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Muutokset v0.9.7 - v1.0.1

Muutokset v0.9.6 - v0.9.7

Muutokset v0.9.4 - v0.9.6

Muutokset v0.9.3 - v0.9.4

  • URLs for homepage and auto-update adjusted
  • Line wrap: relaxed max. columns to 90
  • Support for double-CP437-encoded NFOs that were additionally encoded as UTF-8 afterwards (see issue 104)
  • Default "Escape key quits program" to true (for new installs)
  • Some changes to Windows version display in about dialog
  • Library update to cairo 1.14.2, libpng 1.6.16, libpcre 8.36
  • Linux build fixed

Muutokset v0.9.2 - v0.9.3

  • Added missing plugin(s) to portable download
  • Fixed some false positives in hyperlink detection ( issue 97 )
  • Fixed issue 103 (CR-only NFOs)
  • Added --text-only and --wrap options to infekt-cmd
  • pixman + libpng library update

Muutokset v0.8.14 - v0.9.2

  • Fixed a redrawing issue (opaque rectangles when zooming)
  • Improved detection of mail addresses to avoid false positives
  • Fixed Ctrl+G shortcut (toggles toolbar)
  • v0.9.0 (May 31st 2014)
  • Enabled plugin selection list in the preferences
  • First plugin: ReScene - it can read .srr files and show the first embedded .nfo in iNFekt - issue 93
  • Fixed handling of files that are deleted or moved while being viewed
  • Tweaked handling of IMDb links a bit - issue 94
  • Added support for CRCRLF line ending sequence ("Windows XP notepad word wrap bug") - issue 92
  • Added "auto-adjust window height" feature (default off) - issue 95
  • Moved around some options in the preferences dialogs
  • Changed line-wrap behavior to only wrap if less than 50% of all lines are affected. Not perfect for really short NFOs, but great for NFOs with huge art blocks that exceed 80 chars.
  • PCRE update to 8.35
  • libpng update to 1.6.10
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Muutokset v0.8.12 - v0.8.14

Muutokset v0.8.10 - v0.8.12

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