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Muutokset v4.6.2 - v4.6.3

Muutokset v4.6.1 - v4.6.2

Muutokset v4.6.0 - v4.6.1

Muutokset v4.5.6 - v4.6.0

Muutokset v4.5.5 - v4.5.6

Muutokset v4.5.4 - v4.5.5

Muutokset v4.5.3 - v4.5.4

Muutokset v4.5.2 - v4.5.3

Muutokset v4.5.1 - v4.5.2

Muutokset v4.2.0 - v4.5.0

Muutokset v4.1.4 - v4.2.0

Muutokset v4.1.3 - v4.1.4

Muutokset v4.1.2 - v4.1.3

Muutokset v4.1.1 - v4.1.2

Muutokset v4.1.0 - v4.1.1

Muutokset v4.0.9 - v4.1.0

Muutokset v4.0.8 - v4.0.9

Muutokset v4.0.7 - v4.0.8

Muutokset v4.0.6 - v4.0.7

Muutokset v4.0.5 - v4.0.6

Muutokset v4.0.4 - v4.0.5

Muutokset v4.0.3 - v4.0.4

Muutokset v4.0.2 - v4.0.3

Muutokset v4.0 - v4.0.2

Muutokset v3.10.0 - v4.0

Muutokset v3.9.2 - v3.10.0

  • New Features:
  • Improved "Secure Pasting": now the text is send direktly to the active windows, normal key logger will not get any key at all. In addition several dummy keys are simulated which the key logger will get, but not the input field.
  • Screenshots:
  • - reprogrammed the selected windows which is now really smooth
  • - in FireFox now the complete page can be captured (and not only the visible area), Key F2 or via the context menu in the screenshot tool
  • New hotkey function: resize current window to a standard size (800x600, 1024x900, etc.)
  • Improved common clipboards: reloading is now faster when items have modified on another computer
  • Global context menu: added a tools section for e.g. screenshot tool, virtual keyboard, ...
  • Modified the tools sub menu in the tray icon context menu
  • Copying to a VMWares virtual machine now working
  • Fixed bug:
  • some optimizations
  • fixed some bugs, e.g. the context menu in Winword disappeared after 2 seconds

Muutokset v3.9.1 - v3.9.2

  • fixed: Clipboard Master could cause the windows explorer to crash
  • finally fixed the crash on some Windows 8/8.1 systems

Muutokset v3.9.0 - v3.9.1

  • New Features:
  • Improved handling of hotkeys with 2 keys (e.g. T+W)
  • Fixed bug:
  • Fixed crash on Windows 8.1 (in module msftedit.dll)
  • fixed some bugs

Muutokset v3.8.0 - v3.9.0

  • New Features:
  • Windows 8/8.1 Apps:
  • - Clipboard Master now works here like in desktop application
  • - the tray icon menu can be opened with Win+Alt+F12 without the desktop being activated
  • Clipboard Master now works completely in programs launched with administrator privileges, without being launched with administrator privileges itself. Though, Clipboard Master is not stared with administrator privileges, the option in the settings has been removed
  • New hotkey function: Sticky Keys
  • Similar to the Windows Sticky keys, Shift, Ctrl, Alt and the Windows key remain pressed till the next key is pressed. So, e.g. Ctrl and A can be pressed one after another instead of pressing the together. And with this function you can type the next word or next sentence in upper case. Clipboard Master will then switch back to lower case automatically. Or with Caps Lock now the number keys can remain as numbers and not !"$§...
  • Mouse functionailty can now disabled depending on the current application
  • Fixed bug:
  • some optimisations
  • fixed some bugs

Muutokset v3.7.6 - v3.8.0

  • New Features:
  • New hotkeys:
  • - e.g. Ctrl + 2xA or Win + Alt + 4xP
  • - Pressing 2 keys at once cannow be a hotkey, e.g. A + 1 or Num 0 + Num 1
  • e.g. Press E+R to insert é and E+W to insert è (when the hotkeys are defined)
  • - Now multiple hotkeys can be enabled or disabled at once (with one hotkey)
  • New flexikey: complete enviroment variable, e.g. to complete %t with %temp%
  • Windows clipboard contents is now restored after pasting via Clipboard Master
  • Improved dialog 'Search and replace' (via global context menu -> Modify text -> 'Replace... text):
  • - Enumeration and bullets con now be selected easily
  • Rules: text copied to the Windows clipboard can now be modifed/proccessed via a vbs script automatically
  • Settings: Section 'Screenshot' is now section 'Tools'
  • Changes for Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
  • Fixed bug:
  • Pasting via the quick menu did paste in the wrong window (sometimes)
  • Fixed problem with outlook 2013, 64 bit
  • Fixed bug completing foldernames
  • Starting with Admin privileges did not work on some systems
  • Fixed problem with the mouse when the user has activated 'swap mouse buttons' (controla panel -> mouse)
  • Some little improvments

Muutokset v3.7.5 - v3.7.6

  • New Features:
  • Password Safe: secure pasting did not work when 'Secure banking' of Kaspersky Internet Security is active
  • added macro {#firstnamefrom}
  • Fixed bug:
  • Pasting on windows key release did not work
  • Fixed problems with Excel
  • Fixed bug: spanish keyboard: e.g. '] instead [ was inserted
  • Fixed bug importing settings
  • Option 'Running with Administrator privileges' did not work

Muutokset v3.7.4 - v3.7.5

  • New Features:
  • New hotkeys: press n times Shift or Control to start an action
  • Simulating key strokes:now a delay between the key strokes can be defined (settings -> psate -> program specific settings)
  • Fixed bug:
  • fixed some minor bugs

Muutokset v2.8.1 - v3.0.2

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