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Muutokset v3.1.1 Beta 2 - v3.2.0 Beta 1

Muutokset v3.1.0 - v3.1.1 Beta 2

Muutokset v3.0.3 - v3.1.0

Muutokset v3.0.3 - v3.1.0 Beta 1

Muutokset v3.0.2 - v3.0.3

Muutokset v3.0.2 - v3.0.3 Beta 1

Muutokset v3.0.0 - v3.0.2

Muutokset v3.0.1 Beta 3 - v3.0.1 RC1

Muutokset v2.3.0 - v3.0.0

Muutokset v3.0.0 RC1 - v3.0.0 RC2

Muutokset v3.0.0 Beta 4 - v3.0.0 RC1

Muutokset v2.2.7 - v2.3.0

Muutokset v2.2.5 - v2.2.6

  • Improved the core thumbnailing code (should result in a small speed boost)
  • Improved thumbnailing speed of HEVC files
  • Improved swf thumbnailing in general
  • Added support for rare on2vp8 format in ogv files
  • Fixed Icaros on Win XP
  • Fixed crash when thumbnailing shortcuts (Thanks Sahil)
  • Fixed aspect ratio of specific mp4/mov files
  • Fixed a couple of swf thumbnailing regressions
  • Fixed rare jpg files displaying upside down
  • Fixed crash with certain mkv files on 32-bit systems (Thanks hervansaputra)
  • Many minor fixes and improvements
  • Improved FFmpeg build
  • Updated FFmpeg

Muutokset v2.2.3 - v2.2.4

  • Added (Experimental) HEVC/H265 decoding
  • Added VP9 decoding
  • Added HEVC/H265 track definitions to property parser
  • Added VP9 track definition to mkv property parser
  • Upgraded compilers to MSVC 2013/GCC 4.8.2
  • Updated Versioning scheme
  • Improved FFmpeg compilation
  • Decreased size of binaries by about 4-5 MB
  • Fixed Green-ish image thumbnails
  • Fixed 'Contains Chapters' property for certain MKV files
  • Fixed a bug in the 'Reset Property Filetypes' function
  • Fixed AVI regression (certain rare AVI files didn't generate proper thumbnails)
  • Fixed thumbnailing of several m2ts samples (Thanks Lenmaer)
  • Fixed specific m2ts crash (Thanks HD-False)
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Updated FFmpeg

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