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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle BwgBurn

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Muutokset v0.7.4 - v0.7.5

  • Second shot at fixing the Pioneer problem

Muutokset v0.7.2 - v0.7.4

  • Fix for Pioneer DVD burners

Muutokset v0.7.1 - v0.7.2

  • Added the ability to change the fonts in places
  • Added a little more debug to find issues with drives that do not work.

Muutokset v0.7.0 RC4 - v0.7.0 RC5

  • Updated to the latest version of dotnet (3.5)
  • Removed help information, going to add a single manual
  • Added support for Vista 64 bit
  • Fixed several burner issues with specific drives
  • Sony BluRay drive
  • Pioneer BluRay drive

Muutokset v0.7.0 RC2 - v0.7.0 RC3

  • Fixed the inquiry result dump code to provide proper info.

Muutokset v0.6.5 - v0.7.0 RC2

  • Added support for DVD-R DL media
  • Added support for BD-R media
  • Added support for DVD-RAM media
  • Reworked the burning engine with respect to burn options.
  • Updated the drive selector to provide more info when selecting a drive
  • Added a program to aid in determining when a drive is not recognized by BwgBurn
  • Added more messages in the drive explorer program to get more information about drives that are not recognized
  • Fixed numerous bugs across multiple program.

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