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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Auslogics Disk Defrag Free

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Muutokset v6.0.1.0 - v6.0.2.0

Muutokset v5.4.0.0 - v6.0.1.0

Muutokset v5.3.0.0 - v5.4.0.0

  • Fixed all known bugs.

Muutokset v5.2.0.0 - v5.3.0.0

  • the program now participates in the Auslogics Green Seal Project, which guarantees it to be free of toolbars, adware or third-party offers in the installer;
  • fixed minor bugs.

Muutokset v4.5.4.0 - v5.1.0.0

  • added algorithms for optimizing Windows with SSD drives installed. Now, if you have one or more SSD drives, the program will analyze Windows settings and tweak them to ensure the most efficient handling of SSD?s.
  • improved appearance of some defragmentation map color patterns;
  • fixed all known bugs;
  • optimized algorithms for defragmenting regular hard drives.

Muutokset v4.5.3.0 - v4.5.4.0

  • fixed a bug that could lead to a crash during extended program sessions.

Muutokset v4.5.2.0 - v4.5.3.0

  • fixed a critical bug that could cause significant performance loss on certain systems running Windows 8.1;
  • improved program stability;
  • improved program launch speed.

Muutokset v4.4.2.0 - v4.5.2.0

  • fixed several bugs.
  • corrected installer errors, optimized program installation and uninstallation.

Muutokset v3.5.0.10 - v3.6.0.0

Muutokset v3.5.0.5 - v3.5.0.10

Muutokset v3.4.3.0 - v3.5.0.5

Muutokset v3.4.2.5 - v3.4.3.0

Muutokset v3.3.1.2 - v3.4.2.5

Muutokset v3.4.1.0 - v3.4.2.0

Muutokset v3.4.0.0 - v3.4.1.0

Muutokset v3.3.1.2 - v3.4.0.0

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