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Muutokset v5.1.1 - v5.2.2

Muutokset v5.1 - v5.1.1

Muutokset v5.0.1 - v5.1

  • New menu Copy a Favorite’s Path or URL… and shortcut Shift-Control-C to copy a location to the Clipboard.
  • This option opens the popup menu where you can choose what favorite’s location you want to transfer to the Clipboard.
  • A tip in the notification zone prompts you to select the favorite to copy.
  • A message in the notification zone confirms that the location has been copied to the Clipboard.
  • A new check box in Options (first tab) allow you to choose to display or not the Copy a Favorite’s Path or URL… menu.
  • Two new languages!
  • Addition of Spanish translation, thanks to Kiketrucker.
  • Addition of Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks to Igor Ruckert.
  • Various improvements
  • Expand the relative path (like ../folder/) in favorite locations, based on the current working directory.
  • Sort URLs in the Clipboard menu.
  • Enable keyboard shortcuts even if Current folders, Groups of Folders and Clipboard menus are disabled.
  • Bug fixes
  • Fix a bug causing an error when trying to show icon in the Clipboard menu when icons were not allowed.
  • In Change hotkey dialog box, make the selection of no hotkey (None) more obvious.
  • Fix a bug when adding folders using the drag-and-drop technique, these favorites being wrongly created as application favorites.
  • Various minor display and under-the-hood improvements.

Muutokset v4.3 - v5.0.1

  • Change default hotkeys for Current Folders (Shift-Control-F), Groups of Folders (Shift-Control-G), Recent Folders (Shift-Control-R), Clipboard (Shift-Control-C) and Settings (Shift-Control-S) for Windows 8.1 compatibility. Note that this will not change the hotkeys for users upgrading to this version; use the Reset default hotkey in the Change hotkey dialog box to use the new shortcuts.
  • Fix bug with special folders Pictures and Favorites (Internet) when user change these folders default location.
  • Add an Application favorite
  • Add an Application favorite
  • New in version 5.0
  • New Application favorite type allowing you to launch your frequently used programs or utilities with options for full control on application execution:
  • Parameters to pass to the application (arguments).
  • Start in to set application’s working directory.
  • See screen capture beside.
  • Clipboard submenu:
  • Submenu with folders, documents, applications path(s) and URLs found in the Clipboard.
  • Only existing folder, documents or application files are displayed in the submenu.
  • When the Clipboard does not contain path or URL, the previous submenu content is preserved.
  • When FP is launched, the Clipboard submenu is empty (disabled) as long as the Clipboard does not contain a path.
  • An option allows to determine if the Clipboard menu is shown (default is true).
  • Three new hotkeys to open special menus
  • Hotkey to open directly the Current folders menu
  • (by default Ctrl-Win-C).
  • Hotkey to open directly the Groups menu
  • (by default Ctrl-Win-G).
  • Hotkey to open directly the Clipboard menu
  • (by default Ctrl-Win-V).
  • Changed the Settings window shortcut to Ctrl-Win-S.
  • The Clipboard menu and the special menu shortcuts
  • The Clipboard menu and the special menu shortcuts
  • Redesigned Options dialog box
  • Redesign the Options dialog box splitting hotkeys settings in two tabs: one for popup menu hotkeys and the second for other hotkeys.
  • Review hotkeys language in Options (I hope this will make more clear the difference between “Middle mouse button” and “Shift-Middle mouse button”).
  • Check for beta version updates
  • Check for beta versions updates at startup if user enables the Check for update option.
  • Active only for users who ran a beta version previously.
  • Bug fix
  • Fix a bug from v4.2 when opening a special folder (Libraries, My Computer, etc.) from the Current Folders menu.

Muutokset v4.2.4 - v4.3

  • Make the Settings window resizable and enable the Maximize button.
  • An option in Settings to determine if Settings window position and size are remembered.
  • Save Settings Gui size and position on quit.
  • Restore last Settings Gui size and position on load.
  • When saved maximized, at next launch restore the Settings window at default size and centered.
  • Prevent minimizing the settings window to avoid user forgetting to save settings.
  • Adjust hand mouse pointer when hover clickable controls.

Muutokset v4.2.3 - v4.2.4

  • Fix a version number error in v4.2.3 breaking the update checking process.
  • Fix a bug with expanded environment variables (%windir%, %appdata%, etc.) in favorite of type Special folders.

Muutokset v4.2.2 - v4.2.3

  • Fix a bug with expanded environment variables (%windir%, %appdata%, etc.) in favorite of type Special folders.

Muutokset v4.2.1 - v4.2.2

  • Fix a bug with environment variables (%windir%, %appdata%, etc.) not being expanded when checking if target file exist.
  • Fix bug under XP during group load when an Explorer already contains the target folder, the existing Explorer is now activated and resized.
  • Fix bug with check for update URL on some browsers.

Muutokset v4.2 - v4.2.1

  • Make FP compliant with Windows themes by adding a FP theme named “Windows” that keeps Windows theme’s colors (making FP display OK when user selects a dark Windows theme).
  • Making the FP theme “Windows” selected by default for new users.
  • Because of a side-effect in XL 2010, revert a patch in v4.2 to prevent double-click up/down buttons in Settings to overwrite the clipboard with the image URL (a Windows “undesired feature”).

Muutokset v4.1 - v4.2

  • Hotkeys to manage favorites in Settings window:
  • Down: Select next favorite
  • Up: Select previous favorite
  • Ctrl-N: Add a new favorite
  • Enter: Edit favorite
  • Shift-Up/Down: Select contiguous favorites
  • Ctrl-Click: Select non-contiguous favorites
  • Ctrl-A: Select all favorites
  • Ctrl-Down: Move favorite(s) down
  • Ctrl-Up: Move favorite(s) up
  • Del: Remove favorite(s)
  • Ctrl-Right: Open submenu
  • Ctrl-Left: Open parent submenu
  • Multiple selection to manage a group of favorites in one step
  • Allow multiple selection of favorites to move them in the current list, move to other menu or remove them.
  • Up/Down arrow buttons and Ctrl-Up/Down hotkeys can move multiple favorites in the current list.
  • New Special Folders favorites type (the following changes do not apply to Windows XP users)
  • Build your own special folders menus from a list of more than 50 special folders, for example: Libraries, Recent items, Recycle Bin, Startup folder, History, Favorites, Quick Launch, Downloads, Cookies, Temporary files, etc.
  • A new customizable My Special Folders menu is automatically added as last item in your main menu (you can edit, move or even remove it, as you wish).
  • Special Folders are supported using Windows Explorer, Windows standard file dialog boxes, Directory Opus and Total Commander.
  • Universal File Managers Support
  • FPconnect is an universal file manager connector for Folders Popup from Roland Toth (
  • This Folders Popup addon allows integration of any file manager that supports commandline navigation. Thanks to tpr (Roland’s nickname).
  • Support on FPconnect is available on Roland’s blog.
  • More improvements…
  • Select the menu position of new favorite in the Add Favorite window, a great time saver!
  • Other minor improvements or bug fixes

Muutokset v4.0.4 - v4.1

  • addition of Italian language, thanks to Riccardo Leone
  • redesign the Help and Options windows into three tabs to save height on small screens
  • change delays in group load
  • change default to “add to existing windows” when creating a new group of folders
  • solve icon issue with multi-column menus under Win XP, show icons only in first columns
  • add BETA support for file manager connector FPConnect

Muutokset v4.0.3 - v4.0.4

  • Add a button in the Save this Group window to select or deselect all Explorer windows in the list.
  • You can now click on column headers in the Save this Group window to sort the list of Explorer windows according to the content of the clicked column.

Muutokset v4.0.2 - v4.0.3

  • ##More robust group load and window move and resize.
  • ##Minor bugs related to Current Folders menu and Group of Folders menus.

Muutokset v4.0 - v4.0.1

  • Fix bug with Recent shortcut opening in a new Explorer window instead of navigating in the correct window.
  • Fix bug properly exit group load loop when an error occurs within an iteration.

Muutokset v4.0 beta (v3.9.1) - v4.0

  • New standard installation tool
  • New setup procedure with standard Install / Uninstall procedures using Inno Setup.
  • For previous Folders Popup users, the new setup tool will be able to retrieve your previous configuration if the Run at Startup option has been selected before the upgrade.
  • Folders Popup will continue to be also distributed in a zip file for portable installation.
  • Groups of folders
  • The Switch menu from v3 is replaced by two menus : Current Folders and Group of Folders.
  • The Current Folders menu allows to open one of the folders already open in an Explorer window.
  • Folders open in Windows Explorer and Directory Opus are detected (Total Command support will be possible as soon as the TC developer will have implement a new command making this integration possible).
  • The Groups of Folders menu allows to save and restore groups of folders.
  • Groups are restored re-creating each Explorer window at its pre-defined size and location.
  • Use the Save Current Folders as Group submenu to create a new group.
  • Custom favorite icons
  • Select your custom icons for favorite folders, URLs, documents and submenus.
  • Add/edit favorite icons in a new dialog box where you can pick icons in any .EXE, .DLL or .ICO file.
  • Various additions or improvements
  • The default Folders Popup hotkeys are changed to Windows-A and Shift-Windows-A (previous shortcut Windows-K is a reserved shortcut in Windows 8.1). Actual users configuration is not changed (you can keep or change your current hotkeys as you wish).
  • You can now add column breaks in popup menu offering another way to group your menu items (very cool!).
  • For tech support, sysadmin and other power users, the system environment variables like %appdata%, %public%, %temp% or %userprofile% are now supported in favorite location (for example: “%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates” will take you to the folder C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates).
  • The Downloads folder has been added to the Special Folders menu (not available under Windows XP).
  • Menu item added to the right-click Tray menu to open the FoldersPopup.ini file.
  • Option Open menu on taksbar added to determine if you want to open the popup menu over the taskbar (for compatibility with other utilities like 7+ Taskbar Tweaker).
  • Folders Popup now accepts space hotkey – this allows combinations with spacebar like Alt-Space.
  • Add an option to disable check for update at startup.
  • The 48 pixels has been added to the choice of icon sizes.
  • For Directory Opus users
  • Add the option Use tabs to choose to open new folders in new tab (new default) or in a new lister.
  • Folders open in new tab are open in the pane under the mouse click position.
  • Bug fixes
  • Fix a bug with labels when changing the hotkey for Recent folders menu and Settings windows.
  • Make the vertical bar (or pipe “|”) a reserved character in submenu or favorite name.
  • Fix a bug occurring in some situation when a favorite location contains a comma (also recently fixed in v3.3.1).

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