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Muutokset v2.8.7 - v2.8.8 Alpha

Muutokset v2.8.1 - v2.8.7

Muutokset v2.8.0 - v2.8.1

  • Some bugs fixed
  • Added routine to shift times for text-based subtitles when PAL SpeedUp or NTSC SlowDown are activated
  • Added Visual Crop section in 'Edit Title'/'AviSynth'
  • Added a warning for dual presence of ffdshow and LAV Filters
  • Added a check for Windows Common Controls (mscomctl.ocx) presence and prompt to install it at runtime
  • Added PTS creation when multiplexing with FFmpeg (thanks to manolito)
  • Added 'Collage' and 'Blue Rain' as DVD Menu Templates to the Installer and NoInstall package
  • Improved PAL SpeedUp routine (now also 24 fps source titles are supported)
  • Improved Auto Crop routine and moved to Visual Crop section
  • Improved log activity (Chapters creation section)
  • Improved filters merit change routine in 'Preferred DirectShow Codecs Setup' section
  • Improved RAM detection routine (now it works for 64 bit systems)
  • Improved detection of Variable Frame Rate (VFR) sources
  • Updated A2DSource.avsi to assume VFR true as default if not specified
  • Changed 'Adjust Frame Strategy' default value to 'Add Left/Right Borders'
  • Changed 'Unload DirectShow ActiveMovie library at runtime' default value to 'On'
  • LAV Filters updated to release 0.64
  • FFmpeg updated to release 2.2.3 (2014-06-19)

Muutokset v2.7.2 - v2.7.3

  • Some bugs fixed
  • Added 'Preferred DirectShow Codecs Setup' section
  • Added SetACL (LGPL by Helge Klein) to AVStoDVD package
  • Improved framerate conversion section of AviSynth script generation routine
  • Updated A2DSource.avsi to properly handle non-mod4 width sources (thanks to manolito)
  • FFmpeg updated to 2.1 (git-9244a68)

Muutokset v2.6.0 - v2.7.0

Muutokset v2.5.1 - v2.6.0

  • Some bugs fixed
  • Added 'FFmpeg (Safe Mode)' to AC3 Audio Encoding profiles in 'Preferences'/'Audio'
  • Added 'Adjust Frame Strategy' in 'Preferences'/'AviSynth'
  • Added a consistency check to user defined Paths during preferences loading ('Preferences'/'Paths')
  • Added 'FFmpeg (Safe Mode)' option in 'Title Edit'/'Video'/'Video Encoding Profile'
  • Added Auto Crop routine in 'Title Edit'/'AviSynth'/'Crop'
  • Added AviSynth deblocking filter 'Deblock' (by Manao) in 'Title Edit'/'AviSynth'
  • Added AviSynth library 'DeBlock_Int.avsi' (thanks to Didée and Manolito)
  • Added a time cap (2h) to AC3 audio encoding step (Wavi+Aften profile). Overrun leads to process kill and 'FFmpeg (Safe Mode)' start as backup.
  • Added a framerate consistency check vs selected Video Standard to source titles during 'Add Title' routine
  • Added audio ON/OFF control to 'Preview Clip' section
  • Added ffdshow 1.2.4422.0 32bit to Installer package
  • Added GraphStudio beta to NoInstall and Installer packages
  • Added 'Codecs' as new element in Main AVStoDVD Menu
  • Added 'ffdshow Video Configuration' option from 'Codecs' (Main Menu)
  • Added 'ffdshow Audio Configuration' option from 'Codecs' (Main Menu)
  • Added 'Build Graph Filter' option from 'Codecs' (Main Menu)
  • Moved 'AviSynth FrameServing Check' from 'Title' to 'Codecs' (Main Menu)
  • Removed ImgBurn Installer from AVStoDVD Installer Package. There is still a link to ImgBurn webpage.
  • Changed 'Adjust ffdshow Mixer Output at runtime' to 'Adjust ffdshow Settings at Runtime' (now including Raw Video and Raw Audio adjustments for Preview Clip section)
  • Changed maximun number of jobs for batch encoding from 10 to 30
  • Improved AviSynth Script generation routine (revision of functions calls sequence)
  • Improved 'Quick StartUp Tutorial' section
  • Improved 'Fix SRT' routine for authored subtitles
  • Improved log activity (Audio Encoding section)
  • Improved GUI graphics (progress bars color change)
  • Re-organized AviSynth filters options disposition in 'Title Edit'/'AviSynth'
  • FFmpeg updated to build git-8b6aeb1
  • FFMpegSource updated to 2.17
  • NicAudio updated to 2.0.6
  • Haali Media Splitter updated to
  • MKVToolNix updated to 5.8.0
  • MediaInfo updated to 0.7.61

Muutokset v2.5.0 - v2.5.1

  • Fixed issue (languages folder missing) with Installer Package

Muutokset v2.4.2 - v2.5.0

  • Some bugs fixed
  • Added Quick StartUp Tutorial to setup main AVStoDVD preferences
  • Added possibility to customize GUI language. Support to create translation ini files is welcome!
  • Added German GUI language. Many thanks to Manolito
  • Added support to HCenc *ZONE command (to increase or lower bitrate for parts of the video)
  • Added 160 kbps as supported bitrate for MP2 and AC3 audio encoding
  • Added 160 kbps to DVD compliant audio bitrates list for MP2 and AC3
  • Added 'Set encoding Priority' in 'Preferences'/'Misc'
  • Added 'Encoding Window Style' in 'Preferences'/'Misc'
  • Added Preferences Paths integrity check at startup
  • Added question messages (Yes/No) with automatic default reply at runtime
  • Added 'Seek Chapters' option in 'Title Edit'/'Chapters'
  • Added AviSynth library 'Downmix.avsi' (thanks to tebasuna51)
  • Added MANONO1/2/3 to available matrix under 'Title Edit'/'Video'/'HCenc Advanced Options'
  • Removed 'Display errors messages at runtime' option in 'Preferences'/'Misc'
  • Replaced 'Keep DVD Compliant Video/Audio' with 'Video/Audio Direct Stream Copy' in 'Title Edit'
  • Replaced 'Spline64Resize' with 'Spline16Resize' as default AVS downsizing filter
  • Improved bitrate calculation routine
  • Improved FrameRate detection routine with MediaInfo
  • Improved support to SubStation Alpha subtitles (ssa/ass)
  • Improved 'Fix SRT' routine for authored subtitles
  • Improved audio channels downmix routine
  • MKVToolNix updated to 5.7.0 (including support to new tracks ID numbering from 5.2.0 release)
  • MuxMan updated to 0.16.8
  • FFmpeg updated to N-35509
  • HCenc updated to 0.26 beta
  • MediaInfo updated to 0.7.59

Muutokset v2.4.1 - v2.4.2

  • Some bugs fixed
  • Added possibility to edit source titles media info ('Title'/'Edit Source Title Info')
  • Added a consistency check on special chars to main window 'DVD Label' and 'Title Edit'/'General'/'Title Name'
  • Added custom values saving in (and loading from) Windows Registry from 'Title Edit'/'AviSynth'
  • Added 'Bias' and 'DC Precision' options in 'Title Edit'/'Video'/'HCenc Advanced Options'
  • Improved backup Audio encoding routine (FFmpeg based)
  • Improved input titles format checking routine
  • Wavi updated to 1.06m
  • FFmpeg updated to 32754
  • MediaInfo updated to 0.7.50

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