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Muutokset v4.2.0 - v4.2.1

Muutokset v4.1 - v4.2.0

Muutokset v4.0.15 - v4.0.16

  • [New]
  • - online service has been implemented.
  • - Credentials for the server can now be supplied through the datacrow.credentials file.
  • The Server Manual has been updated to explain this further.
  • [Fixed]
  • - Fixed; Picture import was not working.
  • - was not updated to use the new API. Re-implemented this service.
  • - New Item Wizard was closed after notifying an empty field was left empty (loss of data)
  • - Update All Problems; error when renumbering.
  • - Update All Problems; check box field value was always applied. Will now only be applied
  • if checked / value has been set.
  • - Update All Problems; with auto numbering enabled, the same value was applied to all.
  • Auto numbering fields have been removed from the update all dialog.
  • - The -userdir: parameter was not checked on it's format; \ or / is now appended
  • if missing.
  • - Right-click menu for child records (such as Sort, Launch File and Update All)
  • was incorrectly executing the commands against the main record.
  • - Maintain tabs; on removal of a tab the tabs was still being diplayed in the list.
  • - Checkboxes, with their initial value, always caused the item to be marked as changed.
  • - Stop button was not enabled when the Mass Update task was started.
  • [Changed]
  • - Updated the Brazilian translation; thanks ever so much Gustavo Rezende!
  • - Corrected the Portuguese translation; thanks ever so much Pedro!
  • - The custom label field in the General Field Settings is now represented as an
  • editable text field to avoid confusion.
  • - The Multiplayer? field of the game module has been replaced by two checkbox field
  • "Multiplayer Game" and "Cooperative Multiplayer". This removes the Yes/No field.
  • For existing installations the field is disabled (not removed).

Muutokset v4.0.14 - v4.0.15

  • Changed
  • º Boosted traffic between client<>server. Implemented JSON-IO to limit data send.
  • º Data Crow Server can now initialize the data folder.
  • º Server communication has been encrypted (simple encryption, nothing fancy).
  • º Server communication is now compressed.
  • Fixed
  • º Older installation can have duplicated module files starting with .#. These will now be ignored when starting Data Crow.
  • º Find & Replace had an error when trying to apply the replacements.

Muutokset v4.0.13 - v4.0.14

  • Improvements for client-server installations.

Muutokset v4.0.12 - v4.0.13

  • Fixes the issue where the images are not saved after using the online update.

Muutokset v4.0.11 - v4.0.12

  • This release contains two fixes and the Portuguese help files

Muutokset v4.0.10 - v4.0.11

  • [Fixed]
  • - Security fix; regardless of the field security settings fields were still shown to
  • users.
  • - Fixed an issue with non US-ASCII filenames; backup process failed.
  • - Issue with custom reference fields linked to the music album module. These always
  • showed up as a "Record Label" module.
  • - Item importer; child items on update of existing items failed. Trying to update an
  • existing music album would not update the music tracks.
  • - Parent key cannot be NULL exception when trying to save a music album after updating
  • it with an online service.
  • [Changed]
  • - has been removed due to the restrictive authentication flow.

Muutokset v4.0.9 - v4.0.10

  • - Fixed an upgrade issues for the Audio CD and Music Album merge. The error occurred in case online services were never used and the columns SERVICE and SERVICEURL were therefore missing.
  • - Fixed an upgrade issue for the Audio CD and and Music Album merge. The error occurred in case the new tables already exists due to a faulty earlier upgrade or because the user installed version 4.0 on top of version 3.12.5. Now, Data Crow will delete empty tables required for the new Music Album module. If they contain records, the upgrade will fail.
  • - The module wizard did not handle special characters correctly.
  • - Tabs containing special characters were not stored and retrieved correctly.

Muutokset v4.0.8 - v4.0.9

  • [Fixed]
  • - Problem resolved for report creation; report not created. Was reported fixed in version 4.0.8 but was still failing for some. The functionality has been tested and has been confirmed to solve the issue.
  • - After a module has been created and a field has been marked as descriptive the view still shows empty labels.
  • [Changed]
  • - The upgrade will now silently copy missing reports and translations to the user folder. Existing files will no longer be overwritten.
  • - Added additional report types; Word Document (DOCX), Excel Document (XLSX), Excel Document 97-2003 (XLS).
  • - Added titles to the various message and question boxes.
  • - Added nicer descriptions for the report types.
  • - Added various tool tips for the define field dialog (create module wizard).

Muutokset v4.0.7 - v4.0.8

  • Maintenance release. Note that a new version of the Create Report manual has been released as well, fully updated with the changes of Data Crow 4.0.7.
  • [Fixed]
  • - GUID (internal ID) shown for Contact Person in the loan history of the Loan Information panel.
  • - Problem resolved for report creation. This was an old issue which was hard to simulate. An additional check has been added to check whether the file is accessible.
  • - Not all fields can be added to the Item Report.
  • - _Persist fields could be selected for the Quick View.
  • - Server didn't have the library jacksum added to the class path which caused failures for file hashing.
  • [Changed]
  • - The item exported now ignores system fields. Additionally the importer now only tries to match an item on import by ID in case the match and merge option has been checked.
  • - The Create Report manual has been updated.

Muutokset v4.0.6 - v4.0.7

  • [New]
  • - The old reporting engine has been removed. This version now features full support for Jasper Reports ( The main benefits of this switch is that it is no longer required to created separate reports (XLST scripting files) for PDF and HTML reports. The reports of JasperReports can be saved as PDF, RTF and HTML. Additionally you can use the free Jaspersoft Studio Software to create reports, graphically. This brings a lot more power to the reporting capabilities of Data Crow. Data Crow generates the reports on the exported XML files.
  • [Changed]
  • - Apache Fop and Avalon Framework (discontinued) have been dropped from this release.
  • - Icons for message and question boxes have been changed, making use of Java 7 features.
  • [Fixed]
  • - Error on startup when the images were supposed to be migrated to the new location.
  • - NullPointerException when importing files which already are registered in the system.
  • - Fixed an issue with saving child items.
  • - Removed defective library which caused image import errors.
  • - Item Importer bug has been fixed which could cause field values not to be imported
  • correctly.
  • - Still some numbering inconsistencies for music tracks.

Muutokset v4.0.5 - v4.0.6

  • [Fixed]
  • - A NullPointerException for the item import has been fixed.
  • - Potential NullPointerException in case a query fails.
  • - Logging panel was registered too late in the startup process; missing messages.
  • - A bug has been fixed where the module importer consumed too much memory. This occurred for larger module exports holding an x number of large images. As an added benefit it works now much faster.
  • - Server startup error; modules could not be loaded.
  • - Record label list is now sorted by name.
  • - Fixed an issue where the quick filter bar is shown underneath the toolbar. The quick filter is now placed directly on the toolbar itself. The setting [toggle quick filter] has now been removed.
  • - The Drive Manager functionality was broken.
  • - Resource Editor save issues.
  • - File Tree panel inconsistencies have been resolved.
  • - New Item Wizard - pictures not saved for newly saved items.
  • - Create Multiple Items lacked the option to save.
  • [Changed]
  • - The help (F1) has been updated to explain the Quick Search functionality.
  • - The German translation has been updated; thanks to Ralf Geiss!
  • - On startup after any upgrade you'll be asked whether you want to use the new translation files.
  • - File tree panel now shows folder icon for folders which are present on the file system.
  • - Splash screen was shown quite late in the startup process.

Muutokset v4.0.4 - v4.0.5

  • [Fixed]
  • - Data Crow hangs in case there are unsaved changes in the table view on exiting.
  • - In rare cases the grouping pane showed zero items while x number of items are present.
  • - CSV and XML import issues have been fixed.
  • - Module naming inconsistencies which caused the alter module wizard to fail for
  • various modules, such as the book and container module.
  • - Items with ID's created before 2006 were not shown anymore in the tree views when
  • clicking on a node.
  • - Behind the scenes, the view was loaded twice on the initial startup.
  • - Retrieve Audio CD now adds the retrieved CD information to the overview.
  • - Required field check failure; items were not check upon required fields.
  • [Changed]
  • - Record label module; name is now required and checked for uniqueness. Note that
  • custom Record Label settings will be reset to accommodate for this minor change.

Muutokset v4.0.2 - v4.0.3

  • A small but important bug fix was required. The bug causes a startup error, introduced by the 4.0.2 version released yesterday. I've fixed 2 additional upgrade issues which occurred for some users.
  • [Fixed]
  • - Error message; full control needed for the install directory. This message was intended for the server installation only. The client doesn't need this anymore with this version.
  • - Upgrade error in case the old images folder contains sub-directories.
  • - Fixed an error for the Audio CD and the Music Album merge.

Muutokset v4.0.1 - v4.0.2

  • [Fixed]
  • - Performance issue for network clients has been fixed.
  • - No message box in case of a warning when deleting or saving an item (only message
  • in the log file).
  • - New Item Wizard did not close after saving and view was not updated.
  • - Right-click in view, create report, added all items instead of the selected items.
  • - Error when creating report, invalid path for fonts, report was created though.
  • An empty fonts folder will now be created by the installer.
  • - CSV import was no longer available.
  • - NullPointerException after entering wrong username / password.
  • - A faulty library has been removed. The library caused issues with the tree panels
  • such as incorrect item counts or even preventing loading the items at all.
  • - Server could not run headless.
  • - Create multiple for music tracks did not show the track number field.
  • - Create multiple for music tracks; NullPointerException when adding tracks.
  • - Custom modules were not loaded.
  • - Patch applied for #625, thanks (StringUtils.normalize2; invalid characters)
  • [Changed]
  • - Server no longer requires the file importers, synchronizers and online services to
  • be present (architectural change).
  • - TrueZip upgraded to the latest version (from 7.7.1 to 7.7.6).
  • - Image sizes have been increased as well as the quality of the thumbnails. Storage
  • size will increase by approximately 20% due to this change.
  • - The wwwroot folder will be removed from the user folder. You might be asked to remove
  • it manually in case it was not fully successful.
  • - Additional error handling for faulty modules.
  • - Changed the font size and color for the help files for better reading.
  • - Upgrade of the metadata-extractor library to the latest version.

Muutokset v3.12.5 - v4.0.1

  • [Fixed]
  • Better error handling in case of duplication in the mapping tables for the upgrade.
  • Performance bug in the quick view has been fixed.
  • Query Panel did not show error messages
  • Properties overview did not refresh after deleting an item.
  • User mode was not applied, only after a restart.
  • Errors due to existing module upgrade files. I have implemented fail safes to make sure these are skipped and Data Crow is started.
  • [Changed]
  • On upgrading the Audio CD's are merged into the Music Album module. I have now assigned storage medium 'Audio CD' to these merged Audio CD's.

Muutokset v3.12.4 - v3.12.5

  • [Fixed]
  • Ratings again shown as boxes in the quick view. Fixed - for now and ever.
  • File Importer issues fixed where items were not added to the view (but became visible after a restart). Rare occurrence.
  • Module settings for Software table view caused columns to show multiple times. Default setting has been fixed.
  • Deletion no longer allowed from Media module. Enabling this would cause deletion in general to go a lot slower.
  • Category was no longer processed correctly for the Softpedia online search.
  • [Changed]
  • After an import the view will now always refresh instead of adding the items one by one immediately after they have been processed. This improves speed and just works a
  • better.
  • Removed setting "Add directly" from file import; Data Crow will now always add items directly.

Muutokset v3.12.3 - v3.12.4

  • [Fixed]
  • Error in the "Copy Module Wizard".
  • Ratings not displayed (depending on font settings) in the quick view panel.
  • service was not working correctly after update of their site.
  • Cannot create new person-modules.
  • Upgrade error fixed for older versions.
  • Spelling errors (lend/lent)
  • CSV item importer could result in errors.
  • service down. Switched to for now.
  • [Changed]
  • Rating star images have been changed.
  • Added ISBN 10 and ISBN 13 fields to the quick filter.
  • The online search has been rewritten completely.

Muutokset v3.12.2 - v3.12.3

  • [Fixed]
  • Alter module wizard: change field; maximum length always defaulted to 255.
  • Potential issue for Template Name and Default field. These could conflict with the normal fields of the module.
  • Exported field order is now the same each time.
  • Item matching on import is now also done on the "key fields".

Muutokset v3.12.1 - v3.12.2

Muutokset v3.11.1 - v3.12

Muutokset v3.11 - v3.11.1

Muutokset v3.10.2 - v3.11

Muutokset v3.10.1 - v3.10.2

Muutokset v3.10.0 - v3.10.1

Muutokset v3.9.26 - v3.10.0

Muutokset v3.9.25 - v3.9.26

Muutokset v3.9.21 - v3.9.22

Muutokset v3.9.20 - v3.9.21

Muutokset v3.9.19 - v3.9.20

Muutokset v3.9.18 - v3.9.19

Muutokset v3.9.17 - v3.9.18

Muutokset v3.9.16 - v3.9.17

Muutokset v3.9.15 - v3.9.16

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