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Muutokset v7.0.181 - v7.0.199

Muutokset v6.4.355 - v6.4.355

Muutokset v6.1.174 - v6.4.309

Muutokset v6.0.91 - v6.0.122

Muutokset v5.3.723 - v5.5.835

Muutokset v5.1.541 - v5.1 Build 549

  • Features:
  • Added Italian language for the interface
  • Updates:
  • Independent test removes tested zip files from temp folder when completed
  • Calculated compression ratio is now more precise
  • Show support email when there's an installation error
  • Fixes:
  • Fixed AV when clicking on the update notification from tray

Muutokset v5.0.460 - v5.0.483

  • Windows 8 ReFS file system is now fully supported
  • Sort files and folders in backup view
  • .ost files are excluded from Outlook backups (those are not needed)
  • Disabled Try Again link when install conditions were not fulfilled during setup

Muutokset v4.6.250 - v4.7.266

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