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Muutokset v8.05.00 - v8.05.01

  • Fix: transparent background color setting on the Edit ribbon tab was not remembered when switching between images, if the drawing toolbar was not visible at the same time (which is the default setting)
  • Fix: Color substitution was not remembering transparency (alpha) and not applying it when doing auto-replacement on each capture.

Muutokset v8.04.08 - v8.05.00

  • New option under Image - Color Substitution, to replace pixel color if the original color does not match the source color. This would let you e.g. to convert all but red pixels on an image to white (or whatever you want)
  • Correction - copying an image of irregular shape or with transparent areas would turn into solid background color on the target image.

Muutokset v8.04.07 - v8.04.08

  • Updated Firefox add-on to work with the latest release of Firefox.

Muutokset v8.04.06 - v8.04.07

  • Fix: incorrect paste of 24 bit images (was pasted with transparent white color)
  • Fix: pasting to the left, right, top or bottom of current selection did not work correctly.

Muutokset v8.04.05 - v8.04.06

  • Fix: was crashing when saving a JPEG file previously opened for a JPEG, if the opriginal JPEG had some mal-formatted EXIF data.

Muutokset v8.04.04 - v8.04.05

  • Bug fix in stamp creation from image selection (was crashing the program)

Muutokset v8.04.03 - v8.04.04

  • Small change to the way the "Paste as new image" command works - now all the image processing and auto- operations for this command are the same as for screen captures. Makes automating some tasks easier and more consistent.

Muutokset v8.04.02 - v8.04.03

  • Firefox v. 35 was released with a bug that prevented our add-on from working. In this release I work-around that bug to make it possible to use the add-on again.

Muutokset v8.03.00 - v8.04.02

  • Several interpolation modes and an extra parameter added to Image/Scale function
  • Bug fix - crash when saving configuration to existing .ini file in a folder where the current user has no write permission
  • Updated and expanded online manual in the German edition of HyperSnap 8

Muutokset v8.02.04 - v8.03.00

  • Auto-paste image - New feature: define custom keys for image paste operation, which lets you insert extra Return characters, text before and after the image (with macro expansion for date, time, image name, user name etc.) and even activate additional windows and paste the image in one operation into several documents.
  • Loading next/previous file with page up/down keys now takes into account any changes, like file deleted, added or renamed in the folder. It now also rotates through all graphics files, instead of only one type of files like .jpg or .png.

Muutokset v8.02.02 - v8.02.04

  • Fix: images wider (or higher) than 32767 pixels were not displayed correctly.
  • Small change to the behavior of "Delete file" function on File menu (ribbon interface only), now if will load the next file from the same directory, if available. The "next" in the sense of alphabetic sequence of image file names.

Muutokset v8.02.01 - v8.02.02

  • Fixed crash on Windows 8, when image captured or opened, and moving the mouse over HTML label in color selector part of the Edit ribbon tab.

Muutokset v8.02.00 - v8.02.01

  • Fix: send by email as PDF, and possibly some other formats, was broken. Now works correctly.

Muutokset v8.01.01 - v8.02.00

  • Added "Delete and close" function on File menu (ribbon only), to both close an image/document and delete its file
  • Added "Close and delete files" function to the right-click menu on a thumbnails, when one or more thumbnials are selected.
  • Fixed "Extended active window capture" - previously worked only in 32-bit version of HyperSnap 8, and only for 32-bit windows. Now both 64 and 32 bit windows are handled correctly from both versions of HyperSnap 8.
  • Fixed "Email selected" on thumbs right-click menu, previously did not work on Windows 8 and/or for MS Outlook 2013.
  • Fixed thumbnail reordering with drag-drop, previously displayed an error if the "image tabs" at the bottom were hidden.

Muutokset v8.01.00 - v8.01.01

  • Fix for running only a single instance of HyperSnap 8 64-bit by default, when clicking on its shortcut or opening image files with a double-click.
  • Added option to prefer either PNG or JPEG file format, when dragging out images from the Thumbnails bar to any folder or other app accepting image file drop - see under Customize - Tabs.

Muutokset v7.29.03 - v8.01.00

  • 64-bit version, allowing the use of the full potential of modern 64-bit computers. Capture and edit much bigger images, fit in memory more captures simultaneously opened in HyperSnap window for editing and processing. A 32-bit version is also available for use on 32-bit systems.
  • Thumbnails list - select all or several of captured images and right-click - Save Selected - Each image to its own file: now prompts you for the folder and image format to save in, instead of as in v.7 automatically saving to the last used folder and file.
  • Thumbnails list - select all or several of captured images and right-click: added new function "Email selected", which will attach multiple images in selected file format to an empty email message.
  • The order of thumbnails in the thumbnail bar may now be re-arranged with drag and drop operation. This is important e.g. if you want to save some or all of images into one PDF file, and the order in which they are saved is important.
  • You may now drag out one image thumb, or several of them if marked with check-marks, to Windows desktop or Explorer folders. Upon dropping the thumbnails there, the images will be saved in that folder as PNG or JPEG files. You may also drag-drop them to other targets that accept files, e.g. MS Word, email, web file upload forms etc.
  • Wider lines when drawing shapes possible - under the "Line Style" tool, click "Wider Lines" menu item and type the new width in pixels.More "skins" under Setup ribbon tab - "Skin" button, including Office 2013 themesOther possible enhancements will be added to version 8, depending on your feedback.

Muutokset v7.29.02 - v7.29.03

  • Small change for compatibility with the future version 8 of HyperSnap

Muutokset v7.29.01 - v7.29.02

  • Fix: paste each capture on current image did not work, if no "Extend..." was selected, and "Copy each capture to clipboard" was turned off.
  • Remembering the last used tile size for the Image/Mosaic function between program restarts

Muutokset v7.29.00 - v7.29.01

  • Fix: rounded cornered and oval callouts with non-transparent backgrownd were not drawn correctly.

Muutokset v7.28.05 - v7.29.00

  • Several small fixes

Muutokset v7.28.04 - v7.28.05

  • Small fix for pasting images with transparent background

Muutokset v7.28.03 - v7.28.04

  • Small bug fix - sometimes would not read correctly configuration (.ini) file.

Muutokset v7.28.02 - v7.28.03

  • Small change to allow control of Capture Settings dialog box from external software (using SendKeys() function).

Muutokset v7.28.01 - v7.28.02

  • Fix for the crash on Windows Vista only.

Muutokset v7.28 - v7.28.01

  • Fixes to Firefox addon, to better handle Windows 7 and 8.x "make everything larger" setting on high resolution screens

Muutokset v7.27.02 - v7.28

  • Added ability to paste images from HTML clipboard format, that MS Word and other programs put sometimes into the clipboard.
  • Removed ImageShack upload functions, as ImageShack now changed their servise terms and handles only paid accounts.

Muutokset v7.27.01 - v7.27.02

  • Fix for copying with transparency

Muutokset v7.27.00 - v7.27.01

  • Fixed crash when using Image/Tile function end manually entering a large value into the tile size edit field.
  • Image/Sharpen or Blurr function, increased the blurr side of the slider range to -250, to let more blurring
  • When using Quick Save feature and a file path is entered for a directory that dies not exist (or was deleted), it will now try to re-create the directory.

Muutokset v7.26.02 - v7.27.00

  • When in screen capture mode, outlining a region, selecting a windows etc., one can right-click to show a menu and change the mode. Now, the same letters you see on the right of that menu, work also if you press them on the keyboard to switch the mode, without a right-click to show the menu.

Muutokset v7.26.01 - v7.26.02

  • Fixed - the small page preview under File/Page Setup did not show shapes drawn "over" the image.

Muutokset v7.25.04 - v7.26.01

  • Modified to take into account shapes extending beyond the image area for auto-zoom, scrolling etc.

Muutokset v7.25.03 - v7.25.04

  • Fixing a crash when using File/Open for some JPEG or TIFF files.

Muutokset v7.25.02 - v7.25.03

  • Corrected a problem with image orientation for some JPEG and TIFF files.

Muutokset v7.24.01 - v7.25.02

  • Permits more ribbon customization, e.g. add custom tabs and panels with the functions you select.

Muutokset v7.24.00 - v7.24.01

  • Firefox AddOn updated to work with Firefox ver. 22.0 and newer.

Muutokset v7.23.03 - v7.24.00

  • While opening JPEG and TIFF files, image orientation - if known - is taken into account and the image is auto-rotated to the correct orientation.

Muutokset v7.23.02 - v7.23.03

  • Fix: The saturation slider on "Color Correction" did not work quite right.
  • F12 cannot be used as a hotkey under Windows, so blocked its entry in the Hot Keys dialog box.

Muutokset v7.23.01 - v7.23.02

  • Fix: Alt-key combinations to access ribbon functions were not working correctly when the mouse was inside of HyperSnap 7 drawing area.
  • Fix: Image rename function within thumbnails list was interrupted, if the muose was moved into the drawing area.
  • Fix: Highlight with the currrent foreground or background color in "draw directly on image" mode was not working correctly (drawing only black rectangles).

Muutokset v7.23.00 - v7.23.01

  • License delete and version check/update disabled for customers with corporate-wide licenses (only Admin can set license and update software in corporate environment). This change is not announced in the automatic version check, as it does not affect regular users.

Muutokset v7.22.00 - v7.23.00

  • Firefox Add-on had to be updated for the changes in the latest versions of Firefox - otherwise Capture Entire Page and Visible Part won't work. After upgrading HyperSnap 7 to this version, click also "Setup" ribbon tab, "FF Add-on" button to fix the issue (or "Options" menu, "Install Firefox Add-on" if using menu interface)

Muutokset v7.21.00 - v7.22.00

  • Fix for Windows 8 filetype registration for opening graphics files etc. The "Register File Types" item is no longer shown in HyperSnap 7 ribbon or menu when running on Windows 8, but right-click any supported graphics file in Explorer and choose to open with HyperSnap 7 or set HyperSnap 7 as the default app there, all should work correctly.
  • Fix for the blurry text in callout shapes - this time it works...
  • Fix for line width selection from the old style drawing toolbar, was not working right after adding more line widths to the ribbon interface.

Muutokset v7.20.04 - v7.21.00

  • Fix for Windows 8 - starting a capture with hot-keys in "Metro" interface no longer requires Alt+Tab to switch to desktop mode to view and finish the capture - switches automatically when needed.
  • Fixed frames missing one pixel in top left corner.
  • Improved blurry text in callouts when background color is totally opaque (Alpha 255).

Muutokset v7.20.03 - v7.20.04

  • Had to disable anonymous upload to ImageShack - it never worked correctly.

Muutokset v7.20.02 - v7.20.03

  • Small fix - font selection box for text and callout items did not work correctly under Windows XP.

Muutokset v7.19.01 - v7.20.02

  • Fixed crash when trying to create a text box when running on Windows XP (maybe some other systems as well)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts in text editing box of toggle of bold (Ctrl+B), italics (Ctrl+I), underline (Ctrl+U), left align (Ctrl+L), center (Ctrl+E) and right align (Ctrl+R) commands.

Muutokset v7.19.00 - v7.19.01

  • Changed Stamps list to multi-selection. Hold Ctrl or Shift key while clicking on stamp names to select more than one, then click "Insert" or "Delete" button to insert/delete multiple stamps in one operation.

Muutokset v7.18.00 - v7.19.00

  • Modified again the way copy/paste of image area works. Now again preserves the original position, unless the pasted fragment would fall entirely outside of the target image - in that case it goes to (0,0) of current selection.
  • Added "Align" command for shapes to the "Edit" ribbon tab, and modified the way align works - it now shows and lets the user move a vertical or horizontal line to which the shapes should be aligned.
  • Renaming an image from the thumbnails list (click the thumbnail, then click again the name below it to edit it) now also renames the file belonging to this image.

Muutokset v7.17.00 - v7.18.00

  • Strip command on Image menu now has also insert commands, in addition to cut-out
  • Resize button has drop down menu with "Contain shapes" command
  • Split button added to Image ribbon tab, to split images horizontally, vertically or 4-ways.
  • Correction to copy image area, followed by immediate paste - was pasted relative to
  • the current selection rectangle, causing it to fall outside of the image sometimes.
  • Fixed - no longer rounding corners when capturing windows under Windows 8.
  • TextSnap marked as unsupported. It still works as always, but a notice appear when turned on, explaining the lack of support.

Muutokset v7.16.03 - v7.17.00

  • When logging off or shutting down Windows, will save unsaved images in temporary folder, restore them upon next start of HyperSnap.
  • Increased radius for easier clicking on object resize handles and other hot points.
  • Other small changes to improve stability and certify the product for Windows 8 desktop.

Muutokset v7.16.02 - v7.16.03

  • Fixed crash when using File/Save with TextSnap result
  • Fixed crash when using Color Replacement function when no image loaded

Muutokset v7.16.01 - v7.16.02

  • Incorrect handling of 32-bits per pixel images with transparency in auto-trim function fixed.

Muutokset v7.16.00 - v7.16.01

  • Modified "Display pixel size of the blinking rectangle during Window capture" option - it is turned off by default now. Press the - (minus or hyphen key) during window capture to turn on this display. It was causing trouble for some users.

Muutokset v7.15.01 - v7.16.00

  • Changes/new features:
  • Display pixel size of the blinking rectangle during Window capture
  • End region capture with 'C' key to copy color code (crosshair stage) or size (outline rectangle stage)
  • Added an option for turning text smoothing off and on again for text and callout items.
  • Changed the way Copy in HTML format works. Now if the image was previously saved in GIF/JPEG/PNG format, (including Quick Save upon new capture) and not modified, that file will be used in HTML code. Otherwise, a temporary file will be generated as before, but this time taking into account the format specification last used under File/Save As... - if that format was GIF or JPEG or PNG. Else HyperSnap auto-selects GIF or PNG.
  • Fixes:
  • Move or delete selection - clears to background color but ignores transparency (alpha).
  • Make a freehand selection and finish it, cursor still in freehand selection mode - Del and BS keys don't clear selected area.

Muutokset v7.15.00 - v7.15.01

  • Bug fix - pressing Delete key on the keyboard not only deleted selected shapes, but also cleared the whole image to white (although this could be reverted with Undo operation). Now it works correctly.

Muutokset v7.14.02 - v7.15.00

  • Changes and new features:
  • Dragging corners of pasted image by default now preserves proportions of the image. Hold Shift for unrestricted scaling of such images. Or hold Ctrl key while dragging corners of other object to preserve their proportions.
  • Changed the way area selections work (both rectangular and freehand selection). Making these selections with Ctrl key down, selects only shapes. Without Ctrl pressed, the underlying image area is selected and the shapes are drawn on top of this selection. The selection object then floats above all other objects, so it's easier to see, move, edit.
  • Issues fixed:
  • Double click the last added text item, while the cursor is still in text mode, does not start text editing
  • Upon start of a text edit operation the window was still showing the OK button as a default button, activated by pressing Enter key, while in fact Enter produces new lines in the edited text.
  • Area select and move it - cannot select another area close to it before first imprinting the previous one.
  • Freehand area selection - switch to other image and back - transparency lost, no matter if moved or not.
  • Windows explorer thumbnails no longer worked on 64-bit systems.
  • There should be a way to scale selection without moving it first - there is now, right-click, choose "convert selection to an object" and then scale.

Muutokset v7.14.01 - v7.14.02

  • Fixes:
  • Marking stamps for auto-insert damaged stamp files
  • Auto-inserting stamps with "underlay" (emboss) style did not work correctly
  • Inserting stamps with "underlay" (emboss) style did not work correctly when target image had 32 bpp color
  • Turning off the "default button" style on edit stamp or text box when editing the text (Enter key enters new lines in text then)
  • Zoom up above 400% and down twice permanently hid objects drawn over the image. Now they are shown back if they were visible before the zoom.
  • Rectangular selection, immediatelly after drawing it first and releasing the mouse button, was scaled instead enlarged when dragging its corners or mid-section handles. Now it willbe scaled only if you move it _and_ click outside to de-select it, then select again.

Muutokset v7.14.00 - v7.14.01

  • Fixes:
  • Hang on region capture or crop functions under Win7 on some machines.
  • Marking stamps for auto-insert damaged stamp files
  • Auto-inserting stamps with "underlay" (emboss) style did not work correctly
  • Inserting stamps with "underlay" (emboss) style did not work correctly when target image had 32 bpp color
  • Minor change:
  • Turning off the "default button" style on edit stamp or text box when editing the text (Enter key enters new lines in text then)

Muutokset v7.13.05 - v7.14.00

  • New features:
  • "W" key during region capture and similar functions toggles cross-hair or selection box line width between 1, 3, 5 and 7 pixels - wider lines are sometimes needed for visually impared.
  • Images pasted on the current picture in HyperSnap 7 window, and stamps without text, are now scaled bigger/smaller if you start dragging corners of them.
  • The rectangular area selection, after it's moved and de-selected, then selected again, is now scaled when dragging its corners, instead just enlarging the selection area.
  • Bugs fixed:
  • Pasting images copied from another HyperSnap window on a current image, would always paste at top left, instead of at selection top left.
  • Drawing lines and other objects - if released left mouse button while mouse was beyond HyperSnap drawing area, the object would disappear.
  • Right-click on thumbnails and choosing "Save Selected" - "to a single file..." then cancelling - caused that only TIFF and PDF formats were available under the regular File/Save As...
  • F1 key in region capture and similar functions to toggle zoom/help was not working correctly (bringing up help window etc.)
  • When zoom mode was set to "Auto", clicking on the magnifying glass in ribbon interface up right did nothing
  • When adding text, it was not possible to start dragging text outline rectangle over an object drawn before, unless these object were "imprinted" on the underlying image.
  • Copying an image with 8 bits per pixel color resolution and pasting it back into HyperSnap 7 caused color reversal - blue to read etc.
  • Copying image with color resolution reduction to 8, 4 or 1 bits per pixel was incorrect.
  • Thumbnails were not always updated when adding, moving shapes.

Muutokset v7.13.04 - v7.13.05

  • Fixes to add shadow to bitmap function
  • Capture active window corrected to make rounded corners etc. transparent, when opacity of default background color for captures is set to 0.

Muutokset v7.13.03 - v7.13.04

  • Fix - copying a callout with text item crashed the program
  • On some 64-bit systems text capture did not work for 64-bit processes (e.g. from Windows Explorer) due to missing DLLs. Now HyperSnap 7 setup provides these DLLs and corrects the problem.

Muutokset v7.13.02 - v7.13.03

  • Fix to copy/paste images with transparent background color - the older version did not respect color transparency setting and would always paste as non-transparent.

Muutokset v7.13.01 - v7.13.02

  • Text drawing mode modified - now leaves the new text item just created "selected" with resizing handles visible and active. If you move mouse over this item, you may move and resize it at once, double-click to edit again etc. If you move mouse over image space empty of other drawn object, the mouse cursor is still in new test creation mode as before. Some users were confused and thought they can no longer resize text items created, this should make it much easier.
  • Some small bug fixes - e.g. arrow head size was not always shown correctly under certain zoom levels etc.

Muutokset v7.13.00 - v7.13.01

  • Fixed COM server in HyperSnap 7 (for OLE Automation program control of HyperSnap, not important for regular use)

Muutokset v7.12.01 - v7.13.00

  • Upload to added to "File" menu, and also right-click on the thumbnails list offers a batch upload of all selected images. The upload generates and copies links to images uploaded, that can be easily used on the Web, e.g. in online forums and blog posts, including short links for Twitter.
  • "Copy" function added to the right-click on thumbnail menu.
  • Freehand area selection fixed to follow image zooming and scrolling while the outline is still edited.

Muutokset v7.12.00 - v7.12.01

  • Fix - with some particular program configuration ver. 7.12.00 would crash on startup
  • Automatic update of Firefox add-on upon the first try to capture image or text from it, if the version of add-on in HyperSnap directory is newer than the one currently installed in Firefox.

Muutokset v7.11.04 - v7.12.00

  • Mid-edge handles for selection resizing.
  • Pressing F1 key now displays correct help HyperSnap main window and dialog boxes.
  • Online help now synchronizes with the "Contents" tab.
  • Fixes to undo/redo not correctly remembering modified state of the drawing.
  • Added icon selection to Options menu.

Muutokset v7.11.03 - v7.11.04

  • Updated Firefox add-on for compatibility with Firefox 9
  • Fix: HyperSnap 7 minimized to system tray and with menu selected interface, would open with ribbon interface after 1st capture

Muutokset v7.11.02 - v7.11.03

  • Fix: changing Windows "theme" would mess up HyperSnap 7 window, check-boxes in the thumbnail list became huge etc.

Muutokset v7.11.01 - v7.11.02

  • Fix: capturing rounded rectangle or elliptical region did not respect opacity setting under Capture Settings - Default background color....
  • Change - the default image save format is now PNG instead of .dhs (HyperSnap drawing format, which preserves shapes for later editing, but is incompatible with other applications)
  • Fix - double click on an image icon would not open in HyperSnap 7, if HyperSnap was registered to handle this format.

Muutokset v7.11.00 - v7.11.01

  • Fixed: Image/Black & White function crash on some 32-bit images.

Muutokset v7.10.00 - v7.11.00

  • Fixed: HyperSnap 7.10 would crash on startup if the user set the "number of recent files to show on File menu" to 0.
  • Fixed: changing image resolution did not mark an image as modified.
  • Added %clip% macro to print header/footer and to stamps text macro expansions. Takes up to 256 characters of the text from clipboard, if any found.
  • Added "Clear recent files list" option to "Startup and tray icon" dialog box. Added "Options" button to the File panel of the ribbon to access this box from there as well.

Muutokset v7.09.0 - v7.10.00

  • Right-click on a closed shape (only one must be selected) offers now a "Convert to selection" option
  • New option under File/Open to use color correction if a color profile is found in a PNG, JPEG or TIFF file
  • The list of most recently used files under "File" menu is cleared automatically from files that no longer exist upon program startup
  • When setting zoom above 400%, drawing mode is auto-switched to "draw directly on image", restored when lowering zoom to what it was before
  • Bug fix: File/Page Setup did not work correctly if text window was opened and currently active inside HyperSnap (e.g. from TextSnap command). It would crash when orientation changed to Landscape or on other operations
  • Bug fix: Color Resolution, click on 1 bpp did not work on the first try. Also, selection was not modified by color resolution changes, now hiding it

Muutokset v7.08.01 - v7.09.0

  • Firefox addon made compatible with Firefox 8
  • Changed the way flood fill works - it now respects current area selection, or if clicked on a shape - modifies the shape's color.

Muutokset v7.08.00 - v7.08.01

  • Bug fix - undo/redo was not working for Rotate Any Angle, Shear, Mosaid and a few other functions.

Muutokset v7.07.06 - v7.08.00

  • HyperSnap drawing files (.dhs) now show a preview thumbnail in Windows Explorer
  • Printing multiple images from HyperSnap thumbnails bar is improved, now respects the settings under File/Page Setup, draws shapes, header and footer texts.
  • Fixed: search command from the ribbon's "File" tab would sometimes crash the program.
  • Upon fresh install the default save-to directory will by "My Pictures", not an obscure directory under "roaming"... something.
  • Other small fixes.

Muutokset v7.07.05 - v7.07.06

  • Fixed saving TIFF files in 8, 4 and 1 bits per pixel color resolution (colors were incorrect or totally black.)
  • Shear, mosaic, emboss, sharpen/blurr and black & white functions now remember values used previously and offer them as default upon next use.
  • A few other small fixes.

Muutokset v7.07.04 - v7.07.05

  • Bug fix: crash when selecting rectangular area totally outside the image.

Muutokset v7.07.03 - v7.07.04

  • Updated Firefox add-on to make it compatible with Firefox v.7

Muutokset v7.07.02 - v7.07.03

  • Added keyboard access to ribbon commands, e.g. Alt+F - O to open a file etc.
  • Selecting a rectangular area beyond the image made the part of selection beyond image opaque, corrected it to be transparent again.

Muutokset v7.07.01 - v7.07.02

  • Bug fix: when used at 150% screen magnification on Windows 7, did not select correctly the screen area

Muutokset v7.07 - v7.07.01

  • Online help updated to cover all HyperSnap 7 functions.

Muutokset v7.06.01 - v7.07

  • Many users had trouble finding the Highlight and Arc functions, hidden under "More shapes" button on the Edit tab of the ribbon and on the drawing toolbar. Moved them to the main part of the tab and toolbar, removing "More shapes" button.
  • Rectangular and freehand area selection modes are modified slightly, allowing you to resize the rectangle, move it etc. without changing the mode to "View/select".
  • Other small bug fixes.

Muutokset v7.05.02 - v7.06.01

  • HyperSnap 7 Firefox plugin made compatible with Firefox 6.
  • Selecting the color button on the optional drawing toolbar, "pick from screen" function did not work, fixed.
  • The "auto-trim" function was not showing the selection rectangle, where the trimming would occur, fixed.
  • In text window (after a scuccesful TextSnap capture) Ctrl+A keys did not select all text, fixed.
  • Opening graphics files (e.g. PNG, JPEG) from Windows Explorer - right click - Open with HyperSnap did not work correctly, fixed.
  • Other small fixes.

Muutokset v7.05.01 - v7.05.02

  • Bug fix: an issue was identified and fixed, where using a hot key to capture screen while Print Preview was opened, could lead to a confusing situation of the program or even a crash. The same issue is now corrected in HyperSnap ver. 6.91.03.

Muutokset v7.05 - v7.05.01

  • Bug fixes:
  • Rotating a selection smaller than the whole image did not work correctly.
  • Rotating some images with 8 bits per pixel or less color resolution unexpectantly changed colors of the image.
  • For some images with color resolution 8 bpp or less, clicking color buttons on the ribbon to select line or fill color had no effects, the color was always black.
  • Reversed the direction of zoom when turning mouse wheel and holding Ctrl key, to be consistent with (illogical in my opinion) direction that all other programs use.

Muutokset v7.03 - v7.05

  • Easy one click software updates impelemented
  • A number of smaller fixes to printing and selection code.

Muutokset v7.02 - v7.03

  • Many users were confused about how selection works in HyperSnap 7 (rectangular and free-shape selection), so changed that. Now these tools are enabled all the time. If there are any un-selected shapes within the selected area, the shapes are added to selection. If no new shapes are added, instead an area of the underlying image is selected and can be moved, scaled, rotated, or deleted to clear that area to the current background color.
  • Fixed some problems with reading/saving GIF files, including saving/reading transparency and a program crash on some GIF images.
  • Fixed a problem with program crashing when using the highlight tool for a longer time.
  • Fixed the program lock with area fill (bucket) tool use for some images.
  • Many other smaller fixes.

Muutokset v7.01 - v7.02

  • On popular demand changed the way drawing tools work. Now - as in v.6, when you select e.g. drawing lines, HyperSnap will remain in drawing lines mode until you change it (in 7.01 it went back to selection mode). You may right-click to go back to selection mode at once anytime.
  • Corrected a problem with text drawing (new text appeared in left top corner instead where drawn), also fixed the crash if text entered in "draw directly on image" mode.
  • Right-click on shape that is not selected, now selects it and shows the properties menu. Previously did nothing, you had to left-click to select the shape first.
  • Added "Edit text..." item to the right-click-on-shape menu, if clicked on text or callout shape.

Muutokset v7.0 RC 1 - v7.01

  • Finally! The big v.7 release. Too many new features to describe them here, will do so on the main product page.
  • Please note: version 7 upgrade is free for users who bought v.6 license on or after July 1, 2010. Otherwise there is a $19.50 upgrade fee.

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 8 - v7.0 RC 1

  • Changes since beta 10:
  • A big request placed many times: File/Open dialog box now allows you to select multiple files to open at once
  • You may also print multiple selected images, after selecting them in Thumbnails list, right-click and choose "Print Selected...". One image per page, centered and at 100% size is printed, unless the image is too big to fit on that page - in that case it's shrunk to fit page. Headers/footers, frame and other settings available under File/Page Setup won't work here, you need to print one by one for that.
  • Repeat last capture function now also repeats the "capture window/region with auto-scroll"
  • Setup/uninstall program
  • new icons on the ribbon Capture tab, slightly re-arranged the sequence of icons there
  • updated icons on TextSnap tab
  • changed the way flood fill tool works with 32 bpp images (preserves the original opacity of pixels now)
  • TextSnap now works with Firefox 4, but only if you disable hardware accelerated graphics use in Firefox 4 options.
  • More cosmetic changes and bug fixes.

Muutokset v7.0 Beta 3 - v7.0 Beta 5

  • Save as PDF. Can also read PDF files that were saved from HyperSnap, but not other PDFs
  • Firefox 4 add-on, as without it we cannot determine from HyperSnap code where exactly the web page area is inside FF window. The add-on has a few other nice features, see more on the HyperSnap 7 Firefox Add-on info page
  • Help tab added to the ribbon interface
  • A few more bug fixes

Muutokset v6.91.01 - v6.91.02

  • Small bug fixes.

Muutokset v6.90.04 - v6.91.01

  • Game capture updated to snap screens from CM Battle for Normandy and other games using OpenGL graphics drivers.

Muutokset v6.90.03 - v6.90.04

  • Added an option to minimize HyperSnap window when Escape key is pressed. Turn it on under "Options" menu, "Startup and Tray Icon"

Muutokset v6.90.02 - v6.90.03

  • Another small to game capture code - one of Lara Croft games under Steam engine did not capture.

Muutokset v6.90.01 - v6.90.02

  • Small fix to game screen capture code to make it work with some games running in Steam engine (e.g. Batterfield: Bad Company 2)

Muutokset v6.83.02 - v6.90.01

  • Updated game screen capture technology to snap full screen games running with Direct3D v.9, v.10 and v.11. No admin rights necessary to capture game screens.
  • Small fix - TextSnap restores HyperSnap window to full screen, if before text capture HyperSnap was in full screen mode.

Muutokset v6.83.01 - v6.83.02

  • Image/Shadow function would crash on certain images - fixed
  • Minor fix to capture window with auto-scroll function.

Muutokset v6.82.01 - v6.83.01

  • Additional option to Tabs page under View/Customize menu, allows you to decide which tab is activated after you close a tab.

Muutokset v6.81.05 - v6.82.01

  • Custom colors defined by the user are now remembered across program restarts.
  • When prompting to save a modified image before program exit, HyperSnap now visually switches to the image in question.
  • Color correction dialog made to behave more logically and to remember the "show changes immediately" setting.

Muutokset v6.81.04 - v6.81.05

  • HTML clipboard format did not work in auto-copy mode.
  • Colors were inverted in auto-copy mode when 256 color format was selected for bitmap copy.
  • Always captured RTF text format from 64-bit programs, even if only plain text was required.
  • Some WMF and EMF files read by HyperSnap were displayed with incorrect colors.
  • Program became unresponsive if a file name given on the command line was not a graphics file.
  • Improved display of 32-bit images used as stamps, when they use partial transparency in alpha channel.
  • Importing an image into a new stamp (without other information set) automatically sets the total size of the stamp to the size of imported image.

Muutokset v6.81.03 - v6.81.04

  • Fix for image resolution being set incorrectly after some specific sequence of operations.

Muutokset v6.81.02 - v6.81.03

  • A bug causing excessive use of memory ("memory leak") fixed
  • Other minor fixes.

Muutokset v6.81.01 - v6.81.02

  • A problem with pasting images at less than 32 bits per pixel corrected

Muutokset v6.80.03 - v6.81.01

  • Displaying transparency from 32 bit images
  • Fixes to incorrect shadow function and uncorrect screen refresh in ver. 6.80

Muutokset v6.70.02 - v6.70.03

  • More corrections to Metafile reading code
  • Extended Windows icon reading code to support Vista icons.

Muutokset v6.70.01 - v6.70.02

  • Correction for old Windows MetaFile reading code.
  • Fixed - did not come back to maximized window state after a capture, if was maximized before.

Muutokset v6.62.02 - v6.70.01

  • New "Save All" command added to File menu and the main toolbar.
  • New "paste" commands added on Edit menu, to paste image to the right, bottom, left or top of current selection or entire picture.
  • TextSnap improved to capture text drawn with GDI+ API functions (e.g. texts from graphs of SonrayTrader financial application now captures fine)
  • Fixed double-click on magnification control in the main toolbar - now again toggles correctly between 100% and auto-fit.

Muutokset v6.62.01 - v6.62.02

  • Changed the way Print Preview is presented, to prevent the program entering unstable conditions, when the preview is not closed in one tab and the user switches to another.

Muutokset v6.61.06 - v6.62.01

  • Two new buttons atted to the main toolbar (on top of HyperSnap window) - to open an Explorer window on the current image folder, and to copy the current image path and file name to clipboard.
  • Registration of image file types to be opened by HyperSnap 6 updated to work for Vista and Windows 7
  • Better quality image scaling when displaying images at magnification levels other than 100%.

Muutokset v6.61.05 - v6.61.06

  • Fix to capture at least some Direct3D games on 64-bit versions of Vista and Windows 7
  • Corrected: automatic saving of screen captures (Quick Save) with file number incrementing will _not_ skip over existing file number, if the "Loop from to to stop number indefinitely" option is selected.
  • Correction to auto-scroll capture to allow auto-scrolling of smaller windows.

Muutokset v6.61.04 - v6.61.05

  • Fixed: pasting a 32-bit image into HyperSnap and then saving a 32-bit PNG image would result in incorrect transparency of the final PNG file.
  • Pasting an image extending beyond the bounds of current picture in HyperSnap will now enlarge the current picture if "no clipping" is selected.
  • Automatic saving of screen captures (Quick Save) with file numbers incrementing will now "skip" over existing files, instead of overwriting them.
  • Yet another improvement in auto-scroll code, now compares the captures before and after each scroll from two different places to improve reliability.

Muutokset v6.61.03 - v6.61.04

  • Another improvement to auto-scroll
  • Fix for printout header and footer not being printed or even remembered.

Muutokset v6.61.01 - v6.61.02

  • Added "Apply Color Correction" command to "Toolbar Only" category (under View/Customize menu.)
  • Fixed a small problem with portable setup.
  • Fixed: color pickup from 32 bit images picked up the color of one pixel down from the clicked place.

Muutokset v6.60.01 - v6.61.01

  • Color correction options can now be auto-applied to all new screen captures, plus include also conversion to gray scale and inversion of black and white.
  • When the "replace image in the current window with the new capture" option is selected on "View & Edit" tab of "Capture Settings", the names of new captures are now incremented, e.g. Snap3, Snap4, Snap5 - instead of keeping all the time the same name.

Muutokset v6.50.03 - v6.60.01

  • Optional portable setup - install on a portable disk/USB key etc., take your HyperSnap to any computer. All your settings are also preserved.
  • Much faster startup time.

Muutokset v6.50.02 - v6.50.03

  • More fixes for TextSnap compatibility with Internet Explorer 8.

Muutokset v6.50.01 - v6.50.02

  • Two bugs in previous release fixed: saving 32-bit PNG files was incorrect, 64-bit TextSnap component crashed on some machines.

Muutokset v6.40.06 - v6.50.01

  • TextSnap feature made to work with Internet Explorer 8
  • Fix for saving PNG files in 32 bits per pixel format, with transparency
  • The "Blend Selection" slider on the drawing toolbar now also affects drawing commands, making them draw in translucent mode, when set in between the left and right position. For normal drawing, keep it at maximum right.

Muutokset v6.40.05 - v6.40.06

  • Minor fix for PrintScreen key handling

Muutokset v6.40.03 - v6.40.04

  • Another correction to auto-scroll code... Sigh...

Muutokset v6.40.01 - v6.40.03

  • Fixed - For Office 2007 skins, check-boxes and radio buttons were too big, if Windows menu font was set larger than normal
  • Fixed - Paste command and Paste As New Image always set transparency
  • Made auto-scroll work with PowerPoint 2007 and Outlook 2007 message lists
  • Corrected menu font height to be the same as ver. 6.31 and older, and same as all other Windows programs.

Muutokset v6.31.01 - v6.40.01

  • Updated user interface with several "skins" to choose from on the "Options" menu - "Application Look".
  • Image tabs may be configured to be positioned above or below the image area, have different colors and properties. Right-click on a tab displays a short menu to close or save an image and to customize the tabs.
  • Corrected auto-scroll to work with Google Chrome browser.
  • Added File/Save command to the menu (in addition to "Save As..." that was always there)
  • Moved "Close All" command from Window to File menu.
  • Corrected a bug that caused sometimes HyperSnap to print multiple copies of an image, when only one copy print was requested.
  • Automatic capture processing, such as converting to black & white, substituting colors, adding a shade or frame, inserting stamps - will turned off and you need to manually turn it on when you exit and restart HyperSnap. If you do need to preserve these options at all times, add "-ra" command line option to the shortcut you use to start HyperSnap (see online help, "Command line usage" chapter).

Muutokset v6.30.02 - v6.31.01

  • Added "Full Screen Presentation Mode" and an option to automatically enter it after each capture. In effect, when this option is used combined with full screen capture, it looks like the screen was "frozen" and you have a floating HyperSnap drawing toolbar to draw all over the screen, highlight features, add text boxes etc. Useful e.g. when presenting software operation.

Muutokset v6.30.01 - v6.30.02

  • Improved color reduction algorithm for "optimized" palette on Color/Color Resolution menu and for saving GIF images

Muutokset v6.21.04 - v6.30.01

  • A new method to capture video overlays added - enable it under "Capture" menu, "Enable Video or Game Capture...". Once enabled, regular HyperSnap screen capture functions capture also video images.
  • Text and stamps dialog boxes now remember the last used text alignment option (such as centered or right justified text)
  • A small bug in print preview fixed.

Muutokset v6.21.03 - v6.21.04

  • Another correction to TextSnap function "Capture Text with Auto-Scroll" - would not auto-scroll windows that do not react to mouse scroll wheel.

Muutokset v6.21.02 - v6.21.03

  • Correction to TextSnap function "Capture Text with Auto-Scroll"

Muutokset v6.21.01 - v6.21.02

  • Corrected a problem with auto-scroll not working with some non-standard settings for mouse wheel scrolling.

Muutokset v6.20.01 - v6.21.01

  • Added an option to turn off Vista transparency during Window and Active Window captures.
  • Fixed Print function - the "Print Range" would ignore the "To:" setting and print all pages till the end, no matter what you entered.
  • Capture/Window function from Internet Explorer 7 will now exclude the vertical scroll bar, if you click inside a document.

Muutokset v6.13.02 - v6.20.01

  • Line smoothing added to drawing options
  • Line styles such as dotted or dash style added
  • Capture Text From an Object Under Cursor command has now an option to make it capture with auto-scrolling.
  • Various small improvements and bug fixes.

Muutokset v6.12.02 - v6.13.01

  • Window capture on Vista under Aero-Glass interface modified to capture the true shape of the window (e.g. rounded corners)
  • Capturing multiple images with tiling them on one image (option on "View & Edit" tab of Capture Settings) modified, so that the first capture, in absence of any other images inside HyperSnap window, works as a normal capture, instead of appending the new capture to an empty new image.
  • Correction in JPEG reading code to read correctly certain very rare images that were crashing HyperSnap.

Muutokset v6.12.01 - v6.12.02

  • A problem with File/Open function on Windows 98 corrected.

Muutokset v6.11.02 - v6.12.01

  • Auto-scroll updated to work with Office 2007 programs (Word and Excel)
  • TextSnap updated to work with Vista RTM releases, including 64-bit version of Vista
  • File/Upload to FTP Server... function has a new option - "Copy link text to clipboard...". When selected, you may define a text, including macros like file name and path, image width and height etc., which will be copied to clipboard upon successful FTP upload, ready for pasting into HTML editors.
  • %compname% added to HyperSnap macros (for text and stamp editing, and printing header and footer). If you enter %compname% into these boxes, it will be expanded into the current computer name.

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