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Muutokset v6.15.0 - v6.15.1

Muutokset v6.14.2 - v6.15.0

Muutokset v6.14.1 - v6.14.2

Muutokset v6.13.0 - v6.14.1

Muutokset v6.12.1 - v6.13.0

Muutokset v6.12.0 - v6.12.1

Muutokset v6.11.2 - v6.12.0

Muutokset v6.11.1 - v6.11.2

Muutokset v6.11.0 - v6.11.1

Muutokset v6.10.1 - v6.11.0

Muutokset v6.10.0 - v6.10.1

Muutokset v6.9.7 - v6.10.0

Muutokset v6.9.6 - v6.9.7

Muutokset v6.9.4 - v6.9.5

  • Improvements
  • - In case that Gecko engine does not launch, a website will be rendered by a single process Trident engine.
  • Fixed Bugs
  • - Fixed a bug that "Up" function which go to the upper directory of the current URL does not work in Trident.
  • - Fixed a bug that the escape key does not work in Trident.

Muutokset v6.9.3 - v6.9.4

  • Out-process Trident Engine

Muutokset v6.9.2 - v6.9.3

  • Improvements
  • ・ Updated the Gecko engine version to 24.8.1
  • Bug Fix
  • ・Fixed a bug that search words show up as strange characters on Gecko.
  • ・Fixed a bug that some shorcut keys don't work on Gecko.
  • ・Lunascape version is added to a default user agent string of Gecko.
  • ・Fixed a bug that a custom user agent is not reflected on Trident.

Muutokset v6.9.1 - v6.9.2

  • Improvements
  • ・ Handled the problem of freezing on some sites if you were using Trident
  • ・Upgraded Gecko to version ver24.7(ESR).
  • ・Upgraded the compiler version from VC10 to VC12.
  • Bug Fix
  • ・Fixed a bug that caused part of [[[Gecko]]]'s screen size not to be shown in multi-display environments.
  • ・Fixed a bug that caused part of the favorites list to be hidden even if you scrolled down.
  • ・Fixed a bug that caused unnecessary files to be left behind when uninstalling.
  • ・Fixed a bug that prevented a proper upgrade when a portable install was performed on Windows8.1.

Muutokset v6.9.0 - v6.9.1

  • ・Fixed a bug in the dialog scripts for backup, restore, and reset of user settings.
  • ・Fixed a bug that prevented Lunascape Design Skins from being downloaded and applied in Gecko.
  • ・Fixed a bug that prevented some Windows8.1 users from being able to properly upgrade Lunsacape.
  • ・Fixed a bug that caused magnification scale to return to original settings when performing  some operations, such as switching tab, after magnification scale was changed in Gecko.

Muutokset v6.8.10 - v6.9.0

  • This release includes support for out-process Gecko engine and out-process WebKit engine.
  • This means that Lunascape is able to avoid a crash when the engine crashes.
  • New features
  • - Out-process Gecko Engine
  • - Out-process WebKit Engine
  • Improvement
  • - Updated the Gecko engine version to 24.6 ( ESR version )
  • • Updated the WebKit engine rivision to 136242
  • • Added Windows 8.1 support
  • • Changed the compiler version from vc9 to vc10

Muutokset v6.8.9 - v6.8.10

Muutokset v6.8.7 - v6.8.8

Muutokset v6.8.6 - v6.8.7

Muutokset v6.8.5 - v6.8.6

Muutokset v6.8.2 - v6.8.5

Muutokset v6.8.1 - v6.8.2

Muutokset v6.8.0 - v6.8.1

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