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Muutokset v1.75 - v1.76

Muutokset v1.65 - v1.75

Muutokset v1.62 - v1.65

  • Fixed bug: ChromeCacheView failed to retrieve some of the long URLs.

Muutokset v1.60 - v1.61

  • The 'Cache Name' column now displays information about cache files stored inside data files (data_1, data_2, data_3 ...). It displays the filename and the position the the file stream is stored.

Muutokset v1.56 - v1.60

  • Fixed to find the correct item when typing the string you want to search into the main List View.
  • Added secondary sorting support: You can now get a secondary sorting, by holding down the shift key while clicking the column header. Be aware that you only have to hold down the shift key when clicking the second/third/fourth column. To sort the first column you should not hold down the Shift key.

Muutokset v1.55 - v1.56

  • Fixed bug: ChromeCacheView failed to copy the cache files if 'Save the files in the directory structure of the Web site' option was turned on and the Web site used non-standard TCP port (Instead of port 80).
  • Fixed to display date/time values according to daylight saving time settings.

Muutokset v1.50 - v1.55

Muutokset v1.46 - v1.50

  • Added 'Load only files larger than...' and 'Load only files smaller than...' options. (In 'Select Cache Folder' window)

Muutokset v1.45 - v1.46

  • Fixed bug: ChromeCacheView failed to decompress some of the files compressed with gzip.
  • Fixed issue: ChromeCacheView left multiple files under the temp folder when extracting files compressed with gzip.

Muutokset v1.40 - v1.45

  • ChromeCacheView now loads the cache items much faster and with less memory usage, especially if you have a large amount of items in the cache.

Muutokset v1.35 - v1.40

  • Added 'Stop' menu item, which allows you to stop the loading process of the cache files list.

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