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Muutokset v8.0 Beta 3 - v8.0 Beta 4

Muutokset v8.0 Beta 2 - v8.0 Beta 3

Muutokset v8.0 Beta 1 - v8.0 Beta 2

Muutokset v7.0 - v8.0 Beta 1

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 14 - v7.0 Beta 15

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 14 - v7.0 Beta 15

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 13 - v7.0 Beta 14

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 12 - v7.0 Beta 13

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 11 - v7.0 Beta 12

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 10 - v7.0 Beta 11

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 9 - v7.0 Beta 10

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 8 - v7.0 Beta 9

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 7 - v7.0 Beta 8

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 6 - v7.0 Beta 7

  • #: This version of NewsLeecher uses an improved file cache format,
  • so it is recommended to backup NewsLeecher settings / data
  • before installing, in case a downgrade to an earlier release of
  • NewsLeecher is wanted later on.
  • NewsLeecher will automatically upgrade existing cache files
  • to the new format when loading groups, download queue, etc.
  • +: Full Unicode support. Articles containing UTF-8 encoded
  • subjects / poster names are now correctly displayed in
  • NewsLeecher. This mostly affect articles originating from
  • Asian countries. ( If parts of NewsLeecher are still found
  • to be non-compliant with Unicode, please let us know )
  • +: Selected files in the download queue, can now be moved up /
  • down of the queue, using the keyboard shortcuts Alt+Up and
  • Alt+Down.
  • +: Selected files in the download queue, can now be moved to top /
  • bottom of the queue, using the keyboard shortcuts Alt+Shift+Up
  • and Alt+Shift+Down.
  • +: The 'expanded' states for sets in the Repair & Extract listview
  • are now saved between sessions.
  • *: An increasing number of article subjects exceed the previously
  • set maximum length in NewsLeecher of 250 bytes. Mostly due to
  • Unicode encoding. The maximum length has been bumped and is now
  • much higher.
  • *: The download queue ( together with other NewsLeecher settings )
  • is now automatically backed up once every 15 minutes.
  • *: Many smaller improvements ( listview hints are not cut-off
  • anymore, speed optimized drawing routines, up-to-date SSL
  • libraries, etc. )
  • *: Further improved the performance of the NewsLeecher download
  • queue loading and saving code.
  • !: Fixed bug that sometimes triggered an exception when adding
  • lots of PAR2 files to the Repair & Extract listview as the
  • same time.
  • !: Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would trigger a bug when updating
  • groups, if two unassociated articles shared the same CRC value.
  • !: Many smaller bugfixes ( "Explorer" listview font bug fixed,
  • etc. )

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 5 - v7.0 Beta 6

  • This release makes format changes to the NewsLeecher data files, so it is recommended to backup your NewsLeecher settings and data files before installing, in case you want to downgrade later on.
  • Note that this release does not check / fix renamed PAR2 set files as default. To enable the feature, see the "new feature" description just below.
  • Implemented toggle to turn on / off the Repair & Extract feature that checks PAR2 sets for renamed files. It can be toggled from : Settings -> Repair & Extract -> Fix Renamed PAR2 Files NOTE: PAR2 "rename checking / fixing" is NOT enabled as default, because it is a feature that is used only by a minority of the NewsLeecher user base and thus cause unnecessary extra load on the CPU while processing.
  • The NZB import destination folder tag "" can now also be applied to RAR extract folders, instead of only to download folders. The tag can be applied for NZB imports from : Settings -> NZB Files -> NZB Download ... -> NZB Import ...
  • Implemented function to force cleanup of Usenet group cache files, if wanted. Cleanup will remove expired data from the files. The function can be accessed by right clicking a subscribed group and select "Cleaning -> Cleanup Group Files" from the popup.
  • Added true / false switch to turn on / off usage of a user specified custom font in the listviews. The switch can be accessed from : Settings -> Adv. Tweaks -> Listview Font Overwrite
  • Implemented a function to completely reset the cached articles in all subscribed groups, in case they contain data corruption. The function can be accessed from : Toolbox -> Advanced -> Reset Usenet Group Caches
  • Much improved group cache compatibility checking. From this version and on, NewsLeecher is able to detect and prevent loading of incompatible cache files, causing corruption and bugs. Cached files originating from earlier versions of NewsLeecher can may still contain corrupt data though, so if you experiece article corruption bugs while browsing Usenet groups, try wiping the group cache and reload group articles, using this ( or a newer when available ) release of NewsLeecher.
  • Improved queue handling code to decrease the time it takes for NewsLeecher to detect whether or not a currently downloading RAR archive set is legit or should be marked as SPAM.
  • Further improved the Usenet group cache cleanup function so it doesn't use any extra memory at all during cleanup. This is important when cleaning groups containing 250+ million article parts or "out of memory" exceptions might have occurred.
  • The top entry and the selected entry in a SuperSearch result set is now remembered when another result set is activated, and re-set again when the result set is re-activated.
  • Fixed bug introduced in one of the recent betas, where the posisiton of the NewsLeecher window was sometimes reset after relaunch on multi-monitor systems.
  • Listview selection rectangle colors changed to differ from drag'n'drop selection colors.
  • Smaller improvements here and there. ( The speed graph on the tray icon looks a bit better now, improvements to installer, etc. )
  • Fixed bug introduced in the previous beta release, where the cache in specific Usenet groups would sometimes corrupt when updating headers, while one or more subject/poster ignore filters were in use.
  • Fixed bug where the "Please Wait" dialog would sometimes hang after checking PAR2 sets for renamed files.
  • Fixed "Please Wait" dialog, so it doesn't popup up in front of windows not associated with NewsLeecher.
  • Fixed bug where the destination folder "" tag was forgotten for queued articles after restarting NewsLeecher.
  • Fixed bug "14t11o05n" that was triggered when browsing groups containing articles with empty subject lines :
  • Fixed bug triggered by Repair & Extract handling zero-filled PAR2 files.

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 4 - v7.0 Beta 5

  • #: This update contains major improvements to the group and queue
  • cache system. To make these improvements possible, the cache
  • file format had to be changed a bit. The upgrade to the new
  • improved format is done automatically by NewsLeecher, but in
  • case you want to downgrade to an earlier version of NewsLeecher
  • later on, is it recommended that you make a backup of your
  • NewsLeecher settings before installing.
  • +: Added a toggle to let Repair'n'Extract postpone RAR archive
  • extraction while articles are queued for being downloaded.
  • Settings -> Repair / Extract -> Postpone RAR Extracting ...
  • *: The download queue now consumes *much less* memory than before.
  • This is especially noticable when the download queue contains
  • lots of articles. We made a test with a large download queue, and
  • saw memory usage go from 750MB to 55BM in this version.
  • *: Groups and queue cache cleanup code is now ~1000% faster than
  • before. This is especially noticable when the download queue
  • contains lots of articles.
  • *: The settings dialog is now resizable.
  • *: The "Destination Folder" setup dialog is now resizable.
  • *: Many smaller improvements ( Removed small interface freeze
  • when scrolling through the settings dialog. Avg. RAR extract
  • speed is now shown in log. The initial form size is now
  • made larger than it was previsouly. Etc. )
  • !: Many smaller fixes and improvements to the new Repair & Extract
  • PAR2 engine.
  • !: Fixed serious bug that, under certain conditions, caused parts
  • of the download queue to corrupt, if the download paths for
  • queued entries were manually changed.
  • !: Fixed bug where NewsLeecher sometimes didn't rename misnamed
  • PAR2 set files, if the files were downloaded before the PAR2
  • set was added to the "Repair and Extract" queue.
  • !: Fixed bug where the "filename" filter on the "Explorer" tab
  • sometimes didn't work properly

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 3 - v7.0 Beta 4

  • Fixed bug introduced in the previous beta, where the
  • NewsLeecher Repair & Extract feature sometimes reported
  • PAR2 files as being "complete", even though they were missing
  • blocks.
  • There are still a few quirks with the new PAR2 engine used by
  • NewsLeecher. We will get them sorted in the upcoming betas.

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 2 - v7.0 Beta 3

  • *: In the previous beta, the "Repair and Extract" PAR2 file
  • *repair* engine got a major performance boost.
  • In this beta, we have looked into optimizing the "Repair and
  • Extract" PAR2 file *verification* engine as well. It is now
  • 300-400% faster than before.
  • *: Many smaller speed improvements.
  • !: Fixed bug '14w10j09h' that got triggered when Repair and
  • Extract was handling PAR2 files, with some specific keywords
  • included in the filenames :
  • !: The code for backing up NewsLeecher settings on-the-fly, didn't
  • work properly in the last few betas. This has been fixed.
  • To setup the backup feature, check :
  • Setting -> Advanced Tweaks -> Backup ...
  • The backups process can also be manually triggered from :
  • Toolbox -> Advanced -> Perform Backup

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 1 - v7.0 Beta 2

  • Implemented RAR-in-RAR whitelist. Use this feature, if there are specifically named RAR-in-RAR archives that you don't want NewsLeecher to mark as spam, in case the RAR-in-RAR spam detection settings is toggled. It can be setup from : Settings -> Downloads -> Spam Detection -> RAR-in-RAR Whitelist
  • When setting up destination folder entries, NewsLeecher now shows what the destination folders will look like, after any eventual tags have been parsed to groupnames, filenames, PAR2 paths, etc.. This makes it easier to setup the entries, as you can, in realtime, see the actual folder destionations.
  • Added a special "destination folder entry" for NZB imports that support a new tag names . It can be accessed from the "NZB Files" settings page on the settings dialog.
  • Implemented toggle to re-enable the feature that clears the filter boxes when double clicked with the mouse. The toggle is accessible from : Settings -> Interface -> Double-Click Filter Boxes to ...
  • Added Alt+E keyboard shotcut to "Export NZB" files from selected files. Also made the "NZB exported" message dialog optional.
  • It is now possible to filter out specific posters from SuperSearch results. Setup the filter at : Setttings -> Group Browsing -> Ignore Filters -> Apply to SS
  • The PAR2 repair engine is now multithreaded and significantly faster than in the NewsLeecher V6.x releases. In the upcoming beta releases we will work further on improving the PAR2 verification engine for better performance.
  • Lots of smaller improvements. ( Possibility to turn off "NZB File Successfully exported" message, button to RnE toolbar to RAR archive password manager, enhanced "folder select" dialog, etc.. )
  • Fixed a couple of taskbar related bugs that prevented NewsLeecher from working under Windows XP :
  • Fixed bug where eventual group nicknames were not used to replace the tag in dest. folder entry paths. The full group names were used instead.
  • Fixed bug that threw an exception when PAR2 sets containing files with a specific naming convention were added to the Repair and Extract list view.
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher wouldn't handle certain PAR2 split sets properly.
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would delete all previously entered filter entries, when [Escape] clicked on an active filter box :
  • Fixed "beta 1" bug where the "go to default download folder" link on the Explorer tab did't work if the default download folder contained a TAG variable.
  • Fixed bug where passwords in the Repair and Extract password manager weren't always saved when closing NewsLeecher.
  • The "gui_tabs_max_width" settings under "Advanced Tweaks", didn't work. Fixed.
  • Fixed "beta 1" problem that sometimes caused text to be cut-off on various dialogs in NewsLeecher.
  • Fixed "beta 1" bug where the disk space indicator didn't work if the default download folder contained a TAG variable.
  • Fixed bug where a thread exception would be thrown, if a specific character was part of a downloaded files subject line.
  • Many smaller fixed. ( GUI glitches on the SuperLeech setup dialog, etc. )

Muutokset v6.5 Beta 6 - v7.0 Beta 1

  • #: Lots of changes in this beta!. It is highly recommended to make
  • a backup of your NewsLeecher settings and data before
  • installing. The settings / data folder is usually located in
  • the following path : %AppData%\NewsLeecher
  • +: Implemented a "Destination Folders" system, that makes it easy
  • to associate specific groups, SuperSearch and SuperLeech
  • entries with certain download and RAR archive extract folders.
  • The feature supports a simple variable system, that makes it
  • easy to set a, say, download folder, to :
  • C:\Downloads\\
  • ... Where gets replaced with the Usenet group of the
  • article to download, and gets replaced with the
  • articles subject line.
  • The available variable names are listed on the "Destinations
  • Folder" dialog in the NewsLeecher application.
  • We are looking into implementing more variables.
  • +: Auto-detection of misnamed PAR2 files.
  • Repair & Extract will now automatically check newly leeched
  • files to see if they are misnamed PAR2 set files, belonging to
  • one of the PAR2 sets available in the Repair & Extract
  • listview. If a match is found, the file will automatically be
  • renamed so it gets properly processed by Repair & Extract.
  • +: It is now possible to manually initiate a PAR2 misname check,
  • by activating the context menu of a PAR2 set in the Repair &
  • Extract listview and select "Detect Misnamed".
  • +: Implemented a SuperLeech "Foreign Language Exclusion Filter".
  • This filter makes it very easy to command SuperLeech to ignore
  • articles, if certain language specific substrings are found in
  • the article subjects. It can be setup from the SuperLeech entry
  • settings dialog.
  • +: Added feature to remove redundant NewsLeecher settings folders
  • and files from the NewsLeecher settings folder.
  • The feature can be accessed from :
  • Toolbox -> Advanced -> Remove Redundant Files / Folders
  • *: To conform better with standard Windows controls behavior,
  • double clicking a combo box ( filter box ) now selects the
  • clicked word, instead of clearing all input text. To clear all
  • input text, press [ Esc ] instead.
  • *: LOTS of visual and non-visual changes and improvements.
  • !: Many smaller bug fixed.
  • -: Removed the "720i" video quality from the SuperLeech entry
  • setup dialog, as that quality setting is rarely used.

Muutokset v6.5 Beta 5 - v6.5 Beta 6

  • Implemented a "spam" indicator, so article collections that have been detected as spam during leeching, are now marked with a spam icon and a spam notification text in the article views.
  • This beta features a new and more accurate SuperLeech matching algorithm. While the new algorithm is quite a lot more efficient than the prior one, we are not all certain yet that it complies 100% with all the frequently used naming conventions for Usenet articles. We'll keep an eye open for that and make any necessary compliance changes as fast as possible.
  • Smaller improvements. ( More detailed SuperLeech logging info when detecting *.AVI video files, etc. )
  • Fixed bug "hs9ah98haa" that a few users saw when leeching with the previous beta release.
  • Fixed bug "j9aj98aj" that a few users saw when leeching with the previous beta release.

Muutokset v6.5 Beta 4 - v6.5 Beta 5

  • : This version of NewsLeecher automtically updates some internal
  • file formats to be more efficient. It is recommended that you
  • backup the NewsLeecher settings folder before installing, so
  • you can smoothly downgrade to an older release later on, if
  • wanted.
  • +: New larger feature addition to the SuperLeech service. The new
  • optional feature, called "Video File Inspector", will check up
  • on all "video media" leeches, to make sure they contain video
  • files ( *.MKV, *.MP4, etc. ). If no video files are detected,
  • the feature will let SuperLeech know, so it can look for
  • another match.
  • +: It is now possible to setup SuperLeech to look for video media
  • files in specific qualities. So if you, for example, only want
  • video media in "720p" resolution, simple tick the new
  • "720p quality" checkbox on the SuperLeech entry setup dialog,
  • and SuperLeech will then automatically make sure only that
  • quality is leeched.
  • +: Implemented a "detailed logging" setting for SuperLeecher. It
  • can be accessed from :
  • Settings -> SuperLeech -> Detailed Logging
  • *: The SuperLeech GUI has been totally re-designed, so it is
  • simpler and fater to use.
  • *: Improved the ( optional ) functionality used by SuperLeech to
  • detect "sample" articles. It now catches more samples than it
  • did previsouly.
  • *: Improved the "collection" functionality in NewsLeecher so *.srt
  • files are now automatically added to article collections.
  • *: Much better organized logging information related to leeching
  • and SuperLeech usage.
  • *: Lots of smaller improvements.
  • !: Fixed bug where SuperLeech would sometimes leech "sample"
  • articles, even though it was setup to ignore those.
  • !: Lots of smaller bug fixes.

Muutokset v6.5 Beta 3 - v6.5 Beta 4

  • This release updates the OpenSSL helper files used by NewsLeecher. The updated helper files are immune to the OpenSSL "Heartbleed" bug ( check ).
  • All NewsLeecher online services ( NewsLeecher Usenet Access service and the SuperSearch / SuperLeech service ) are immune to the "Heartbleed" bug.

Muutokset v6.5 Beta 2 - v6.5 Beta 3

  • Added a new SuperLeech switch ( "ON" by default ) that will make sure that "samples" are ignored when matching articles against setup SuperLeech search queries. The switch can be found at: Setup -> SuperLeech -> Ignore "Sample Articles"
  • It is now possible to quickly add a temporary password to the NewsLeecher "Archive Password Manager" by using the keyboard shortcut : "Alt + M". ( replaces the modified "leech specify" dialog from the previous beta )
  • Many improvements to the layout and the help text on the SuperLeech entry dialog.
  • Manually un-pausing articles in the download queue, will now overwrite eventual "spam" flags set for the articles. That way, the NewsLeecher spam checker will skip checking the articles, so they will be downloaded, even if they contain spam ( or something that the spam checker usually detects as spam ).
  • For better consistency, the SuperSearch "Watchdog" filter has been renamed to "Show Old" - same name as used for the filter in the group browsing view.
  • Implemented cleanup of outdated SuperLeech cache and setting files.
  • Many smaller improvements.
  • A few smaller bug fixes.

Muutokset v6.5 Beta 1 - v6.5 Beta 2

  • Implemented support for custom user interface scaling in NewsLeecher. This feature is great if you'd, for example, like the text in NewsLeecher to be a little larger than standard. The setting can be accessed from : Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> GUI Custom Scaling
  • Implemented a launch check to make sure external helper files used by NewsLeecher ( RAR handling, PAR2 handling, etc. ) are available and up-to-date. ( see NewsLeecher log at launch for details )
  • Added possibility to quickly enter a password into the NewsLeecher "Archive Password Manager" from the "Leech Specify" dialog.
  • Improved the SuperLeech matching code a bit, so it now picks up fewer 'false matching' articles.
  • Updated the RAR handling helper files in NewsLeecher for better performance and full support for the new RAR version 5 format.
  • Improved support for long Windows paths (more than 255 characters) in NewsLeecher.
  • Reworked some of the core SuperLeech code to optimize performance and memory usage.
  • The default pixel space between the entries in the NewsLeecher listviews as been changed. To change the entry space, click the "View Compacting" button in the lower right corner of the NewsLeecher main window.
  • Many smaller improvements ( Added Alt+M shortcut for password manager, re-implemented "listview font name" and "listview font size" nerdy tweak settings, etc. )
  • Fixed bug introduced in the previous beta, where NewsLeecher would hang at shut down under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed long standing bug where NewsLeecher would occasionally hang if closed down within a second after being launched.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused an exception when fetching headers from "alt.binaries.boneless" - the larges Usenet group available.
  • Fixed small memory leak ( few KB ) that happened under specific circumstances when leeching.
  • Many smaller bug fixes.

Muutokset v6.3 Beta 2 - v6.5 Beta 1

  • Windows High DPI Support
  • NewsLeecher is now Windows High DPI compliant. That means NewsLeecher will look crisp on all screens, no matter what the Windows DPI ( scaling ) setting has been set to.
  • Added new byte size filtering options for local NewsLeecher searching as well as SuperSearch searching. Besides the already existing "MinKB" and "MaxKB" byte size filters, it is now also possible to byte size filter with "MinMB", "MaxMB", "MinGB" and "MaxGB". The "MinXX" and "MaxXX" filters can be combined, so if you, for example, want to search for all articles matching the search word "FavArticles", with a size between 100MB and 2GB, use the following search query : FavArticle minMB:100 maxGB:2
  • Added a new "Poster Exclude" filter for local NewsLeecher searching as well as SuperSearch searching. If you, for example, want to search for all articles matching the search word "FavArticles", posted by any poster *except* the ones with the string "VirusPoster" in their postername, use the following search query : FavArticle posterExcl:VirusPoster
  • New splash screen that is fully compatible the Windows High DPI feature, up to 200% scaling.
  • Replaced the ( sometimes flooding ) "430 Article not Found" hint messages in the log with a static hint message located above the log window. The message is only shown when "430 Article not Found" errors are received from the Usenet.
  • Many smaller visual changes to a lot of the dialogs in NewsLeecher, to make them look more modern and alike.
  • Many smaller improvements to the NewsLeecher visuals in preparation for implementing full high DPI ( Retina-like ) display support.
  • Smaller improvements to the RAR archive password manager.
  • Automatic cleaning of the RAR archive password manager did not work properly. Fixed so cleanup is now performed automatically once every 10th minute.

Muutokset v6.3 Beta 1 - v6.3 Beta 2

  • Lots of smaller changes to the SuperLeech GUI, to make the function faster, smarter and easier to use.
  • Improved the routine that collects individual articles into article collections, so it detects a few more, rarely used, formats.
  • It is now possible to create a new SuperLeech entry, based on the currently selected SuperLeech entry, so properties, like "check interval", "leech action", etc., gets copied to the new entry.
  • Many smaller improvements. ( Added keyboard shortcuts to SuperLeech actions, improved bandwidth graph drawing, etc. )
  • Many smaller bug fixes. ( F9 shortcut key to minimize to tray now works under Wine )

Muutokset v6.2 Beta 1 - v6.3 Beta 1

  • Added a "Detailed Spam Logging" option to the setup dialog. When toggled, NewsLeecher will write detailed information to the log window when checking downloads for spam. The option can be accessed from : Settings -> Downloads -> Spam Detection -> Detailed Spam Log...
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • -- Larger Code Handling Changes -- ----------------------------
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • * 50% reduction in the size of the NewsLeecher install archive
  • * Substantial faster NewsLeecher launch time on most computers
  • * Overall performance improvements & smaller memory footprint
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • To improve the efficiency of "SuperLeech", group indexing turn-around time for the "SuperLeech" search server has been lowered to ~30 seconds. This means that, in most cases, "SuperLeech" can now auto- matically leech newly posted article collections ( your favorite podcast series, etc. ), even *before* the NZB files for the article collections have been posted to the Usenet.
  • The SuperLeech "Max Allowed Automatic Searches per Hour" limit has been raised from 6 to 15 for "Client Plus" packages.
  • The SuperLeech "Max Allowed Automatic Searches per Hour" limit has been raised from 18 to 50 for "Ready To Go" packages.
  • The SuperLeech "Turbo" feature is now available without any limits, for both "Client Plus" and "Ready To Go" package customers.
  • NewsLeecher will now show various non-intrusive warnings when wanted articles cannot be leeched, due to low retention, take downs or other reasons.
  • Updated the SSL library files used by NewsLeecher.
  • Many smaller code and GUI improvements in NewsLeecher.
  • Fixed bug where SuperLeech entries might hang for a long time, if the SuperSearch service wasn't responding properly to requests.
  • Fixed rare bug where NewsLeecher would detect specific types of "RAR-in-RAR" files as spam, even though they are not spam.
  • Fixed a small memory leak caused by deletion of "SuperLeech" tasks.

Muutokset v6.0 Beta 2 - v6.2 Beta 1

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • -- Larger Feature Addition - NewsLeecher SuperBrowse -- -------
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • Implemented a new function called "SuperBrowse" into NewsLeecher. This function makes it extremely fast and easy to browse newly posted headers in your favorite Usenet groups. To use it, simply right-click a group in NewsLeecher and select "SuperBrowse" from the popup-menu. The new SuperBrowse feature will then poll the SuperSearch service to show all new headers posted to the group.
  • It is now possible to follow text message conversations through SuperSearch. Before this release, only the first reply in a text message conversation was accessible through the service.
  • Added a new download option called "Save to Subject subfolder" that, when enabled, will automatically leech articles to subfolders named after the subjects of the articles / collections being downloaded. Note that this functionality can be manually triggered by using the "Leech Smart" download mode. The option can be accessed from : Settings -> Download -> Save to Subject Subfolder
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • Full drag'n'drop support for SuperSearch favorites manager
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • Implemented full drag'n'drop support to the SuperSearch Favorites Manager, so it's possible move easily move favorite and 'recent' SuperSearch entries between folders.
  • Improved the spam detection routine in NewsLeecher so it does not return false positives on a specific kind of legit "RAR-in-RAR" files.
  • Made several smaller improvements to the SuperLeech feature to improve its accuracy and spam detection.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused NewsLeecher dialog windows to be hidden from view, if screen resolution had been lowered.

Muutokset v6.0 Beta 1 - v6.0 Beta 2

  • The NewsLeecher Spam Detector now has its own sheet in the settings dialog, due to the increasing number of settings available to handle spam postings within NewsLeecher.
  • The NewsLeecher Spam Detector can now be setup to show a discrete / non-intrusive icon instead of a dialog window when spam is detected. Option can be setup from : Settings -> Download -> Spam Detection
  • The NewsLeecher Spam Detector now supports detection of *.SCR files inside RAR archives.
  • Added on option to delete downloaded files from the disk, if they are detected as spam by NewsLeecher.
  • Added on option to delete articles from the transfer queue, if they are detected as spam by NewsLeecher.
  • Added keyboard shortcut 'F6' to enter the settings dialog.
  • The SuperLeech "Episodes" feature can now be setup to leech either "all episodes", "a specific episode", "episodes older than a specific episode" or "episodes newer than a specific episode".
  • NewsLeecher now shows context menus correctly when triggered with the keyboard, by pressing Shift+F10 or the Windows Context Menu shortcut key.
  • The listed queue bytes statistics are know shown in MB and GB ( switching automatically depending on size ) instead of KB.
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would throw an exception if the application was minimized while articles were added to the download queue.
  • Fixed bug where the first password specified in the NewsLeecher password manager couldn't be used to unpack password protected archives.
  • Fixed bug where leeched RAR-in-RAR files were detected as spam even though the NewsLeecher Spam Detectors "RAR-in-RAR" option was turned off.
  • Fixed one more bug where passwords in the password manager were not correctly detected.
  • Fixed a bug related to the way NewsLeecher keeps track of downloaded spam articles.
  • Smaller bugfixes ( tiny memory leak, etc. )

Muutokset v5.2 Beta 2 - v6.0 Beta 1

  • To celebrate the first official beta of NewsLeecher V6.0, we have owered the price of our all-inclusive "Ready to Go" Usenet package to $11.99/mo. The new price applies to both current and new "Ready to Go" accounts.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • The "Ready to Go" package includes :
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • With the "Ready to Go" package, *everything* is included! So
  • there is no need to pay for 3rd party Usenet access anymore.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • 1. Unlimited Usenet Access w. almost 1800 days of retention.
  • 2. Unlimited SuperSearch Search Service Access.
  • 3. Extended access to our brand new SuperLeech Service. Read more about the new SuperLeech Service below ...
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • -- Major Feature Addition - SuperLeech Automation Service -- --
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • This initial beta release of NewsLeecher V6.0, implements a new NewsLeecher service called "SuperLeech". The SuperLeech service is based on the SuperSearch search service, and allows one to setup search queries that will automatically find and leech wanted articles off the Usenet, as soon as possible, after they have been made available online.
  • Currently, SuperLeech implements 3 different service modes :
  • ------------------------
  • 1. "Leech [ All ] " Mode
  • ------------------------
  • This is the most basic mode. Using this mode, SuperLeech will leech *everything* matching the specified search query. This mode should only be used, if you search for very specific subjects, or you will end up having the SuperLeech service leeching way too many articles.
  • -------------------------
  • 2. "Leech [ Once ] " Mode
  • -------------------------
  • Using this mode, SuperLeech will leech the first matching article ( or article collection ), that gets posted to the Usenet, after the SuperLeech entry has been activated. When a match has occurred, the SuperLeech service will make sure that no further articles are matched.
  • -----------------------------
  • 3. "Leech [ Episodes ] " Mode
  • -----------------------------
  • This mode has been implemented for users, who are interested in series episodes. It can be used to automatically download new episodes for wanted series, almost as soon as they get posted to the Usenet.
  • Say you are interested in a podcast series called "My Favorite Podcast Show". To automatically download new episodes of the series, when they become available, simply setup a SuperLeech entry with the search query set to "My Favorite Podcast Show" (wo. quotes) and the search method set to "Leech [ Episodes ]".
  • SuperLeech will then detect and leech the new episodes, almost as soon as they get posted to the Usenet. Furthermore, SuperLeech will make sure that already leeched episodes are not leeched again, to avoid wasted bandwidth.
  • Note that the "Leech [ Episodes ]" mode, is using certain standard season and episode specific substrings in the article subjects (S##E##, ##x## and more) to detect episodes properly, so those substrings must be present for the mode to function. In most cases, though, that should not be a problem, as the majority of posted episode related articles will have that info included, as standard.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • -- Larger Feature Addition - NewsLeecher Password Manager -- --
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • NewsLeecher now implements an archive extract password manager. The manager can be accessed from the "Repair & Extract" toolbar and enables one to specify passwords that the Repair & Extract feature should try to use against password protected archives.
  • Implemented support for auto importing NZB passwords into the new "Repair & Extract" password manager, mentioned above. NewsLeecher will detect the passwords, by looking at the imported NZB filename, and auto extract / import passwords specified by the following format: "nzb filename here [[password]].nzb
  • -- Spam Detection Addition -- NewsLeecher can now be setup to detect "EXE in RAR" archives. Those EXE ( executable *.exe ) files are almost always viruses. Spam detection can be setup here: Settings -> Leech Tweaks -> Spam Detection
  • -- Spam Detection Addition -- NewsLeecher can now be setup to detect passworded RAR archives. Before marking such archives as spam, NewsLeecher will first try to match the RAR password against the passwords listed in the new "NewsLeecher Password Manager" ( see above ) Spam detection can be setup here: Settings -> Leech Tweaks -> Spam Detection
  • -- Spam Detection Addition -- Added an option to show detailed information on Spam Detection in the NewsLeecher log. The log option can be enabled from: Settings -> Leech Tweaks -> Spam Detection
  • Added an option to pause the download queue, while "Repair & Extract" is busy with repairing or extracting files. The option can be accessed from : Settings -> Leech Tweaks -> General Leech Tweaks Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Download Pause While Repair...
  • -- Spam Detection -- The spam detection routines in NewsLeecher have been improved a lot, to detect more spam.
  • -- Spam Detection / SuperLeech Improvement -- The NewsLeecher article spam detection feature is now integrated with the new SuperLeech service. This means that if a SuperLeech initiated article download is detected as spam, SuperLeech will know that, and ignore the downloaded article and instead start looking for alternative articles to leech. Spam detection can be setup here: Settings -> Leech Tweaks -> Spam Detection
  • Many smaller improvements. (Moved the "SuperSearch" append query string from the SuperSearch toolbar and into the SuperSearch settings dialog, etc.)
  • Lots of smaller bug fixes.

Muutokset v5.2 Beta 1 - v5.2 Beta 2

  • Fixed a GUI bug introduced in previous beta, that sometimes prevented the "Repair & Extract" page from activating.

Muutokset v5.1 Beta 1 - v5.2 Beta 1

  • We are bumping the beta from V5.1 to V5.2 due to a larger feature addition.
  • Re-designed the "Settings -> Group Browsing" dialog. Added a setting that specifies the maximum number of days of headers that NewsLeecher should receive on initial group updates. ( removed a few, now, redundant settings from the dialog )
  • It is now possible to limit the group header fetching to a specific number of days. This can be by :
  • 1. Right clicking a subscribed group in the subscribed groups view.
  • 2. Activate 'Update Groups' menu item in the popup menu.
  • 3. Select sub menu : "Selected : Get Latest [####] Days".
  • 4. Enter number of days, and confirm.
  • Fixed serious and long standing bug, that sometimes ( rarely though ) caused buffer overruns and data corruptions, when native NNTP data compression was activated.
  • Fixed recently introduced bug, where leeched articles were re-added to the queue after app. re-launch, if group cleaning was performed just before NewsLeecher was previously closed.

Muutokset v5.0 - v5.1 Beta 1

  • It is now possible to cancel ongoing cleaning of subscribed Usenet groups. This is sometimes wanted, as cleaning can take a long time for larger groups.
  • Smaller visual improvements.
  • When cleaning of subscribed Usenet groups was initiated, the NewsLeecher interface would freeze until the procedure had finished. This has been fixed, so the interface is also responsive while cleaning is in progress.
  • Note that we are working on improvement the performance of the group cleaning procedure for an upcoming release.

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 19 - v5.0

  • Since V5.0 is now final and has been released, we have begun to work on the NewsLeecher V6 series. NewsLeecher V6 will support automatic SuperSearch searching and downloading, based on user specified search queries. V6 will also implement fast and efficient scripting support, to make NewsLeecher much more flexible. Scripting will, for example, allow fully flexible and automatic download management, Repair & Extract management, etc..
  • For a complete list of changes since NewsLeecher V4 Final, check this page:
  • Only very minor changes since most recent beta (beta 19).

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 18 - v5.0 Beta 19

  • Last beta before NewsLeecher V5.0 Final.
  • Implemented functionality to change the color of the listview keyword matching highlights. The functionality can be accessed from : Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Article Color Highlight Auto and Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Article Color Highlight
  • Implemented an option to turn off the log entry that is usually added when NewsLeecher disconnects from a server. The option was added to prevent log flooding in some rare situations. Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Logging On Disconnect
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused NewsLeecher hint windows to flicker.
  • Smaller bug fixes.

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 17 - v5.0 Beta 18

  • "NewsLeecher Usenet Access" Integration Improvement : NewsLeecher now detects whether the format of a password is entered correctly into NewsLeecher, when setting up a server for a NewsLeecher Usenet access account.
  • Smaller improvements. ( Better support for high-DPI font modes, etc. )
  • Fixed a (very long standing) bug, that triggered a background exception bug for some users, when adding articles from the SuperSearch result view, to the transfer queue, by using the views article checkboxes.
  • Fixed bug '121105bgexc212dd' that was sometimes triggered by NewsLeecher not being able to connect to the SuperSearch service.
  • Fixed bug where the position of the NewsLeecher main window was not properly saved between sessions, if the Windows taskbar was located at the top of the desktop window.
  • Fixed, recently introduced, bug where the 'Complete Registration' button was sometimes being mistakenly disabled on the registration dialog, if the license ID was used for registering instead of an email address.
  • Smaller bug fixes.

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 16 (RC 1) - v5.0 Beta 17

  • Note that this release requires that you re-register the NewsLeecher application, via the registration dialog inside NewsLeecher. So be sure to have your NewsLeecher members area access data ready, before installing.
  • Hooked up SuperSearch cache cleanup code that will periodically delete outdated SuperSearch cache files (*.ssr) from the disk.
  • It is now possible to change the max width setting for the tabs located on the NewsLeecher main window, from : Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> GUI Tabs Max Width Note that the tab order has been reset in this release.
  • For easier backup possibilities, the personal NewsLeecher license key, is now saved to a disk file instead of the Windows registry. The license key file is saved to this location : "%appData%\NewsLeecher\newsleecher.keyfile.v5.dat". We are working on making it possible to save the key file to the same location at the NewsLeecher executable, to make it easier to run NewsLeecher in registered mode, from portable storage devices.
  • Improved a lot of the code associated with the SuperSearch bookmark manager, to make the management of the bookmarks easier to understand and more flexible.
  • It is now possible to change the personal email address associated with the NewsLeecher members area, and still be able to use SuperSearch, without having to update the NewsLeecher license key first.
  • Changed the max width of the NewsLeecher main window tabs and renamed the caption on the "Repair & Extract" tab to "Extract".
  • The 'Article Grouping' code now detects, and groups, a couple of new article subject formats. Formats : *.#" and *.##" where # represents a digit.
  • Visual theme improvements and other smaller improvements.
  • Smaller bug fixes.

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 15 - v5.0 Beta 16 (RC 1)

  • This release should be 100% compatible with Windows 8. If you still experience Windows 8 related problems with this beta version, please report it to the NewsLeecher support team.
  • For peformance reasons, an option to turn off screen logging when the crossposter filter is triggered during a group update, has been added. The option can be accessed from: Setup -> Group Browsing -> Filters : Crosspost
  • Improved file handling to better prevent NewsLeecher settings files corruptions.
  • Fixed bug "kdjakldja". Bug was triggered by turning off the SuperSearch result highlight setting.

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 14 - v5.0 Beta 15

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 12 - v5.0 Beta 14

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 11 - v5.0 Beta 12

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 10 - v5.0 Beta 11

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 9 - v5.0 Beta 10

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 8 - v5.0 Beta 9

  • Added 'Append to SuperSearch Search Query' input box. The box can be used for inputting a string that should always be appended to the query sent to the SuperSearch server. This can be useful for, for example, permanently excluding articles containing certaing keywords, such as language specific articles.
  • The width of the main filter boxes in NewsLeecher are now automatically adjusted, depending on the space available on the NewsLeecher toolbars. The max width of the boxes can be changed here: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Search Filter Max Pixel Width
  • Implemented a Quick Link feature, that can be used to quickly execute a program or open a URL, by clicking a shortcut. The links can be accessed and edited from: Tools -> Quick Links The links can also be accessed by keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 and Ctrl+3.
  • Vastly reduced the CPU cycles used by NewsLeecher, when lots of articles were present in the Download Queue.
  • Fixed and enhanced the "Download to Groupname Subfolder" feature, so only one groupname is used when creating the subfolder, in case the article comes from multiple groups. NewsLeecher now matches the article groupnames against the list of local group subscriptions, to find the best suited name for the subfolder.
  • Redesigned the two Articles Broweser toolbars, and re-arranged some buttons on the final toolbar.
  • Redesigned the SuperSearch view, so it uses less pixels. A major redesigned of the SuperSearch view in on the todo list.
  • XMas there performance improvements and lots of other smaller improvements.
  • F8, F9 shortcuts are working again. The "Run Command Line on Empty Queue" works again. Other smaller fixes.

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 7 - v5.0 Beta 8

  • Larger Change - Redesigned User Interface
  • The graphical user interface in NewsLeecher has been changed quite a bit, to make the application more streamlined.
  • mplemented an xmas theme for NewsLeecher. The animated snow, that is part of the theme, can be turned off via this setting: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> GUI Theme Animations Allowed This, and future themes, can be turned off complete from: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> GUI Theme Allowed
  • he Repair & Extract Destination Manager can now also match PAR2 set names against group names, to decide the destination folder for extraced archives.
  • Implemented a GUI compact mode feature, that, when enabled, will resize some of the toolbars in NewsLeecher, so they take up less space on screen. Can be accessed via settings: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> GUI Compact Mode
  • Vastly reduced the CPU cycles used by NewsLeecher, when lots of sets were present in the Repair & Extract view.

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 6 - v5.0 Beta 7

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 5 - v5.0 Beta 6

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 4 - v5.0 Beta 5

  • Larger Feature Addition - RAR-in-RAR File Detection ] ----- NewsLeecher can now detect RAR-in-RAR archive sets, and pause such sets in the transfer queue if wanted. RAR-in-RAR archives are, as the name implies, RAR archives containing other, often passworded, RAR archives. Most RAR-in-RAR archives are either fake or spam. NewsLeecher can be setup to pause ANY detected RAR-in-RAR archives, or only the RAR-in-RAR archives that are password protected. The feature can be accessed from: Settings -> Download -> Leech Tweaks
  • The DLL files used by NewsLeecher are now stored within the NewsLeecher executable itself. This makes it possible to simply copy the NewsLeecher.exe file to wherever it's wanted, and still be able to run NewsLeecher properly.
  • It's now possible to setup whether it requires a single click or a double click to activate NewsLeecher when clicking the tray icon. Setup location here: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Icon Tray SingleClick
  • Re-implemented the "Move Small Articles to Top of Queue" feature.
  • NZB exporting is now again working from the Articles view and the SuperSearch view.
  • The built-in file explorer now detects changes, and updates the active directory much faster now.
  • Lots of smallet improvements.
  • Removed the 'Ordered RAR Set Download' option from Leech Tweaks. RAR sets will now always be downloaded in the correct RAR set creation order.
  • Smaller bug fixes;

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 3 - v5.0 Beta 4

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 2 - v5.0 Beta 3

  • A few users seem to find it hard to get used to the new way NewsLeecher distinguishes "new" articles from "old" articles. So it's now possible to revert to the old way to visually distinguish between the articles, by turning off the following setting under: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Article New Old Star Mode Doubleclicking a group in the 'Group Navigation Panel', will now open the group for browsing, but at the same time, close all other open groups.
  • Added shortcut (Keyboard : "H") to show / hide the "Group Navigation Panel".
  • Added shortcut (Keyboard : "G") to show the 'Group Navigation Dropdown'.
  • Added shortcut (Keyboard : F12) to toggle 'Show Old Articles' On / Off in the 'Articles' view.
  • Rebuilt and moved the group navigation dropdown button. It is now located on the 'Articles' toolbar.
  • Drag'n'Drop for the Servers Listview, Queue Listview and the Subscriptions Listview has been reimplemented.
  • Reimplemented 'Export to NZB' feature for the queue listview.
  • Lots of smaller improvements.
  • Fixed the way NewsLeecher handles right click selection in the article listviews. It now handles right click selection the same way as Windows Explorer does.
  • The "Copy Subject to Clipboard" and "Copy Poster to Clipboard" features didn't work in the previous beta. Fixed.
  • Fixed bug introduced in previous beta, where NewsLeecher would sometimes spit out a bug when right clicking the tabs.
  • Lots of smaller fixes.

Muutokset v5.0 Beta 1 - v5.0 Beta 2

  • The SuperSearch Watchdog feature automatically spots freshly indexed article collections in your SuperSearch search result "Freshly indexed" means that the article collections were indexed by the SuperSearch indexer *after* your prior similar SuperSearch search was performed. The purpose of the watchdog feature, is to make it very easy to locate the SuperSearch article results you haven't already browsed.
  • (Re)Implemented checkbox support for browsing Usenet groups. The checkboxes are used for loading and unloading the Usenet groups.
  • Added an 'Edit Bookmark' feature to the SuperSearch and the Explorer Bookmarks bars. The new feature can be accessed from the bookmark buttons right click menus.
  • New SuperSearch TAB navigation shortcuts: The Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut, can now be used to create a new SuperSearch search tab. The Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 keyboard shortcuts, can now be used to close the active SuperSearch search tab. Ctrl+Shift+Tab and Ctrl+Tab keyboard shortcuts, can now be used to switch back and forth between SuperSearch search tabs.
  • Added a 'Data received per day' statistics column, to the'Servers' view.
  • Added an 'Add Selected PAR2s to Repair & Extract' feature to the 'Explorer' views toolbox menu.
  • << Major GUI Improvements >>
  • Lots of GUI improvements. We're currently working hard on making the NewsLeecher GUI even faster,slicker and less resource hungry than it already is ;)
  • Besides using considerably fewer system resources when handling the NewsLeecher GUI, this specific beta also removes all 'flickering' when resizing the main NewsLeecher window. The GUI look has also been improved.
  • Reworked the SuperSearch and the Explorer Bookmark bars. The 'New Bookmark' button has been moved and the 'Delete Bookmark' button has been removed, to make more room for the bookmark buttons. Bookmarks can now instead be removed from a popup menu, by right clicking the bookmark buttons.
  • SuperSearch will only show the "Maximum number of search results received" message once per search now, instead of everytime a SuperSearch tab with 30.0000 results was activated.
  • Redesigned the 'Advanced Filtering' dialog. It can now be accessed from the filtering boxes drop-down menus.
  • Redesigned the Server Setup dialog
  • Changed 'Focused' control handling a bit, to allow better keyboard group navigation.
  • -: The 'Image Preview Panel' feature has been removed. It will be replaced by a better 'Download Preview' control before the NewsLeecher V5.0 final release.
  • Implemented workaround for a bug that sometimes caused NewsLeecher to corrupt articles that were being downloaded while 'GZIP Compressed' data was streamed from usenet server. Note that this bug has only been experienced with the usenet provider Giganews, so it is most probably a bug at their end.
  • The Bot 'Login Message' feature, which can be accessed from the bot views popup menu, didn't work. Fixed.
  • Drag'n'Drop *.PAR2 files to the Repair & Extract View didn't always work. Fixed.
  • Drag'n'Drop *.NZB and *.NZB.ZIP files to the Queue View didn't always work. Fixed.
  • The 'Select All' feature in the logwin context menu didn't work. Fixed.
  • Many smaller bugfixes.

Muutokset v4.0 - v5.0 Beta 1

  • Multi-tabbed SuperSearch searching.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 24 - v4.0

  • If you install this release on top of an earlier release of NewsLeecher, it is strongly recommended that you make a backup of your NewsLeecher settings and data first. Also, since this release of NewsLeecher uses a new cache system over the earlier NewsLeecher V3.9 Final, old group caches and queues will not be compatible. This isn't a problem with earlier NewsLeecher V4.0 betas though. Enjoy the final release, and look out for the NewsLeecher V5.0 betas, which we've already begun working on.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 23 - v4.0 Beta 24

  • Implemented a Repair & Extract work-around handling method for some buggy PAR2 set files that have been posted lately.
  • Moved the 'Reset Hanging Connection' feature to the 'Nerdy Tweaks' settings section. It's now called 'Connection Reset Hanging'.
  • Smaller changes here and there.
  • Fixed bug where PAR2 files weren't always auto unpaused in the transfer queue, even though they should be.
  • Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to scroll SuperSearch bookmarks properly when then list of bookmarks was longer than what could be shown on the monitor.
  • Minor fixes.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 22 - v4.0 Beta 23

  • Smaller changes here and there.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 21 - v4.0 Beta 22

  • Fixed a bug introduced in the previous beta, that prevented NewsLeecher from launching on computers with older OSes, like Windows Server 2003, XP, etc..
  • Fixed bug where the "Auto Pause PAR2 Files" feature didn't always work properly, when only PAR2 files were added to the download queue.
  • Fixed bug where the Leech-Smart feature would sometimes download to an incorrect destination folder, if the "Save to Groupname Subfolder" feature was enabled.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 20 - v4.0 Beta 21

  • New startup splash screen.
  • NewsLeecher now supports the Windows 7 taskbar progress bar. NewsLeecher uses it for download progress.
  • NewsLeecher would return an error, if a group cache was wiped while the group was active.
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher sometimes auto-paused PAR2 articles when added to the queue, even though it shouldn't.
  • The "Leech Raw" feature didn't work properly when multiple articles were selected. Fixed.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 19 - v4.0 Beta 20

  • The NewsLeecher executable and the NewsLeecher setup archive is now digitally signed to avoid false positives by anti virus software, and to prevent security warnings during install and launch.
  • It's now possible to manually select which setup / data files NewsLeecher should load at startup, by pressing the F12 key while launching NewsLeecher.
  • Lots of smaller improvements.
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would sometimes return an error when downloading very big articles.
  • Fixed small issue, where the groups listview article position wasn't always reset when entering a new usenet group.
  • Many smaller bugfixes.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 18 - v4.0 Beta 19

  • --[ SuperSearch Updates Since Previous Release ]--------------- Now that the article retention for the new SuperSearch engine is at 850 days, we've bumped the max limit for articles returned by SuperSearch as well. The limit has been bumped from 15000 to 30000 SuperSearch search results. We've also improved the SuperSearch indexing turn-around time, so most indexed groups will be updated in realtime (every minute or faster).
  • Many smaller improvements here and there.
  • Fixed an issue where the download folder for an article could be set incorrectly, due to a new cross-post groups view feature introduced in the new SuperSearch engine.
  • Fixed bug where the optional posting signature could be garbled when posting a text message.
  • Lots of smaller bugfixes.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 17 - v4.0 Beta 18

  • [ SuperSearch with 850 Days of Retention ] This beta release connects to a brand new, and much improved, SuperSearch service engine. The new engine currently runs with 850 days of retention in the General category and more than 300 days of retention in the Erotica category, including all the* groups. Just like the old engine, the new engine supports true wildcard searching, and still uses the same Google-like syntax for searching. Note that advanced search features, such as specific Poster / Group searching haven't been enabled yet. Also, because the engine is brand new, it might contain bugs which will be corrected as fast as possible.
  • NewsLeecher will now mark collections as 'Sampled' instead of 'Downloaded', if less than half of the articles in the collection have been downloaded. Note that this will only apply for articles downloaded with NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 18 and newer releases.
  • Changed behaviour of the Ctrl+U shortcut, so pressing the shortcut keys once, will deactivate active groups, and pressing it twice in a row, will unload groups from memory.
  • NewsLeecher will now include articles with the following subject patterns into collections: *.t##, *.u##, *.v##, *.w##, *.x##, *.y## and *.z##.
  • When using the new "Update Latest [####] Headers" feature, and pressing cancel on the update dialog, NewsLeecher didn't cancel the update as it should.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 16 - v4.0 Beta 17

  • Implemented a feature that makes it possible to fetch a user specified number of headers in subscribed groups.
  • It's now possible to unsubscribe groups from the groups suscription listview context menu.
  • Fixed a serious bug that caused recent betas of the newsLeecher V4 series to incorrectly parse dates of headers from the month of May.
  • SuperSearching didn't work when clicking SuperSearch bookmarks, if the advanced nerdy tweak feature "SuperSearch Single Click Search" feature was set to false.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 15 - v4.0 Beta 16

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 14 - v4.0 Beta 15

  • Improved the way NewsLeecher handles articles being added or removed from the transfer queue.
  • Various internal and visual improvements.
  • The group listview is now always auto-resorted when needed. In previous releases the sort order could be mixed up when using the article filters.
  • Fixed bug where user specified speed limits, set via the bandwidth slider, weren't consistent between relaunches of NewsLeecher.
  • Fixed bug where the 'Keep Opened Articles' feature didn't always work.
  • Many smaller bug fixes and corrections.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 13 - v4.0 Beta 14

  • It's now possible to specify what action NewsLeecher should perform, when doubleclicking an article or an article collection in the 'Articles View' or the 'SuperSearch View'. The action can be setup at: Settings -> Interface -> Doubleclick to : ...
  • It's now possible to specify whether NewsLeecher should obey any setup pausing rules, when manually resuming transfers of articles in the transfer queue. Pressing Ctrl or Shift while resume articles, will make NewsLeecher obey pausing rules.
  • NewsLeecher now shows detailed backup information in the log, when triggering the backup function manually via the 'Tools -> Trigger Backup' menu.
  • The download counter label can now be switched on / off from: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> GUI Download Counter Visible
  • Improved the logic NewsLeecher uses when adding and removing articles in the transfer queue.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused NewsLeecher to freeze, if headers were being fetched while NewsLeecher was closed down.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes threw an exception when manually removing articles from the transfer queue.
  • The "Copy Subject to Clipboard" function didn't always work with the SuperSearch view. Fixed.
  • The "Leech Smart" download mode didn't always work, when used on individual articles within article collections. Fixed.
  • The queues "Cancel All" function didn't work in the previous betas. Fixed.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 12 - v4.0 Beta 13

  • Implemented an automatic backup system. Per default, the backup system is enabled and set to backup NewsLeecher every 15 minutes. The backup system can be switched on / off at: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Backup Enabled And the backup interval can be changed at: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Backup Interval in Minutes
  • The newly implemented backup system can be manually triggered from Menu -> Tools -> Trigger Backup
  • Various internal and visual changes here and there.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in a previous beta, where NewsLeecher would sometimes pause the transfer queue when anti-virus software temporarily locked the files that NewsLeecher was downloading.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 11 - v4.0 Beta 12

  • Re-enabled the possibility to change the download destination folder for queued articles.
  • For easier management and better overview, temporary download files are now placed in separate folder(s), specifically made for the temporary files. When downloads are completed, NewsLeecher will automatically cleanup the folders.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes (rarely) caused NewsLeecher to lock-up when Repair'n'Extract was used.
  • Shift+PageUp / Shift+PageDown didn't work in the NewsLeecher article views during the recent beta releases. Fixed.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 10 - v4.0 Beta 11

  • Note that this beta release makes a small change to the cache file format. It is recommended that you make a backup of your NewsLeecher data before installing.
  • Added a "Copy to Clipboard" function to the log window toolbar. The function can be used to copy the visible part of the log window contents to the clipboard.
  • The time it takes to add articles to the transfer queue, has, in some extreme cases where the size of the transfer queue is very very large, been reduced substatially.
  • Optimized one of the transfer queues disk cache files, resulting in faster load / save time, and a ~10x reduction of size of that specific cache file.
  • Fixed bug introduced in beta 10, where the new article download save system didn't always work as expected.
  • Fixed bug where all group headers would be re-fetched from the server, if all locally stored group headers were manually deleted from cache, using the "Delete from Cache" feature.
  • Fixed bug where temporary download files were not always deleted like they were supposed to.
  • Fixed bug introduced in beta 10, where downloaded articles were sometimes (rarely) corrupted.
  • Fixed bug introduced in beta 10, where a "Unknown Temp Folder" dialog would sometimes popup when closing NewsLeecher.
  • Fixed bug introduced in beta 10, where the 'Get Latest X Headers' feature didn't work under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed bug introduced in beta 10, where the thumb preview panel didn't work properly.
  • Smaller fixes. (TAB flickering fixed, drop down combobox issue fixed, etc.)

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 9 - v4.0 Beta 10

  • Added an option to show article parts information in the article listviews. The option can be turned on at: Settings -> Nerdy Tweaks -> Article Parts Visible in Listview Note that the feature can be turned on / off, by using the Shift+P keyboard shortcut.
  • << BIGGER IMPROVEMENT >> This release uses a new, and much more efficient, way to handle article downloads. This change should take of most of the temporary queue pauses that some users see, when downloading articles with NewsLeecher on a fast connection. Technically speaking, yEnc encoded articles are now written directly to the download destination folder, instead of being written to a temporary disk location first, whereas uuEncoded articles are now kept in a memory cache until all article parts are downloaded, whereafter the cache is flushed directly to the download destination folder.
  • The 'copy subject to clipboard' / 'copy poster name to clipboard' features now copies all selected articles to the clipboard, instead of only the first selected article.
  • The algorithm used to create article collections, has been improved a bit, making the colletion names better looking under certain circumstances.
  • NewsLeecer now includes *.srr files in article collections.
  • Lots of smaller improvements (improved compatibility with MAC/Wine and MAC/Crossover, etc.)
  • Fixed bug where fetching headers, while using the new 'turbo compressed headers' feature, would sometimes fail, if only a small number of headers were available for fetching.
  • Fixed bug where articles downloaded for reading (Open), were sometimes skipped, if the 'skip if file already exists' feature was enabled.
  • Fixed bug where Repair'n'Extract would sometimes fail if the Repair'n'Extract 'Date & Time Prefix Folder' feature was used.
  • Fixed bug introduced in a recent beta, where the max limit for article headers fetching was sometimes ignored.
  • Fixed issues where Repair'n'Extract would sometimes automatically unpause articles in the transfer queue, even though they were not part of any Repair'n'Extract sets.
  • Double-clicking downloaded articles in the listviews, didn't open the download article file, like it's supposed to.
  • Many smaller problems fixed (Socks firewall fix, etc.)

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 8 - v4.0 Beta 9

  • Implemented a 'Copy Selected Article Subject to Clipboard' feature. Can be accessed by popup menus, and 'Ctrl+C' shortcut.
  • Implemented a 'Copy Selected Article Poster Name to Clipboard' feature. Can be accessed by popup menus, and 'Shift+Ctrl+C' shortcut.
  • Implemented functionality to pause to download queue for a user-specified number of minutes. The new feature can be accessed from the Pause button context menu.
  • << Major Performance Improvement >> Major performance improvements when browsing articles in large usenet groups and/or when browsing articles on slow computers. These improvements fixes the most significant performance bottleneck remaining in NewsLeecher.
  • This release uses less system resources when downloading articles.
  • The overall performance in NewsLeecher has been improved due to internal low-level optimizations.
  • The "Delete From Cache" feature is now 1000% + faster.
  • Various smaller improvements. (Repair'n'Extract is now faster at handling files under some circumstances, etc.)
  • Small improvements to the 'Collections Pattern Detection' code, used by NewsLeecher when figuring out which articles should be put in which collections.
  • The "Group Cleaning" dialog, occasionally shown during close down, can now be turned off if wanted.
  • Fixed bug where the NewsLeecher hint windows flickered whenever lines were written to the log window.
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher sometimes miscalculated the 'minimum disk space' settings, and paused the queue unnecessarily.
  • Fixed bug where Repair'n'Extract would sometimes delete downloaded articles, even if Repair'n'Extract unpack / move / copy operations has failed.
  • The 'Move Small Articles to Queue Top' setting was sometimes ignored. Fixed.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 7 - v4.0 Beta 8

  • Native Header Compression: Native article header compression now supported through the usenet server 'XFEATURE' command. The feature can be turned off from: "Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Article Download Allow XFEAT Compression". Not all usenet servers support this command. NewsLeecher will automatically check for support when it connects to the server, and use the feature if supported. When the feature is enabled, the 'header download' speed should be 2-10X times faster than usual.
  • Implemented physical disk cleanup for usenet group caches. It's possible to specify how much garbage a group cache must have before the cleanup routine is triggered. The setting can be accessed at: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Article Cache Max Garbage Pct
  • (Re)implemented the 'Add to Subject Ignore List' feature for the group headers view. It can be accessed from the popup menu.
  • (Re)implemented the 'Add to Poster Ignore List' feature for the group headers view. It can be accessed from the popup menu.
  • (Re)implemented the 'Select Smart' feature for the group browsing view, the SuperSearch Service view and the transfer queue. The comparison algorithm used by 'Select Smart' has also been improved a bit.
  • (Re)implemented the 'Select Poster' feature for the group browsing view, the SuperSearch Service view and the transfer queue.
  • (Re)implemented the 'Export to NZB' feature for the SuperSearch view.
  • It's now possible to post text replies to articles, directly from the SuperSearch view.
  • All leech methods available in the group article browsing view, are now also available in the SuperSearch view. Including all the 'special leech' commands.
  • The overall performance of NewsLeecher has been improved a lot due to internal optimizations.
  • Group article headers are now received in a separate CPU thread. Using this multithreaded approach to fecth headers, will make NewsLeecher run smoother on slower computer, while fetching headers.
  • When 'Opening' a selected article collection, NewsLeecher will now only open *.NFO article files within the collection, instead of the entire collection.
  • The progress bar view in the "Bots" listview, now also shows the download progress of the entire collections belonging to the downloading articles.
  • The "Number of New Group Headers at Server"-counters are now updated live, while fetching headers from groups.
  • Several optimizations to the internal structures in NewsLeecher, making the app run a bit smoother on slow systems.
  • Moved Socks Firewall setup to the Advanced Nerdy Tweaks settings page.
  • Improved the appearance of the Nerdy Tweaks dialog a bit.
  • Smaller visual improvements here and there.
  • The explorer listviews sort column and sort order is now remembered between sessions.
  • Fixed bug where articles added to the top of the transfer queue were sometimes reversed in order.
  • Fixed bug where the queue status text for downloading articles was sometimes incorrectly set to 'initializing'.
  • In the previous betas, the columns in the "all groups" listview were not sortable. Fixed.
  • NewsLeeecher would sometimes freeze for some seconds during starup. This has (most probably;) been fixed. Not 100% sure though.
  • When exporting articles to an NZB file, the article poster names were sometimes skipped. This has been fixed.
  • Sorting by the 'Download Folder' column in the queue listview didn't work properly. Fixed.
  • Smaller bugs fixed. (the adv. nerdy tweak 'gui_show_popup_hints' didn't work in the previous beta, etc..)

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 5 - v4.0 Beta 6

  • (Re)implemented support for a launch password. The password can be enabled from: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Paranoia_Launch_Password
  • (Re)implemented the 'Delete From Cache' group cache feature.
  • (Re)implemented option to automatically delete newly downloaded files if the files already exists in the download folders. The option can be accessed from: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Download_Skip_Existing_Files
  • <<< Performance Improvement >>> Optimized the group cache loading code. Depending on various parameters, the new group cache loading code is up to 500% faster in the code used in previous versions of NewsLeecher.
  • Simplified the Groups Browsing popup menu and the SuperSearch popup menu.
  • Improved the 'Adv. Nerdy Tweaks' dialog interface a bit.
  • Lots of smaller improvements.
  • Fixed bug introduced in one of the previous betas, where NewsLeecher would sometimes crash when NZB importing articles to the queue, if the articles were already queued.
  • Various smaller bug fixes.
  • Removed the "Find in SuperSearch" feature. It will be replaced with a more powerful "Find in SuperSearch" feature in a later NewsLeecher V4.X release.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 3 - v4.0 Beta 4

  • Lots of bugfixes, changes and additions in this release.

Muutokset v4.0 Beta 1 - v4.00 Beta 2

  • Enabled the 'Leech Tweak' option that makes sure that RAR archives are downloaded in correct order. *.RAR articles will be placed in front of *.R00, *.R01, etc. articles in the queue. The tweak option can be found at: Setup -> Download -> Leech Tweaks
  • Added functionality to the integrated Explorer, that allows one to prefix selected files and folders with a custom text string. The function can be accessed from: 'Explorer Tab -> Toolbox -> Prefix ...'.
  • Changed the way the internet connections maximum download speed is specified.
  • The download speed scheduler has been redesigned and moved to the setup dialog, at: 'Setup -> Download -> Speed Scheduler'.
  • Added 'msvcr71.dll' to the installer, as the file, which is needed for NewsLeecher SSL connections, were missing on some systems.
  • When pressing the SuperSearch 'Stop' button, NewsLeecher would show a dialog stating that you have just pressed the 'Stop' button. That dialog has been removed.
  • Lots of internal code clean-up improvements. These improvements should improve both NewsLeecher speed and stability.
  • Many smaller improvements, incl. a few visual ones, like the text / hints on the view tabs.
  • Fixed bug introduced in NewsLeecher v4 beta 1, where articles were not always leeched to the correct download folders.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the first NewsLeecher V4 beta to freeze sometimes while it was leeching.
  • Various leech tweaks and filters were ignored when importing transfer queue articles from NZB files.
  • Groupname sorting didn't work in the listview. Fixed.
  • The system shutdown function didn't always work. This should be fixed now.
  • Fixed bug that caused an exception to be thrown, when adding articles from the same collection to the transfer queue independently.
  • Lots of smaller fixes. (Pause/Unpause from queue popup didn't work in beta 1, etc.)

Muutokset v3.95 Beta 3 - v4.0 Beta 1

  • Note that this NewsLeecher release introduces a completely new article cache system which is significantly different from the previously used cache system. Because of the major change in the format of the cache, it will be necessary to re-fetch headers for any subscribed usenet groups the first time NewsLeecher V4.0 Beta is used.
  • Because of the early beta stage of this NewsLeecher V4 release, it is recommended that you keep settings for NewsLeecher V4 separate from settings for earlier releases of NewsLeecher that you might have installed. To setup a separate NewsLeecher V4 settings folder, check: You can of course also take the chance and simply install this release on top of your currently installed NewsLeecher copy, and hope things work out Doing that will probably also work fine.
  • *MAJOR ADDITION*: NewsLeecher now fully supports collections (also known as threading) of binary articles. The collections feature will group associated binary articles together and present them as a single article entry in the NewsLeecher listviews, instead of multiple separate entries. Collections are supported by the entire NewsLeecher interface. That is the article browser, the SuperSearch service and the NewsLeecher download queue. Besides providing better article overview, the collections feature also speeds up group loading by 500%+ for most binary groups aswell as keeping memory usage much lower than what previous NewsLeecher releases does.
  • It's now possible to specify separate paths for NewsLeecher to store settings and temporary files. For more info on how to set the paths, check this URL:
  • NewsLeecher will now ask for confirmation before closing down, if Repair'n'Extract is actively working on one or more file sets.
  • This NewsLeecher release supported mixed-case subject lines returned by SuperSearch. Earlier releases would show all subject lines returned by SuperSearch in lowercase.
  • More parts of the internal Windows Explorer are now multi- threaded. This brings a significant speed improvement when browsing folders containing many sub folders.
  • The entries in 'Max Days' SuperSearch filter have been re- organized to better suit the new elevated SuperSearch retention.
  • Improved 'Leech Specify' dialog to be more intuitive and easy to use.
  • Many smaller improvements. (The mouse hint text for the SuperSearch favorite buttons now shows the query to be searched, SSL libraries updated, etc.)
  • The entire NewsLeecher codebase has been probed for memory leaks. Lots of leaks have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug prevented NewsLeecher from properly updating groups containing an extremely large amount of headers (such as alt. binaries.boneless). The bug was only triggered on a few usenet servers.
  • Fixed bug that somestimes caused NewsLeecher to hang on shutdown.
  • Many smaller fixes. (The Repair'n'Extract verification state was sometimes reset between sessions, GUI tweaks, etc.)
  • Removed option for turning off error checking of downloaded articles as there's no reason not to check them for errors.
  • Removed outdated option to cancel errornous articles from being downloaded as the option could cause some confusion. Also the introduction of PAR2files and the NewsLeecher Repair'n'Extract feature makes errornous files usable.

Muutokset v3.95 Beta 2 - v3.95 Beta 3

  • The previous few betas caused problems for many users, due to some incompatibility issues between NewsLeecher and a couple of 3rd party anti virus applications. This has been taken care of.
  • Smaller improvements. (Tweaked the way the 'leech specify' dialog works, etc..)
  • Fixed bug introduced in previous betas, where the 'not' keyword was ignored when filtering article subject lines:

Muutokset v3.95 Beta 1 - v3.95 Beta 2

  • As suggested, the 'Leech Specify' dialog now implements an option to add articles to the download queue in 'paused' mode:
  • The previous beta contained some code that seriously impacted the NewsLeecher performance under certain conditions, such as when articles were fetched from SuperSearch. This has been taken care of.
  • Improved the way the 'Leech Specify' dialog logic works, so it goes more along the lines discussed here:
  • Fixed bug where the queue manager didn't work properly:

Muutokset v3.91 Beta 2 - v3.95 Beta 1

  • Please note that the listview column settings (width, visibility, etc) have been reset in this release, due to a bug in the previous beta release.
  • NewsLeecher now uses a new license key system, which makes it possible to register NewsLeecher without going to the members area. Note that this is a pretty major change, so there might be a few new betas coming out soon after this one, containing fixes and tweaks related to this change.
  • Implemented 3 new skins for the interface in NewsLeecher. The skins can be accessed by the buttons on the right side of the main toolbar.
  • Lots of the GUI elements which have never been skinnable, now are. Including the 'please wait' window, the bandwidth graphs, etc..
  • It's now possible to replace exisiting SuperSearch bookmarks.
  • NewsLeecher now stores 10 rotating backups of the NewsLeecher settings file, "setup.dat", in the "%appdata%\newsleecher\backups\" folder. The backups might be good to have if some of your NewsLeecher settings get deleted, or your setup.dat file corrups for some reason.
  • Implemented new feature which makes it possible to show custom messages to the user when NewsLeecher is launched.
  • Implemented a new file manager feature, which makes it possible to easily combine/merge selected files in the NewsLeecher File Manager. This can be useful when combining HDTV '.TS' files for example. The feature can be accessed from the 'toolbox' popup placed on the 'Explorer' toolbar.
  • Implemented a new file manager feature, which makes it possible to easily create folders based on the names of the files selected in the NewsLeecher File Manager. The feature can be accessed from the 'toolbox' popup placed on the 'Explorer' toolbar.
  • NewsLeecher now fully supports networked folder paths for downloading and Repair'n'Extract operations.
  • Clicking a 'folder' bookmark on the NewsLeecher File Explorer tab, while holding down the CTRL or Shift key, will open the bookmarked folder in a Windows Explorer window, instead of the internal file explorer window.
  • Lots of smaller graphical user interface inconsistencies have been corrected.
  • The "Automatic Backup" feature now also backups the state of the Repair'n'Extract sets.
  • When launching, NewsLeecher can now detect whether the main settings file, "setup.dat", is corrupted. If it is, instructions on how to restore a "setup.dat" backup (new backup feature described above), will be shown to the end-user.
  • The CPU usage has been decreased dramatically under certain circumstances, when updating groups. Especially noticable when updating picture groups.
  • The speed of the "Smart Select" feature has been improved several hundred percent over the speed in previous releases.
  • Improved error checking performed by Repair'n'Extract.
  • Many small improvements. (More data stored in main setup.dat settings file, instead of using multiple separate files)
  • Fixed bug where Repair'n'Extract would (rarely) unpause incorrect PAR2 repair files in the download queue, in case many PAR2 sets with almost similar named were queued for RnE.
  • Fixed bug where the 'Export to NZB' option didn't always work when exporting headers which had just been received from the usenet:
  • Lots of smaller bugfixes here and there. (Connections Panel couldn't always be resized, better unicode support, etc.)

Muutokset v3.91 Beta 1 - v3.91 Beta 2

  • Note that due to some internal changes in NewsLeecher, all listview columns will have been reset in width and placement, when you launch this beta. The reset will only happen on the first launch.
  • Implemented a history feature for the "Leech Specify" dialog, so a customizable number of previously used "Leech Specify" folder locations can be saved between sessions. The number of locations to save, can be setup from "Setup Dialog -> Interface -> Interface Settings -> Items to keep in history dropdown lists".
  • Implemented the "Find in SuperSearch" feature for the articles view. It's now implemented for the articles view, the Repair'n'Extract view and the download queue.
  • Added a 'CleanUp' button to the queue toolbar. Clicking the button, simply deletes all 'paused' entries from the queue.
  • Much improved error checking when loading and saving the setup files for the NewsLeecher listiews. Prior to this newly introduced error checking, NewsLeecher would, in the worst cases, refuse to launch, or spit out strange error messages, if one or more of the setup files were corrupted. If a corruption is detected now, NewsLeecher will simply reset the corrupted setup file.
  • Some smaller visual improvements.
  • Fixed bug introduced in previous beta, where the posting feature didn't work.
  • Lots of other smaller bugs fixed.

Muutokset v3.9 - v3.91 Beta 1

  • NewsLeecher v3.9 Final didn't reset the trial period. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug where Repair'n'Extract would sometimes delete downloaded articles, if the PAR2 index file had an empty filename. (ie. ".PAR2")
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would (rarely) freeze, when using SuperSearch:

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 17 - v3.9

  • Fixed Repair'n'Extract bug that sometimes caused Repair'n'Extract to assemble article collections which should not be assembled.

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 16 - v3.9 Beta 17

  • NewsLeecher will now reset the optional 'nl_log.txt' logfile at launch, if the file is larger than 100 MB in size.
  • Smaller improvements here and there.
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would sometimes pause the download queue because it incorrectly detected there wasn't enough space available on the download drive:
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused SuperSearch to trigger an error when adding SuperSearch articles to the download queue.

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 15 - v3.9 Beta 16

  • Extended the functionality of the 'Find in SuperSearch' feature. It's now possible to specify the search category and the 'max days' setting through the feature.
  • Smaller improvements here and there.
  • Fixed bug where the "Pause queue if disk space is below ..." setting was ignored by NewsLeecher:
  • Various smaller bugfixes.

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 14 - v3.9 Beta 15

  • Added a (longtime requested) 'Stop' button for SuperSearch.
  • Added an option to let NewsLeecher automatically convert the speed display unit between KB/s and MB/s (or Kbps and Mbps) depending on the current transfer speed.
  • Fixed bug where the 'Please Wait' status dialog got stuck after long NewsLeecher operations:
  • Fixed bug where the 'Unpause if only PAR2 Files' option didn't work on imported NZB files:
  • Fixed bug where the right-click popup menu didn't work on the 'Leech Specify' dialog:
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would sometimes get activated when importing a .NZB file, even if it was setup not to activate:
  • Smaller fixes here and there (a few spelling errors, etc.)

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 13 - v3.9 Beta 14

  • We'd like to get the remaining NewsLeecher bugs sorted out asap, so we can begin working on the V4 series. So the upcoming beta(s), released before NewsLeecher v3.9 goes final, will be, almost, purely bug fix releases.
  • (Repair'n'Extract) Implemented a Repair'n'Extract "Stop" button which can be used to manually cancel various Repair'n'Extract tsks, such as unpacking and repairing. The button is located on the Repair'n'Extract toolbar.
  • The code for checking the availability of disk space on the download drives has been improved. NewsLeecher will now check for needed disk space no matter whether the downloading articles will be placed in the default download location, on a USB stick, a mapped network drive, etc..
  • (Repair'n'Extract) The code for checking disk space needed to complete Repair'n'Extract tasks successfully has been improved.
  • Lots of smaller improvements here and there. ("[RnE]" suffix has been removed from Repair'n'Extract destination folders, etc.)
  • NewsLeecher used to convert the displayed speed unit from KB/s to MB/s when the download speed got above 1024 KB/s. This auto conversion code has been removed, in order to make the download speed reading more precise.
  • The computer could go into sleep/hibernate mode when NewsLeecher was actively downloading articles. This is prevented now.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in the previous betas, where NewsLeecher would freeze for a period of time just after launch, for some users.
  • Many smaller bug fixes.

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 12 - v3.9 Beta 13

  • Fixed a bug introduced in yesterdays beta 12 release, which, under certain circumstances, prevented NewsLeecher from running properly.

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 10 - v3.9 Beta 11

  • Enabled the Repair'n'Extract option which allows permanently deletion of used set files, when the set has been extracted. The option can be turned on from the 'Setup -> Repair'n' Extract Tab'.
  • Further optimized the code used for fetching headers. Uses a bit less CPU and disk resources now.
  • Fixed bug introduced in the previous beta, where Repair'n' Extract was unable to extract sets if the 'Time & Date Prefix Subfolder' option was turned on.
  • Fixed bug where Repair'n'Extract would go into a loop if all the files in a Repair'n'Extract set were triggered by the user customizable ignore filter.
  • Fixed bug where Repair'n'Extract would hang if it tried to unpack a fileset to a folder containing more than 256 characters.
  • Fixed bug introduced in v3.9 beta 6, where article sizes and parts count would be exagerated in the articles listview, if headers were fetched from more than a single server:
  • Fixed bug where the 'z' character could not be used in 'tray restore' security passwords:
  • Fixed bug where the splash screen would get stuck under certain circumstances:
  • (re)Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would always steal window focus when importing NZB files, even if setup not to do so:
  • The 'Notify on new Release' option didn't work in the last few betas. This has been fixed.
  • Removed the 'Verify' option from the Repair'n'Extract toolbar. Verification will now always be performed, if the Repair'n' Extract feature is enabled.

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 9 - v3.9 Beta 10

  • (Repair'n'Extract) Added full support for standard split sets.
  • (Repair'n'Extract) Added full support for RAR split sets.
  • (Repair'n'Extract) Added full support for singe-file PAR split sets.
  • (Repair'n'Extract) The type of the individual Repair'n'Extract sets (RAR, PAR Split, etc.) is now shown in the Repair'n' Extract listview.
  • (SuperSearch) When performing a SuperSearch search, detailed SuperSearch connection information is now written to the log. Useful when tracking the reason for SuperSearch connection problems.
  • (Repair'n'Extract) Fixed a pretty serious bug where the NewsLeecher Repair'n'Extract feature would sometimes delete files which were not supposed to be deleted. Happened with non-archive PAR2 sets, when the 'Extract to sub folder' setting was not enabled.
  • Fixed bug where the destination folder wasn't always correctly set when importing NZB files:
  • Fixed bug where "When Empty Quit/Shutdown PC" was still activated if group headers were being downloaded:
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to bypass a set tray password:

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 8 - v3.9 Beta 9

  • Removed all dependencies of Internet Explorer from NewsLeecher. NewsLeecher usually uses an integrated Internet Explorer based module to fetch SuperSearch connection information, checking for new releases, etc.. This module has now been replaced with a natively build module, which uses fewer resources and is less prone to errors caused by OS security settings, etc..
  • If you enter "about:supersearch" (without quotes) in the SuperSearch search field, NewsLeecher will return debug connection info related to SuperSearch.
  • It's now possible to see how many articles, aswell as the combined size of the articles, that are currently selected in the SuperSearch window:
  • The installer now makes it optional to generate desktop and quick-launch icons.
  • Minor improvements here and there. (NewsLeecher writes SuperSearch initialization & connection info in log, optimized compiler update, etc.)
  • Fixed bug introduced in previous beta, where the speed scheduler didn't work as expected:
  • Few minor bugfixes. (problems with entering key if it contained a whitepspace character, etc.)

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 7 - v3.9 Beta 8

  • Added a new, optional, graphical line to the large bandwidth graph, which represents the average download speed
  • Added a column to the statusbar, which shows the average download speed. Only available when the large bandwidth graph is set to visible
  • Added new functionality to the 'Pause' feature, so it's possible to pause downloads for a specific period of time
  • Added an option to hide the category buttons from the SuperSearch toolbar. For more info, check the option at 'Options -> Security -> Hide SuperSearch Categories'
  • Added a 'Single Click Bookmark' option to the SuperSearch options menu. When turned on, a search will be initiated immediately after the SuperSearch bookmark is clicked
  • Many minor improvements
  • Fixed bug where the 'Binary' / 'Text' Filters, located on the Articles View Toolbar, didn't work
  • Lots of smaller bug fixes

Muutokset v3.9 beta 5 - v3.9 Beta 6

  • Note that this release of NewsLeecher requires you to upgrade your license key from the members area.
  • Implemented a new Repair'n'Extract filter, which makes it possible to filter out (ignore) specific files from Repair'n'Extract sets.
  • Enhanced the logic that Repair'n'Extract uses, when it automatically unpauses needed repair files for a set.
  • Quite a few additional enhancements and fixes related to the Repair'n'Extract feature.
  • Changed the format in which NewsLeecher posts text messages to usenet servers with. It should be compatible with more servers now.
  • Re-arranged the article filters setup dialogs. They can now be accessed from the toolbars just above the article, queue and Repair'n'Extract listviews.
  • Lots of other small improvements (mainly visual ones)
  • Fixed a bug where the licensekey was sometimes deleted, if the Internet Explorer cache was cleaned:
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would sometimes try opening multiple instances, if several NZB files were imported at the same time.
  • Fixed bug where a setting from an outdated "server retention" feature was still used under some circumstances:
  • Lots of other small bug fixes.

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 4 - v3.9 beta 5

  • Due to popular request, the 'Move Small Articles to Top of Transfer Queue' feature has been readded.
  • Added a "Find in SuperSearch" feature to the transfer queue. It can be accessed from the queue popup menu.
  • The 'Pause Download' filter will now be ignored for articles which are added to the queue in non traditional leech modes, such as 'Open' / 'Execute' Mode, 'Show Header' Mode, 'Download Raw' Mode, etc..
  • Improved the "Collapse Virtual Groups" feature introduced in the previous beta, so 'Uncategorizes' groups are never collapsed.
  • Repair'n'Extract will now, optionally, remove excess PAR2 set files from the transfer queue, right after having verified that the set is OK. Previously excess files were not removed until after a set archive had been unpacked.
  • The 'subscribed groups' dropdown menu has been improved. The virtual groups in the dropdown menu now have the same collapsed/expanded states as the virtual groups in the 'subscribed groups' listview.
  • Tweaked parts of the NewsLeecher source in various places.
  • Fixed bug from beta 2, where the Repair'n'Extract didn't always recognise articles in the transfer queue, if the transfer queue filter was in use.
  • Various other smaller bugfixes.

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 3 - v3.9 Beta 4

  • Added an option to 'Collapse Virtual Groups' in the 'Active Group' dropdown menu on the main menu.
  • A few improvements and changes here and there.
  • Fixed bug where group activation didn't always work:
  • Fixed bug introduced in beta 3, where the 'Shaded Sort Column' option was ignored:
  • Fixed character stripping bug when using the RnE 'Find in SuperSearch' feature:
  • GUI themes didn't work since last beta. This has been fixed, but one of the themes has been removed due to problems with the theme painting:
  • Fixed bug where font settings were incorrect under Windows XP, if Office 2007 had been installed:
  • Refixed bug related to toolbar items not being shown when using low screen resolution (800x600):
  • Other small fixes.

Muutokset v3.9 Beta 1 - v3.9 Beta 2

  • All the search filters inside NewsLeecher have been replaced with new ones. The search filter syntax is now the same as the syntax used by SuperSearch, which means that it's possible to exclude specific words, etc.. Help buttons next to the search filters have also been added.
  • Added a new option to cancel all 'paused' articles in the transfer queue, when NewsLeecher is closed down. The option can be accessed from the transfer queue toolbars 'cancel' submenu.
  • (RnE) Added an option to cleanup the transfer queue for unneeded PAR2 Set articles when the Set has been successfully processed. Option can be accessed from: "Options -> Repair'n'Extract -> Delete Unneeded Articles from Queue"
  • (RnE) When using the Repair'n'Extract "Find in SuperSearch" feature, NewsLeecher used to search the current category and set the max-days to "30". This has been changed so the search category is auto-set to "General", and the max-days is set to the highest possible days value (currently "120").
  • Lots of users pressed the cancel buttons on the queue toolbar by mistake, so the queues "Cancel All" / "Cancel Paused" and "Cancel Selected" buttons have now been moved to a submenu on the queue toolbar.
  • (RnE) Fixed a bug where articles were auto-unpaused incorrectly, or not auto-unpaused at all when they should be.
  • Fixed a bug where the Download Pausing Filter was ignored when importing articles to the transfer queue from NZB files.
  • (RnE) Fixed a Repair'n'Extract bug where the RAR unpacking would enter a repeated loop if one or more of the RAR archives were corrupt or password protected.
  • (RnE) Fixed a bug where NewsLeecher would strip the first subject character when using the Repair'n'Extract "Find in SuperSearch" feature.
  • (RnE) Repair'n'Extract is now automatically paused (disabled) if there's too little diskspace for auto unpacking archives.

Muutokset v3.8 - v3.9 Beta 1

  • NewsLeecher now implements a new feature called Repair'n'Extract (RnE) which makes article verification, repairing and extracting fully automatic. Note that this is an early beta so the feature might still contain various bugs. Bugfixes and more RnE funtionality will be implemented in the forthcoming betas.

Muutokset v3.8 Beta 9 - v3.8

  • The setup archive of this final release is around 40% smaller than the setup archive of the v3.7 final.
  • While this release will work on Microsoft Vista without problems for the vast majority of users, there are still a very few issues (mostly license key related) which might cause problems for some users under Vista. We're planning on getting the last Vista related issues fixed in the upcoming v3.9 series.
  • Specific entries in the 'Quick Search' filter dropdowns in NewsLeecher can now be deleted, using the DEL key:
  • Even if no NZBs were imported, NewsLeecher would auto reconnect if the NZB scanner was enabled and the 'Auto Connect on NZB Import' option was turned on. This has been fixed.
  • The status for the same articles differed when shown in the SuperSearch pane and in the Articles pane. This has been fixed.

Muutokset v3.8 beta 8 - v3.8 Beta 9

  • Added option to move empty (index) PAR2 files to the top if the transfer queue when added.
  • This beta uses quite a lot less CPU resources compared to the previous betas, due to a change in the licensing system.
  • Many smaller improvements. (Sort order in the integrated explorer view is saved now, etc.)
  • The /settingsFile switch has been replaced with a non-switch solution for pointing NewsLeecher to a non-default settings file. More info on that here:
  • Fixed a bug where NewsLeecher would show an error message when opening doubleclicked .NZB files.
  • The small statusbar bandwidth graph didn't always work. This has been fixed.
  • Lots of smaller bugfixes.

Muutokset v3.8 Beta 7 - v3.8 beta 8

  • Changed from the previous beta: NewsLeecher will no longer automatically move the NewsLeecher application settings from the 'Program Files' hierarchy to the User Profile hierarchy. On a clean install, NewsLeecher will automatically store its settings and data in the User Profile hierarchy, but if current settings are detected under the "Program Files" hierarchy, NewsLeecher will continue to store them there. To move NewsLeecher settings and data to a new location, use the new "Advanced Folder Location" setting mentioned just below.
  • It's now possible to setup where the NewsLeecher data files and temporary files should be located. But it's recommended to keep the default locations unchanged, unless there's a good reason to change them. Locations can be changed from: Options -> Advanced -> Folders
  • NewsLeecher normally loads settings from a default settings file. It's now possible to specify a custom settings file, by using the new "/settingsFile=[filePath]" command line parameter. More in here:
  • Improved Preview (Image View) Mode. Support for Vista fonts and the height of the preview panel is now stored separately.
  • The NewsLeecher Splashscreen now gives more detailed info during NewsLeecher launch.
  • NewsLeecher launches a little faster now.
  • Bug introduced in a previous beta, where the Preview mode didn't work properly has been fixed:
  • Fixed a few Windows Vista UAC permission issues.

Muutokset v3.8 Beta 6 - v3.8 Beta 7

  • There are lots of internal changes in this beta release of NewsLeecher. Just to make sure you don't lose any settings due to a bug caused by the changes, it is highly recommended that you make a backup of your NewsLeecher settings before installing.
  • The 'perform cache cleanup' prompt can now be turned off from the options dialog: "Options -> Downloads -> Groups Cache -> Ask before ...".
  • Added a few settings related to the speed bar on the tray icon. "Setup -> Interface -> Tray Icon Settings".
  • NewsLeecher will now store settings in the personal Windows profile folder, to be more compatible with Windows application guidelines. The new settings location will also fix some User Access Control problems that Vista users have had with previous versions of NewsLeecher. Note that NewsLeecher will automatically move current settings to the new location, so this release can easily be installed on top of an earlier release without causing problems.
  • NewsLeecher now uses a new license key system which offers better compatibility with Windows Vista. Registered users will have to fetch a new licensekey for this release of NewsLeecher. That can easily be done from the NewsLeecher Members Area at:
  • Various other small improvements which makes NewsLeecher more Windows Vista friendly. (Font changes, etc.)
  • Sometimes the NewsLeecher auto-close feature didn't work, because the cache-cleanup prompt prevented the application from closing down. This has been fixed.
  • Many smaller bug fixes.

Muutokset v3.7 - v3.8 Beta 6

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