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Muutokset v1.0.5.0 - v1.0.6.0

  • half it's source code was re-writen, making it faster and more agile, by removing some non-needed stuff, simplifying everything and, last but not least, using *threads* for the search and downloads

Muutokset v1.0.4.8 - v1.0.5.0

  • A new options dialog was added, allowing the user to define the minimum and maximum size for the image download, as well as the maximum quantity of images to download in one go. Some menus where not respecting the code, everything was trimmed and corrected too, and a few more menu items were added. A new design 'about' dialog was added too.
  • For 'offline browsing', if user saved the search for later, the image names where not saving, so the loading from local disk image wasn't working either - solved now too. And a few more code improvements and some small bugs corrected while I was at it..

Muutokset v1.0.4.2 - v1.0.4.8

  • A few bugs have been corrected, and then a true 'options' pannel was created, with a few new options, like 'max quantity of files to download', 'max file size to download' (all according to user's suggestion, so thank you again!), and a few others.
  • Also, a 'simple' change on the source code made the program a little bit faster - hopefuly!

Muutokset v1.0.1.5 - v1.0.4.2

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