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Muutokset v2018.02.03.1 - v2018.02.18.1

Muutokset v2018.01.28.2 - v2018.02.03.1

Muutokset v2017.12.27.1 - v2018.01.28.2

Muutokset v2017.12.25.1 - v2017.12.27.1

Muutokset v2017.12.23.1 - v2017.12.25.1

Muutokset v2017.10.05.1 - v2017.12.23.1

Muutokset v2017.10.03.1 - v2017.10.05.1

Muutokset rev 2017.05.06.1 - v2017.10.03.1

Muutokset rev 2017.04.23.1 - rev 2017.05.06.1

Muutokset rev 2017.04.10.1 - rev 2017.04.23.1

Muutokset rev 2017.03.26.1 - rev 2017.04.10.1

Muutokset rev 2017.03.19.1 - rev 2017.03.26.1

Muutokset rev 2017.03.06.1 - rev 2017.03.19.1

Muutokset rev 2017.03.05.1 - rev 2017.03.06.1

Muutokset rev 2017.02.12.2 - rev 2017.03.05.1

Muutokset rev 2017.01.07.1 - rev 2017.02.12.2

Muutokset rev 2016.08.27.1 - rev 2017.01.07.1

Muutokset rev 2016.07.16.1 - rev 2016.08.27.1

Muutokset rev 2016.05.22.1 - rev 2016.07.16.1

Muutokset rev 2016.04.10.1 - rev 2016.05.22.1

Muutokset rev 2016.04.09.1 - rev 2016.04.10.1

Muutokset rev 2016.03.09.1 - rev 2016.04.09.1

Muutokset rev 2016.02.13.1 - rev 2016.03.09.1

Muutokset rev 2015.12.23.1 - rev 2016.02.13.1

Muutokset rev 2015.11.17.1 - rev 2015.12.23.1

Muutokset rev 2015.11.15.1 - rev 2015.11.17.1

Muutokset rev 2015.09.18.1 - rev 2015.10.21.1

Muutokset rev 2015.08.26.1 - rev 2015.09.18.1

Muutokset rev 2015.07.11.1 - rev 2015.08.26.1

Muutokset rev 2015.05.01.1 - rev 2015.05.10.1

  • *fixed*
  • general: wine problem, on non-Windows systems
  • input: a few bugs related to folder monitoring

Muutokset rev 2015.04.06.1 - rev 2015.05.01.1

  • *added*
  • vp8/9: support for high bit-depth encoding (vp9+complex profile only)
  • vp8/9: support for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 encoding
  • audio: normalize audio to XdB via sox
  • *fixed*
  • qsvencc: some small bugs regarding feature detection
  • nvencc: quantizer couldn't be set
  • nvencc: b-frames weren't enabled for h.265
  • audio: dts-hd -> stereo wav
  • audio: aften ac3 encoding
  • audio: fdkaac, use cbr only encoding.
  • avisynth: 'Decomb.dll' wasn't loaded for 'Decomb (Avisynth)'
  • avisynth: ffmpegsoure2 wasn't used
  • output: avi(fraps) -> avi(fraps) remux problem
  • *changed*
  • x265: added support for '--qg-size '
  • x265: added support for '--qpstep '
  • jobs: added 'postpone' as one of the popup selection choices
  • jobs: make columns rearrangeable
  • avisynth: added 'cropping' to the custom section placing
  • autocrop: set min width mult to 75% instead of 88%
  • analyse: don't run interlaced analysis on files with

Muutokset rev 2015.03.22.1 - rev 2015.04.06.1

  • fixed
  • NVEncC: during vbr mode, --cbr was used
  • changed
  • crop/resize: cosmetics change, crop width/height warning combobox was disabled
  • tools: check for nvidia cards before checking for tools and thus avoiding freezes due to NVEncC
  • x265: updated to latest presets
  • x265: enable pools&threads configuration
  • misc: allow setting of '-ao' and disabling '-fps=...' for preview
  • input: prefering LibAvSource over FFmpegSource when using avisynth for avi input
  • crop/resize: cosmetics change, crop width/height warning combobox was disabled

Muutokset rev 2015.02.08.1 - rev 2015.03.22.1

  • added
  • nvenc: support for NVEncC from rigaya ([url][/url])
  • audio: option to extract audio from DVD through DGIndex (this is only meant as a last resort since DGIndex doesn't understand DVD file structures)
  • output: option to use ffmpeg instead of MP4Box for muxing
  • changed
  • x265: added support for '--max-tu-size '
  • x265: added support for '--min-cu-size '
  • x265: removed '--threads X', and added basic support for '--pools XXXX'
  • x265: adjust presets to latest changes
  • cosmetics: audio speed stretch detection allows times as alternative to decimals now
  • cosmetics: moved shortcut overview to Config->Views
  • avisynth: autoadjust not using setmtmode 2 for more stability
  • fixed
  • cosmetics: separate log window (SHIFT+F11) wasn't updated
  • avisynth: fixed batch encoding and 'embed first' subtitle script creation problem
  • avisynth: fixed resizer options
  • jobs: fixed job loading bug
  • input: DVD aid mixup when language is empty.
  • Note
  • Windows users should deinstall Hybrid and delete old jobs before installing the new version

Muutokset rev 2015.01.29.1 - rev 2015.02.08.1

  • fixed
  • audio: remembering default bitrate settings
  • audio: automatic downmix to 5.1 when encoding to ac3 using ffmpeg and not aften
  • x265: strictCBR error during 1pass average bitrate mode
  • added
  • avisynth: base support for denoiser MDegrain (= MVDegrain for mvtools2)
  • avisynth: support for FrFun7 denoiser
  • ProRes: advanced ProRes settings when using Kostyas ProRes implementation
  • changed
  • audio: using 64bit qaac on 64bit Systems now (before only a 32bit version was available)
  • Note that this requires the 64bit Apple Application Support. (Windows only)
  • x265: adjusted '--psy-rd X' default to 0.3
  • x265: added support for --[no-]temporal-layers

Muutokset rev 2015.01.26.1 - rev 2015.01.29.1

  • *fixed*
  • subs: automated subtitle extracation during batch processing
  • audio: channel mapping on multi-channel (>2) for ogg&opus
  • *changed*
  • cosmetic: show Title-tag of input audio/video/subtitle stream as tool-tip for the selection combo-/spinbox

Muutokset rev 2015.01.19.1 - rev 2015.01.26.1

  • *fixed*
  • avisynth: keep screen split on update
  • avisynth: 4:1:1 input handling
  • profiles: loading of multiple old (pre 2014.01.11.1) profiles in a row
  • tools: WinXP compatibility (thanks to the mingw64 team for fixing)
  • *changed*
  • tools: added some alternative names for some tools for more automated tool detection
  • x265: support '--zones ..'
  • input: using 0.7.66 and 0.7.72 MediaInfo to analyse content (Mac OS X only)
  • avisynth: updated to latest Avisynth MT 2.6 RC1

Muutokset rev 2015.01.11.1 - rev 2015.01.19.1

  • *fixed*
  • audio: aac audio encoder delay handling
  • audio: mono to strereo upmix handling
  • mux: negative audio delay got ignored for vfr video content when muxing to mp4
  • avisynth: MAA2 call
  • input: auto loading audio file(s)
  • input: avi(raw rgb video) handling
  • input: workaround for 1st chapter infos messed up by MakeMKV
  • ui: crash when disabling 'Blu-ray'-Input after Blu-ray was loaded.
  • subs: crash during job creation, when sup2idx was enabled
  • *changed*
  • tools: reverted to MediaInfo 0.7.66 due to [url][/url] (forgot about the bug, which is why I accidentally updated MediaInfo, sadly it seems like the bug isn't that important since I got no feedback from the developer of MediaInfo so far) ([b]Mac only[/b])
  • *added*
  • avisynth: benchmarking through AVSMeter
  • avisynth: Denoiser->NLMeansCL2
  • avisynth: Color->AutoAdjust

Muutokset rev 2015.01.07.1 - rev 2015.01.11.1

  • *notice*
  • Windows user notice:
  • Updating from an older versions doesn't work properly!
  • A deinstallation of the older version is required! (settings&profiles can be kept)
  • *fixed*
  • avisynth: yadifmod nnedi-field parameter
  • cosmetics: some unneeded field when resetting avisynth defaults, caused unwanted popups
  • extract: mplayer accidentally deleting audio input
  • *changed*
  • general: update list of CUDA capable cards
  • input: don't ignore subtitles on a DVD which have no language tag (needed for DVDs from DVD recorders)
  • avisynth: Avisynth script preview, Avisynth filter preview and Avisynth preview are now all interactively adjusted in regard to
  • changes in Hybrid.
  • cosmetics: when audio input length is unknown show current position during encoding in top parent call-field
  • No progress indication possible with fhgaacenc, since it doesn't provide any (when '--ignorelength' is used).
  • *removed*
  • avisynth: interactive avisynth script view option (now it's always interactive)

Muutokset rev 2015.01.05.1 - rev 2015.01.07.1

  • *fixed*
  • audio: temp file removal
  • input: bug reading the mkvtoolnix version which caused problems handling mkv files properly
  • input: ignore pulldown flag for files which are 23.9.. fps (since they are normally soft telecined)
  • subs: ignore empty subtitle entries during srt/ass->ttxt conversion
  • trans: 'None' wasn't always translated properly
  • tags: multi input audio-tag handling
  • *added*
  • mux: use ffmbc instead of ffmpeg for .mov muxing if it's present
  • If other features of ffmbc should be added to Hybrid, please post in the forum. Windows and Mac packages now contain ffmbc. Thanks to houdini for compiling the Mac version!
  • x265: support for the range extension profiles (Warning: These are not finalized!)

Muutokset rev 2015.01.04.1 - rev 2015.01.05.1

  • *fixed*
  • audio: crash on empty source and audio handling 'passthrough all'
  • tags: tagging of audio stream from mutlitple sources

Muutokset rev 2014.12.23.1 - rev 2015.01.04.1

  • *fixed*
  • cosmetics: progress indication when extracting streams with mplayer
  • demux: hevc remuxing
  • demux: mpeg-2 demuxing with mplayer
  • x264: typo --psnr vs. --psrn
  • x265: 'minimize command line' did remove '--psnr'
  • x265: after 2pass delete .stats.cutree temp file
  • x265: fix 'unknown version'-info of the attached binary (Windows only)

Muutokset rev 2014.12.05.1 - rev 2014.12.23.1

  • *fixed*
  • avisynth: dvd input using DGIndex&DGIndexNV
  • cosmetics: crashed jobs weren't shown as CRASHED, they simply stayed in their previous mode
  • audio: crash when mplayer + sox + audio encoder were used at the same time (only happend when 'Config->Input->Decoding->Raw with MPlayer' was enabled)
  • avisynth: add 'wine' before avs2yuv calls on non-Windows systems
  • *added*
  • input: added option to automatically run interlace analysis on 29./59./119. fps content which isn't detected as telecined (on by default)
  • vpxenc: support constant quantizer mode
  • *changed*
  • cosmetics: showing a countdown during shutdown&hibernation notification and set 'always on top'
  • qsvenc: adjusted to QSVEncC 1.27 (Windows only)
  • x264: rev 2525+ now supports --aq-mode 3 (auto-variance AQ with bias to dark scenes); not on Mac atm. due to lack of up-do-date x264
  • x265: splitting noise reduction into intra&inter noise reduction
  • input: audio now always gets extracted on DVD input before processing to avoid unwanted peep sounds on some systems
  • output: change current output path if default output path gets changed and generate output name is enabled

Muutokset rev 2014.11.16.1 - rev 2014.12.05.1

  • *fixed*
  • audio: qaac bitrate listing
  • output: avi muxing using ffmpeg
  • decode: avisynth + blu-ray input
  • *changed*
  • x265: added support for '--ratetol X' and '--tune cbr'
  • mp4: 'iTunes compatible' changed, Hybrid will now allow non-aac audio
  • streams as first audio stream unless 'iTunes compatible old' is enabled.
  • (older iTunes versions only supported ac-3 audio streams if the first
  • audio stream was aac audio)

Muutokset rev 2014.11.11.2 - rev 2014.11.15.1

  • *fixed*
  • tools: mix-up with fdkaac(enc) (on some Linux systems)
  • avisynth: fixed calling QTGMC-3.32 instead of QTGMC-3.33
  • input: lsdvd DVD aspect ratio detection (Mac OS X and Linux only)
  • preview: image resize (Mac OS X only)
  • rev 2014.11.13.1:
  • *fixed*
  • input: dvd title shown, not the one being selected on dvd load for some dvds
  • *changed*
  • x265: adjusted: removed --b-intra from --tune grain
  • x265: changed --nr limit to 0-20 (internally value will be multiplied by 100)
  • cosmetics: changed splashscreen for Mac OS X

Muutokset rev 2014.11.09.2 - rev 2014.11.11.2

  • *fixed*
  • input: typo which broke file analysis

Muutokset rev 2014.11.03.1 - rev 2014.11.09.2

  • *fixed*
  • analysis: redo video analysis with ffmpeg if mediainfo doesn't provide color sampling infos.
  • *changed*
  • gui: crash on start-up on mac
  • rev 2014.11.09.1:
  • *fixed*
  • audio: crash when no audio was present, but 'add current' was triggered.
  • *changed*
  • DivX265: support --main10 and --format X introduced with version 1.4
  • jobs: lower progress update frequency when mencoder is used
  • x265: added support for '--tune grain'
  • *cosmetics*
  • x265: delete '.stats.cutree'-file after "2pass 2nd pass" job

Muutokset rev 2014.10.25.1 - rev 2014.11.03.1

  • *fixed*
  • avisynth: Avisynth looking for RgTools instead of RemoveGrain
  • build: adjustments to Hybrid to work better with Yosmite
  • *changed*
  • x265: '--[no]-lft' got replaced by '--[no]-deblock='
  • x265: added support for '--[no]-pmode' and '--[no]-pme'
  • x265: adjusted presets&co to 1.4+

Muutokset rev 2014.10.24.1 - rev 2014.10.25.1

  • avisynth: case-insensitive search on Windows caused Hybrid to falsely assume Avisynth+ as being present, which caused Haybrid to look for RgTools instead of RemoveGrain&Co. :/ (Windows only)
  • tools: 'bdsup2sub++' detection problem (now Hybrid manually searches /usr/bin for bdsup2sub++, seems like 'which' didn't like the '++' in the name (Mac&Linux only)

Muutokset rev 2014.10.15.1 - rev 2014.10.24.1

  • fixed
  • general: adding a job blocked by development debug output

Muutokset rev 2014.10.13.1 - rev 2014.10.15.1

  • *added*
  • input: vfr timecode extraction through ffmpeg this way Hybrid can extract the time codes of every format that is supported by libav :) (mainly useful for vfr wmv)
  • *fixed*
  • avisynth: DeGrainMedian-call container 2 times the 'mode'-parameter :/
  • avisynth: Levels, only supports named parameter addressing for corning and dither
  • avisynth: DeHalo filters didn't get applied
  • avisynth: SalFPS3, 'FPS' isn't optional and needs to be set explicitly

Muutokset rev 2014.09.27.1 - rev 2014.10.13.1

  • *fixed*avisynth: make sure content is 4:2:0 before applying SalFps3
  • calc: adjusting bit rate indication when a fixed output file size was selected and the chapter selection got changed
  • cosmetics: 'extracting video ...' was shown during Xvid encoding
  • filter: don't change frame rate when doing progressive to interlaced conversion (mixed up fields and frames :/)
  • prores: profile selection and indication
  • x264: --aq-strength wasn't properly minimized
  • *added*filter: 'force 4:4:4 downsize' option to better preserve chroma information
  • avisynth: (direct) edgeLevel and aSharp support
  • *changed*avisynth: rewrote avisynth filter support to easier support new filters
  • cosmetics: always show two internal decimal places for fps and progress, always round bit rate during progress indication

Muutokset rev 2014.09.25.1 - rev 2014.09.27.1

  • fixed
  • subs: subtitle handling when 'all subtitles' was enabled
  • x264: limit --rc-lookahead to min(keyint, 250)
  • general: default paths didn't get propagated properly

Muutokset v2014.08.25.1 - rev 2014.09.25.1

  • fixed
  • qsvcenc: only allow '--bluray' for bitrate with lookahead
  • x265: 'Target Mode' wasn't disabled during 'average bitrate (1-pass)' selection
  • x265: removed 'frames' parameter since it could cause problems during 2pass encoding
  • x265: stats file wasn't configurable
  • x265: '1st pass' didn't show encoding dialogue
  • x265: enforce '-wpp' when vbv is used
  • x265: adjusted 'psy-rdoq' range to 0-10
  • x265: enable psy-rdoq for level 4+ (instead of 5+)
  • Xvid: entering a bitrate for unrestricted profile wasn't possible
  • changed
  • avisynth: enabled 'No Avisynth during Preview/Cropview' by default, under Config->Internals->Avisynth
  • cosmetics: added options to control the progress indication
  • general: change max resolution to 16384x16384

Muutokset rev 2014.08.06.1 - v2014.08.25.1

  • added
  • audio: option to not cut external audio
  • audio: don't use DGIndex when for audio extraction when chapters are selected
  • removed
  • encoder: support for cuda encoder since latest drivers dropped support for nvcuenc (which is the old api), will add a new cuda encoder when I stumble over nvcenc using command line application or I write one myself; for those who still use old nvida drivers I added a misc.ini option to enable cuda support
  • avisynth: DGDecNV got removed due to request from the author, see: It's still supported, but the files that belong to it now have to be manually downloaded and added to the avisynthPlugins-folder for Hybrid to be able to use it.
  • fixed
  • audio: using raw external audio and mkv a/v input
  • input: wrong avs frame rate detection on decimal frame rates
  • cut: mkvmerge cut/split call
  • x265: 2pass fast 1st pass
  • x264: time codes accidentally got ignored when encoding with x264
  • decode: mencoder->ffmpeg->encoder call, removed map-call inside ffmpeg call
  • cuda: cq encoding
  • changed
  • subtitle: subtitle tab show grab language from file name in sidebar

Muutokset rev 2014.08.04.1 - rev 2014.08.06.1

  • changed
  • x265: support for '--[no-]slow-firstpass
  • added
  • avisynth: added option to disable Avisynth during normal preview, this way audio and subtitles from the source can be viewed.
  • fixed
  • input: ffmpeg addressing video id and temp file detection

Muutokset rev 2014.08.03.1 - rev 2014.08.04.1

  • *removed*
  • x265: support for '--[no-]slow-firstpass (not supported by x265 atm.)
  • *fixed*
  • x264&x265 1pass encoding
  • ffmpeg output collection

Muutokset rev 2014.07.17.1 - rev 2014.07.27.1

  • fixed
  • avisynth: ColorMatrix-call
  • tags: tag queue accidentally got cleared partially when clicking on it
  • subs: .sup subtitle handling (conversion to .idx/.sub for mp4 muxing)
  • subs: manual subtitle extraction
  • video: 2pass custom target file size not always properly reloaded from model/profile
  • changed
  • avisynth: disable MT, when it's not needed
  • x265: added support for tier/profile/level and 2pass encoding, for the later you need to disable (x265->Misc->Create qp file for chapters and keep level set to 'unrestricted' otherwise it will probably crash, but the x265 developers are working on it)

Muutokset rev 2014.07.14.1 - rev 2014.07.17.1

  • added
  • avisynth: overwrite the used resizer by one from, also added NNEDI3 as potential resizer when upscaling
  • fixed
  • profile: load&saving global profiles
  • profile: resetting single model
  • tools: restart on non-windows systems
  • changed
  • cosmetics: progress indication
  • defaults: enabling 'auto save defaults' disables the default reset options
  • defaults: added question dialog before resetting something
  • input: don't use mediainfo for audio format detection for .mpls files unless specifically told to

Muutokset rev 2014.07.10.1 - rev 2014.07.14.1

  • changed
  • avisynth: always use FFVideoSource with ', threads=1' and SetMTMode(2,..)
  • avisynth: changing MT-Threads to cpu count*2 threads, when cpu count > 1;
  • avisynth: use PreRoll instead of RequestLinear
  • cosmetics: default diff popup window restyled
  • cosmetics: added scrollbars to avisynth script view window
  • DivX265: check that output width&height need to be multiple of 8
  • subtitle: when double clicking on an subtitle entry show input file name and whether the subtitle gets embedded or not
  • x265: added support for '--ipratio', '--pbratio', '--hrd', '--aud'
  • fixed
  • audio: enforcing audio downmix to 5.1 for 6+ channels when ac3 is selected as output
  • avisynth: fixed peachsmoother missing option
  • input: crash during tsMuxeR analysis
  • output: mkv attachment passthrough problem
  • preview: problem with preview on mac
  • tools: tool detection on Windows XP; don't check for QSVEnc&fhgaacenc when on Windows XP
  • tsMuxeR: don't use 8+3 file names
  • DivX265: don't show bitrate and est. size for DivX265 in cq mode
  • crop/resize: disabling 'force output par' didn't enable resize again.
  • removed
  • mac: only releasing Mac OS 10.9+ builds (assuming there are no 10.6-8 users since I never got any feedback regarding 10.6-8 for some time now)

Muutokset rev 2014.07.03.1 - rev 2014.07.10.1

  • *fixed*##audio: tsmuxer not compatible audio accidentally fed to tsMuxeR
  • ##avisynth: code page problem when writing avisynth files
  • ##cosmetics: glitch in title progress indication
  • ##decode: ffmpeg crash when colorMatrix from&to are equal
  • ##input: time code extraction of flv files with non-ANSI names
  • ##input: mkv time code handling
  • ##input: hevc stream detection inside mkv container
  • ##tools: problems properly detecting tools
  • ##x265: bug minimizing crf min/max values that are not zero

Muutokset rev 2014.07.02.1 - rev 2014.07.03.1

  • fixed
  • DivX265: progress indication (percentage wasn't shown)
  • ui: automatic loading of custom styling)
  • changed
  • tools: tool arrangement under windows, to avoid problems which occurred on systems with missing run-times. Tools are now split over three locations:
  • program folder: here are all the static tools
  • 'dynamic'-sub-folder: here are all the tools which are only available as a. 32bit and b. dynamically linked
  • 'dynamicX'-sub-folder: here are all the tools which are available as 32bit and 64bit versions and dynamically linked
  • Notice
  • general: tool tips not showing
  • Windows: it's recommend to uninstall old Hybrid versions (settings do not have to be removed) before installing this or a newer version

Muutokset rev 2014.06.30.1 - rev 2014.07.02.1

  • added
  • DivX265: support new VUI options
  • fixed
  • avisynth: indexing mkv(vp9) content with ffvideosource
  • ui: font change did not influence queues and separate log window
  • ui: fffmpeg progress indication
  • job: 'remove all' button not working
  • input: don't use '-demuxer mkv' when analysing mkv with a vp9 video stream
  • removed
  • tools: QSVEncC support for Windows XP (requires Windows 7 and newer)

Muutokset rev 2014.06.29.1 - rev 2014.06.30.1

  • fixed
  • general: tool tips not showing
  • video: ffvHuff-tab configuration en-/disable

Muutokset rev 2014.06.17.2 - rev 2014.06.29.1

  • fixed
  • preview: fixed preview issue if no avisynth is available on the system
  • video: QSVEnc support, adjusting to QSVEnc 1.23, thanks to rigaya for fixing some problems
  • ffv1: ffv1 mencoder call
  • subtitle: crash on subtitle extraction
  • timecode: fixed a crash in time code handling due to formating issues
  • audio: extracting&muxing aac to mp4 could trigger a conversion to wav, even when 'passthrough' was selected.
  • audio: enabling 'Always extract as wav' and audio handling 'passthrough' interfered
  • added
  • video: initial support for ffvhuff and libutvideo
  • decode: added options to support hardware acceleration when ffmpeg is used.
  • mux: option to disable mkv statistics per track (introduced with mkvtoolnix 7.0.0)
  • changed
  • general: switched to MSVC++ 2013 for Win 64bit builds

Muutokset rev 2014.06.17.1 - rev 2014.06.17.2

  • fixed
  • audio: extracted audio didn't get deleted after audio reencoding

Muutokset rev 2014.06.15.1 - rev 2014.06.17.1

  • fixed
  • decode: mencode decod ecall containing '-vf ,scale', instead of '-vf scale'
  • qsvenc: adjust to feature restriction on system
  • changed
  • avisynth: speed-up FFVideoSource by using setMTMode(5,.. instead of setMTMode(3,..
  • added
  • avisynth: de-'dot crawler': DeCrawl, Checkmate, DeCrow

Muutokset rev 2014.06.13.2 - rev 2014.06.15.1

  • *changed*
  • video: removed QSVEnc support on Vista since it requires Win7+ (wrote an email to the author, don't know if will react to it)
  • audio: sound playback (at end of queue/job) on Windows is now uses native Windows API calls since Vista doesn't support the QtMultimedia library if it is compiled on Windows 7
  • global: resetting models or Avisynth settings (with 'initial') will now restart (and not just close) Hybrid
  • *fixed*
  • video: video could get accidentally deleted before muxing if x264 1pass bitrate encoding was used.
  • [*9installer: Windows: reverted Kvazaar to the official releases, since the currently packed kvazaar versions still don't work for some users
  • start: didn't start-up properly on linux&mac when placed to /usr/bin

Muutokset rev 2014.06.13.1 - rev 2014.06.13.2

  • fixed
  • video: QSVEnc support
  • general: Vista compatibility

Muutokset rev 2014.06.08.1 - rev 2014.06.13.1

  • fixed
  • audio: using audio from different source than the main input
  • audio: crash when switching between titles with and without audio
  • tools: Windows package contained a kvazaar binary which did cause problems on some systems
  • added
  • video: initial support for QSVCEnc as encoder
  • video: initial support for FFV1 as encoder

Muutokset rev 2014.04.28.1 - rev 2014.06.08.1

  • fixed
  • audio: mp4 audio extraction name problem (on Windows)
  • avisynth: force deinterlace + Avisynth-Deinterlacer sometimes didn't force deinterlacing
  • avisynth: RGBColorAdjust Filter-Preview
  • avisynth: ColorMatrix Avisynth/Filter-Preview
  • avisynth: bug could cause distributor() to be added, even when 'Disable distributor()' was enabled
  • avisynth: reset 'need avisynth'-checks
  • avisynth: fixed HQDering call
  • decode: mencoder 422 output and color space mixup using mencoder
  • DivX265: use constant quantizer '-qp' instead of '--cq'
  • filtering: mcdeint -> framestep didn't update the gui
  • input: monitoring folder support
  • jobs: check whether FRAPS is installed on the system or not
  • x265: 12bit encoding
  • mux: mp4box didn't always use short file names on Windows which could cause problems with unicode names&paths
  • mux: tsMuxeR set disklabel for isos
  • added
  • avisynth: support for aWarpSharp sharpening
  • avisynth: tivtc now also allows QTGMC 'slow' and 'Very Slow' as deinterlacer
  • avisynth: 'add custom content', allows to add content to Hybrids avisynths scripts;
  • WARNING: Hybrid does not check/verify the content of the entry, so if you mess up, you are on your own!
  • Kvazaar: support for RDO quantization
  • x265: support for 4:2:2 color space
  • x265: support for '--[no-]repeat-headers'
  • x265: support for '--psy-rdo X';
  • x265: adjusted to new preset&tune values -> It's recommend to reset the x265Model
  • WARNING: This option is known to produce artifacts in some cases!
  • changed
  • avisynth: set MTMode to 5 before LibAVVideoSource
  • avisynth: enable "Disable distributor()' for Windows 8 & 8.1, by default, for all others disable it by default
  • avisynth: fixed links which linked to
  • avisynth: allow distributor() even for avisynth preview
  • input: improve mpls handling
  • jobs: make sure there will be no job creation if .m4v is used as output extension while 'Audio handling' isn't set to ignore. Added awarning about it and how to avoid it and still create .m4v output.
  • DivX265: use DivX265 'resolution profiles' internally and enforce them

Muutokset rev 2014.04.04.1 - rev 2014.04.28.1

  • fixed
  • audio: pcm extraction from avisynth input
  • audio: multi-input/batch processing audio processing
  • input: make sure tsMuxeR analysis is fed with 8.3 file names on Windows
  • cut: fix chapter&cut selection on mplayer dvd audio reencoding
  • cut: fix job optimization for ffmpeg cut calls
  • cut: keyframe positions display
  • general: crash when first a normal file and then a dvd was analysed
  • tags: remove pipe-symbol ('|') from tags which will be send to MP4Box, to avoid a crash
  • x264: 10bit encoding
  • x264: show live bitrate during crf encoding
  • xvid: y4m -> xvid encoding.
  • note: progress indication is not working since mencoder doesn't provide a progress indication when fed through a pipe.
  • added
  • avisynth: added support for Peachsmoother and mftoon (not much tested)
  • jobs: option to set minFreeSize to start (sub-)job
  • cut: option to always use key frames selection
  • changed
  • audio: when using MultiInput (batch processing) only 'Custom' allows to change the audio queue.
  • input: check that the 'which' result(s) are indeed files and not folders
  • DivX265: adding an additional ffmpeg call to work around DivX265 not beeing able to show progress indication
  • preview: limit preview on mac for mpls files when mplayer is too old or not compiled with libbluray
  • preview: open the preview inside the same window Hybrid is located (horizontal alignment of monitors assumed)
  • profile: re-run auto routines if GlobalProfile or AV-Profiles get loaded and input is not empty
  • audio: use DGIndex to extract audio form DVD, if a. avisynth is present, b. input is DVD, c. mplayer reported it can't handle the input audio and d. Hybrid was set to ignore this report
  • x265: removed crf and cq from x265 defaults

Muutokset rev 2014.04.02.1 - rev 2014.04.04.1

  • fixed
  • question mark accidentally replaced some of the number constants
  • added
  • avisynth: added TTempSmooth as denoiser

Muutokset rev 2014.03.21.1 - rev 2014.04.02.1

  • changed
  • avisynth: disable distributor() by default
  • fixed
  • audio: stretch handling and audio add options could lead to too many audio queue entries
  • audio: opus bitrate selection when aac stack got removed
  • filter: disable threaded decoding if gradfun is used on .avi input
  • preview: crash for audio only input
  • model: "Current defaultTempPath is empty" when 'Generate' and 'Temp path to output path' were enabled.
  • mux: audio stream got lost for negative delay + mp4 output
  • output: multioutput file naming
  • added
  • DivX265: support for constant quantizer support and additional aq modes
  • 'Create iso with tsMuxeR'
  • gui: audio/subtitle some keyboard mappings
  • x265: support for weightedB
  • removed
  • 'Create image using ImgBurn'
  • notice
  • it's recommend to reset the DivX265 profile

Muutokset rev. 2014.03.12.1 - rev 2014.03.21.1

  • changed
  • output: add par info to mp4(hevc); did cause problems with the earliest decoders, which is why it was disabled before
  • fixed
  • avisynth: problem with DGDecNV not being used
  • jobs: cosmetics, qaac, x265 progress indication
  • audio: delay was sometimes ignored
  • x265: color mess when feeding 16bit x265
  • x264: enabling 'stitchable' didn't change the call
  • added
  • filter: colorMatrix support through ffmpeg (not only avisynth)
  • output: option to use 'Title'-tag value as base-name for name generation
  • x264: option to enforce .stats creation
  • removed
  • filter: 'Selection', since it doesn't work with mencoder as decoder (only got it working with ffmpeg or avisynth)
  • x265: x265 support is removed when a version newer than 0.8+149 is used on Windows XP machines (x265 doesn't support Windows XP any more unless someone writes a patch for it)

Muutokset rev 2014.02.25.2 - rev. 2014.03.12.1

  • changed
  • avisynth: some more mt-mode adjustments
  • audio: allow ac3 inside mp4 with 'iTunes compatibility' enabled, if it is not the first audio stream in the output container (Apple TV should support this)
  • cosmetics: when toolTip-sidebar is active and an audioQueue-entry is double-clicked, sidebar will show a short summary of the entry
  • cosmetics: warn if content with timecodes gets muxed to avi
  • input: use libbluray and mplayer for crop-/interlace-detection and preview if mplayer is build with libbluray and it's revision is 36902 or higher
  • output: added mkv(hevc) support for mkvtoolnix 6.8.0+
  • vp9: support cq encoding
  • x264: Hybrids x264 defaults now disable 'Macroblock tree rate control', see:
  • x265: removed '--input-depth 8' from the defaults which get applied when applying a preset
  • x265: add '--sar x:y' signaling support
  • fixed
  • avisynth: nediaa*2 call
  • input: blu-ray analysis if tsMuxeR is not present
  • input: crash when Hybrid was called on a Blu-ray folder which ffmpeg identifies as encrypted
  • cosmetics: indicating audio encoding during DivX265 encoding
  • cosmetics: audio track selection combobox width
  • subs: tsMuxeR + extract all subtitles + skip not working properly
  • tags: accidentally added ')' to some audio titles
  • jobs: ffmpeg multi-extract optimization
  • added
  • audio: mac version now got fdk-aac for he-aac and he-aac v2 audio encoding
  • subs: cosmetics, added 'add font'-button
  • selection: avisynth implemented not for ffmpeg/mencoder so far
  • output: MP4V as possible FOURCC for .avi output

Muutokset rev 2014.02.14.1 - rev. 2014.02.25.1

  • changed
  • kvazaar: '--cqmfile' and '--ref' support
  • ui: adjust slider ticks to max possible value
  • ui: some cosmetic fixes
  • fixed
  • cut: tsMuxeR cut calls
  • input: RealVideo handling
  • output: interlaced raw H.264 remuxing problems
  • tag: tagging was broken
  • ui: AV-Combo Profiles didn't show up in Main-tab after restart
  • filter: asynchrony issues accidentally deinterlacing instead of ivtc (if Avisynth was present, but not enabled for DVD input)
  • x264: make sure Hybrid feeds 10bit colors to x264-10bit (otherwise a crash occurs if the x264 version wasn't compiled with an additional scaler)
  • jobs: ffmpeg extracting multiple streams at once
  • added
  • input: option to decide whether 'dvd://' or 'dvdnav://' is used for mencoder/mplayer
  • x264: option to disable the automatic enforcement of medium restrictions for Blu-ray compatible output

Muutokset rev 2014.01.22.1 - rev 2014.02.14.1

  • changed
  • avisynth: use setMTMode(3) before debanding filters
  • general: move mac settings folder to ~/Library/Application Support/Hybrid
  • input: don't assume .m4v as raw MPEG-4 Video on Mac OS X
  • x265: '--scenecut X' and '--min-keyint X' support
  • x265: support VBV options
  • added
  • video: Kvazaar (v0.2.4) support
  • fixed
  • analyse: problems with some mkvs created with older MakeMkv versions
  • avisynth: accidentally disabled sharpening in the last release
  • avisynth: bug in LimtedSharpenFaster call
  • avisynth: select preferred text renderer
  • avisynth: accidentally disabled sharpening in the last release
  • crop: OnLoad->AutoCrop didn't properly enable the gui after finishing
  • input: mpeg-2 raw frame count
  • input: added workaround for '-nosound dvd://' since current mplayer&mencoder builds are broken
  • jobs: cosmetics, fixed some progress indication bugs
  • mac: profiles&settings ended up in user home
  • x265: missed that '--refresh IDR/CDR' got replaced with '--[no]-open-gop'
  • x264: lossless output color space bug

Muutokset rev 2014.01.21.1 - rev 2014.01.22.1

Muutokset rev 2013.12.06.2 - rev 2014.01.21.1

  • changed
  • avisynth: use MT mode 5 if TextSub is used with text based subtitle
  • decode: use y4m for vpxenc when ffmpeg is used as decoder
  • output: support HEVC inside m2ts if tsMuxeR 2.5.5+ is present
  • tools: instead of using '-i bluray:' now using '-buildconf' too check if ffmpeg was build with libbluray&co
  • x265: 'bPyramid' now is a bool value
  • added
  • avisynth: misc.ini option to set an alternative avisynth plugins folder
  • x265: support '--aq-mode 2' (= auto)
  • x265: support for '--[no-]cutree'
  • fixed
  • analyse: lsdvd not adjusted to absolute path
  • avisynth: Logo call
  • avisynth: some preview bugs
  • avisynth: SupTile filter detection
  • avisynth: some path detection bugs related to Linux&wine
  • avisynth: option to disable 'distributor()' usage
  • cosmetics: x265 crf spinbox
  • cut: key frame based cutting
  • cut: speed up cutting with ffmpeg by using two '-ss' option
  • internal: changes on multiCheckBoxDropDown got ignored (fixes multiple bugs introduced by previous refactoring)
  • jobs: subtitle type of embedded subtitles didn't get ignored when checking blu-ray compatibility
  • muxing: during m2ts muxing, video got lost
  • subtitle: extraction call, didn't always properly convert relative to absolute paths
  • tools: tool version cache read problem
  • tools: mkvmerge version wasn't sometimes detected properly
  • vp9: added workaround to always feed vpxenc with y4m content; which according to it's documentation isn't supported, but instead of i420 and Yv12 which should work, it does work; should be fixed in latest vp9, but I leave the workaround
  • vp9: lossless encoding

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