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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Just Manager (64-bit portable)

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Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 53 - v0.1 Alpha 54

  • Added correct handling of locked file delete situation.
  • IThumbnailProvider interface support added.
  • %INACTIVE_PATH% parameter added for custom commands.
  • Folder update monitoring improved.
  • Thumbnails crash fixed.
  • Incorrect system folders names under Win XP - fixed.
  • file:\\ prefix handling added.

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 52 - v0.1 Alpha 53

  • Incorrect appearance of folder that contains ampersand in tab and path panel - fixed.
  • Drag&drop copy instead of moving when drive letter in lower case - fixed.
  • Crash on drag&drop file with invalid characters in name - fixed.
  • Missing confirmation dialog when drag&drop from archive - fixed.
  • Crash on FTP view/edit - fixed.

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 51 - v0.1 Alpha 52

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 50 - v0.1 Alpha 51

  • Transparent selection incorrectly applies for even rows - fixed.
  • Data checkbox text is cut off in File Search dialog - fixed.
  • "Go to" command doesn't work for custom buttons if path is relative - fixed.
  • Now button customization dialog opens from main toolbar button context menu.
  • Problem with deleting already deleted folder - fixed.
  • Crash on copy/move when an odd number of panels displayed - fixed.
  • Wrong tray icon problem fixed.
  • Rename function on panels cross clicking in NC selection - fixed.
  • Crash on FTP disconnect from Navigation panel - fixed.
  • Middle mouse button click on drive now opens drive path in new tab.
  • Clicking on ".." item in locked tab cause parent path open in new tab.
  • Incorrect tab selection on tab drag-and-drop - fixed.
  • CPU usage reduced.
  • Fixed error when executing custom command with relative command path and empty path.
  • Sometimes thumbnails are displayed in wrong size - fixed.

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 49 - v0.1 Alpha 50

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 48 - v0.1 Alpha 49

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 47 - v0.1 Alpha 48

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 46 - v0.1 Alpha 47

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 45 - v0.1 Alpha 46

  • Implemented drag-and-drop to system folders.
  • Cut to clipboard items now displayed with greyed icons.
  • Multiplying code pages in FTP connection settings dialog - fixed.
  • Unnecessary FTP reconnection removed.
  • FTP path doesn't include starting / - fixed.
  • Incorrect resource selection on resources toolbar - fixed.
  • Crash when adding new tab with FTP tab selected - fixed.
  • Ignore list implemented.
  • Date format combobox auto-scroll added.
  • "Startup folders" option added.

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 44 - v0.1 Alpha 45

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 43 - v0.1 Alpha 44

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 42 - v0.1 Alpha 43

  • "Local drives" option added to file search path menu.
  • File operation progress now displays in taskbar.
  • Fixed FTP connection problem when network disconnected.
  • Folder monitor crash fixed.
  • Rename command visible in file search dialog contextual menu - fixed.
  • Path can't be editable on mouse click - fixed.
  • Fixed problem with overwriting system/hidden/read-only files.
  • Crash when copying files with 0 size - fixed.
  • "Open new file in editor" option added.
  • Focus not moving on right button selection - fixed.
  • File overwrite confirmation now supports rename and auto-rename functions.
  • Fixed FTP incorrect work with remote directory.
  • Copy FTP log to clipboard function added.
  • File operations toolbar introduced.
  • Crash on file copy/move when another process uses this file.

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 41 - v0.1 Alpha 42

  • Incorrect selection in panel view menu - fixed.
  • ".." item can be selected for file operations - fixed.
  • Read-only file can't be deleted from disk - fixed.
  • Double-click in Main toolbar customization now opens edit dialog.
  • Folder favorites customization dialog now displays icons.
  • %ALL% option doesn't work - fixed.
  • "Check all paths on startup" option added.
  • Additional folder update monitor added.
  • FTP log implemented.
  • Now Space key performs Go To command in file search dialog.

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 40 - v0.1 Alpha 41

  • File search template name resets on saving - fixed.
  • Not older value is 1 by default now and range increased.
  • Spanish localization added.
  • Incorrect copy progress - fixed.
  • Multi-rename tool now used on Alt+R/F2 when more than one element selected.
  • Panel now become active on path panel click.
  • "Show/hide navigation panel" command introduced.
  • Favorite/system folders menus now display icons.
  • Navigation panel and favorite/system folders menu can display real folder icons.
  • Viewer/editor relative path problem fixed.
  • Arabic localization added.
  • Middle button click in panel now opens item in new tab.

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 39 - v0.1 Alpha 40

  • Scroll under cursor feature added for panels.
  • Operations window restore problem during session - fixed.
  • Right button selection doesn't work for up to down direction - fixed.
  • Panel view menu item not selected after startup - fixed.
  • Text replace doesn't work in Multi-Rename dialog - fixed.
  • New copy/move/delete confirmation dialogs.
  • Copy/move dialog now supports path changing.
  • Delete confirmation dialog now supports "To Recycle Bin" option switching.
  • Corrupted file during CFSTR_FILEDESCRIPTOR drag-and-drop - fixed.
  • Selection by Ins key now supported in Explorer style selection type.
  • "Program Files (x86)" item displays in system folders on 32 bit OS - fixed.
  • File filter now supports NotOlder option.

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 38 - v0.1 Alpha 39

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 37 - v0.1 Alpha 38

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 36 - v0.1 Alpha 37

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 35 - v0.1 Alpha 36

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 34 - v0.1 Alpha 35

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 33 - v0.1 Alpha 34

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 32 - v0.1 Alpha 33

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 31 - v0.1 Alpha 32

Muutokset v0.1 Alpha 27 - v0.1 Alpha 31

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