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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle DV Scheduler

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Muutokset v5.91 - v6.02

Muutokset v5.89 - v5.91

  • Updated DVB-S frequencies.
  • Fixed EPG scan schedules.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.88 - v5.89

  • Updated DVB-S frequencies.
  • Updated Australian DVB-T frequencies.
  • Added option to specify output charset of program being run in a task.
  • Fixed auto-add adding a duplicate schedule when the original schedule is already running, EPG is updated, and the start time changed to a later time.
  • Fixed device selection for channel group.
  • Fixed broken "Enabled Demodulators" in EPG Data Source Setting.
  • Fixed backup filename to Year-Month-Day.
  • Built-in EPG scanner schedule can now wake up system more than once a day.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.87 - v5.88

  • Fixed old EPG mixed with new EPG.
  • Fixed updating existing channels (after Channel Scan) didn't update "links".
  • Fixed directory name for recording.
  • Fixed $originalname doesn't resolve when running a task on a file from File Manager.
  • Set maximum hours of past EPG kept to 720 hours (30 days).
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.85 - v5.87

  • Updated Australian DVB-T frequencies.
  • More detailed device status.
  • Changed device selection rule to take into account EPG scan already running.
  • Fixed progress indicator.
  • Fixed EPG for some channels may not be saved.
  • Fixed inconsistent default values.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.84 - v5.85

  • Added support for band-stacked LNB.
  • Added option to wake up system at certain time for built-in EPG schedules.
  • Added channel scan timeout in System Config.
  • Added channel number input in Channel Scan.
  • Added option to select unique channels and unselect duplicate channels in Channel Scan.
  • Channel scan now uses all available tuners.
  • Added option to update existing channels (after Channel Scan).
  • Updated Australian DVB-T channel logos (by bazzaa).
  • Added default settings for individual satellites.
  • Added "EPG Scan" as a schedule's capture type (to get EPG).
  • Changed EPG selection rule: EPG with the furthest future event will be selected when there are multiple EPGs with the same priority (previously the latest EPG is selected).
  • Fixed channel logo filenames.
  • Fixed schedule position in horizontal EPG theme.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.83 - v5.84

  • Fixed manual EPG Load Data.
  • Fixed scheduled EPG scan may not run.
  • Fixed character sets.
  • Fixed 'violet' schedule positions on EPG.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.82 - v5.83

  • Installer will now download and install Java Runtime Environment if needed.
  • Added Backup and Restore for System settings and data.
  • Added export and import for EPG Channel Mapping, Auto-Add list, Channel list, and Task list.
  • Added option to not run scheduled built-in EPG scan within x minutes of a scheduled recording.
  • Added warning icon for invalid tuners and missing EPG match lists.
  • DVSTray now performs extra checks and attempts repair before starting DV Scheduler.
  • EPG Auto-Add list and EPG match lists are now saved into one xml file.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.81 - v5.82

  • Added Auto-Scan for DVB-C and DVB-S.
  • Added Hungary DVB-C frequencies for Auto-Scan (thanks to Zoltan).
  • Added option to search a frequency for provider's station list in "Channel Settings" -> "Auto-Scan".
  • Added option to get DVB-S transponder settings from satellites.xml file in "Channel Settings" -> "Auto-Scan".
  • Added progress indicator and stop button during channel scan.
  • Added option to auto-select audio channel according to priority in channel scan.
  • Added description balloon to each EPG Match Lists showing list of Auto-Add using it. This is on the EPG Match Lists page.
  • Added delete multiple channel option in Channel Settings page.
  • Fixed EPG import.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.79 - v5.81

  • Added signal information of running devices.
  • Updated Greece DVB-T frequencies for Auto-Scan (thanks to Dimitri).
  • Added option to delete file to recycle bin.
  • Added delete multiple files option in File Management page.
  • Changed default date/time format.
  • Schedule stop time now reflects actual time schedule was stopped.
  • Fixed broken Auto-Add conflict detection.
  • Fixed thread lock.
  • Note: CSS files will now be overwritten.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.78 - v5.79

  • Added balloon description for help icons.
  • Added new filename pattern: EPG start time.
  • Added option to auto-refresh the main status page in System Config.
  • Fixed download of file that is still being written to.
  • Fixed schedules position on the EPG page.
  • Fixed running Auto-Add schedules not correctly adjusted to EPG.
  • Fixed broken channel scan with non-English channel names.
  • Fixed filename non-Unicode character encoding.
  • Fixed non-English download filename for some browsers.
  • More comprehensive schedule item's log.
  • Note: added new items to some css files.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.77 - v5.78

  • Added support for username/password authentication of network folders. Go to "System Config" -> "Network Drives".
  • Added busy icon on top-left of pages when DV Scheduler is busy.
  • Empty times in EPG can now be clicked to schedule.
  • Changed cache control for non-html files.
  • Fixed Download status and System Info.
  • Fixed empty EPG.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.75 - v5.77

  • Added option to set number of channels and number of days to display per EPG page.
  • Added list of downloads to status page.
  • Added option for Preview content disposition: attachment or inline.
  • Added option to stop an idle device.
  • Added option to send a warning email when a running capture is no longer in the EPG (e.g. due to cancelled show).
  • Schedule already running added by Auto-Add is now automatically adjusted to EPG (previously only manually added schedule is adjusted to EPG).
  • Added "EPG Scan" to schedule type. Daily EPG scan, except that if an internal EPG scan has just been done the schedule may be skipped.
  • Added option to not wake up system for each recording schedule.
  • Added optional task to run after an internal EPG scan (e.g. moving dish back to its home position).
  • Changed EPG priority rule: lower priority EPG will only be used if the higher priority EPG has no current events (only past events).
  • Added Greece DVB-T frequencies for Auto-Scan (thanks to Dimitri).
  • Custom EPG mapping list now shows number of events in each EPG source.
  • When running in HTTPS, preview (m3u) files are now served in normal HTTP when "Allow unsecure download" is enabled in System Config. This is a workaround for media players that don't support HTTPS and/or username/password authentication.
  • Fixed total scheduled time info on EPG page.
  • Fixed schedule's action buttons sometimes not shown on the EPG page.
  • Fixed date range on EPG page sometimes wrongly calculated.
  • Fixed EPG link for multi-page EPG.
  • Fixed channel scan with H264 video.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.74 - v5.75

  • Added option to add keywords in capture engine *.ce files.
  • Added option to retain past EPG up to the specified number of hours (see System Config).
  • Fixed HTTP redirect.
  • Cleaned up Exception in log.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.73 - v5.74

  • Added option to attach multiple EPG sources to a channel in Channel Mapping.
  • Optimized EPG page for better performance.
  • Added option to set number of channels shown per EPG page (multi-page EPG) in System Config.
  • Offload loading of internal EPG data to a child thread to avoid locking the scheduling thread (for large EPG data).
  • More opportunistic EPG scan.
  • Fixed horizontal EPG alignment when there are incomplete data.
  • Changed default Preview type to HTTP. Removed MPEG-PS capture type.
  • Changed to case insensitive EPG language selection.
  • Listed demodulators in EPG Data Source Setting are now sorted according to setting.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.72 - v5.73

  • Added built-in Electronic Program Guide (EPG) scanner. Start a capture (or preview) for a few minutes to get that channel's EPG.
  • Added original network ID, transport stream ID, source ID, and default character set to channel's property. Old channel's property will have the IDs automatically updated after an internal EPG scan.
  • Added option to load languages in order of priority and up to the specified maximum number of languages (for multi-language EPG).
  • Css files in http\css folder are now checked and not overwritten if modified.
  • Fixed line break on EPG not showing on main page and Channel Surf page.
  • Changed layout of EPG on main page and Channel Surf page for clarity.
  • Added $originalname as a task keyword.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.71 - v5.72

  • Added US QAM digital cable support.
  • Unicode channel name.
  • Fixed Channel list.
  • Fixed channel surf ordering sometimes not updated after a channel edit.
  • Deleting an Auto-Add schedule with "Merge Double Episodes" enabled now excludes from future scan all EPG items it was created from.
  • Devices are now scanned only once when on the Device list page, with option to refresh/rescan.
  • Read-only files can now be downloaded or played.
  • Improved option to delete video, audio, subtitle, and other PIDs for each channel.
  • Added create playlist and redirect option to Preview command files.
  • Email from DV Scheduler is now always in UTF-8 format.
  • DV Scheduler log file is now always in UTF-8 format.
  • Fixed Auto-Add naming issue.
  • Added $name keyword to tasks.
  • Added Top, Bottom, Page Up, Page Down buttons to channel surf order.
  • Increased height of textboxes.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.69 - v5.71

  • Added dynamic table for Channel list to support multiple sort criteria and show/hide columns.
  • Updated basic sort option in Channel List to sort on multiple criterias.
  • Added downloadable playlist for media players. Some media players don't support username/password authentication so "Allow unsecure download" needs to be enabled in System Config.
  • Changed default remote Preview to HTTP, DV Scheduler now automatically stops the capture task if the remote client closes connection. Also changed default local Surf, remote Surf, and removed UDP remote Preview.
  • Added HTTP remote file play with time-seek. Removed previous HTTP and UDP remote file plays.
  • Fixed Preview file not downloadable on some browsers.
  • Added default values for device data, demodulator data, and channel's user data. These default values will be used if a device's or channel's data is blank.
  • Updated users.list group option to handle more characters in filename.
  • Fixed Channel Surf; patched for Internet Explorer 11.
  • Updated "MPEG-PS VLC" capture types to support Unicode filename (thanks to Dimitri).
  • Updated station data list.
  • Changed some default options in System Config.
  • Added option "servefile" in "users.list" to show files defined in "servefile" instead of "Capture paths" in System Config, for extra security.
  • Added option NoFileDownload in "users.list" to disable file downloads.
  • Added option NoUnsecureDownload in "users.list" that overrides "Allow unsecure download" in "System Config".
  • Added "$serverurl" keyword.
  • Added "$encfilename" and "$encfilenameonly" keyword for .pfr file (remote file play).
  • More detailed logs.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.68 - v5.69

  • Added SSL, STARTTLS email authentications.
  • Added Download File action (even while still recording) in File Manager.
  • Added list of matching Auto-Adds on EPG item's details page.
  • Added support for multiple categories for each EPG item.
  • Added option to change Starting Capture timeout and Changing Channel timeout in System Config. These values may need to be increased if a DiSEqC motor is used.
  • Added Sort option in EPG Search.
  • Added Sort option in Favorites. Changed default sort to Auto-Add matches.
  • Added Sort option in EPG Auto-Add Exclusion list.
  • Added Sort option in Channel List.
  • Added Auckland's DVB-T frequencies (thanks to Graeme).
  • Added Delete All and Add All in Device List page.
  • Added default task to run before starting a preview or channel surf, if the selected device is not already running.
  • Updated Australian DVB-T frequencies and channel logos (thanks to Bernard and bazzaa).
  • Updated ATSC frequencies (thanks in part to vjund).
  • Allowed blank line in Device Data, User Keywords, Demodulator Data, Channel User Data, and EPG HTTP Source.
  • Remove blank lines in Filename Patterns, Web Search data, and EPG Match Title Filter.
  • Fixed Suspend/Hibernate from menu may be re-executed on wake-up on some browsers.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.67 - v5.68

  • Fixed next/previous channel in Channel Surf not working properly on error.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.66 - v5.67

  • Fix for Java 7 update 21.
  • Fixed new channel's surf type not taken into account when changing channel.
  • Updated Australian DVB-T channel logos (by bazzaa).
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.65 - v5.66

  • EPG with multiple titles and descriptions are now all shown.
  • Fixed DVPiper log files not created when "Save data to App Data folder" was ticked during installation.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.64 - v5.65

  • Added option to run EPG load after a defined number of minutes since DV Scheduler started.
  • Changed "Create Auto-Add Item" from EPG to include wildcard after the title. This will match for example "TITLE-Season Final", "TITLE-All New", etc.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.63 - v5.64

  • Fixed email not working when DV Scheduler was not installed as a service.
  • Fixed DVSDVBGuideBatch not working when "Save data to App Data folder" was
  • ticked during installation.

Muutokset v5.62 - v5.63

  • Added support for email authentication.
  • Added support for getting EPG data from network folder.
  • Updated DV Scheduler to work with VLC 2.0.5 (due to syntax change VLC 0.9.9 no longer works).
  • Updated Paris DVB-T frequencies (thanks to J‚r“me).
  • Updated Australian DVB-T channel logos (by bazzaa).
  • Added option in installer to save data to App Data folder.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.61 - v5.62

  • Added Enable/Disable all items in Auto-Add page.
  • Added "TS and TTX-SUB" capture type. This saves the teletext subtitle (if any)
  • in a separate file.
  • Updated Australian DVB-T channel logos (by bazzaa).
  • Changed "Create Auto-Add Item" to do case-insensitive channel name matching.
  • Changed "Suspend Computer", "Hibernate Computer", and "Shutdown Computer" to
  • "When not capturing".
  • Reformat Auto-Add page for clarity.
  • Fixed digit limits in Auto-Add edit form.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.59 - v5.61

  • Added AAC audio type.
  • Added day and time info to the Auto-Add list.
  • Updated Australian DVB-T channel logos (by olympus9999).
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.58 - v5.59

  • DV Scheduler tray now asks for elevation if required (start/stop service).
  • Fixed capture path selection rule.
  • Fixed actual channel data may be ignored when recording channel group.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.57 - v5.58

  • Fixed EPG load Wake up system option.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.56 - v5.57

  • Updated Channel Auto-Scan station list.
  • Updated Australian DVB-T channel logos (by olympus9999).
  • Tasks can now be run by clicking on it in the Task List page.
  • Added option to set each recording to auto-delete by default (in System
  • Config).
  • Added option to override all existing and future auto-delete files to a set
  • Keep For days (in Auto-Delete Files page).
  • Added option to schedule EPG data load every x hours.
  • Added option to disable Local preview and Remote preview (in System Config,
  • simply don't select one).
  • Added allow/disallow system to sleep for defined tasks.
  • Ignore EPG data with zero duration.
  • Action buttons in Auto-Add list and Channel List set to no-wrap.
  • Fixed status line showing
    in Channel Surf.
  • Fixed suspend and hibernate after recording ignored.
  • Fixed task queued from File manager may not run.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.54 - v5.56

  • Added basic support for remote file play using HTTP or UDP. Go to System
  • Config to set remote file play.
  • Added user-definable EPG search links. Go to System Config to define.
  • Updated Australian DVB-T channel logos (by olympus9999).
  • Added up-time and capture statistics to System Info.
  • Added running task information to main page and DVSTray.
  • Updated Task edit page.
  • Added standard ASCII only filename encoding in capture type definition.
  • Changed 1 Megabyte definition in Email "Low space warning threshold" and
  • "Auto-delete file free space threshold" to 1,048,576 Bytes for consistency.
  • Fixed Channel Group add/edit issues.
  • Fixed parsing "users.list" (line starting with "trusted:" was not read).
  • Fixed File manager issue with non-ASCII character in filename.
  • Fixed Keyboard interface's File manager's Delete command.
  • Fixed task launched from File manager may not use the task's delay value.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.
  • Added option to send email notification when server is started, EPG loaded,
  • capture starting, error, or finished.
  • Email To: field now supports multiple addresses.
  • Fixed broken Channel Surf file list.

Muutokset v5.53 - v5.54

  • Added support for preview from remote computers; this can launch an external (i.e. not within the browser) media player to view the video. Go to System Config to set remote preview.
  • Delayed stopping of devices to allow faster channel changing during previewing.
  • Fixed (rare) error loading xmltv sources with no doctype.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.52 - v5.53

  • Added menu to DVSTray (start/stop DV Scheduler, load/not load DVSTray on Windows startup, left-click/right-click options, etc).
  • Added option to allow (or not allow) specified pages for defined users or trusted IP addresses only (see "users.list" or "users.list.sample" in folder "data" of where DV Scheduler is installed).
  • Added HTML 4 entities (e.g. Euro sign, Pound sign) for xmltv sources with no doctype. This should fix loading errors encountered with some xmltv sources.
  • Changed layout of Auto-Add List to distinguish between Auto-Add name and Match List name.
  • Channel Surf's structured file list now shows capture path's free spaces.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.51 - v5.52

  • Updated Channel Auto-Scan station list.
  • Updated Channel Setting interface (DiSEqC, pilot, roll-off).
  • Added extra controls on-screen and to context menu for schedules (EPG and main page).
  • Added structured file list option on Channel Surf page (also changeable in System Config).
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.
  • Note: due to format changes, settings written/changed by this version may not be readable in earlier versions.

Muutokset v5.49 - v5.51

  • Schedule list is now backed up before saving.
  • Fixed file naming issue with VLC (certain characters are now disallowed).

Muutokset v5.48 - v5.49

  • Fixed Auto-Add form.

Muutokset v5.47 - v5.48

  • Added Auto-Add name to filename pattern (use %a).
  • Added capture path information to main page.
  • Updated Auto-Add interface.
  • Updated File Manager.
  • Updated Channel Auto-Scan station list.
  • Device setting can now be edited while recording.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.46 - v5.47

  • Updated Australian DVB-T channel logos (by c_cotton).
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.45 - v5.46

  • Updated Australian DVB-T channel logos (by olympus9999).
  • Updated DVSDVBGuideBatch (by olympus9999).
  • Fixed devices used not reset in some instances.

Muutokset v5.44 - v5.45

  • Added signal statistics in channel scan.
  • Updated Channel Auto-Scan station list (by bazzaa).
  • Added secondary wake-up timer.
  • Fixed repeating schedule getting deleted on error.
  • Fixed minute digit in "Change Duration" menu.
  • Old "status.xsl" will be automatically renamed to avoid incompatibility.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.43 - v5.44

  • Added username and password to proxy setting.
  • Added Delete All button to channel list and channel mapping list.
  • More responsive change in PIDs detection.
  • Changed "Create Auto-Add Item" to use case insensitive title match.
  • Fixed channel scan for incomplete channel.
  • Fixed right-click shortcut.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.42 - v5.43

  • Added detection of change in Program ID's PIDs during recording (for channels that frequently change their PIDs).
  • Added option to change EPG program title case to upper, lower, and title case.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.41 - v5.42

  • Fixed broken Channel Surf in Internet Explorer.

Muutokset v5.39 - v5.41

  • Fixed HTTP stream serving and removed unnecessary/broken protocols.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.38 - v5.39

  • Changed Channel Surf to use ActiveX plugin for Internet Explorer and Mozilla plugin for other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc).
  • Reorganized theme folders for easier theme management (as such previous version should be uninstalled first).
  • Removed deinterlace due to stability issue.
  • Removed cache option in Channel Surf.
  • Fixed channel scan for H264 video and access type.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.37 - v5.38

  • Added "EPG Title Filter" for easier EPG Auto-Add matching. This filter removes
  • specified end-words from the EPG title (e.g. "New Season", "Season Final"), for
  • EPG matching purposes.
  • Added some DVB-T channel logos.
  • Changed EPG behavior: programs from previous time period will now be partially
  • shown to fill gap.
  • Installer now create Start menu program group for all users.
  • Fixed capture path and EPG tracking not carried over for repeating schedules.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.36 - v5.37

  • Added group move commands in Channel Mapping page.
  • Added User-Agent based theme selection.
  • Fixed Running Devices table.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.35 - v5.36

  • Fixed filename error that may occur if the capture command uses ASCII filename.
  • Changed DVPiper exit mode to "forceexit".

Muutokset v5.34 - v5.35

  • Added Auto-Add Exclusion list page to manage EPG items to be excluded from Auto-Add scan.
  • Non-existent Capture types in Auto-Add from very old versions will now be automatically converted to the default capture type.
  • Non-existent filename patterns in Auto-Add will now be automatically added to the list of filename patterns.
  • Fixed wrong page redirection from "Show Detail" pop-up window.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.33 - v5.34

  • A schedule created from an EPG item can now automatically adjust its start and stop time to follow changes in the EPG (see System Config).
  • DV Scheduler will now read schedule list from previous versions (some values may be set to default). The old schedule list file will also be backed up to "data\times*.sof".
  • Added option to exclude certain PIDs in Program ID setting in Channel Setting (e.g. to remove an audio from the stream).
  • Added command to add files to Auto-Delete list from File Manager.
  • Auto-Delete item setting can now be edited.
  • Added command to manually delete file associated with Auto-Delete item.
  • Channel group can now be played in Channel Surf (will redirect to a real channel in the channel group).
  • Channel logos width and style (Text, Icon, Icon and Text) can now be changed (go to System Config).
  • Added option in System Config to show channel logos in various sections (in addition to the EPG sections).
  • Added error notifications for schedules with errors in Schedule List.
  • Added shortcut to select multiple stations in Channel Auto-Scan.
  • Added shortcut to select all found channels in Channel Auto-Scan.
  • Added option to automatically rename and renumber devices in Devices page.
  • Added extra error checks for Custom PIDs in Channel Selection.
  • File Manager now scrolls to its last known position.
  • Auto-Delete List now scrolls to its last known position.
  • Fixed Disabled PIDs field in Channel Selection not saved.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.32 - v5.33

  • Added extra error checks on Channel Selection and System Config page.
  • Fixed security image.

Muutokset v5.31 - v5.32

  • Added a table showing currently running devices on the main page and Channel Surf
  • page.
  • Channel statistic in Channel Surf now shows the device being used.
  • Deleting an Auto-Add schedule now automatically puts the corresponding EPG item
  • into the exclusion list.
  • Added option to set maximum number of lines in Task log and Auto-Delete log.
  • Schedule Auto-Delete now also deletes skipped schedules.
  • Added delay on incorrect username/password.
  • Invalid characters in filename pattern are now corrected before being used.
  • Updated DVPiper.exe to version 1.27.
  • Fixed custom Demodulator data not used in channel scan.
  • Fixed page redirection quirk when multiple DV Scheduler tabs/windows are opened
  • on the browser.
  • Fixed "Back" links for Internet Explorer.
  • Miscellaneous minor edits and fixes.

Muutokset v5.29 - v5.31

  • Added HTTPS as an option for the web GUI protocol (see "data\users.list").
  • Recording can now be specified in terms of duration or stop time.
  • Added multiple stream ports to avoid conflict in Channel Surf.
  • Capture type "Stream" now uses the Schedule Item's Name for the port number. If the name is not a valid number then the channel's program ID will be used for the port number.
  • Added default capture path for each channel.
  • Added capture path selection to Auto-Add system and individual schedule.
  • Added custom Demodulator data in channel setting. This can be used for custom demodulator commands.
  • Added groups to device type. This allows a device (or a set of devices) to be used only with a certain set of channels (those having the same type name as the device).
  • Updated Channel Auto-Scan station list.
  • Updated DVBTextSub to version 0.5u.
  • Updated DVPiper.exe to version 1.25.
  • Fixed existing file not checked when filename includes directory.
  • Added more keywords for capture .ini files.
  • Updated help files.
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes.

Muutokset v5.28 - v5.29

  • Updated Channel Auto-Scan station list.
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes.

Muutokset v5.27 - v5.28

  • Added tuning method option for each device in Device Selection.
  • Added a message box when Suspending and Hibernating to give user the option to
  • abort (disable by adding -na).
  • Added notification on Status and Schedule page and DVSTray when there is a
  • recording error.
  • Added option to run a task when there is a recording error or an error starting a
  • recording.
  • Added option in Channel Setting to disable PIDs in PMT (necessary for some media
  • players, e.g. when removing an audio from the stream).
  • EPG Source Setting now accepts XML files as input (instead of just directories).
  • Cleaned up DVSTray.
  • Cleaned up Channel Selection form.
  • Cleaned up some help files.
  • Fixed HTTP stream serving and RTP streaming.

Muutokset v5.26 - v5.27

  • Fixed filename containing ' may not be handled correctly by post-capture task.
  • Installer now remembers capture path inputted in previous installation.

Muutokset v5.25 - v5.26

  • Added Stop Recording command in Channel Surf. This stops the last recording initiated in Channel Surf.
  • Added extra keyboard shortcuts for Channel Surf.
  • Fixed Add Custom channel form.
  • Fixed teletext timing information not saved in edited channel.
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes.

Muutokset v5.24 - v5.25

  • Added option to set the PMT Video type and Audio type in Channel Selection. This
  • is useful for incorrectly set Video type and Audio type in the PMT (e.g. ITV).
  • Added option to include only video, audio, and subtitles for a Program ID in
  • Channel Selection (some streams contain other data beside video, audio, and
  • subtitles).
  • Capture pre-task and EPG load pre-task now uses the task's condition (when not
  • capturing, etc) to determine action to be taken.
  • Audio volume level in Channel Surf is now saved on exit.
  • More verbose error logging.
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes.

Muutokset v5.23 - v5.24

  • Fixed broken "Network path" remote Channel Surf command.
  • Fixed subdirectory name not shown in file list in Channel Surf when accessing
  • from localhost.
  • Updated DVPiper.exe to version 1.21.

Muutokset v5.22 - v5.23

  • Added option to manually specify the teletext subtitle page in Channel Setting Custom PIDs. Also added Video Type, PMT PID, PCR PID, and Teletext PID.
  • Added DVPiper option to Rebuild PAT to contain only the specified Program ID and corresponding PMT PID. This is necessary for some (older) media players to play the recorded TS file.
  • Added information on EPG age and next scheduled EPG load time on the main page and EPG page.
  • Added subdirectories' files in Channel Surf recorded file list.
  • Changed static parent link to dynamic "Back" link in various pages.
  • Removed ffmpeg to decrease installer file size (ffmpeg can be downloaded separately). Changed default MPEG-PS muxer from ffmpeg to VLC.
  • Capture engine "DVPiper" and "VLCDShow" now has character ' in filename substituted with - due to VLC not liking ' in the filename.
  • Cleaned up wake-up timers.
  • Cleaned up Schedule Item's summary log.

Muutokset v5.21 - v5.22

  • Added gzip compression (for browsers that support it) to various pages to reduce
  • download time.
  • Added EPG Now and Next information to Channel Surf page.
  • Added extra keyboard shortcuts for Channel Surf.
  • Added option to run scheduled EPG data load only when not capturing, and/or to not run within certain minutes of a scheduled recording.
  • Added option to not wake up computer for scheduled EPG data load. In this case data load will occur when the computer is next running.
  • Added ability to add a range of IP addresses to trusted IP address list.
  • Fixed some Unicode characters not appearing properly on the main page and EPG page.
  • Fixed broken Channel Group feature (broken in version 5.17 to 5.21).
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes.

Muutokset v5.19 - v5.21

  • Added deinterlace mode "X" as default for Channel Preview and Channel Surf. Added deinterlace settings to Channel Surf.
  • Added "Network path" option for Channel Surf. This allows remotely accessible capture directories/files in the server to be played by remote clients.
  • Added "Network path" remote surf type. Along with the "Network path" option this surf type writes stream to disk in the server for time-shifting of live broadcast by remote clients.
  • Added signal statistics (strength, quality, locked status) to Channel Surf page.
  • Added option for a Task to be run only when not capturing, to not run within certain minutes of a scheduled recording, and maximum number of concurrent tasks allowed.
  • Changed tuning method 2 as the default.
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes.

Muutokset v5.18 - v5.19

  • Added "Sequential" capture path selection.
  • Scheduler now skips invalid and non-available capture paths.
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes.

Muutokset v5.17 - v5.18

  • Added "Merge Double Episodes" option to Auto-Add item. This option merges two or
  • more overlapping schedules from the same Auto-Add item into one schedule.
  • Added "Hibernate Computer" to built-in task list.
  • Added "Suspend Computer", "Hibernate Computer", and "Shutdown Computer" command
  • to navigation menu (for remote suspend, hibernate, and shutdown). To disable one
  • or more, go to "Edit Tasks" and disable the corresponding task(s).
  • Changed default "Suspend Computer" task - no forced suspend.
  • Deletion of time-shift files for Preview and Surf now uses the item's "Keep For"
  • value if the value is greater than zero.
  • Added warnings if no capture device has been selected.
  • Added already exists message when adding a duplicate schedule from the EPG page.
  • Added checks for empty filename.
  • Updated "MPEG-PS and TTX-SUB" and "MPEG-PS and plain TTX-SUB" capture types to
  • use Program ID only (for the teletext subtitle).
  • Fixed: DVSTray no longer wakes up the system if System wakeup is disabled.
  • Fixed Schedule Edit shortcut on the main page.

Muutokset v5.16 - v5.17

  • Added local media file browser to Channel Surf. This allows playback of recorded or still-recording media files from Channel Surf on the local machine.
  • Added "Record from start of time-shift" to Channel Surf. This allows recording to include earlier times, instead of from the current time onward. This is only available where a time-shift file is used.
  • Added option to change Auto-Delete status and Post-Capture Task to running schedule. Turning off Auto-Delete will stop time-shift files for Preview and Surf from being deleted.
  • Added option in System Config to keep time-shift files for user-defined minutes. This gives time for Preview and Surf files to be copied or renamed so it won't be deleted.
  • Added extra information in schedule item's log for some errors.
  • No free space error and directory creation error for a schedule is now treated as non-fatal error and will be retried.
  • Streamlined "Create Auto-Add Item" command - removed confirmation dialogue, automatically re-scan the EPG, and effects are shown immediately.
  • Added extra network checks for EPG and Channel Surf.
  • Changed device selection priority in Channel Group - channel order is now before device order.
  • Changed Auto-Add item property - "Exclude Duplicate Shows" is on by default.
  • Changed default Capture Engine property to closely match older DV Scheduler versions for compatibility in upgrading.
  • Updated DVB-T station list.
  • Preview and Surf schedules are no longer saved; this should improve response time.
  • Added thread lock for EPG Auto-Add.
  • Removed unnecessary saving of Auto-Delete file list.
  • Fixed "Suspend Computer" task disabling all wake-up events. "Suspend Computer" and "Shutdown Computer" tasks are now built-in.
  • Fixed context menu for "quick add" schedule in EPG page.
  • Fixed schedule list not immediately saved in some circumstances.
  • Fixed Channel Surf audio bar width.

Muutokset v5.15 - v5.16

  • Channel scan now automatically adds all other found PIDs into "Others" list. For
  • faster channel change during Channel Surfing change each channel to use "Custom
  • PIDs" instead of "Program ID"; if the Custom PIDs "Others" field is currently
  • blank then do a re-scan to fill in the field.
  • Added channel priority to Channel Group. Channel with higher priority will be
  • selected first.
  • Channel Group now chooses a device and channel that minimizes immediate
  • conflicting overlapping schedules, follows device priority and channel priority
  • (device priority first then channel priority), and checks for previous failures
  • of the devices (skips a device if it has failed previously).
  • Added "Shutdown Computer" and "Suspend Computer" to Task list.
  • Added option to run custom EPG Post-Load Task (e.g. Suspend Computer).
  • DV Scheduler now checks if other schedules can be started if the schedule on top
  • of the queue can't be started due to no available device.
  • Updated Surf Channel Order editing interface.
  • Updated Channel Group editing interface.
  • EPG now scrolls to its last known position.
  • Added "colour.css" for each user interface theme. This can be used to override
  • the default "http\css\colour.css".
  • Added extra styles to "wsepg.css" of the default vertical and horizontal themes.
  • Modified main page shortcut menu to be more consistent with EPG page shortcut
  • menu.
  • Moved finished schedules to "Past Schedules" list.
  • Affected items are now automatically updated when a channel is renamed. If it is
  • renamed to an existing channel name a new similar name will be used instead.
  • Added checks for duplicate PIDs in channel edit.
  • Added thread checks to channel scan and edit, device edit, and task edit to avoid
  • potential conflicts.
  • Sped up Auto-Add scan when overlap is allowed.
  • Fixed Channel Surf audio volume status not updated when volume is changed during
  • full-screen.
  • Fixed Surf Channel Order sorting by channel number when there are duplicate
  • channel numbers.
  • Fixed Channel Group number not saved when creating a new Channel Group.
  • Fixed adding a new Channel Group from an existing one.
  • Fixed Auto-Delete to delete only enough files to get the minimum free space.
  • Fixed Auto-Add sometimes added a duplicate schedule when the earlier added
  • schedule is modified.

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