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Muutokset v3.42 - v3.43

Muutokset v3.34 - v3.4

Muutokset v3.33 - v3.34

Muutokset v3.32 - v3.33

Muutokset v3.31 - v3.32

Muutokset v3.3 - v3.31

Muutokset v3.23 - v3.3

Muutokset v3.22 - v3.23

Muutokset v3.21 - v3.22

Muutokset v3.2 - v3.21

Muutokset v3.13 - v3.2

  • Added: The installer now allows you to select between a 32-bit and a 64-bit version of CloneSpy.
  • Added: If you push the "Delete all marked files" button in the Zero length files window or Single duplicates window without first marking any file then an explanation is given on how to mark files.
  • Modified: Optimized the memory management so that now more of the available memory can be used.
  • Modified: Optimized the structure of the checksum database leading to the effect that your database needs to be rebuilt (previously cached checksums will be recreated).
  • Modified: If you scan a large number of files then the percentages in the scan progress window now have decimal places.
  • Modified: Opening and closing a large number of categories in the All duplicates window are now faster.
  • Modified: Marking a large number of files in the All duplicates window is now faster.
  • Modified: The upper limit for the size of scanned files is now deactivated by default (see Time + Size page of the Options window).
  • Fixed: If you have a large checksum database then CloneSpy no longer freezes for some time when you open the Options window.
  • Fixed: The Options window no longer freezes while the checksum database is being cleaned up (see Database page of the Options window).
  • Fixed: In the Options, if "Make new file" or "Replace file" is selected then the corresponding file name may no longer be erased.
  • Fixed: The Single duplicates window no longer shows files that were already deleted manually by the user during the scan.
  • Fixed: If CloneSpy is ran from the installer then it now runs with user privileges.
  • Fixed: Corrected the original file name in the version information of the installer.

Muutokset v3.12 - v3.13

  • Fixed: Directory symbolic links whose target starts immediately with a directory are now recognized.
  • Fixed: Directory symbolic links whose target starts with a backslash are now resolved correctly.
  • Fixed: The View CSC-file window no longer confuses properties of files with the same path.
  • Fixed: The controls in the View CSC-file window is now wide enough to display the file properties.
  • Fixed: The context help now works correctly for the Options button in the Main window.

Muutokset v3.11 - v3.12

  • Added: Equal files can now be explored or marked by an external program (see Report tab of Options window).
  • Added: The new pattern %P of the export list format (see Export tab of the Options window) and the CSC-file export format (see the Export CSC-file window) allow for exporting the source pool number.
  • Modified: Moved "Execute selected file" function of the Result presentation windows to the context menu of the list of equal files.
  • Fixed: The "Override delete selection" indication in the Main window is now only shown if the Action is set to "automatically delete".
  • Fixed: When a CSC-file is created then only relevant settings in effect are now written to the log file.
  • Hard links can be created again on NTFS drives for Windows XP and Windows Vista (regression since v3.0).
  • Fixed: The silent install command line option /ALLUSERSHORTCUT works now properly.

Muutokset v3.1 - v3.11

  • Added: The system can now be automatically shut down after a scan is done.
  • Added: System sleep can now be prevented while scanning (see Priority page of the Options window).
  • Added: Some dialogs can now be configured to never show up again.
  • Modified: Mitigated database access problems if several instances of CloneSpy are run in parallel (although not recommended).
  • Fixed: CloneSpy no longer asks about saving settings when the user selects to automatically exit the program after scanning.
  • Fixed: CloneSpy can no longer be configured to exit automatically if zero length files should be presented to the user.
  • Fixed: If a folder in an inactive pool is also added into the other pool then this conflict is now resolved silently.
  • Fixed: Eliminated a bug that caused a crash while scanning or aborting a scan which happened in rare cases.

Muutokset v3.03 - v3.04

  • Modified: Portable and installed versions can now be run in parallel.
  • Modified: The portable version now initializes paths in the Options window relative to the CloneSpy executable.

Muutokset v3.02 - v3.03

Muutokset v3.01 - v3.02

Muutokset v3.0 - v3.01

Muutokset v2.7 - v3.0

Muutokset v2.63 - v2.7

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