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Muutokset v1.3.0 - v1.4.0

Muutokset v1.2.0 - v1.3.0

  • Added support for opening and extracting RAR 5 archives.
  • Added support for displaying archive comments.
  • Changed compiler from Visual Studio 2010 to 2013.
  • Fixed bug which caused progress window to show behind Windows Explorer on some context menu jobs.
  • Fixed bug which caused extract jobs to ignore setting to hibernate computer after job completed.
  • Fixed bug which caused extracting of selected items to fail if certain folders already existed.
  • Fixed minor bugs and optimised some code.

Muutokset v1.1.0 - v1.2.0

  • Added option to check archives for viruses or malware using's online virus scanner.
  • Added Explorer context menu option to check any file for viruses or malware using
  • Added split archive details to archive information window.
  • Added split archive file name number to progress window when creating split archive.
  • Added 'view files' button to window prompt asking to delete modified archive files when exiting Bitser.
  • Added Turkish translation.
  • Changed and improved the way in which files opened and modified from within archives are handled.
  • Changed Bitser's download zip to an exe file to allow 'setup' to extract and run automatically.
  • Bitser's setup and msi files can be obtained by extracting the exe file using Bitser.
  • Fixed bug in calculation of archive size when adding or updating existing files in archive.
  • Fixed bug which caused Bitser to not show compression progress when creating a split archive.
  • Fixed bug which caused correct password to fail when opening some split/multi-volume encrypted archives.
  • Fixed bug which could cause Bitser to crash while opening some archives.
  • Fixed bug which prevented Bitser from closing when Windows is shutting down.
  • Fixed bug in some yes/no prompts that would assume yes if prompt was closed using the "X" button.
  • Fixed bug which caused double password prompt when pressing F5 to refresh the archive.
  • Fixed bug which caused progress window to reposition itself when minimized during archive conversion.
  • Fixed bug which caused prompt to incorrectly state that no files were selected for backup.
  • Fixed minor bugs and optimised some code.

Muutokset (Mar 8, 2014) - v1.1.0

  • Changed digital certificate used to sign Bitser assemblies to the latest as it was due to expire.
  • Changed progress bar style to 'marquee' when calculating archive sizes.
  • Changed Bitser's start-up code to improve start times on some systems.
  • Changed some language translation files.
  • Fixed some bugs in Bitser's multi-threading code to make it more stable.
  • Fixed bug which allowed attempts to modify split archives.
  • Fixed bug where opening files within archive immediately prompted to update the archive on some systems with McAfee Anti-virus.
  • Fixed minor bugs and optimised some code.

Muutokset (Sep 4,2013) - (Mar 8, 2014)

  • Added new main progress window with many new features including hibernate, view files, pin window etc.
  • Added new progress window for explorer context menu actions with progress and logs all in the same window.
  • Added full text translation to the new progress window for non-English languages.
  • Added new right click menu to archive root node to view properties, folder and change Character encoding.
  • Added new "Properties" button to archive Info window to view archive file Properties.
  • Added ability to change destination folder When creating multiple separate archives from explorer context menu.
  • Added right click menu to archive node to support working with archives using UTF-8, Windows or DOS encoding.
  • Added warning and errors received during archive jobs to main report.
  • Fixed checkbox drawing bug on file and folder selection window in create tab on Windows XP.
  • Fixed bug in built in explorer not showing hidden items when adding files and folders.
  • Fixed issue which prevented mouse cursor from being used until Drag and drop operation complete.
  • Fixed bug which caused archives containing filenames with paths greater than 260 characters not to open.
  • Fixed bug in Custom Parameters not being applied correctly when creating archives.
  • Fixed bug in reports not showing compression ratios for extract jobs.
  • Fixed many minor bugs and improved overall performance. Large Archives with lots of files open faster.
  • Changed archives to always use utf-8 for non-ascii characters(-mcu) when created/updated in UTF-8 mode.
  • Changed recently open archives list from 6 to 10 files.
  • Changed drag and drop code to improve performance on windows 7 and above.
  • Changed Windows admin shield icons and alternate tab icon set.
  • Changed and updated built-in file and folder browsers.
  • Changed and updated some translations.

Muutokset (Jun 6, 2013 Beta) - (Sep 4,2013)

Muutokset (Jan 8, 2013 Beta) - (Jun 6, 2013 Beta)

Muutokset v0.9.9.1 Beta - (Jan 8, 2013 Beta)

Muutokset v0.9.9.0 Beta - v0.9.9.1 Beta

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