459 window.history.replaceState() interferes with loading a page.
  • * DNA-29191 Extension button stuck in disabled state on Opera 27
  • * DNA-30680 The first 1 character goes off at the time of comment input of Facebook when using IME
  • * DNA-30920 Discover settings are invisible
  • * DNA-31242 [Win] Crash on restarting interrupted download using button in callout
  • * DNA-31718 [CAT] Crash on exit in HistoryService::ClearCachedDataForContextID
  • * DNA-31938 `prompt()` should close when pressing Esc
  • * DNA-32215 Crash on navigation/closing tab with geolocation permission dialog triggered by iframe
  • 27.0.1689.33 – 2014-12-19 – blog post
  • * DNA-25997 Incorrect message, “Some downloads were interrupted when the browser was closed”
  • * DNA-28866 [Win] Right side of suggestions bar flickers when typing text in address bar
  • * DNA-30594 When deleting shared bookmark, error says about chrome extension knohfebhibeknbioecpdmdkjkjdnjnl
  • * DNA-30631 [WinXP+Vista] “Adobe reader is out of date” message on opening PDF files in the browser
  • * DNA-30638 Startpage: the navigation bar isn’t styled for a while
  • * DNA-30762 Camera indicator has stopped blinking
  • * DNA-31060 [Win] Netinstaller connection problems on XP, SP3, IE6
  • 27.0.1689.29 – 2014-12-10 – blog post
  • CHR-3209 Use the Windows system text colors for menus.
  • * DNA-29431 Changing thumbnail in already added and synced bookmark, does not change thumbnail on 2nd device
  • * DNA-30192 Showing two sliding toolbars leads to crash
  • * DNA-30350 Movie with embedded subs does not even start -h264 windows
  • * DNA-30461 No feedback when trying to install broken crx extension
  • * DNA-30572 Sync communication should not be redirectable
  • * DNA-30601 Sometimes the whole image is stored in the imageIdentifier field in the bookmark meta info
  • * DNA-30637 Separators are missing from menus on Windows
  • * DNA-30676 Wrong sync popup view shown on internal error
  • * DNA-31011 Lack of password reset confirmation, only spinner visible
  • 27.0.1689.22 – 2014-12-05 – blog post
  • CHR-3506 Fix Apple Color Emoji support for OS X 10.7+
  • * DNA-20816 [Windows] After typing begins in the address field the buttons on right should all disappear
  • * DNA-29431 Changing thumbnail in already added and synced bookmark, does not change thumbnail on 2nd device
  • * DNA-29802 Broken styling of autofill edit profile dialog
  • * DNA-30281 [Windows] Tab menu active and hover states are almost the same color on Windows XP default theme
  • * DNA-30553 Receiving the 428 error from might cause an infinite loop of token renewals in some circumstances
  • * DNA-30772 Make sure that tests for sync UA string pass with versions that have non-zero build number
  • 27.0.1689.13 – 2014-12-02 – blog post
  • CHR-3421 Update chromium on master to 40.0.2214.10
  • * DNA-21301 Lack of notification while quitting Opera with CMD+Q shortcut when “Confirm before quitting Opera with Command-Q” option is turned on
  • * DNA-29433 Blank thumbnail shown instead of text-only fallback when image is not yet available due to server/network conditions
  • * DNA-29726 Should autofill sync password
  • * DNA-29772 Need to inform user about what is being synced
  • * DNA-29809 Crash in >blink::NotificationController::clientFrom
  • * DNA-29958 [Mac] Favicons Size from different devices is synchronizing and it doesn’t resize depending on the device – Inside folders in bookmarks bar
  • * DNA-30170 Printing fails in Turbo mode
  • * DNA-30175 Add a sync ‘Learn more’ link in settings
  • * DNA-30201 [Win][8] There is no icon in notification on Win8
  • * DNA-30226 It is possible that sync client code attempts to refresh a not-expired token
  • * DNA-30287 Enable by default on all channels all new extension APIs
  • * DNA-30320 Images from CDN are re-downloaded in each session when bookmark manager is used
  • * DNA-30362 [Mac] Get offline installer option opens a page that download NI
  • * DNA-30379 [Mac] Crash after closing window in full screen mode
  • * DNA-30384 [Mac] DuckDuckGo does not have favicon
  • * DNA-30385 [Mac] ExtensionTabsTest.GetWindow timeouts
  • * DNA-30389 [Mac] Favicons Size from different devices is synchronizing and it doesn’t resize depending on the device – Inside History -> Other Devices
  • * DNA-30402 [Mac] Enabling extensions in private mode crashes Opera
  • * DNA-30408 Turn on flag for PPAPI update notification on all streams
  • * DNA-30424 Deleting folder on one instance when adding bookmark into that folder on second causes crash
  • * DNA-30515 [Mac] The network installers offline installer link always points to the stable download
  • * DNA-30553 Receiving the 428 error from might cause an infinite loop of token renewals in some circumstances
  • * DNA-30582 Opera crashes when opening address dropdown with omnibox extension
  • * DNA-30741 Saved Sync password even no ‘Save Password’ is checked
  • 27.0.1689.2 – 2014-11-21 – blog post
  • * DNA-30260 Could not login into sync on build 27.0.1689.0
  • * DNA-30062 [Linux] Very frequent crasher – disable dri3 in gpu process
  • * DNA-30239 [Windows] disabling tab menu in settings will not free its space
  • 27.0.1689.0 – 2014-11-20 – blog post
  • CHR-3352 Update chromium on master to 40.0.2202.3
  • * DNA-25777 Rendering issues with scrollbars in PDF viewer
  • * DNA-26593 Unstable test ExtensionApiTest.ChromeRuntimeOnStartup
  • * DNA-27770 Change the color of close button to white when you hover on the tab in Windows XP
  • * DNA-27811 Fails in NotificationsTestWin8 browser tests on Win
  • * DNA-28185 [Mac] Two ampersands are displayed instead of one ampersand in Bookmarks Bar
  • * DNA-28609 Translate Empty Folder Views
  • * DNA-28646 Last open tab is not saved in session if main window is closed quickly leaving a popup
  • * DNA-28858 Crash on closing a popup after the main window when #chrome-shutdown-procedure is enabled
  • * DNA-28947 Shift+RightClick menu on Speed Dial Folder(s) doesn’t work as it does with single thumbnails
  • * DNA-28964 [Linux] Text in the addressbar is not visible in dark themes
  • DNA-28999 Failng test BrowserWindowTest.ActivateAndUnfocus
  • DNA-29060 Maintenance view when is down
  • DNA-29165 [Mac] Remove the heart menu code
  • DNA-29245 [Engine] Enable #speech-synthesis flag in all streams
  • * DNA-29418 Sync user gets signed out unintentionally
  • * DNA-29520 Improve sliding toolbars for debugger API
  • * DNA-29537 [Netinstaller] Crash when run with invalid parameters
  • * DNA-29544 [Windows] Render crashes at blink::StyleBuilderConverter::convertStyleNavigationValue
  • DNA-29568 [Win] Intake: HiDPI 150% looks really bad.
  • * DNA-29600 [Mac] Opera overrides OSX’s shortcut Fn+Ctrl+F2
  • * DNA-29604 Tab menu doesn’t always close when activating a tab with Classic theme.
  • * DNA-29623 chrome.sessions.onChanged event sent for each tab of closed window
  • * DNA-29626 Recently closed window not in the session array when called inside chrome.sessions.onChanged.addListener
  • * DNA-29722 Tab menu to only display when needed
  • DNA-29738 Refactor the search provider strip
  • * DNA-29766 [Mac 10.10] Lack of animation in resizing window after full screen mode
  • DNA-29795 [Win] Netinstaller UAC dialog shown when clicking try again
  • DNA-29798 [Win] Installer – there is one more language on the list
  • * DNA-29815 Sync menu item crash when opening in private window
  • * DNA-29816 [Mac] Crash on unblocking insecure content
  • * DNA-29837 “Install Flash” message string is not visible when Flash is not installed in the system
  • DNA-29841 Heart menu’s context menu shows ‘Inspect element’
  • * DNA-29864 Login autofill in sync popup requires the start of username to be typed in
  • * DNA-29870 Show a link to the documentation and one to the password manager
  • DNA-29871 Add permission tests for new extension APIs
  • * DNA-29872 Dragging of bookmarks fails
  • * DNA-29873 [Mac] Clicking on sync settings button opens mobile version of
  • * DNA-29877 [Win][7] There is no icon in notification on Win7
  • * DNA-29879 Notification on Windows 8 makes no sense, text cuts off in most important places
  • * DNA-29883 Opera on 32-bit Windows does not find pepper flash
  • * DNA-29884 [Mac] NI Download and Install indicators always at 100% even when in progress
  • * DNA-29891 [Mac] NI unable to install as normal user for normal user only
  • DNA-29900 Enable the ‘WebUI navigation bar’ flag on developper
  • * DNA-29904 Gray rectangle visible after opening new tab while Web Inspector is turned on
  • * DNA-29909 [Mac 10.10] Location/camera/microphone icons are not visible in the address bar
  • * DNA-29919 [Engine] Address dropdown does not close on tab changing
  • * DNA-29922 no bookmarks suggestions in address bar when pressing backspace / cutting text
  • * DNA-29923 Credentials suggestions overlays on UI after logging in
  • * DNA-29930 Deleting currently viewed folder from folders panel does not switch view to parent
  • * DNA-29937 [Linux] The Google Talk Pepper plugin is STILL not found
  • * DNA-29943 Last item in a view would not return to the correct position if dragged down and left there
  • * DNA-29954 Graphical glitches when multi-dragging in listview
  • * DNA-29960 [Win]Favicons Size from different devices is synchronizing and it doesn’t resize depending on the device – adding pages to the bookmark bar directly
  • DNA-29963 [Tools] Support batch operations in the bookmark manager
  • * DNA-29979 Opera crashes when extension request geolocation on clean profile
  • DNA-29986 Error while running events.addRules in site icon generator
  • * DNA-29987 Tab menu checkbox on preference page is visible even when feature is off
  • DNA-29988 Timeouts in BrowserActionInteractiveTest.CloseBrowserWithDevTools.
  • DNA-29991 Timeouts in AllUrlsApiTest.WhitelistedExtension
  • DNA-29994 Sign out link in sync popup should not be in title case
  • DNA-29997 [Engine] Quick search model should use profile prefs instead of local prefs.
  • * DNA-30000 Deleting nested bookmarks bar folder from another device crashes Opera
  • * DNA-30002 Signing out from Sync doesn’t work
  • DNA-30004 Clean up opera specific extension code wrt new style guide.
  • * DNA-30006 Address dropdown in new window is cut off
  • * DNA-30012 Dragging a bookmark can scroll the background and break it
  • * DNA-30014 Invalidation doesn’t stop after clicking Sign Out
  • DNA-30021 Enable ‘Multidrag in Bookmark Manager’ on the developer channel
  • DNA-30022 Suspend crashed process while creating crash log on Windows
  • * DNA-30059 Crash on clicking the Adobe Flash notification
  • * DNA-30060 chrome.sessions.getRecentlyClosed returns Windows with empty array
  • * DNA-30061 chrome.sessions.getRecentlyClosed doesn’t respect maxResults argument
  • DNA-30065 [Mac] Net installer unit tests don’t compile
  • DNA-30070 Assert on opening task manager
  • * DNA-30072 FormStructureBrowserTest.DataDrivenHeuristics01 failing after CHR-3352
  • * DNA-30084 After editing folder name in sidepanel, name change in main view will not be reflected in sidepanel
  • * DNA-30153 Dragging folders in bookmarks sidebar, causes bad position of folders
  • * DNA-30159 [Engine] Remove AddressBarModelDelegate::RequestFocus in favor of platform-independent BrowserWindow method.
  • * DNA-30166 Bookmark search input looses focus after first search
  • * DNA-30168 Add the icons with the correct size
  • DNA-30204 Uninitialized member in SearchEngineTabHelper
  • * DNA-30219 Notification when the PEPPER is present but disabled
  • * DNA-30220 Put CTRL+A + batch delete behind the multi-drag flag
  • DNA-30232 chrome.sessions.getRecentlyClosed does not include window being closed
  • 27.0.1683.0 – 2014-11-13 – blog post
  • DNA-8742 Bookmarks suggestions in Address Bar Dropdown
  • * DNA-13477 [Mac] No drop indicator when dragging a speed dial to the desktop
  • DNA-17100 Crashlogs with missing DLL sections
  • * DNA-17867 [Mac] Expander icon not refreshed after removing items from expander list
  • * DNA-20471 Tabs don’t resize after closing a tab with onbeforeunload dialog
  • * DNA-22842 Missing download link at Adobe when npapi + run automatically is set
  • * DNA-24817 Pinning tab and clicking quickly doesn’t work
  • * DNA-25232 items remaining in folders after dragging them out (in some cases)
  • * DNA-27695 [Mac] Favicons Size from different devices is synchronizing and it doesn’t resize depending on the device
  • DNA-28706 Adjust other views to be ready for the new navigation bar WP1
  • * DNA-28777 Sign-in popup is located a few pixels lower than Downloads
  • DNA-28822 Implement Visual Part of MultiDrag
  • * DNA-28944 Renderer crash in >ChromeExtensionsDispatcherDelegate::UpdateTabSpecificPermissions
  • * DNA-29016 Extended toolbar buttons handling support for Mac
  • * DNA-29062 [Win] Page badge for the currently loaded site is not updated if reloaded in the same tab with Turbo
  • * DNA-29065 [Mac] Kanji conversion of Japanese is broken
  • * DNA-29075 Native buttons on internal pages are way too big
  • * DNA-29109 Renderer crash in >content::GpuChannelHost::GenerateRouteID
  • * DNA-29128 [Linux] Opera developer has the Opera beta pixmap
  • * DNA-29163 [Win] WebNotifications are not displaying any image
  • DNA-29238 Support Select All and Batch Delete
  • DNA-29239 Commit Multidrag Operations
  • * DNA-29251 Linux] Preferences menu is under File on Ubuntu, and is more commonly under Edit
  • * DNA-29383 Transition after logging in is not fluent
  • * DNA-29419 [Mac] Tab menu to only display when needed
  • DNA-29435 [nn] [pt-PT] [kk][hu][af] String doesn’t fit in the netinstaller welcome screen
  • DNA-29445 [Engine] Refactor Badge popups
  • DNA-29454 [el][kk][mk][Netinstaller] Text cut on screen “another instance of the Opera…”
  • * DNA-29469 Tab menu should close when you press Ctrl+M when it was opened with that shortcut
  • * DNA-29473 Using a custom search engine with the address “opera://%s” crashes Opera.
  • * DNA-29487 [Win] When netinstaller fails download, ‘Get offline installer’ redirects to netinstaller again
  • * DNA-29499 [Linux] The Google Talk Pepper plugin is not found or loaded
  • * DNA-29500 [Linux] Scan more locations for the Pepper Flash Plugin
  • * DNA-29501 [Win]Favicons Size from different devices is synchronizing and it doesn’t resize depending on the device
  • DNA-29502 Refactor the address dropdown
  • DNA-29505 [az][fr][fr-CA][pt-BR][hu][Uninstaller] uninstall message cut
  • * DNA-29508 After pressing “Cancel” on logout dialog, “My opera account” dialog is shown
  • * DNA-29509 [Mac 10.10] Text-shadow on inline-find toolbar
  • DNA-29512 [nb][be][Installer] Missing space beetwen label and input
  • DNA-29518 Backgrounds always centered for certain themes on pages other than the start page.
  • * DNA-29560 [Mac] Context menu options in Address field open links in Safari
  • * DNA-29565 [Win8] Tab border visual glitch in a specific activation scenario
  • * DNA-29569 [Mac] Cmd+shift+p does not work inside print preview
  • DNA-29587 Blank tiles after changing bookmark images
  • DNA-29592 “Unhandled promise rejection” in bookmark manager
  • * DNA-29593 [Mac 10.10] Crash when closing insecure content popover
  • * DNA-29595 Option to change the Opera account password from the browser
  • * DNA-29596 _imported_from_opera_link_ folder visible by default
  • * DNA-29604 Tab menu doesn’t always close when activating a tab with Classic theme.
  • * DNA-29624 Use separate link for update to PPAPI Flash
  • * DNA-29625 Show notification every day (instead of every week)
  • * DNA-29631 Sync invalidation code sometimes sends duplicate nonces
  • * DNA-29632 [Win] When dev netinstaller fails download, ‘Get offline installer’ redirects to Stable
  • * DNA-29634 [Win] When beta netinstaller fails download, ‘Get offline installer’ redirects to Stable
  • * DNA-29635 [Win] Crash on restarting interrupted download using button in callout
  • * DNA-29637 [Win8] Ultimately align the background colors of all toolbar elements.
  • DNA-29643 Installer: Missing space between path combobox and change button
  • * DNA-29646 Crash on accepting notification permission from
  • * DNA-29647 Tab menu closes when you right-click on a tab entry in the list
  • * DNA-29649 Group tab menu preferences
  • * DNA-29719 Enable the feature for notification to switch to PPAPI
  • * DNA-29721 SingleDrag is broken
  • * DNA-29726 Should autofill sync password
  • * DNA-29741 Agreement License is not showing in geolocation when allowing in general settings
  • * DNA-29745 [Mac] Crash on opening tab menu in popup window
  • * DNA-29767 [Mac] Use completionHandler to handle completed animations
  • * DNA-29781 [Mac] Keyboard driven tab highlighting has stopped working
  • * DNA-29807 [Engine] Search provider model initialization crash
  • * DNA-29820 Opera crashes on adding new search engine after closing window
  • * DNA-29821 [Engine] Add feature flag DCHECKs for experimental address bar model/controller classes
  • * DNA-29838 Dragging in sidebar does not work
  • 27.0.1676.0 – 2014-11-06 – blog post
  • DNA-23761 Uncaught JavaScript exceptions from API function callbacks not shown in console
  • * DNA-24758 [Mac] Unable to open pdf files using Opera within Finder
  • * DNA-25975 [Mac] Static menus should be converted to use ui::SimpleMenuModel
  • DNA-26129 Flash plugin doesn’t work. I have libpepper installed and Opera shows correct path to it.
  • * DNA-26310 Hardware acceleration blanks UI on several builds
  • DNA-27349 [de] [fr-CA] [fy] [lv] Preparing… text cut off.
  • DNA-27574 Add an entry in link context menus “Add to bookmarks”
  • * DNA-27895 Session sync error on logging in to device after a logout
  • * DNA-28298 Two sessions sync tests fail with live server
  • * DNA-28344 [Mac] Adding ldtp Accessibility to Sync Icon login button
  • * DNA-28518 [de] [fi] [fr] [it] [ms] Something went wrong. We are trying… string cut off
  • * DNA-28709 Moving folder out from a subfolder on another device creates duplicate folder entry
  • * DNA-28712 “Add to Speed Dial” for folders is not working from the Bookmark Manager
  • * DNA-28725 Search does not work in the address field after the update
  • * DNA-28917 [Win] Tab menu items do not react to context menu button or shift+F10
  • * DNA-28992 Opera does not play the mp4 intro video on page
  • DNA-29024 [Engine] Re-factor Badges
  • * DNA-29049 Bookmark manager blank when opened from session
  • DNA-29051 [Engine] Implement the basic address textfield behavior
  • * DNA-29096 Forgot password field does not pre-fill already entered username
  • DNA-29113 Remove “Extension Identity API” flag
  • * DNA-29122 opera://themes not always loaded due to script error
  • DNA-29129 Fix apparent problems with sync browsertests when run on Mac
  • * DNA-29147 Some sync code looks like it skipped an intake
  • * DNA-29154 [Mac] Run script to incorporate Network Installer translations
  • DNA-29162 opera://themes shows webui navigator bar when the flag is disabled
  • * DNA-29164 Configure speed dial for South Korea
  • DNA-29178 Fix stupid nynorsk autotranslate mistakes (and => og)
  • * DNA-29179 [Mac] Icon status not changed after Opera restart(logged in to sync)
  • * DNA-29237 Tab menu items do not react to context menu button or shift+F10 when preview is not shown
  • * DNA-29241 Minimize button doesn’t work on Windows XP/Classic
  • * DNA-29244 Crash when changing theme with bookmark manager opened
  • * DNA-29250 Strange blink on reload captcha button when mouseover
  • * DNA-29257 Network installer is not DPI aware
  • DNA-29382 API support for batch moves
  • * DNA-29387 [ru] [uk] [be] [kk] Authenticate and Install text on the button cut off
  • DNA-29389 The AllUrlsApiTest.WhitelistedExtension test fails (with TIMEOUT)
  • * DNA-29412 O-menu, Discover opens bookmark manager not Discover page
  • DNA-29416 Crash when changing theme with bookmark manager opened
  • * DNA-29436 [pt] [pt_BR] Link translated to english and mixed with text
  • * DNA-29458 [Mac] Graphics on swipe animation looks pixellated
  • * DNA-29470 Creating folder _name_ and synching to mobile device is showing different names in desktop and mobile
  • DNA-29504 [Mac] AddressBarController::OnDrop shouldn’t take ui::OSExchangeData due to linker problems.
  • * DNA-29530 Untranslated folder _imported_from_opera_link_ after triggering import bookmarks from Opera Link
  • 27.0.1670.0 – 2014-10-31 – blog post
  • CHR-1115 Integrate DirectFB compositor code into master
  • CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support
  • CHR-3306 Update chromium on master to 40.0.2188.2
  • CHR-3332 Add top controls delta to viewport height when size changes
  • CHR-3341 Offset content when creating/loading tab or layout changes.
  • * DNA-8822 Lack of tab navigation commands in menu on Mac
  • * DNA-9010 [Mac] Badge can get too long with lots of geolocation details
  • * DNA-9215 Cannot open any page, after open url with file:// protocol
  • * DNA-11411 Opera menu opens on the top screen with vertically stacked monitor setup
  • * DNA-17787 Blurry tabs after animation
  • * DNA-19388 [Mac] Tab bar: double (thick) separator and… more
  • DNA-19697 Download-callout stays visible although download got removed via extension
  • * DNA-20347 Failure in case when profile contains corrupted or upgraded Web data file
  • * DNA-21936 Right border of the tab disappears after closing the next tab
  • DNA-22801 Optimize shared memory usage
  • * DNA-24010 “Blue pages” after aborting browser exit from beforeunload dialog
  • * DNA-26380 Window size not remembered with startup setting “Open start page”
  • * DNA-26403 A new start page, if launched on HiDPI screen, should load HiDPI Speed Dial tiles
  • * DNA-26404 [CAT]Crash on content::WebPluginDelegateImpl::HandlePluginKeyPressed
  • * DNA-26561 Breakpad won’t work on Yosemite
  • * DNA-26826 Clicking two times on tab menu icon redraws list instead of closing it
  • * DNA-27312 Unable to use keyboard shortcuts when print preview is open
  • * DNA-27407 [zu], [tl], [sw], [uk], [hu], [cs]. Please click Try Again after checking your network connection clipped
  • DNA-27471 Implement views for empty folders
  • DNA-27478 Don’t show ‘Imported bookmarks’ if they are empty
  • DNA-27491 Split OpaqueNonClientFrameView into Windows and Linux parts WP1
  • * DNA-27653 “Get offline installer” doesn’t fit network installer’s button on Windows
  • * DNA-27654 Sign in on Sync doesn’t suggest the email of the last login after switching to Create account section
  • * DNA-27767 Possibility to have Icon for sync not changed after signing out
  • * DNA-27799 [WIN][MAC][H264] Some of .m4v videos in are not working
  • * DNA-27822 bookmarks bar order of bookmarks is not correct during drag and drop .
  • * DNA-27868 [Win] Missing sync icon in Opera menu
  • * DNA-27879 Inform the bookmark pop up that the bookmark is a newly added one
  • * DNA-27910 Print preview is constrained when devtools window is docked on right
  • * DNA-28015 Crash on Windows 8 after seeing few page previews
  • * DNA-28065 „Install for all users as admin” option is not working when Network Installer is launched on non-admin account
  • * DNA-28077 [Tools][Win] private startpage has unnecessary scrollbar
  • * DNA-28115 Badge contents gets stretched when resizing
  • * DNA-28148 ProfileSyncService uses a command-line flag for disabling Sync which may cause problems
  • * DNA-28168 Normal window with sync login popup is not focused when it is triggered from private window in Windows classic (no Aero)
  • * DNA-28172 Unclear message is visible while setting Opera as default browser if Opera from another stream is already set as default browser on OS X 10.10
  • * DNA-28176 Tab menu button click area should be as big as the toolbar height
  • * DNA-28179 Other elements of tab menu are moving down when first element is hovered
  • * DNA-28248 Always show title of SpeedDials tiles from the same domain.
  • DNA-28254 Errors on startup, due to autoupdate??
  • DNA-28261 The repacking script should ignore failed builds when searching by version
  • DNA-28279 Extension gyp fixes after 39.0.2171.2 intake (CHR-3248).
  • * DNA-28281 Lag visible in showing highlights for hovered tabs when cursor is moving over items of Tab Menu
  • * DNA-28282 Users’ folder duplication can occur in specific conditions
  • DNA-28290 [Engine][Win][Linux] Address bar refactoring WP1
  • * DNA-28291 [Linux] Opera never asks to be the default browser
  • * DNA-28294 When you close the active tab, tab menu focus is lost
  • * DNA-28297 Crash when trying to open skype connection
  • * DNA-28343 Extension callout doesn’t appear on a click when Extension Installed callout is visible
  • * DNA-28344 [Mac] Adding ldtp Accesibility to Sync Icon login button
  • * DNA-28349 Improved closed folder in the new Speed Dial
  • DNA-28352 Enable TLS on the system in the Network Installer for WinXP
  • DNA-28353 Please disable opera://flags/#webui-navigation-bar by default on stabilization branch
  • * DNA-28355 New network installer does not work with TLS 1.0 enabled on WinXP
  • DNA-28376 [Win] Half-opaque rectangle below download callout on first opening after file was deleted.
  • DNA-28378 [Mac] Move ValidationMessageBubbleCocoa to NSPopover
  • * DNA-28380 [Mac] Download popup doesn’t handle key events when empty
  • DNA-28384 Basic WebUI navigation bar
  • * DNA-28394 New tab / window navigation always has empty referrer
  • DNA-28407 Take SpeedDial folders into account to show the title of SD tiles witht the same hostname.
  • DNA-28499 Some titles are not shown at new Speed Dial
  • DNA-28501 [Win] Implement UI mode 6
  • DNA-28502 [Mac] Remove unused BaseBubbleController
  • DNA-28507 [Linux] closing certificate details dialog crashes opera
  • * DNA-28510 Printing does not work in print preview
  • * DNA-28526 [Win] Crash after dropping tab into folder on bookmarks bar
  • * DNA-28541 [Mac] Crash after dragging second windows back to main windows
  • * DNA-28546 Edit ? Paste and Match Style is disabled for the address bar
  • * DNA-28547 [Mac] PPAPI is throwing all the time
  • * DNA-28550 White spaces are visible in tab previews in presentation mode
  • * DNA-28554 Address field can be activated in presentation mode
  • * DNA-28586 [Win] Introduce HiDPI address bar button graphics.
  • * DNA-28591 The “extension installed” popup doesn’t show when installing an extension with a browser action
  • DNA-28593 Fix check of same domain SpeedDials to display their title
  • * DNA-28600 Pop-up should not be considered Last active window
  • * DNA-28611 Websites can’t hijack “view source” shortcut (command-u)
  • * DNA-28615 SHIFT+CTRL+P does not show print dialog when print preview is not shown
  • * DNA-28625 Maximized window state is not tracked when window is maximized without using the window button
  • * DNA-28645 Crash on opening popup window with quicksearch mode 6
  • DNA-28647 [Engine][Win][Linux] Address bar refactoring WP2
  • * DNA-28657 ‘Nothing here yet’ message stays on copying content into an empty folder
  • * DNA-28671 Use Ctrl+M and Command+Option+T for the Tab Menu, instead of Ctrl+K to avoid conflict with Google Docs
  • * DNA-28675 registerContextMenu is not defined Exception in the Bookmarks manager
  • * DNA-28678 “Print” in Context Menu on an image does not work
  • * DNA-28679 [OS X 10.10] Option+Zoom window resizing animation is not smooth
  • DNA-28681 Missing HiDPI icon for Speed Dial in the WebUI navigation bar
  • * DNA-28693 [Mac] Folders in bookmarks bar are not possible to drop inside of other folders
  • * DNA-28697 412 invalidation faililng on at least 25 causing Discover to not show.
  • DNA-28700 The installer –help is lacking information about the –enable-stats and –import-browser-data flags
  • DNA-28701 Enable “Import from…” on beta/stable streams
  • DNA-28704 [Engine] Enable #speech-synthesis flag on developer
  • * DNA-28707 [Mac] Improve tab right border repainting.
  • * DNA-28735 [Mac] 10.9 Default browser option is not ticked in the network installer
  • DNA-28740 Use binary search to limit the range of detail searches to be done
  • DNA-28758 Make some about:flags strings non-translateable
  • * DNA-28760 Notifications update not working
  • * DNA-28761 [Mac] pageAction extensions don’t have management context menu
  • * DNA-28766 Improve Bookmarks Share Strings
  • DNA-28767 Starting a new window causes an IO assertion
  • * DNA-28813 Ctrl+shift+p does not work inside print preview
  • * DNA-28816 After forced listview display, next folder is also in listview
  • DNA-28821 Only change model on drag eng
  • DNA-28830 Enable Bookmark Share flag.
  • * DNA-28837 Turn “Delay loading of background tabs” on by default
  • * DNA-28844 Middle mouse click on back/forward buttons should open content in a new tab – Enable in beta/stable streams
  • * DNA-28845 Popup blocker shows blocked popup info after navigating to a different page
  • * DNA-28854 Change “Tab Preview” to be off by default
  • DNA-28857 Existing bookmarks have no image
  • * DNA-28860 Captcha on the sync login view doesn’t look good
  • DNA-28902 Only search within range around dragelement
  • DNA-28905 [Win] Extension reloads / unloads on issuing a notification in TabsChanged extension event handler
  • * DNA-28931 No “Tab Preview” in Tab menu when Tab preview is off
  • DNA-28952 [Engine] Implement HeartButtonController & HeartButtonModel
  • DNA-28956 [Win][Linux] Refactor code depending on IsAeroGlassEnabled()
  • * DNA-28972 Sync popup is not dismissed on pressing Esc
  • DNA-28973 [Mac] Opera crashes after uninstalling an extension with a page action
  • DNA-28978 Sync login popup focus issue
  • * DNA-28979 [Win][Linux] Bookmarks bar’s background is slightly darker than the toolbar’s.
  • DNA-28987 WP1 for DNA-28986: Don’t store Sync account token
  • * DNA-28990 Crash in >extensions::WindowsCreateFunction::PutTabInWindow
  • * DNA-29005 [Mac] Always use left/right navigation when switching tabs from the main menu
  • DNA-29008 Remove the unnecessary IsOperaAPI function from extensions runtime
  • * DNA-29014 Opera developer asks to be made the default browser in OSX 10.10
  • * DNA-29026 Crash in MenuItemView::GetAccessibleState() when popup notification menu is closed
  • DNA-29052 Extension code cleanup after CHR-3306(40.0.2188.2) intake.
  • * DNA-29059 Crash on opening tab menu in popup window
  • DNA-29104 Crash in >extensions::SyncPrivateEventRouter
  • * == bugfix

Muutokset v25.0.1614.63 - v25.0.1614.68

  • DNA-22730 IPC security
  • * DNA-27322 [Win][Linux] Crash when opening the address dropdown view shortly after browser launch
  • * DNA-28541 [Mac] Crash after dragging second windows back to main windows
  • * DNA-28625 Maximized window state is not tracked when window is maximized without using the window button

Muutokset Next v24.0.1558.51 - v24.0.1558.61

  • CHR-3130 Update chromium on desktop-stable-37-1558 to 37.0.1558.120
  • DNA-23206 Unable to print from PDF documents
  • DNA-23443 [Win8] Temporary shortcut is created regardless of whether the notifications flag is on

Muutokset Next v21.0.1432.48 - v21.0.1432.57

  • Updated Chromium to 34.0.1847.132 for even better site compatibility.
  • Opera will now scale with screens that use 200% DPI setting in Windows. No more tiny fonts!
  • We have reworked our Mac keyboard handling slightly to allow for better support of web apps such as Google Docs and GitHub.
  • Off-Road mode (Opera Turbo) is explained when it is enabled.

Muutokset v20.0.1387.77 - v20.0.1387.82

  • Update chromium to 1750.154.
  • DNA-17823 Fix invalid dereference in autofill code.

Muutokset v20.0.1387.64 - v20.0.1387.77

  • Update chromium to 1750.149.
  • DNA-16648 Adblock not working properly when opening pages in new tabs
  • DNA-17548 Crash on startup in >extensions::OneShotEvent
  • DNA-17556 download callout items won’t open
  • DNA-17722 [Windows] Tone down mixed content graphics

Muutokset v19.0.1326.59 - v19.0.1326.63

  • Chromium updated to 1700.107

Muutokset Next v19.0.1326.39 - Next v19.0.1326.45

Muutokset Next v19.0.1326.34 - Next v19.0.1326.39

Muutokset Next v19.0.1326.26 - Next v19.0.1326.34

Muutokset v18.0.1284.63 - v18.0.1284.68

Muutokset Next v18.0.1284.7 - Next v18.0.1284.11

Muutokset v17.0.1241.45 - Next v18.0.1284.7

Muutokset v16.0.1196.80 - v17.0.1241.45

Muutokset Next v17.0.1241.28 - Next v17.0.1241.36

Muutokset v16.0.1196.62 - v16.0.1196.80

Muutokset v15.0.1147.153 - v16.0.1196.62

Muutokset Next v16.0.1196.41 - Next v16.0.1196.45

Muutokset Next v16.0.1196.25 - Next v16.0.1196.35

Muutokset Next v16.0.1196.22 - Next v16.0.1196.25

Muutokset Next v16.0.1196.14 - Next v16.0.1196.22

Muutokset v15.0.1147.130 - Next v16.0.1196.14

Muutokset Next v15.0.1147.72 - Next v15.0.1147.100

Muutokset Next v15.0.1147.56 - Next v15.0.1147.72

Muutokset Next v15.0.1147.44 - Next v15.0.1147.56

Muutokset Next v15.0.1147.24 - Next v15.0.1147.44

Muutokset Next 15 - Next v15.0.1147.24

Muutokset v12.15 - v12.16

  • Security
  • Replaced code signing certificate; see our advisory

Muutokset v12.14 - v12.15

  • General and User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where the search bar's default engine could be overridden by third-party apps.
  • Security
  • Fixed a moderately severe issue, as reported by Attila Suszter; details will be disclosed at a later date.
  • Added safeguards against attacks on the RC4 encryption protocol; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue where cookies could be set for a top-level domain; see our advisory.

Muutokset v12.15 RC - 12.15 RC2

Muutokset v12.14 - v12.15 RC

Muutokset v12.13 - v12.14

Muutokset v12.13 - v12.14 RC

Muutokset v12.13 RC2 - v12.13

  • General and User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where Opera gets internal communication errors on Facebook
  • Fixed an issue where no webpages load on startup, if Opera is disconnected from the Internet
  • Fixed an issue where images will not load after back navigation, when a site uses the HTML5 history API (
  • Linux and Windows
  • A new stand-alone update-checker, as part of a planned upgrade of the auto-update system
  • Windows
  • Improved protection against hijacking of the default search, including a one-time reset
  • Security
  • Fixed an issue where DOM events manipulation might be used to execute arbitrary code, as reported by Arthur Gerkis; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where use of SVG clipPaths could allow execution of arbitrary code, as reported by anonymous via the iSIGHT Partners GVP Program; see our advisory
  • Fixed a low severity security issue; details will be disclosed at a later date
  • Fixed an issue where CORS requests could omit the preflight request, as reported by webpentest; see our advisory

Muutokset v12.13 RC - v12.13 RC2

Muutokset v12.13.1721 snapshot - v12.13 RC

Muutokset v12.12 - v12.13.1721 snapshot

Muutokset v12.11 - v12.12

  • Fixes and Stability Enhancements since Opera 12.11
  • General and User Interface
  • Several general fixes and stability improvements
  • New option ‘Delete settings and data for all extensions’ option (off by default) in the Delete Private Data dialog
  • Corrected an issue where using the 'Delete Private Data' dialog could delete extension and settings data
  • Redesigned the 'Delete Private Data' dialog to be more usable with small screens
  • Fixed an issue where quitting Opera while in fullscreen mode could cripple the interface on the next start-up
  • Security
  • Fixed an issue where malformed GIF images could allow execution of arbitrary code; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where repeated attempts to access a target site could trigger address field spoofing, as reported by Masato Kinugawa; see our advisory
  • UNIX-only
  • Fixed an issue where private data could be disclosed to other computer users, or be modified by them, as reported by Jann Horn; see our advisory

Muutokset v12.12-1662 snapshot - v12.12-1704 RC 2

Muutokset v12.11 - v12.12-1662 snapshot

Muutokset v12.11-1658 snapshot - v12.11 RC 2

Muutokset v12.11-1655 snapshot - v12.11-1658 snapshot

Muutokset v12.10 - v12.11-1655 snapshot

Muutokset v12.10 RC3 - v12.10 RC4

Muutokset Next v12.10 b1642 - v12.10 RC3

Muutokset Next v12.10 b1627 - Next v12.10 b1642

Muutokset Next v12.10 b1618 - Next v12.10 b1627

Muutokset Next v12.10 b1605 snapshot - Next v12.10 b1615 snapshot

Muutokset Next v12.50 b1581 snapshot - v12.50 b1583 snapshot

Muutokset v12.01 - v12.02

Muutokset v12.00 - v12.01

  • General and User Interface
  • Several general fixes and stability improvements
  • Website thumbnail memory usage improvements
  • Address bar inline auto-completion no longer prefers shortest domain
  • Corrected an error that could occur after removing the plugin wrapper
  • Resolved an issue where favicons were squeezed too much when many tabs were open
  • Display and Scripting
  • Resolved an error with XHR transfers where content-type was incorrectly determined
  • Improved handling of object literals with numeric duplicate properties
  • Changed behavior of nested/chained comma expressions: now expressing and compiling them as a list rather than a tree
  • Aligned behavior of the #caller property on function code objects in ECMAScript 5 strict mode with the specification
  • Fixed an issue where input type=month would return an incorrect value in its valueAsDate property
  • Resolved an issue with JSON.stringify() that could occur on cached number conversion
  • Fixed a problem with redefining special properties using Object.defineProperty()
  • Network and Site-Specific
  • Fixed an issue where loading would stop at "Document 100%" but the page would still be loading
  • Corrected behavior when long content was displayed
  • Fixed an issue with secure transaction errors
  • Fixed an issue with Google Maps Labs that occured when compiling top-level loops inside strict evals
  • Corrected a problem that could occur with DISQUS
  • Fixed a crash occurring on Lenovo's "Shop now" page
  • Corrected issues when calling window.console.log via a variable at watch4you
  • Resolved an issue with Yahoo! chat
  • Mail, News, Chat
  • Fixed a bug with both inline images in HTML mail and inserted images in e-mail compose windows
  • Resolved an issue where under certain conditions the mail panel would continuously scroll up
  • Fixed a crash occurring when loading mail databases on startup
  • Security
  • Re-fixed an issue where certain URL constructs could allow arbitrary code execution, as reported by Andrey Stroganov; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where certain characters in HTML could incorrectly be ignored, which could facilitate XSS attacks; see our advisory
  • Fixed another issue where small windows could be used to trick users into executing downloads as reported by Jordi Chancel; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where an element's HTML content could be incorrectly returned without escaping, bypassing some HTML sanitizers; see our advisory
  • Fixed a low severity issue, details will be disclosed at a later date

Muutokset Next v12.00 b1445 snapshot - 12 RC Euro 2012 edition

Muutokset v12.00 b1424 snapshot - Next v12.00 b1445 snapshot

Muutokset v12.00 b1417 snapshot - v12.00 b1424 snapshot

Muutokset Next v12.00 b1413 snapshot - v12.00 b1417 snapshot

Muutokset NEXT v12.00 Beta - Next v12.00 b1413 snapshot

Muutokset v11.62 - NEXT v12.00 Beta

Muutokset v11.62 - Next v12.00 b1359 Snapshot

Muutokset v11.61 - v11.62

Muutokset v11.62 b1332 snapshot - v11.62 b1340 snapshot

Muutokset v11.62 b1324 snapshot - v11.62 b1332 snapshot

Muutokset Next v12.00 b1325 Snapshot - Next v12.00 b1328 Snapshot

Muutokset v11.62 b1324 snapshot - Next v12.00 b1325 Snapshot

Muutokset v11.62 b1307 snapshot - v11.62 b1324 snapshot

Muutokset Next v12.00 b1306 snapshot - Next v12.00 b1312 snapshot

Muutokset v11.61 - v11.62 b1307 snapshot

Muutokset v11.62 b1304 snapshot - Next v12.00 b1306 snapshot

Muutokset v11.61 - v11.62 b1304 snapshot

Muutokset v11.60 - v11.61

  • User interface
  • Fixed
  • New web handlers tab in the Site Preferences dialog cut off, dialog not wide enough
  • Crash when clicking "Use master password to protect saved passwords" checkbox
  • Occasional crash when clicking a link or opening a new tab
  • Opera crashes when closing a tab that has the Star Menu opened
  • Can't close Star Menu after opening Folders
  • Opera crashes while closing feeds tab while dialog is open
  • Opera loses advanced download settings after restart
  • Opera Turbo Tooltip repeated multiple times
  • Wrong new reload icon
  • Zoom factor lost after selecting another message
  • Bookmark star icon is not refreshed when the page is removed from the bookmarks
  • Drop support for Fallback Background = 0 and Fallback Foreground = 0 in skins, fixes layout in mail window with some 3rd party skins
  • Ampersands on main menu in WinXP with Zune Theme
  • Titlebar remains when entering fullscreen mode (XP)
  • Display and scripting
  • Fixed
  • user profile crashes onload
  • Crash in Carakan on WebGL benchmark
  • Crash on applying 3025 background images
  • Out of range memory access when using subpixel rendering
  • Secure IFrame with URL to image lowers security level to "Unsecure" (breaks Paypal checkout)
  • Opera freezes when loading a big session with the Tab vault extension
  • crashes with admuncher installed
  • Overwritten document.selectSingleNode not called if invoked by helper function
  • load events fire on LINK elements pointing to existing local resources (link rel="stylesheet" href="file://...")
  • Do not cache invalid UserJS source files ("blacklisting" user javascript files on parse error)
  • Cannot scroll down with mouse wheel over IFRAME with scrolling=no if smooth scrolling is enabled
  • stylesheet not applied due to malformed gzip content
  • Userjs confirmation on secure pages pops up on every load of the page
  • Incorrect value of elements in ArrayBufferView created with byteOffset to an ArrayBuffer
  • Captcha Images is not refreshing automatically after site refresh
  • Mail, news, chat
  • Fixed
  • Opera crashes on updating mail from version 9.27
  • Crashes if you unpin the last message in the "Pinned" view
  • After few seconds locked attachments disappear from a mail
  • Check/Send (Ctrl+K) does not activate all mail accounts
  • Sorting problem with ungrouped mail list
  • Mail unread count is wrong
  • Users not receiving new mails because of QRESYNC. Added a way to disable QRESYNC in incomingN.txt and automatically disable it if fails to sync with QRESYNC enabled
  • Network
  • Fixed
  • Crash in host resolver when closing browser after loading large number of tabs simultaneously
  • IPv6 IP literal URLs "Invalid"
  • Security
  • Fixed
  • Fixed an issue where manipulation of framed content can allow cross-site scripting, as reported by Michal Zalewski; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue here script events could be used to reveal the presence of local files; see our advisory

Muutokset v11.60 Beta 1 - v11.60


Muutokset v11.52 - v11.60 Beta 1

  • Core
  • CORE-41959 print preview broken for multipart/* documents (breaks mail printing)
  • CORE-42479 Crash on installing extension
  • CORE-42024 Stack exhaustion due to deeply recursive compilation of RE construct
  • CORE-42088 Avoid blowing the stack when compiling regexp loop sequences
  • Desktop
  • DSK-349634 Search engines are with no icons
  • DSK-349628 Opera should not crash on exit after checking for mail/RSS
  • Mail
  • Two-lined message list
  • New message display window
  • Message grouping
  • Support for Pinning, mapped to IMAP \Flagged
  • Quick Reply redesign
  • New overlay dialogs for the mail view settings
  • Ctrl-Enter to send quick reply
  • Update mailproviders.xml for iCloud
  • DSK-201988 Message displayed even though no message selected
  • DSK-222658 Show image enclosures inline in feeds
  • DSK-260891 Paste with mouse in Mail Compose window is mouse position dependant
  • DSK-277400 Message formatting is slow
  • DSK-309380 Enable Fit to Width for Opera Mail
  • DSK-311982 Show account connection status in mail panel
  • DSK-319023 Unread in Mail panel returns after a restart
  • DSK-340859 Messages in INBOX are not fetched before the folder is selected on Gmail accounts
  • DSK-342882 Mail data is corrupted, all mail redownloads
  • DSK-343439 after deleting a block of mail, selected message is not next to the selected block
  • DSK-343444 Cannot Rename Folders for RSS Feeds
  • DSK-344164 Remove '[x] from loading database progress bar
  • DSK-344565 Need to mark message as read twice before it is read
  • DSK-345346 Expunged messages in other clients are not expunged in Opera Mail
  • DSK-348639 Broken progress bar skin with windows native skin

Muutokset v11.51 - v11.52

  • Display and scripting
  • Fixed
  • Adjusting volume on a YouTube HTML5 Video causes freeze
  • Fixed a non-exploitable bug which allowed injection of untrusted markup into the X-Frame-Options error page, as reported by Masato Kinugawa.
  • Network
  • Fixed
  • Crashes when downloading via BitTorrent
  • Security
  • Fixed
  • Fixed an issue where manipulating fonts in SVG could allow execution of arbitrary code; see our advisory

Muutokset v11.50 - v11.51

  • Opera 11.51 is a recommended upgrade offering security and stability enhancements.

Muutokset v11.50 Beta 1 - v11.50


Muutokset v11.10.2048 beta - v11.10

Muutokset v11.00 Build 1156 - v11.01

  • Web specifications
  • Implemented
  • Support for window.DOMStringList object of the W3C DOM3 DOMStringList Interface
  • User interface
  • Improved
  • Translation updates added throughout the UI
  • Fixed
  • Various mouse gesture sensitivity and recognition issues
  • Crashes occurring with Opera Dragonfly reload, file download, extension autoupdate, search suggestions
  • Crash occurring when clicking a link twice
  • An issue with feed preview
  • Opera installer fixes:
  • Crash when installing or uninstalling Opera
  • No File Lock window on upgrade when Opera is running on Windows 2000
  • Several processes when upgrading on a limited Windows Vista/7 account
  • Opera creating a file called desktop.ini and places it on the desktop
  • Switching languages in the installer does not changing the language in the help tooltip
  • Error code 76 occurring if the MSI uninstallation fails to find the source package
  • Crash occuring when closing a tab
  • Crash occuring when opening a downloaded file
  • Default size of the search field unintentionally changing
  • Crash occuring on page load for some sites, for example
  • Repaint issues occuring when in Facebook
  • Disk cache in Turbo mode being prematurely emptied after bringing up a context menu
  • Deactivated auto-reload in speed dials when the address changes
  • Removed the close button on tabs that are not selected
  • Display and scripting
  • Improved
  • Exposed the widget object to extension scripts
  • Fixed
  • script element being re-executed if child text changes
  • HTMLElement.toString() throwing an exception for all HTMLElement prototypes
  • Touch event attributes being misnamed in SVG
  • Dynamically added style sheet fails to apply if rel attribute is set after a href attribute
  • DocumentType not being prototypable
  • Empty script elements still have an empty text node child
  • Iframe with document.domain is not being allowed to open parent's document
  • Not being able to submit forms with input[type="search"] or with when pressing Enter
  • Deeply nested (5+ levels) iframe not loading in Analytix
  • Crash when clicking in a dropdown on a WAP page
  • Crash when downloading to a non-accessible target
  • Opera installer crash when upgrading a running copy of Opera
  • Crash prevention for spell checking
  • URI fragment identifier not being exposed in all URIs
  • Mail, news, chat
  • Improved
  • Updated the HushMail mailproviders entry
  • Added MobileMe mail providers
  • Now possible to open the mail panel as a tab when only using feeds
  • The appearance of the signature editor
  • HTML replying and forwarding format
  • Fixed
  • Crash occurring with the mail account dropdown
  • Mail bodies sometimes not loading in single message view
  • Settings being lost for POP views after a restart
  • Unread count in the Mail panel button not being updated
  • Crash occurring when changing an M2 account in mail compose
  • The default font for HTML mail composition
  • Simultaneouly fixed an issue with dir=rtl that was inserted in the wrong place in the HTML
  • Mail Toolbar instead of Feed Toolbar being shown when searching in a 'feeds only' installation
  • Right-click context menu in Mail panel section headers being misplaced when the section is expanded
  • Incorrect right-click context menu being in the Mail Toolbar search field
  • Crash occurring when trying to edit two links in mail compose at once
  • Crash occurring while creating folders when no item is selected in the feed section
  • Index sizes above 2 GB that have negative values in the mail panel window
  • Issues with the mail panel context menu when only using feeds
  • Account does not loading on startup if the signature is wrong
  • Showing feeds when showing a mail account (show messages from)
  • Security
  • Fixed
  • Removed support for "javascript:" URLs in CSS -o-link values, to make it easier for sites to filter untrusted CSS.
  • Fixed an issue where large form inputs could allow execution of arbitrary code, as reported by Jordi Chancel; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue which made it possible to carry out clickjacking attacks against internal opera: URLs; see our advisory.
  • Fixed issues which allowed web pages to gain limited access to files on the user's computer; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue where email passwords were not immediately deleted when deleting private data; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the wrong executable to be used to display a downloaded file in its folder, as reported by Makoto Shiotsuki; see our advisory.

Muutokset v10.63 - v11.00 Build 1156

  • New features in Opera 11
  • Extensions allow you to add new functionality to Opera easily.
  • Tab stacking helps you keep your tabs organized.
  • Pinned tabs now take up less space and are neatly grouped to the left of your tabs.
  • Visual mouse gestures help you learn how to control Opera with mouse movements.
  • An enhanced address field makes it easy to stay safe on the Web.
  • Mail panel upgrades give you greater control over your email in Opera.
  • Search predictions from Google harness the power of Opera's integrated search.
  • A new bookmarks bar gives you easy access to your bookmarks and replaces the personal bar.
  • Speed improvements bring Opera ahead of other browsers in many benchmarks.
  • HTML5 server-sent events and Web Sockets enhance Opera's support for new web standards.
  • Auto-update now makes sure you have the latest extensions and Opera Unite apps.
  • You can now set plug-ins to load only on demand to significantly speed up browsing.
  • Opera's installer is smaller and streamlined for a faster, easier installation.

Muutokset v10.62 - v10.63

  • User interface
  • Fixed
  • Crash when removing custom settings folders
  • Start Bar being blanked out after opening a background tab
  • Opera Unite Messenger application not loading
  • Crash when saving a file while the page redirects
  • Crash after leaving a page containing Flash with wmode="transparent"
  • Using Opera Link, bookmarks dragged out of the Opera Mini folder are recreated when sent as added in the Opera Mini folder again
  • Opera Link freezing on startup
  • Fallback to a second address being very slow
  • Reloading pages give multiple unclosable download dialogs
  • Display and scripting
  • Improved
  • Handling of Content-Disposition extended parameters
  • Fixed
  • Memory corruption when using SVG in an element
  • Several JavaScript-related issues, including one with Yahoo! Mail Classic
  • A mouse focus problem related to plug-ins
  • Incorrect compilation to native code leads to wrong arithmetic results
  • Crash when assigning data or src attribute on a focused and highlighted element with dirty layout
  • JavaScript alerts opening shortly after a page loads close instantly
  • Miscellaneous
  • Improved
  • Added search suggestions from Baidu
  • Fixed
  • 100% CPU usage occurring when starting Opera
  • Crash when opening a file with Content-Disposition: attachment directly in Opera
  • Security
  • Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that allowed cross-domain checks to be bypassed, allowing limited data theft using CSS, as reported by Isaac Dawson; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue where manipulating the window could be used to spoof the page address; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue with reloads and redirects that could allow spoofing and cross-site scripting; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed private video streams to be intercepted, as reported by Nirankush Panchbhai of Microsoft Vulnerability Research; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue that caused JavaScript to run in the wrong security context after manual interaction; see our advisory.

Muutokset v10.61 - v10.62

  • Our further-optimized JavaScript engine is over 50% faster than in Opera 10.50.
  • Search suggestions for selected providers help you find results more easily.
  • Enhanced support for advanced web standards such as HTML5 and WebM video is now included.
  • Opera can prompt you to share your location, making geolocation-supporting websites more useful.

Muutokset v10.60 - v10.61

  • User interface
  • Changed
  • "Fraud Protection" renamed to "Fraud and Malware Protection"
  • Fixed
  • Relative paths not working in the Filename setting for Speed Dial background
  • Premature shutdown when using vBulletin's WYSIWYG editor
  • Loading an animated png causes high CPU usage with no response from the browser
  • mailproviders SMTP entry not using a submission port
  • Changing the default cookie preference to "Accept all cookies"
  • Installing Opera 10.60 windows overwrites saved search preferences
  • Display and Scripting
  • Fixed
  • Google Calendar compatibility
  • Unite listening on UDP 1900 even if UPnP service discovery is off
  • Several cases where widgets will not run
  • Premature shutdown when loading
  • Setting the onload property of XMLHttpRequest blocks document memory from being garbage collected
  • Opera treating binary files as plain text (opening it in the browser instead of showing a download dialog)
  • Premature shutdown when loading the Canvas demo
  • Printing from print preview results in either a freeze or corrupted page
  • Widgets not having access to a network after restart
  • "Accept cookies" and "only from the site I visit" settings being incorrect in Preferences dialog
  • Premature shutdown occurring on startup of Opera under Windows 98
  • Disk cache not working correctly in turbo mode
  • Security
  • Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where heap buffer overflow in HTML5 canvas could be used to execute arbitrary code, as reported by Kuzzcc; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue where unexpected changes in tab focus could be used to run programs from the Internet, as reported by Jakob Balle and Sven Krewitt of Secunia; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue where news feed preview could subscribe to feeds without interaction, as reported by Alexios Fakos; see our advisory.

Muutokset v10.53 - v10.60 Beta 1

  • New in Opera 10.60 beta
  • Even faster browsing
  • The JavaScript engine introduced in Opera 10.50 is being fine tuned, giving more than a 75% speed improvement in some benchmark tests.
  • Windows, Mac and Linux in sync
  • Versions for Windows, Mac and Linux will be made available at the same time.
  • Wide-screen Speed Dial
  • Now, Speed Dial fits most monitors better with wide-screen thumbnails for your favorite webpages, giving a clearer preview view of websites.
  • Improved tab previews
  • The visual "peek" effect when hovering over tabs looks more refined with smoothly rounded corners and a clear display of page titles.
  • A more visible menu button
  • The Opera menu button for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD users is now clearly labeled so that it is easier to find and use.
  • Linux/FreeBSD versions
  • Opera 10.5x final has been skipped, but all its new features will be included in Opera 10.60. This includes private browsing, improved KDE and Gnome skinning, and much more.
  • Smarter searching
  • New search suggestions for selected providers help you enter queries more easily to find more of the results you seek.
  • Location awareness
  • Opera can now prompt you to share your location, allowing websites to provide more relevant and useful information. Read more on our privacy page.
  • Attractive feature icons
  • Tab previews and visual tabs now show specific icons for Opera features such as bookmarks, the download manager and history.
  • Exciting new features for developers
  • Geolocation
  • You can add location awareness to your web applications to expand the possibilities of what you can offer.
  • Appcache
  • Web applications can be designed to continue working without Internet access.
  • WebM
  • Opera now supports WebM in HTML5 video: a high quality, free and open video format.

Muutokset v10.53 - v10.54

  • Fixed an issue where Data URIs could be used to allow cross-site scripting; see our advisory (
  • Prevented Opera from being used as a vector for a font issue in the underlying operating system, as reported by Microsoft's security team; see our advisory (
  • Fixed an extremely severe issue; details will be disclosed at a later date.
  • Fixed a moderately severe issue; details will be disclosed at a later date.
  • Fixed a less severe issue; details will be disclosed at a later date.

Muutokset v10.52 - v10.53

  • Enjoy unprecedented speed with our new Carakan JavaScript engine, Vega graphics library, and Opera Presto 2.5 browser engine.
  • Opera includes industry leading support for Web standards such as HTML 5, SVG and JavaScript.
  • Enhanced platform integration on Windows and Mac means that Opera looks and works better than ever on your operating system.
  • A beautiful, new design looks great on Windows, maximizing your view of the Web and fully utilizing Aero transparency on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
  • Our improved dialogs will not get in your way or interrupt you. You can now switch between different pages without having to clear prompts first.
  • Searching is easier than ever, with Web search integrated right in the address field. You can also find pages from your history and bookmarks, as you type.
  • Displaying pages in the size you want is smoother than ever, with a new zoom slider in the status bar.
  • Rest assured that browsing stays personal with private browsing. Once you close a private tab or window, the data from that session is removed from the browser without a trace.

Muutokset v10.51 - v10.52

  • User Interface
  • Added
  • A tooltip to the Opera O menu
  • Fixed
  • After removing an option from a SELECT, the wrong option appears selected
  • Windowless QuickTime not working
  • Context menu search opening in a new tab, and not reusing current tab
  • Copy Link Address context menu item following redirects
  • Problem with MDI window size after maximizing an Opera window
  • Not being able to drag a bookmark into a tab with a page already loaded
  • Scrollbars not showing on transformed elements
  • Old tab content showing briefly when opening link in a new tab
  • Middleclick scrolling also scrolls fixed positioned content
  • Opening and closing an Opera Panel changes the position of a child window
  • Slow scrolling when using page search (when page is dimmed)
  • UI dropdowns should be closing when their parent button is clicked a second time
  • Crash dialog not defaulting to a restart of Opera
  • Warning dialog for configuration file download not disappearing
  • Problem occurring after customizing the Transfers Panel
  • "Copy Video Address" not working
  • "Exit" button in sync dialog not working
  • Flash videos flickering, disappearing, or being corrupted after scrolling
  • First Opera Link synchronization not properly syncing modified bookmarks
  • Not being able to copy an audio address in a context menu
  • "Rewind" and "Fast Forward" always being disabled/grayed out in a right-click context menu
  • "New Tab" from Dock or Jumplist creating a new window with two tabs
  • Printing dialog on blocks keyboard input
  • Check boxes not having a focus indication
  • Client being put in an endless synchronization loop
  • Problem closing a tab with customized search field or appearance dialog open
  • Problem occurring with the Westpac bank Web site
  • Gray out/disable "remove from toolbar" for the Opera O menu button
  • Edited Notes not being updated when using Opera Link
  • Filename missing from the image context menu
  • Freeze when importing a large bookmark file
  • Problem occurring after synchronization
  • "Reload Image" being ignored after an unfinished image load
  • Mouse gesture "Back | Close page" not working for the "Close page" action
  • Several problems related to accessibility
  • Problem causing immediate exit on a page with Silverlight
  • Clearing of clipboard data from private browsing on tab/window close
  • Open window in the background opens a link in a foreground window
  • A problem when typing any character in the Open dialog and pressing the Enter key
  • Mail, News, Chat
  • Fixed
  • Mail lost when upgrading from Opera 9.27 to Opera 10.52
  • Display and scripting
  • Improved
  • Various aspects of the Carakan JavaScript engine
  • Fixed
  • Several cache issues
  • An issue with the image onerror event
  • Enabling designmode removes event listeners
  • XMLHttpRequest response referrer being wrong when request initiated in call from another frame
  • Incorrect precision on negative numbers, setTimeout, and setInterval
  • Wrong accelerator key being used for CJK fonts
  • Incorrect font being used for UTF-8 pages without a language specified
  • Painting issues affecting page scrolling when part of the page is covered
  • Opera Dragonfly not selecting an active tab when opened
  • Problem when enumerating an object
  • Flash video continuing to download after the tab is closed
  • Arguments for "execute program" not being sent to the external program
  • Problem when changing the skin and color scheme
  • Links from external applications not opening in Opera
  • Problem when opening international fonts dialog
  • Painting issues scrolling page when part of the page is covered by dialog
  • Problem with SVG DOM
  • Problem with the Facebook website
  • Security
  • Improved
  • Security information dialog entries
  • Network
  • Fixed
  • Waiting for DNS confirmation of cookie domain(s)
  • Network problem when using a proxy
  • Supporting any HTTP verb in XHR, with exceptions
  • Multiple connection attempts failing over a proxy
  • Incorrect location setting of an HTTPS iframe from different server
  • Opera Unite
  • Fixed
  • Problem when accessing the admin pages
  • "Enable Unite" preference not working
  • Opera Widgets for Desktop
  • Improved
  • Removed security policy restrictions on widget.openURL and external links
  • Fixed
  • Opera Unite Media Player application being maximized when hovering over the taskbar
  • Issue when clicking the right mouse button in the "Connect to Remote Debugger" dialog
  • Creating folders is not questioned if an installation path is simply typed
  • Widgets with sufficiently long non-ASCII names not always appearing as being installed
  • Widget in application mode position being stored incorrectly after a restart
  • Spellcheck not fixing words in widgets
  • Instance number not displaying on initial installer screen if installing another instance of the same widget
  • Widget with : and / in its name not being installed
  • Widget freezing when connecting to debugger

Muutokset v10.50 Beta 1 - v10.50 Beta 2

  • Changes and improvements since Opera 10.50 beta 1 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop)
  • User interface
  • Added
  • Vista, Windows 7 style title bar integration on WinXP, when tabs are on top
  • Applies only when the WinXP default desktop/start menu is employed, and not to the Classic desktop/start menu
  • Opera "O" menu: changed "Page Tools" menu item to "Page"
  • opera:webstorage and opera:webdatabases to the Address bar history dropdown list
  • Opera Widgets
  • Widget Manger panel in the Opera user interface
  • Support for window style (floating/below etc)
  • Support for an error console
  • Improved
  • Stabilized, polished, and increased protection against spoofing of overlay dialogs
  • Opera Unite:
  • Numerous tweaks and improvements to bundled Opera Unite applications
  • Opera Widgets
  • Widget generic icon
  • Widget installation process
  • Widget documentation
  • Widget localization:
  • Various widget translation strings
  • Localization:
  • Strings for private browsing
  • Strings for download-acceleration software compatibility
  • Fixed
  • Image context menu items being greyed out
  • Title bar flickering when resizing on WinXP
  • Several issues regarding bookmark manipulation
  • An issue that occurred while Opera Turbo is running
  • An issue when duplicating tabs using mouse gestures
  • Current images mode not being inherited when opening links in a new tab
  • New tab gesture opening a blank page without focus in the address bar instead of in Speed Dial
  • Pasted bookmarks being stored in the wrong location
  • Page zoom menu not being keyboard accessible
  • Web fonts with a specified format not working
  • Full name of dictionaries not being shown
  • An issue when deleting many bookmarks freezes Opera
  • Import/Export only supporting the old .adr bookmark format and not the new .ini format
  • Trash name not being displayed if the name is absent in the bookmarks file
  • After importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer, the dialog cannot be opened again
  • Opera creating both a bookmarks.adr and a bookmarks.ini file on first start
  • The order of personal bar items not being remembered between sessions
  • Opening a new window opens a ghost window
  • Auto-hiding of the Windows taskbar is obscured by the Opera window
  • Bottom arrow in a vertical / horizontal scrollbar points up when hovering the scrollbar
  • Creating a "New (Private) Tab" from the task bar or systray does not maximize the Opera window
  • A random font being set when changing fonts in Preferences and then restarting Opera
  • An issue with "Open file" from the completed download notifications open sessions dialog
  • Replaced "Developer Tools" with "Opera Dragonfly" in the Tools > Advanced traditional Opera menu bar
  • Longdesc link going to the wrong URI
  • Longdesc image description showing up in the image context menu
  • Context menu not working in the Speed Dial search box
  • Firewall alert when starting Opera on Windows 7
  • Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut missing from the File menu
  • Opera Unite:
  • Context menu missing for images and links in widgets
  • An issue with translations
  • Right-click menu missing from the path field in the Opera Unite properties dialog
  • Opera Widgets:
  • An issue with the widget Edit field context menu after Spellcheck has been enabled
  • An issue with password manager
  • An issue while downloading from an untrusted repository
  • Scrollbars appearing when the Yandex Traffic widget is docked
  • Zooming widgets displays scrollbars
  • Scrollbars not appearing for widgets in application mode
  • Downloading a widget fails if it is already in the transfers list
  • Display and scripting
  • Added
  • Numerous upgrades to the Carakan JavaScript engine
  • New backend for webstorage with improved performance
  • Improved
  • Tab hover thumbnails
  • Tab cycler by adding transparency
  • Fixed
  • Property caching in combination with special properties
  • An issue with Google Buzz
  • Instruction via the command line not being evaluated in local scope with Opera Dragonfly
  • Optimization of the putImageData operation
  • Plug-in size and position not being updated when a plug-in is in synchronous state (Youtube)
  • SVG background-images being misplaced and clipped
  • An issue with third-party native skin icons
  • Not being able to escape
  • An issue when using fullscreen mode
  • Mail, news, chat
  • Improved
  • Localization:
  • String for "Reply to list"
  • String for "Reply to sender"
  • Strings for "Mail progress"
  • Fixed
  • RSS/newsfeed preview being stuck at the "loading" stage
  • Ghost feed items appearing after restart
  • Smileys not showing their images in mail and chat
  • An issue when trying to send a file in Opera chat/IRC
  • No mail messages being selected on startup
  • "Mark messages as read" option in filters being broken
  • Slow loading of mail
  • Loading mail without showing a progress indicator
  • Mails being lost on IMAP when deleting a draft reply
  • Sent mail appearing in the received index
  • Cut and paste not working in the mail compose context menu
  • Not being able to attach files by dragging and dropping them to the compose window
  • The "Reply to list" button not showing for mailing list mails
  • Context menu for the compose window
  • Problem while holding the backspace key when typing a message in M2
  • Network
  • Fixed
  • Opera Unite:
  • Cross network request being issued when accessing an Opera Unite application
  • Miscellaneous
  • Improved
  • Cache support and stability

Muutokset v10.10 Beta 1 - v10.10

  • Opera 10.10 with Opera Unite is a recommended upgrade offering new and improved features, plus security and stability enhancements.
  • New feature
  • Opera Unite.
  • Opera Unite gives you the power to connect with others directly and to collaborate and share information from your computer without storing any data on external servers. It enables you to unleash the true power and reality of the "one Web for all" experience. When you choose to share something on your computer using Opera Unite technology, it is available for family, friends, or the entire world — you decide what to share and how to share it with users that you trust. To communicate with you or access your shared data, others can use any modern Web browser they like.
  • Opera Unite initially includes the following Opera Unite applications, which are small Web-service programs running inside the Opera 10.10 browser.
  • Opera Unite Home
  • Your personal Opera Unite Web page shows the Opera Unite applications you wish to share with family, friends, or the world.
  • File Sharing
  • The File Sharing application enables a simple and safe way to share files directly from your computer.
  • Fridge
  • The Fridge application enables people to leave notes on your computer.
  • Media Player
  • The Media Player application enables access to your complete home music library from wherever you are.
  • Messenger
  • A personal and private chat connection between you and another Opera Unite user who is listed as your friend on
  • Photo Sharing
  • The Photo Sharing application enables you to share your personal photos with friends around the world without the need to upload them.
  • Web Server
  • The Web Server application enables you to host your Web sites from your own computer.

Muutokset v9.51 - v9.52

  • Opera 9.52 is a recommended security and stability upgrade.

Muutokset v9.52 Build 10103 Beta - v9.52 Build 10108 RC2

  • Fix the upload regression

Muutokset v9.50 - v9.51 Build 10071 Beta

  • Fixed crash on Yahoo! Mail.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking the feeds button.
  • Fixed a crash when installing Shockwave Player 11.
  • Fixed some issues with the search engines when upgrading from 9.2x: it is now possible again to edit the Google search.
  • Fixed a leak when printing or in print preview.
  • Fixed a GDI handle leak in the transfers window on Windows.
  • Fixed thread expanding in Mail when receiving new messages
  • Fixed some issues with subscription to IMAP folders.
  • Fixed a too zealous reconnection of the IRC client.
  • Fixed "reuse current tab" feature in speed dial on Mac.
  • Finetuned some issues in the new skin.

Muutokset v9.20 - v9.50 Build 9624 Beta

  • Find in page now continues search from the location of the last mouse click
  • Fixed a freeze when syncronizing Opera
  • Fixed certificate installation
  • Fixed crash when reindexing mail
  • Removing mail from filters now works again
  • Removed support for namespace
  • Confirm exit while logged in to link now works
  • Fixed an issue with link synchronizing
  • Fixed nickname handling in addressbar
  • Setting cache to off really means nothing is written to disk. (PS: View source doesn't work without disk cache... )

Muutokset v9.20 (Official beta) - v9.20

  • Opera 9.20 introduces Speed Dial and Developer Tools
  • The search engine in Speed Dial can be chosen in Search preferences
  • This release dynamically merges a default set of searches with your custom searches

Muutokset v9.12 Build 8701 Beta - v9.20 Build 8713 Beta

  • Unneeded scrollbar now gone on
  • Some fraud protection improvements
  • Made proxy authentication work better
  • Added Developer console
  • Usage report only asks 1 in 1000
  • Fixes to entering hostname: port in addressbar
  • Javascript scroll events now fired on mouseweel
  • Server Expiry header is now respected even if the time exceeds user preference

Muutokset v9.10 Build 8679 Beta - v9.10

Muutokset 9.10 Build 8678 Beta - v9.10 Build 8679 Beta

Muutokset v9.10 Build 8670 Beta - v9.10 Build 8678 Beta

Muutokset v9.10 Build 8653 RC1 - v9.10 Build 8660 RC1

  • Windows media plugin now works even if java is disabled
  • Fixed hanging when hovering some pages, for example
  • Fixed issue with floating point numbers treated as integers on some linux systems (caused some CSS and scripts to fail)
  • Several Fraud protection fixes
  • Several Memory leak and crash fixes
  • Wand data is stored in a new format
  • Notes: 1. We made a change to the format Wand data is stored in: this means that if you upgrade to this build, you should not downgrade to a build with the previous format, as you would lose your Wand data. If you choose to upgrade an existing Opera insta
  • 2. You may have read about a phishing attack on MySpace that took advantage of
  • Automatic form filling in other browsers. Although Opera was not directly
  • Affected, these new changes make it even harder for users to be tricked by this attack

Muutokset v9.10 Build 8649 RC1 - v9.10 Build 8653 RC1

  • Several improvements to Fraud Protection
  • New Fraud Protection icons
  • Fixed bug where videos on Google Video would not play or buffer
  • Fixed a crasher related to master password

Muutokset v9.10 Build 8643 RC1 - v9.10 Build 8649 RC1

  • Fraud protection is not enabled by default anymore. We basically had to turn it on by default in the first weeklies to make sure we got as much feedback as possible in the limited time we had. However, it's a new feature and we think users may need some t
  • Fixed bug where "Go to URL" feature deselects last one or two characters of a URL
  • Fixed bug where newsfeed count did not updated in Mail panel status bar
  • Fixed bug where didn't always finish loadingFixed bug where accesskeys didn't work right on frame pages
  • Fixed bug where Gzipped pages was not decoded when loaded from cache
  • Added preference to disable trust button in address bar opera:config#SecurityPrefs|EnableTrustButton
  • Fixed Finnish translation

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