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Muutokset v1.2.1.348 - v1.2.2.368

Muutokset v1.1.3.304 Beta - v1.2.1.348

Muutokset v1.1.1.4 - v1.1.3.304 Beta

Muutokset v1.1.1.3 - v1.1.1.4

Muutokset Beta - v1.1.1.3

Muutokset v1.1.0.2 Beta - v1.1.1.0 Beta

Muutokset v1.0.10.1 - v1.1.0.2 Beta

Muutokset v1.0.9.0 - v1.0.10.0

  • new Reinstated digital signatures
  • new When posting a form, existing values will be automatically merged with the user defined custom values
  • new Added a new tool for capturing a form, making it much easier to extract the basic tokens for posting a form
  • new Cookies are now supported by the Test URL dialog when making multiple requests from the same domain, including their own tab for viewing
  • new All standard HTTP verbs are now supported by the Test URL dialog
  • change The Test URL dialog has been split in two, so that the result content is always visible
  • change The Rule Editor, Form Editor and Test URL dialogs are now all resizable
  • fix Fixed an issue where some form values would not be encoded correctly
  • fix GZip and deflate compressed data is now decompressed during the download, rather than after the entire content has been download
  • fix The HTML view in the Test URL dialog now correctly updates each time a new request is made
  • fix WebCopy would often given file names a numeric suffix even if there was no reason to
  • fix If WebCopy tried to shrink a file name to fit within path limits, it incorrectly started by trimming the extension, instead of the name
  • fix WebCopy failed to shrink file names where the base path was above 248 characters and promptly crashed
  • fix Some files were missing from the setup that prevented exception reports from being submitted (regression from previous version)
  • fix Fixed a duplicated shortcut between Rules and Test URI
  • fix Exiting WebCopy while the RSS extension was updating caused a crash
  • fix Fixed an issue where files could be loaded with the wrong encoding when remapping documents, causing subtle corruption with the final output
  • fix The Scan Project repair tool crashed on start up (regression from previous version)
  • fix Opening a project always marked it as changed, causing the UI to prompt to save changes unnecessarily

Muutokset v1.0.8.0 - v1.0.9.0

  • Changes and new features
  • Warning Deprecated The prefix with the website url / prefix with the website domain name option of a crawl project has been deprecated and will be removed in a future update.
  • Information Experimental Added the ability to specify additional hosts. This allows you to include multiple domains per project, for example a CDN
  • Information Experimental Added proxy server support
  • Activating an item in either the Request Headers or Response Headers tabs of the Test URI dialog now displays the header information in a dialog for easy viewing/copying
  • The contents of the Select Mime Types dialog are now sorted
  • Items in the Title Replacements and Forms editors can now be reordered via drag and drop
  • Added a helper tool for backing up and restoring settings, or for resetting settings to default values
  • Added a stand-alone update check tool
  • Bug fixes
  • The Status Code column in the Results list is now no longer cleared when an action is performed that didn't involve an HTTP request, such as remapping the local file
  • The value of the Play Sounds setting wasn't being honoured by the Crawl Complete dialog
  • The prefix with the website url / prefix with the website domain name option of a crawl project now defaults to prefix with the website domain name for new projects
  • Pressing enter in the Post Values field of the Test URI dialog no longer activates the default button on the dialog
  • Fixed an issue where only the end of a host was inspected when checking if a given URI was a sub domain of another. For example, it would incorrectly return that was a subdomain of
  • Fixed an issue it was possible WebCopy wouldn't prompt to save changes when exiting
  • An error is no longer displayed if you open a project saved using a newer version of WebCopy. The project will now be opened where possible, but a warning will now be displayed
  • Repeatedly clicking column headers in sortable lists now correctly cycles between Ascending, Descending and None, instead of only Ascending and Descending.
  • Fixed a problem where clicking the Add button in the Form Editor would clone the active form, including the internal ID of the form which should be unique, leading to crashes
  • Fixed an issue where settings were both loaded and saved using thread specific culture data, which could cause a crash if the computer culture information was subsequently changed. All settings are now saved and load using an invariant culture.
  • A crash no longer occurs if font information cannot be read correctly from stored settings

Muutokset v1.0.7.3 - v1.0.7.6

  • Changes and new features
  • Panels in Option dialogs now load on demand
  • Option pages are now only initialized when requested by the appropriate dialog
  • Removed status code 520 (origin error) from the list of supported codes for automated error reporting during a crawl
  • The Image Viewer window no longer defaults to Fit when displaying an image, but now defaults to Actual size
  • Added additional themes for configuring the appearance of the GUI client window
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue cloning LinkInfo objects which hopefully is responsible for a rare Cannot access a disposed object crash using the Quick Scan dialog
  • Fixed an issue where the sitemap tree view could be populated up to 3 times rather than the expected once when opening a project
  • Dynamic options in the Options dialog are now positioned more sensibly in relation to the options label and editor, and other options in the same group
  • Fixed a problem where tool tips did not display under certain conditions, or could display the wrong (or blank) text
  • Extension mapping for dropped files was case sensitive
  • Reworked tool bar layout code to prevent overflowed buttons
  • Removed a number of integration hacks

Muutokset v1.0.7.2 - v1.0.7.3

Muutokset v1.0.7.0 - v1.0.7.2

Muutokset v1.0.6.1 - v1.0.7.0

Muutokset v1.0.5.0 - v1.0.6.1

Muutokset v1.0.4.0 - v1.0.5.0

Muutokset v1.0.3.3 - v1.0.4.0

Muutokset v1.0.2.2 - v1.0.3.3

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