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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Hybrid for Mac OS X

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Muutokset v2018.02.03.1 - v2018.02.18.1

Muutokset v2018.01.28.2 - v2018.02.03.1

Muutokset v2017.12.27.1 - v2018.01.28.2

Muutokset v2017.12.25.1 - v2017.12.27.1

Muutokset v2017.12.23.1 - v2017.12.25.1

Muutokset v2017.10.05.1 - v2017.12.23.1

Muutokset v2017.10.03.1 - v2017.10.05.1

Muutokset rev 2017.05.06.1 - v2017.10.03.1

Muutokset rev 2017.04.23.1 - rev 2017.05.06.1

Muutokset rev 2017.04.10.1 - rev 2017.04.23.1

Muutokset rev 2017.03.26.1 - rev 2017.04.10.1

Muutokset rev 2017.03.19.1 - rev 2017.03.26.1

Muutokset rev 2017.02.12.2 - rev 2017.03.19.1

Muutokset rev 2017.01.07.1 - rev 2017.02.12.2

Muutokset rev 2016.08.27.1 - rev 2017.01.07.1

Muutokset rev 2016.05.22.1 - rev 2016.08.27.1

Muutokset rev 2016.04.10.1 - rev 2016.05.22.1

Muutokset rev 2016.04.09.1 - rev 2016.04.10.1

Muutokset rev 2016.03.09.1 - rev 2016.04.09.1

Muutokset rev 2016.02.13.1 - rev 2016.03.09.1

Muutokset rev 2015.12.23.1 - rev 2016.02.13.1

Muutokset rev 2015.11.17.1 - rev 2015.12.23.1

Muutokset rev 2015.11.15.1 - rev 2015.11.17.1

Muutokset rev 2015.09.18.1 - rev 2015.10.21.1

Muutokset rev 2015.08.26.1 - rev 2015.09.18.1

Muutokset rev 2015.07.11.1 - rev 2015.08.26.1

Muutokset rev 2015.05.01.1 - rev 2015.05.10.1

  • *fixed*
  • general: wine problem, on non-Windows systems
  • input: a few bugs related to folder monitoring

Muutokset rev 2015.04.06.1 - rev 2015.05.01.1

  • *added*
  • vp8/9: support for high bit-depth encoding (vp9+complex profile only)
  • vp8/9: support for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 encoding
  • audio: normalize audio to XdB via sox
  • *fixed*
  • qsvencc: some small bugs regarding feature detection
  • nvencc: quantizer couldn't be set
  • nvencc: b-frames weren't enabled for h.265
  • audio: dts-hd -> stereo wav
  • audio: aften ac3 encoding
  • audio: fdkaac, use cbr only encoding.
  • avisynth: 'Decomb.dll' wasn't loaded for 'Decomb (Avisynth)'
  • avisynth: ffmpegsoure2 wasn't used
  • output: avi(fraps) -> avi(fraps) remux problem
  • *changed*
  • x265: added support for '--qg-size '
  • x265: added support for '--qpstep '
  • jobs: added 'postpone' as one of the popup selection choices
  • jobs: make columns rearrangeable
  • avisynth: added 'cropping' to the custom section placing
  • autocrop: set min width mult to 75% instead of 88%
  • analyse: don't run interlaced analysis on files with

Muutokset rev 2015.03.22.1 - rev 2015.04.06.1

  • fixed
  • NVEncC: during vbr mode, --cbr was used
  • changed
  • crop/resize: cosmetics change, crop width/height warning combobox was disabled
  • tools: check for nvidia cards before checking for tools and thus avoiding freezes due to NVEncC
  • x265: updated to latest presets
  • x265: enable pools&threads configuration
  • misc: allow setting of '-ao' and disabling '-fps=...' for preview
  • input: prefering LibAvSource over FFmpegSource when using avisynth for avi input
  • crop/resize: cosmetics change, crop width/height warning combobox was disabled

Muutokset rev 2015.02.08.1 - rev 2015.03.22.1

  • added
  • nvenc: support for NVEncC from rigaya ([url][/url])
  • audio: option to extract audio from DVD through DGIndex (this is only meant as a last resort since DGIndex doesn't understand DVD file structures)
  • output: option to use ffmpeg instead of MP4Box for muxing
  • changed
  • x265: added support for '--max-tu-size '
  • x265: added support for '--min-cu-size '
  • x265: removed '--threads X', and added basic support for '--pools XXXX'
  • x265: adjust presets to latest changes
  • cosmetics: audio speed stretch detection allows times as alternative to decimals now
  • cosmetics: moved shortcut overview to Config->Views
  • avisynth: autoadjust not using setmtmode 2 for more stability
  • fixed
  • cosmetics: separate log window (SHIFT+F11) wasn't updated
  • avisynth: fixed batch encoding and 'embed first' subtitle script creation problem
  • avisynth: fixed resizer options
  • jobs: fixed job loading bug
  • input: DVD aid mixup when language is empty.
  • Note
  • Windows users should deinstall Hybrid and delete old jobs before installing the new version

Muutokset rev 2015.01.29.1 - rev 2015.02.08.1

  • fixed
  • audio: remembering default bitrate settings
  • audio: automatic downmix to 5.1 when encoding to ac3 using ffmpeg and not aften
  • x265: strictCBR error during 1pass average bitrate mode
  • added
  • avisynth: base support for denoiser MDegrain (= MVDegrain for mvtools2)
  • avisynth: support for FrFun7 denoiser
  • ProRes: advanced ProRes settings when using Kostyas ProRes implementation
  • changed
  • audio: using 64bit qaac on 64bit Systems now (before only a 32bit version was available)
  • Note that this requires the 64bit Apple Application Support. (Windows only)
  • x265: adjusted '--psy-rd X' default to 0.3
  • x265: added support for --[no-]temporal-layers

Muutokset rev 2015.01.26.1 - rev 2015.01.29.1

  • fixed
  • subs: automated subtitle extracation during batch processing
  • audio: channel mapping on multi-channel (>2) for ogg&opus
  • changed
  • cosmetic: show Title-tag of input audio/video/subtitle stream as tool-tip for the selection combo-/spinbox

Muutokset rev 2015.01.19.1 - rev 2015.01.26.1

  • *fixed*
  • avisynth: keep screen split on update
  • avisynth: 4:1:1 input handling
  • profiles: loading of multiple old (pre 2014.01.11.1) profiles in a row
  • tools: WinXP compatibility (thanks to the mingw64 team for fixing)
  • *changed*
  • tools: added some alternative names for some tools for more automated tool detection
  • x265: support '--zones ..'
  • input: using 0.7.66 and 0.7.72 MediaInfo to analyse content (Mac OS X only)
  • avisynth: updated to latest Avisynth MT 2.6 RC1

Muutokset rev 2015.01.11.1 - rev 2015.01.19.1

  • fixed
  • audio: aac audio encoder delay handling
  • audio: mono to strereo upmix handling
  • mux: negative audio delay got ignored for vfr video content when muxing to mp4
  • avisynth: MAA2 call
  • input: auto loading audio file(s)
  • input: avi(raw rgb video) handling
  • input: workaround for 1st chapter infos messed up by MakeMKV
  • ui: crash when disabling 'Blu-ray'-Input after Blu-ray was loaded.
  • subs: crash during job creation, when sup2idx was enabled
  • changed
  • tools: reverted to MediaInfo 0.7.66 due to [url][/url] (forgot about the bug, which is why I accidentally updated MediaInfo, sadly it seems like the bug isn't that important since I got no feedback from the developer of MediaInfo so far) ([b]Mac only[/b])
  • added
  • avisynth: benchmarking through AVSMeter
  • avisynth: Denoiser->NLMeansCL2
  • avisynth: Color->AutoAdjust

Muutokset rev 2015.01.07.1 - rev 2015.01.11.1

  • *notice*
  • Windows user notice:
  • Updating from an older versions doesn't work properly!
  • A deinstallation of the older version is required! (settings&profiles can be kept)
  • *fixed*
  • avisynth: yadifmod nnedi-field parameter
  • cosmetics: some unneeded field when resetting avisynth defaults, caused unwanted popups
  • extract: mplayer accidentally deleting audio input
  • *changed*
  • general: update list of CUDA capable cards
  • input: don't ignore subtitles on a DVD which have no language tag (needed for DVDs from DVD recorders)
  • avisynth: Avisynth script preview, Avisynth filter preview and Avisynth preview are now all interactively adjusted in regard to
  • changes in Hybrid.
  • cosmetics: when audio input length is unknown show current position during encoding in top parent call-field
  • No progress indication possible with fhgaacenc, since it doesn't provide any (when '--ignorelength' is used).
  • *removed*
  • avisynth: interactive avisynth script view option (now it's always interactive)

Muutokset rev 2014.12.23.1 - rev 2015.01.07.1

  • fixed
  • audio: temp file removal
  • input: bug reading the mkvtoolnix version which caused problems handling mkv files properly
  • input: ignore pulldown flag for files which are 23.9.. fps (since they are normally soft telecined)
  • subs: ignore empty subtitle entries during srt/ass->ttxt conversion
  • trans: 'None' wasn't always translated properly
  • tags: multi input audio-tag handling
  • added
  • mux: use ffmbc instead of ffmpeg for .mov muxing if it's present
  • If other features of ffmbc should be added to Hybrid, please post in the forum. Windows and Mac packages now contain ffmbc. Thanks to houdini for compiling the Mac version!
  • x265: support for the range extension profiles (Warning: These are not finalized!)

Muutokset rev 2014.12.05.1 - rev 2014.12.23.1

  • *fixed*
  • avisynth: dvd input using DGIndex&DGIndexNV
  • cosmetics: crashed jobs weren't shown as CRASHED, they simply stayed in their previous mode
  • audio: crash when mplayer + sox + audio encoder were used at the same time (only happend when 'Config->Input->Decoding->Raw with MPlayer' was enabled)
  • avisynth: add 'wine' before avs2yuv calls on non-Windows systems
  • *added*
  • input: added option to automatically run interlace analysis on 29./59./119. fps content which isn't detected as telecined (on by default)
  • vpxenc: support constant quantizer mode
  • *changed*
  • cosmetics: showing a countdown during shutdown&hibernation notification and set 'always on top'
  • qsvenc: adjusted to QSVEncC 1.27 (Windows only)
  • x264: rev 2525+ now supports --aq-mode 3 (auto-variance AQ with bias to dark scenes); not on Mac atm. due to lack of up-do-date x264
  • x265: splitting noise reduction into intra&inter noise reduction
  • input: audio now always gets extracted on DVD input before processing to avoid unwanted peep sounds on some systems
  • output: change current output path if default output path gets changed and generate output name is enabled

Muutokset rev 2014.11.16.1 - rev 2014.12.05.1

  • *fixed*
  • audio: qaac bitrate listing
  • output: avi muxing using ffmpeg
  • decode: avisynth + blu-ray input
  • *changed*
  • x265: added support for '--ratetol X' and '--tune cbr'
  • mp4: 'iTunes compatible' changed, Hybrid will now allow non-aac audio
  • streams as first audio stream unless 'iTunes compatible old' is enabled.
  • (older iTunes versions only supported ac-3 audio streams if the first
  • audio stream was aac audio)

Muutokset rev 2014.11.15.1 - rev 2014.11.16.1

  • fixed
  • avisynth: combining avisynth filtering and cropping while deinterlacing through mencoder led to a broken avisynth script
  • avisynth: crop-Call
  • avisynth: accidentally ColorMatrix was always called which could case a problem with MPEG-2 content
  • removed
  • installer: Advanced 64bit options, since too many users simply enabled them without knowing what they do, also removed 64bit avsInfo and avsViewer (so 64bit Avisynth can't be used with Hybrid); WIndows only

Muutokset rev 2014.11.11.2 - rev 2014.11.15.1

  • *fixed*
  • tools: mix-up with fdkaac(enc) (on some Linux systems)
  • avisynth: fixed calling QTGMC-3.32 instead of QTGMC-3.33
  • input: lsdvd DVD aspect ratio detection (Mac OS X and Linux only)
  • preview: image resize (Mac OS X only)
  • rev 2014.11.13.1:
  • *fixed*
  • input: dvd title shown, not the one being selected on dvd load for some dvds
  • *changed*
  • x265: adjusted: removed --b-intra from --tune grain
  • x265: changed --nr limit to 0-20 (internally value will be multiplied by 100)
  • cosmetics: changed splashscreen for Mac OS X

Muutokset rev 2014.11.09.2 - rev 2014.11.11.2

  • *fixed*
  • input: typo which broke file analysis

Muutokset rev 2014.11.03.1 - rev 2014.11.09.2

  • *fixed*
  • analysis: redo video analysis with ffmpeg if mediainfo doesn't provide color sampling infos.
  • *changed*
  • gui: crash on start-up on mac
  • rev 2014.11.09.1:
  • *fixed*
  • audio: crash when no audio was present, but 'add current' was triggered.
  • *changed*
  • DivX265: support --main10 and --format X introduced with version 1.4
  • jobs: lower progress update frequency when mencoder is used
  • x265: added support for '--tune grain'
  • *cosmetics*
  • x265: delete '.stats.cutree'-file after "2pass 2nd pass" job

Muutokset rev 2014.10.25.1 - rev 2014.11.03.1

  • fixed
  • avisynth: Avisynth looking for RgTools instead of RemoveGrain
  • build: adjustments to Hybrid to work better with Yosmite
  • changed
  • x265: '--[no]-lft' got replaced by '--[no]-deblock='
  • x265: added support for '--[no]-pmode' and '--[no]-pme'
  • x265: adjusted presets&co to 1.4+

Muutokset rev 2014.10.24.1 - rev 2014.10.25.1

  • avisynth: case-insensitive search on Windows caused Hybrid to falsely assume Avisynth+ as being present, which caused Haybrid to look for RgTools instead of RemoveGrain&Co. :/ (Windows only)
  • tools: 'bdsup2sub++' detection problem (now Hybrid manually searches /usr/bin for bdsup2sub++, seems like 'which' didn't like the '++' in the name (Mac&Linux only)

Muutokset rev 2014.09.27.1 - rev 2014.10.24.1

  • fixed
  • general: adding a job blocked by development debug output

Muutokset rev 2014.09.25.1 - rev 2014.09.27.1

  • fixed
  • subs: subtitle handling when 'all subtitles' was enabled
  • x264: limit --rc-lookahead to min(keyint, 250)
  • general: default paths didn't get propagated properly

Muutokset v2014.08.25.1 - rev 2014.09.25.1

  • fixed
  • qsvcenc: only allow '--bluray' for bitrate with lookahead
  • x265: 'Target Mode' wasn't disabled during 'average bitrate (1-pass)' selection
  • x265: removed 'frames' parameter since it could cause problems during 2pass encoding
  • x265: stats file wasn't configurable
  • x265: '1st pass' didn't show encoding dialogue
  • x265: enforce '-wpp' when vbv is used
  • x265: adjusted 'psy-rdoq' range to 0-10
  • x265: enable psy-rdoq for level 4+ (instead of 5+)
  • Xvid: entering a bitrate for unrestricted profile wasn't possible
  • changed
  • avisynth: enabled 'No Avisynth during Preview/Cropview' by default, under Config->Internals->Avisynth
  • cosmetics: added options to control the progress indication
  • general: change max resolution to 16384x16384

Muutokset rev 2014.08.06.1 - v2014.08.25.1

  • added
  • audio: option to not cut external audio
  • audio: don't use DGIndex when for audio extraction when chapters are selected
  • removed
  • encoder: support for cuda encoder since latest drivers dropped support for nvcuenc (which is the old api), will add a new cuda encoder when I stumble over nvcenc using command line application or I write one myself; for those who still use old nvida drivers I added a misc.ini option to enable cuda support
  • avisynth: DGDecNV got removed due to request from the author, see: It's still supported, but the files that belong to it now have to be manually downloaded and added to the avisynthPlugins-folder for Hybrid to be able to use it.
  • fixed
  • audio: using raw external audio and mkv a/v input
  • input: wrong avs frame rate detection on decimal frame rates
  • cut: mkvmerge cut/split call
  • x265: 2pass fast 1st pass
  • x264: time codes accidentally got ignored when encoding with x264
  • decode: mencoder->ffmpeg->encoder call, removed map-call inside ffmpeg call
  • cuda: cq encoding
  • changed
  • subtitle: subtitle tab show grab language from file name in sidebar

Muutokset rev 2014.08.04.1 - rev 2014.08.06.1

  • changed
  • x265: support for '--[no-]slow-firstpass
  • added
  • avisynth: added option to disable Avisynth during normal preview, this way audio and subtitles from the source can be viewed.
  • fixed
  • input: ffmpeg addressing video id and temp file detection

Muutokset rev 2014.08.03.1 - rev 2014.08.04.1

  • *removed*
  • x265: support for '--[no-]slow-firstpass (not supported by x265 atm.)
  • *fixed*
  • x264&x265 1pass encoding
  • ffmpeg output collection

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