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Muutokset v0.73.1.2 - v0.73.2.1

Muutokset v0.73.0.1 - v0.73.1.1

Muutokset v0.72.0.6 - v0.73.0.1

Muutokset v0.63.1.1 - v0.63.2.1

  • The Hyperlink patch from NuTTY ( was included into KiTTY a long time ago.
  • This patch was "buggy" !
  • the specific regular expression managment functions have a memory leak
  • the default regex was not right
  • In certain conditions, software crashes may occur.
  • We finally decided to rewrite the regex managment functions, using GNU libregex.a library. In the same time we modify the default regex with a more efficient once.
  • We also provide a new option -hyperlinkfix to generate a .reg file in order to change the regex in all sessions settings for people who save the previous buggy one.
  • Beside these modification we also fix some minor issues:
  • bug fix: "Window has Close button" option did not work at startup, but only after reconfiguration
  • bug fix: into registry file kitty.sav (auto saving of the KiTTY registry content), REG_DWORD type fields were not saved correctly

Muutokset v0.63.0.6 - v0.63.0.8

  • New feature: It is now possible to set a port knocking sequence in connection panel (tested with knockd)
  • New feature: Auto reconnection delay is now configurable
  • Bug fix: CTRL+LEFT and CTRL+RIGHT keyboard sequences did not work
  • Bug fix: Since the previous update, login script feature in portable mode did not work anymore
  • Bug fix: mouse scrolling with a huge value in "Lines of scrollback" causes a crash
  • Feature modification: new "port forwarding" information window

Muutokset v0.63.0.5 - v0.63.0.6

  • Performance improvment in kitty.exe (patch
  • Performance improvment in ksftp.exe (
  • New feature: switch between KiTTY windows with CTRL+TAB
  • New feature: the working directory, the config directory and the content of KITTY_PATH variable are appended to the PATH variable environment (used to search for third part softwares such as winscp.exe)
  • New feature: search for the the configuration file in the KITTY_INI_FILE environment variable
  • New patch integration: wincrypt (from to work with certificate
  • bug fix: window title should not be set to cfg.wintitle value when restoring from task bar
  • hyperlink patch is converted from C++ to C

Muutokset v0.63.04 - v0.63.0.5

  • Add 64bits compatibility for the cygterm patch
  • Add a new MouseShortcutsFlag option to disable mouse shortcuts
  • Add a new AutoStoreSSHKeyFlag option (and a -auto_store_sshkey flag for klink) to auto save the server SSH keys
  • Add the new version of regex library (memory leak issue with previous one)
  • Fix the -cygterm command-line flag
  • Fix a Zmodem patch issue
  • Disable Hyperlink patch by default

Muutokset v0.63.03 - v0.63.04

  • the logon script size was static (the buffer size was 4096). It is dynamic, now.
  • the transparency setting panel was available even when the transparency option was off
  • the KEYMAPPINGPORT patch ( is included
  • at automatic telnet connection, the login was sent twice

Muutokset v0.63.0.1 - v0.63.03

  • bug: fix on hypertext link feature when the regex is empty (disable the function)
  • bug: sessions with saved password could not be duplicated
  • bug: memory leak fix in title/icon managment function
  • bug: auto-command feature could not work in portable mode
  • complete rewrite of the auto-command feature
  • improvment of the sessions filter in the config box of the portable mode (with many saved sessions the filter was very slow)
  • bug: fix in the command-line cygterm feature, the auto-command (last parameter) did not work
  • bug: in some configurations, saved password feature made KiTTY crash
  • bug: folders filter did not work where folder name cointains a slash character

Muutokset v0.62.2.3 - v0.63.0.1

  • in classic mode session name now bracket [...].
  • new option "Full screen on startup" (in Window/Behavior panel).
  • new transparency managment (Window/Background panel). Don't forget transparency is disabled by default.
  • new icon for KiTTY session launcher

Muutokset v0.62.2.2 - v0.62.2.3

  • New feature: "Maximize on startup"
  • Bug fix in portable mode: "folder" setting remained unchanged even if the session settings file was moved with windows explorer
  • Bug fix in registry mode: "folder" setting could not be changed
  • A new version will be available very soon. It will be built from a recent PuTTY version.

Muutokset v0.62.2.1 - v0.62.2.2

  • Bug with absolute name in log file
  • Bug with restore item menu in systray

Muutokset v0.62.1.4 - v0.62.2.1

  • Management of IPv6 protocol in PSCP et WinSCP integration, and logs
  • Improvement of the start button feature
  • The bug with the non-standard DPI is now fixed
  • The bug with the kitty.ini file corruption in portable mode is now fixed

Muutokset v0.62.1.3 - v0.62.1.4

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