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Muutokset v0.9.0.3 Beta - v0.9.0.4 Beta

Muutokset v0.9.0.2 Beta - v0.9.0.3 Beta

Muutokset v0.9.0.0 Beta - v0.9.0.2 Beta

  • Fixed issues with build process where the incorrect web service is set in the config, which prevents the device icon from loading.
  • Added shortcuts to the shell in the Start Menu Program Folder
  • Fixed the shell console not performing line breaks correctly.
  • Cloud Statistics now "throttled" by 7 days for each device.
  • catching the exception that is sometimes thrown when existing from logcat so it doesn't crash the application.
  • Fixed the issue where the tree will not "reload" after device is disconnected/reconnected.
  • Fixed the issue with some commands in the shell console not on a new line when they should be.
  • Added check for a minimum version of adb.
  • Added support for adb devices call that doesn't support "-l"
  • Added multiple shortcuts for shell, screenshot, screencast, ask for help, DE website

Muutokset v0.8.8.5 Beta - v0.9.0.0 Beta

  • Added support for connecting to devices via TCP/IP
  • New web service for getting device icons.
  • Upgraded .NET Framework Requirement to 4.5.1
  • Device lookup now uses 'detailed' call. Gets device name, model, and product name. see adb devices -l.
  • Redesigned the GenericDeviceSelectionForm
  • Updated the default image for devices
  • Options Windows: added information to show the build tools version that is being used. Add build tools version to SDK options panel.
  • Added ActiveMenu to add button to DWM.
  • Moved DDMS launcher to be a plugin
  • Moved Hierarchy Viewer to be a plugin
  • Removed the "reboot" buttons, instead there is now a reboot plugin that supports all forms of reboot: normal, recovery, bootloader, download.
  • Added a warning dialog when the app launches that will let the user know if droid explorer was unable to gain root access via adb root.
  • Some refactoring to some plugins, like the shell, so it can be launched independently.
  • Added links to ask questions on android enthusiasts.
  • Removing some code that is unused.
  • removed out of date plugins / tools.
  • Some refactoring of the ConsoleControl. Moved to the Core.UI. Added reference to Camalot.Common.
  • Updated LogCat to use ConsoleControl.
  • Updated the Debug Console to use ConsoleControl.
  • Updated ConsoleWriter to work with the ConsoleControl.
  • Added OutputProcessors to handle different content for logging.
  • Adb Root call is now called during initialization, after device selection.
  • if adb root fails, a warning is displayed to the user. Future warnings can be ignored.
  • A minor redesign to the splash screen.
  • Plugins are now grouped in to separate toolbars.
  • Added SDK Manager plugin
  • Added AVD Manager plugin
  • updated some icons across the application.
  • Plugins now grouped in the plugin menu.
  • Fixed the cloud image path to support the new site.
  • Fixed the file names when transfering to PC to remove invalid characters.
  • Fixed the device monitor service.
  • Added PluginSettings (not yet used really)
  • Added AdbScanner (test) to find adb devices on network.
  • Added icon handler interface
  • Added picture extension handler using the icon handler interface

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