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Muutokset v12.61 - v12.70

Muutokset v12.50 - v12.61

Muutokset v12.40 - v12.50

Muutokset v12.30 - v12.40

Muutokset v12.20 - v12.30

Muutokset v12.10 - v12.20

Muutokset v12.00 - v12.10

Muutokset v11.31 - v12.00

Muutokset v11.20 - v11.31

Muutokset v11.10 - v11.20

Muutokset v11.00 - v11.10

Muutokset v10.10 - v11.00

Muutokset v10.00 - v10.10

Muutokset v9.90 - v10.00

Muutokset v9.80 - v9.90

Muutokset v9.70 - v9.80

Muutokset v9.60 - v9.70

Muutokset v9.50 - v9.60

Muutokset v9.40 - v9.50

Muutokset v9.30 - v9.40

Muutokset v9.20 - v9.30

Muutokset v9.10 - v9.20

Muutokset v9.00 - v9.10

Muutokset v8.50 - v9.00

Muutokset v8.40 - v8.50

Muutokset v8.30 - v8.40

Muutokset v8.20 - v8.30

Muutokset v8.10 - v8.20

Muutokset v7.90 - v8.10

Muutokset v7.80 - v7.90

Muutokset v7.70 - v7.80

  • - Fixed an incompatibility with Windows XP introduced in 7.50 by unsupported COPY_FILE_NO_BUFFERING flag that makes CopyFileEx API function fail (Vivil).
  • - Fixed lossy PNG optimization was performed even if "allow lossy" was unchecked (guindos98, alex, Newtomic).
  • - Tested over mapped and unmapped network shares.
  • - Keep rotation on EXIF rotated JPEG images, even if metadata is stripped (Jaff).
  • - Updated ImageMagick to 6.9.14.
  • - Updated tidy-html5 to 4.9.26-26-g9785399 patched to be Windows XP compatible.
  • - Updated Leanify to daily binaries.
  • - Updated mozjpeg to 3.10.
  • - Updated jpegoptim to 1.4.3 (custom built).
  • - Upgraded distributions to 7-Zip 15.03.

Muutokset v7.60 - v7.70

  • - Added a new PNG option to optionalally allow lossy PNG recompression support with pngquant 2.4.0 (Jack Cherng).
  • - Made higher compression profiles, optimize better at a cost of extra processing time. Now on best setting, we are using 30 zopfli iterations instead of 9 (SvenBent).
  • - Added MNG files detection by content.
  • - Added WinRAR SFX detection to exclude processing like we did with Inno Setup (SvenBent).
  • - Fixed regression on files with uppercase extensions, compression ratio was less than in 7.40 and before. (Jaff).
  • - Make child windows open on top, when always on top is checked (hairycactus).
  • - Do not reset column widths after minimizing window (Jaff).
  • - Use TMP if TEMP is not available or else use current directory to avoid issues when reading them (xezz).
  • - File extensions were converted to lowercase. ie: JPG to jpg (Marilyn Phillip).
  • - Updated jpegoptim to 1.4.3 beta (custom built).
  • - Updated to cppcheck 1.69.
  • - Some minor optimizations and code cleanup.

Muutokset v7.40 - v7.60

  • - Added INI option AlwaysOnTop=false to specify if FileOptimizer main Windows should stay always on top (hairycactus).
  • - Updated Leanify daily binaries.
  • - Adding files not working for the x64 edition due to some aggressive optimizations in C++ Builder with -O3 (hairycactus).
  • 7.50 - 2015/04/24
  • - Add support for files larger than 4 GB, now up to 4 TB (Spotted Cow).
  • - Speedup file copies by using CopyFileEx.
  • - Updated help file.
  • - PNGOUT and FLACOUT has been unpacked to avoid false positives by scary antivirus.
  • - Fix PDF no downsampling profile.
  • - Revert to ghostcript 9.15 since Ghostcript 9.16 crashes with errorlevel 0 (everything OK), when source file name has extended characters. It worked properly on 9.15.
  • - Updated ImageMagick to 6.9.12.
  • - Some minor optimizations and code cleanup.

Muutokset v7.20 - v7.30

  • - Default optimization level is now 5: Normal, instead of 9: Best.
  • - Fixed wrong percent calculation (Dmitry, Spotted Cow).
  • - Minor optimizations.

Muutokset v7.10 - v7.20

  • - FileOptimizer is now able to partially detect file types by its contents instead of file extensions (BMP, DLL, FLAC, GIF, GZ, JPG, MKV, MP3, MP4, PCX, PDF, PNG, SWF, TIFF, WEBP, and ZIP). More to come later.
  • - Added custom PDF profile to allow specifying desired downsampling DPI (stratos chatzi, Special, Newtomic).
  • - Added new column extension between file and original on the grid to allow sorting by filetypes (Nico919).
  • - Added INI option BeepWhenDone=false to beep and notify used when optimization is complete (Special).
  • - Added INI option FilenameFormat=0 (0: full path+filename; 1: only filename). (To Do: 2: driveletter + “:”+partial path + filename; 3: driveletter + “:”+partial path if fits+”...” last part of filename) to specify how File grid column is displayed (Jaff).
  • - Information window now sorts extensions supported alphabetically, and better formats them.
  • - Improved window layout performance by enabling double buffering.
  • - Added .GALLERY, .GALLERYCOLLECTION, .GALLERYITEM, .INK, .NBK, .NOTEBOOK and *.XNK file extensions to the ZIP tool chain (maadjordan).
  • - Better handling of obsolete .INI preferences.
  • - Improved alternate colors in grid to look better on different Windows color schemes.
  • - Fixed wrong percentage calculation for big files due to integer overflow (Dmitry, Juan).
  • - Fixed grid column sorting not working properly for certain types (Nico919).
  • - Updated libwebp to 0.4.3.
  • - Updated ImageMagick to
  • - Updated Leanify daily binaries.
  • - Some minor optimizations and code cleanup.

Muutokset v7.00 - v7.10

  • - Added Matroska support with mkclean for .mkv, .mka, and .mks file extensions (SpanishDogg).
  • - Added XML (.xml, .fb2 .xsl, .xslt) support with Leanify.
  • - Added LUA (.lua .luac) support with Leanify.
  • - Allow concurrent executions of different FileOptimizer instances over different file sets.
  • - Added more PDF profiles, including without downsampling, 100 dpi, 200 dpi and 600 dpi (stratos chatzi).
  • - Added 250 dpi setting for PDF (Special).
  • - Added INI option ExcludeMask="" to specify paths (folder/files) that contain it as substring will be excluded (Tomasz W.).
  • - Exclusion list can now optionally contain more than one substrings if separated by semicolon (;).
  • - Added INI option ZIPRecurse=false prevent Leanify inside ZIP files.
  • - Added INI option XMLEnableLeanify=false enable Leanify on XML files.
  • - Added INI option LUAEnableLeanify=false enable Leanify on LUA files.
  • - Allow optimizing JPEG files when copy metadata is enabled by using new --keep-exif switch as well as inside ZIP files (Jaff).
  • - Added .DEB, and .IPK file extensions to the GZ tool chain (maadjordan).
  • - Added .FXG and .KML file extensions to the XML tool chain (maadjordan).
  • - Added .BAR, .CDR, .CDT, .CSL, .DES, .FXG .IPSW, .KMZ, and .SWC file extensions to the ZIP tool chain (maadjordan).
  • - Disabled ImageMagick for GIF optimization because in some cases it does quantization, and so on, causes quality loss (Vivil).
  • - Implemented Restore defaults in options dialog to return to factory settings.
  • - Add preference option for ExcludeMask (Tomasz W.).
  • - Add option for ZIPRecurse.
  • - Added LUA options tab.
  • - Added XML options tab.
  • - Add hints on Options pages with supported file types.
  • - Made options dialog accept it faster by preventing changing the theme if not modified.
  • - Slightly faster startup times.
  • - Added Leanify to the JPEG tool chain.
  • - Added Leanify to the EXE tool chain.
  • - Added .rdb and .gft extensions to the ZIP tool chain.
  • - Slightly smaller PDF recompression by using dDetectDuplicateImages=true Ghostcript switch.
  • - Fixed log levels in Options dialog.
  • - Updated to jHead 3.00.
  • - Updated ImageMagick to
  • - Updated PNGOUT to 02/13/2015.
  • - Better quality and smaller PDF by adding -dOptimize=true -dConvertCMYKImagesToRGB=true -dColorConversionStrategy=/sRGB -dColorImageDownsampleType=/Bicubic -dGrayImageDownsampleType=/Bicubic -dMonoImageDownsampleType=/Bicubic.
  • - Updated TruePNG to
  • - Upgraded distributions to 7-Zip 9.38.
  • - Minor source code improvements.

Muutokset v6.80 - v7.00

Muutokset v6.80 - v7.00 beta 3

  • - Added FLAC compression using FLACOUT (DotDotDot).
  • - Added MP4 compression (.mp4 .m4a .m4b, .m4p, .m4r .m4v .acc) using mp4v2 (Francisco Eirea Bito-on).
  • - Added Autodesk Revit (.rvt) and Solidworks formats (.sldprt, .slddrw, .sldasm) to the OLE tool chain (maadjordan).
  • - Added eDrawings (easm) to the ZIP tool chain (maadjordan).- Integrated Leanify compression for GZ, SWF and ZIP formats.
  • - Added TAR support with Leanify.
  • - Updated Leanify 0.4.2 binaries with Windows XP compatibility. Thanks JayXon.
  • - Added DWF extension to the ZIP tool chain (maadjordan).
  • - Added .ksf, .wsz, .wal, .wmz, .mdz, .miz, .s3z, .xmz, .itz, .osk, .rmskin, .mmip, .msz extensions to the ZIP toolchain (Jaff).
  • - Added .vlt extension to the GZ toolchain (Jaff).
  • - Launch TruePNG before PNGOut to improve PNG compression (trlkly).
  • - Added OCX and VBX extensions to the DLL toolchain.
  • - Improved GIF compression ratio upgrading to gifsicle 1.87 (custom build).
  • - Better GIF compression ratio adding --crop-transparency and if metadata should be removed --no-comments --no-extensions --no-names (Vivid).
  • - Unpacked TruePNG.exe to avoid false positives with Symantec AVs (LayZee).
  • - Improved WEBP compression ratio updating to libwebp 0.4.2.
  • - Improved GZ, MNG, PNG, and ZIP compression ratio updating to AdvanceCOMP 1.20 beta.
  • - Upgraded to Ghostcript 9.15.
  • - Removed ImageMagick from the JPEG toolchain because it can cause quality loss (deluge).
  • - Brand new plugin execution, easier to mantain, and also more efficient.
  • - Updated APNG Optimizer to 1.3.
  • - Updated mozjpeg to 3.00 which improves compression ratio, and fixes Photoshop incompatibilities (Lard).
  • - Updated TruePNG to (Jaff).
  • - Updated jpegoptim to 1.4.2 (custom built) (Jaff).
  • - Updated ImageMagick to
  • - Updated PngOptimizer to 2.4.1.
  • - Added ini options bBMPCopyMetadata=false, bGIFCopyMetadata=false, bMiscCopyMetadata=false, bPCXCopyMetadata=false, bTIFFCopyMetadata=false to control copying metadata for other filetypes.
  • - Do not suffix shortcuts on the installed with x86 or x64, since only once will be available (trlkly).
  • - Added Leanify to PNG and ICO tool chains.
  • - Fixed reopening FileOptimizer when closed minimized from the taskbar (d4k0).
  • - Skipped files now have the Skipped status in the Status column instead of Pending.
  • - Cancel optimization is now faster.
  • - Remove Control+Alt+X accelerator in installer shortcuts (AdamDobay).
  • - Improved GUI drawing performance.
  • - Internal build number now matches subversion repository revision.
  • - Better performance updating to ASMLib 2.35.
  • - Updated to NSIS 3.0 beta 1.
  • - Removed Launch wording in installer shortcuts (David Mártínez).
  • - Slight WINE compatibility improvements (Jesus Alcaras).
  • - Make sure file still was not deleted before processing (A user).
  • - Launched plugins now do with the same process priority as FileOptimizer (A user).
  • - Small installer/uninstaller improvements.
  • - Upgraded to C++ Builder XE7.
  • - Upgraded distributions to 7-Zip 9.35.
  • - Source code migrated to a subversion repository at

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