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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle NirSoft WakeMeOnLan

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Muutokset v1.70 - v1.71

  • Updated the internal MAC addresses database.

Muutokset v1.68 - v1.70

  • Added 'Send The Wake-on-LAN To...' option (Under the Options menu): Broadcast Address (The default), Broadcast Address According to IP Address, or IP Address of the device.
  • Fixed issue: On some systems, WakeMeOnLan added items with 00-00-00-00-00-00 as MAC address.

Muutokset v1.67 - v1.68

  • Added 'Copy As Hosts File' option. (Ctrl+H)

Muutokset v1.66 - v1.67

  • Added 'Scan Listed IPs On Start' option.

Muutokset v1.65 - v1.66

  • Fixed bug: WakeMeOnLan failed to sort the computers list properly on start.
  • Added 'Index' column, which represents the order that the computers were added.

Muutokset v1.62 - v1.65

  • You can now specify host name as the broadcast address.

Muutokset v1.61 - v1.62

  • You can now specify host name as the broadcast address.

Muutokset v1.60 - v1.61

  • Added new option to 'Change Wake Up Settings of Selected Items' window: 'Send multiple Wake-on-LAN packets'.

Muutokset v1.55 - v1.60

  • Added 'Change Wake Up Settings of Selected Items' option, which allows you to assign for every item the port number and the broadcast address that will be used instead of the default port number/broadcast address. You can select multiple items and then change the port number and broadcast address for all selected items at once.

Muutokset v1.53 - v1.55

  • Added /cfg command-line option, which instructs WakeMeOnLan to use a config file in another location instead if the default config file, for example:
  • WakeMeOnLan.exe /cfg "%AppData%\WakeMeOnLan.cfg"

Muutokset v1.52 - v1.53

  • Updated the internal MAC addresses database.

Muutokset v1.51 - v1.52

  • Added 'Auto Size Columns+Headers' option.
  • Added option to choose the font displayed on the main window of WakeMeOnLan.

Muutokset v1.50 - v1.51

  • When you choose to scan specific IP addresses range, WakeMeOnLan now automatically skips the broadcast addresses, according to the IP addresses/Subnet masks settings of every network adapter.
  • The default button of the delete question-box is 'No', in order to avoid from deleting by mistake.

Muutokset v1.48 - v1.50

  • Added 'Use Broadcast Address According to IP Address' option. When it's turn on, the broadcast address is calculated according to the IP address. For Example, if the IP address is, then will be used as broadcast address.
  • Fixed bug: WakeMeOnLan failed to load the external MAC addresses file (oui.txt) when every line has 2 leading space characters. (Sometimes this file is provided with leading space characters, I don't really know why...)

Muutokset v1.47 - v1.48

  • Updated the internal MAC addresses database.

Muutokset v1.46 - v1.47

  • Fixed issue: The properties dialog-box and other windows opened in the wrong monitor, on multi-monitors system.
  • Added 'Mark Odd/Even Rows' option, under the View menu. When it's turned on, the odd and even rows are displayed in different color, to make it easier to read a single line.

Muutokset v1.45 - v1.46

  • Fixed /wakeup command-line option to accept MAC Address in xxxxxxxxxxxx format, when the computer is not in the list.

Muutokset v1.41 - v1.45

  • Added new command-line options: /UseIPAddressesRange , /IPAddressFrom , /IPAddressTo , and more...

Muutokset v1.40 - v1.41

  • Added /wakeupiprange command-line option, which allows you to wake up computers in the specified IP addresses range.

Muutokset v1.37 - v1.40

  • Fixed bug: For some computers the workgroup name displayed instead of the computer name, if the NetBIOS scan was turned on.
  • Added Workgroup column (This column is filled only if the NetBIOS scan is turned on)

Muutokset v1.36 - v1.37

  • Fixed bug: WakeMeOnLan crashed on some systems when starting the scanning and the 'Clear ARP Cache On Every Scan' option is turned on.

Muutokset v1.35 - v1.36

  • Added 'Clear ARP Cache On Every Scan' option. This option is useful for Windows 2000/XP, because if the ARP cache is not cleared, a device might be displayed as connected even when it's not connected, because the ARP information is taken from the cache of Windows operating system. On Windows Vista/7, this option is irrelevant, because the ARP scanning is not affected by the cache.

Muutokset v1.28 - v1.35

  • Added 'Add New Computer' option (Ctrl+N), which allows you to manually add new computer to the list.
  • Added 'Edit Selected Computer' option (Ctrl+E), which allows you to edit the selected computer entry.

Muutokset v1.27 - v1.28

  • Added 'Ask Before Wake Up' option. By default, this option is turned on. If you turn it off, the 'Wake Up Selected Computers' option will work immediately, without asking any question.

Muutokset v1.26 - v1.27

  • Added 'Start As Hidden' option. When this option and 'Put Icon On Tray' option are turned on, the main window of WakeMeOnLan will be invisible on start.

Muutokset v1.25 - v1.26

  • the /wakeup command-line option now accepts MAC addresses in xxxxxxxxxxxx format.

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