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Muutokset v426.0 - v428.0

Muutokset v421.0 - v426.0

Muutokset v418.0 - v421.0

Muutokset v416.0 - v418.0

Muutokset v415.0 - v416.0

Muutokset v414.0 - v415.0

Muutokset v406.0 - v414.0

Muutokset v405.0 - v406.0

Muutokset v395.0 - v405.0

Muutokset v391.0 - v395.0

Muutokset v382.0 - v391.0

Muutokset v379.0 - v382.0

Muutokset v370.0 - v379.0

Muutokset v366.0 - v370.0

Muutokset v364.0 - v366.0

Muutokset v361.0 - v364.0

Muutokset v344.0 - v361.0

Muutokset v337.0 - v344.0

Muutokset v331.0 - v337.0

Muutokset v313.0 - v331.0

Muutokset v311.0 - v313.0

Muutokset v294.0 - v311.0

Muutokset v280.0 - v294.0

Muutokset v273.0 - v280.0

Muutokset v254.0 - v264.0

Muutokset v240.0 - v254.0

Muutokset v231.0 - v240.0

Muutokset v212.0 - v231.0

Muutokset v208.0 - v212.0

Muutokset v202.0 - v208.0

Muutokset v198.0 - v202.0

Muutokset v173.0 - v198.0

Muutokset v170.0 - v173.0

Muutokset v165.0 - v170.0

Muutokset v163.0 - v165.0

Muutokset v157.0 - v163.0

Muutokset v150.0 - v157.0

Muutokset v136.0 - v150.0

Muutokset v130.0 - v136.0

Muutokset v121.0 - v130.0

Muutokset v118.0 - v121.0

Muutokset v116.0 - v118.0

  • * Remove unnecessary logic optimization when record
  • * Display the FPS values up to 9999

Muutokset v113.0 - v116.0

  • * Updated internal libraries
  • * DirectX 9.0 FPS drawing routines change
  • * Recording a particular game on Windows 64-bit error correction
  • * Modified to encode an audio recording in synchronization
  • * Fixed an issue where the mouse is flashing(DWM is enabled)

Muutokset v107.0 - v113.0

  • * Windows 10 insider preview support
  • * Add an option to save the file names in a variety of formats
  • * Improved compatibility GTA5 game record
  • * Origins game recording compatibility improvements
  • * When not recording, so that changes can not pause shortcut works

Muutokset v105.0 - v107.0

  • * Improved compatibility Games record of x-trap Related Games
  • * Game Recording GOM Player compatibility improvements
  • * Additional comments on ocam module in Windows 8 Task Manager or higher

Muutokset v101.0 - v105.0

  • * Add Game Record Pause function
  • * Add game when recording mouse highlighting
  • * Add the ability to capture screen while recording
  • * Updated language files

Muutokset v98.0 - v101.0

  • * Improved compatibility for steam 32-bit games
  • * Windows 7 32-bit opengl game modification that there is no recording
  • * Improvement of the game screen capture function
  • * Change to open the ocam use tips site when you exit the program

Muutokset v67.0 - v91.0

  • * Add the recording of OpenGL games
  • * Improved recording speed of DirectX 11 games
  • * Add the recording of DirectX 10 games
  • * Add capture feature of the game screen
  • * Added as time limit function of the game recording to work
  • * Support the game during recording watermark
  • * Speed improvement of watermark image drawing routine of algorithm
  • * When game recording, if the resolution of the game is not changed, so as to continue recording
  • * Modified as accurately output FPS
  • * Fixed a problem that FPS is not output at random in StarCraft 2
  • * x264vfw 64-bit game during recording of the log window float not as modified
  • * After the completion of the game, sometimes game of run time frame display is not part of the modification
  • * In order to fix the audio sync deviation of Windows XP, it increases the capture buffer size
  • * WASAPI a large capture buffer size
  • * Add game record button on the toolbar
  • * Added the language of German
  • * Added the language of Italian
  • * WASAPI modified to detail output the audio recording related error messages
  • * The deletion of the beta message when you press the record button game

Muutokset v57.0 - v67.0

  • * Add the recording of DirectX 11 games
  • * Add 64-bit game recording support
  • * Update language files
  • * Modification of the script error of built-in browser

Muutokset v45.0 - v57.0

  • * Add a 32-bit game recording feature of DirectX 9 (support of built-in codec and VFW codec)
  • * Added to allow setting the number of threads in the time of encoding
  • * Improvement maximum FPS value so that it can be up to 128
  • * Modification of the point where the drop-down menu and shortcuts of record button has been used at the same time
  • * In part of the operating system, modification of that come out are hidden bottom toolbar
  • * Modification of the part where the error(A call to an OS function failed) of Windows XP occurs randomly
  • * When recording of Windows XP, rack badly this point correction
  • * Change as option is ignored to use the multi-core at the time of the desktop screen recording of Windows XP

Muutokset v42.0 - v45.0

  • * Update of the recording engine
  • * Change points that are not recording when not selected recording device
  • * Chinese and Hungarian languages Updated
  • * All recording library was transferred to a x86 subfolder
  • * Remove unnecessary files from the installer
  • * Improvement of speed at the time of recording with built-in codec

Muutokset v39.0 - v42.0

  • * The information of the translator of the language file to be displayed in the Options dialog box
  • * In the case of the watermark image recording area is an odd size, modification of points that come out not good 1 pixel
  • * Added the language of Japanese
  • * Polish, Russian, Spanish language has been updated
  • * hange oCam of basic video container to mp4
  • * The size information of the file that recorded at the time of recording accurately so as to display
  • * Modification of a memory leak occurs when recording
  • * Optimization of internal engine
  • * Library security update

Muutokset v32.0 - v39.0

  • * Adding a watermark insertion function
  • * Can move the recording area during recording
  • * Support Windows 10 Technical Preview
  • * Fixed part there is no work correctly with some PC
  • * The change in the CBR to VBR encoding scheme
  • * Change how to set the options for encoding quality
  • * The exchange and WASAPI all without the use of DirectSound if and only if it is more than Windows Vista
  • * Changed to use the DirectSound only for windows XP
  • * Remove DirectSound options relating
  • * Add synthetic function at the same time the sound of the microphone and sound system
  • * Updates of the Chinese language
  • * Fixed point toolbar cracking layout when applied to the language of Russia
  • * If DPI is not the default, modification of the things that come out recording information is truncated at the time of recording
  • * Remove part of the main window during capture or hidden, delay occurs

Muutokset v31.0 - v32.0

  • * Added language of Russian
  • * Updated some language files.
  • * Fix a point a reaction delay is too long and slow response time to capture.
  • * When you set a limit of recording time, allows you to specify the following options.
  • ( Do nothing, Start new recording, Exit program, Shutdown your computer )
  • * After you change some settings during the installation of the program for the first time, fixed a bug that configuration information is stored temporarily when you press the [Cancel]

Muutokset v29.0 - v31.0

  • * Additional functions that can be used to record only sound system in the record button.
  • * Updated language of Chinese
  • * Fixed a bug that is minimized during capture
  • * Further widening the browser area

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