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Muutokset v6.2.0 - v6.2.1

Muutokset v6.1.9 - v6.2.0

Muutokset v6.1.8 - v6.1.9

Muutokset v6.1.7 - v6.1.8

Muutokset v6.1.6 - v6.1.7

Muutokset v6.1.4 - v6.1.6

Muutokset v6.1.2 - v6.1.3

Muutokset v6.1.1 - v6.1.2

Muutokset v6.0.8 - v6.1.1

Muutokset v6.0.7 - v6.0.8

Muutokset v6.0.5 - v6.0.7

Muutokset v6.0.4 - v6.0.5

Muutokset v6.0.3 - v6.0.4

Muutokset v6.0.0 - v6.0.3

Muutokset v5.9.9 - v6.0.0

Muutokset v5.9.6 - v5.9.9

Muutokset v5.9.5 - v5.9.6

Muutokset v5.9.4 - v5.9.5

Muutokset v5.9.2 - v5.9.4

Muutokset v5.9.1 - v5.9.2

Muutokset v5.8.8 - v5.9.1

Muutokset v5.8.4 - v5.8.8

Muutokset v5.8.3 - v5.8.4

Muutokset v5.8.1 - v5.8.3

Muutokset v5.8.0 - v5.8.1

  • Fix the problem that frame rate can't be customized when CUDA is enabled.
  • Fix some UI problems when using the skin Dark.

Muutokset v5.7.8 - v5.7.9

  • Support converting FLAC/APE file by CUE.
  • Optimize some user interface.
  • Fix some minor bugs.

Muutokset v5.7.7 - v5.7.8

  • Add a new skin.
  • Add ID3 tag editing function.
  • Update download engine to fix downloading problems.
  • Fix some bugs.

Muutokset v5.7.6 - v5.7.7

  • Enhance audio conversion function, support audio trimming.
  • Support ripping audio CD.

Muutokset v5.7.5 - v5.7.6

  • Fix video downloading problems.

Muutokset v5.7.3 - v5.7.5

  • Add 10 new profiles including iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, etc.
  • Add M4V output format.
  • You can decide whether to join customer experience improvement plan during the installation.
  • Fix M4A merging problem.
  • Fix audio synchronization problem when NVidia CUDA acceleration is enabled.
  • Support 4K and more output sizes larger than 1080P for AVI, MP4, MKV, M2TS, MOV, etc.
  • Fix some minor bugs and adjust some user interface.

Muutokset v5.7.2 - v5.7.3

  • Fix the bug that video size doesn't change when switching NTSC/PAL in DVD burning.
  • Support adjusting CPU usage for conversion.
  • Fix the bug that program crashes when saving the options.

Muutokset v5.7.1 - v5.7.2

  • Support downloading YouTube music directly by URL.
  • Support video aspect for MKV output format.
  • Fix some problems caused by external srt subtitle.
  • Support 50fps, 59.94fps and 60fps as options for frame rate.
  • Add output profiles for smart TV.
  • Support watermark transparency.
  • Reset DVD menu settings after relaunching the program.

Muutokset v5.7.0 - v5.7.1

  • Fix the bug that option parameters can't be customized.
  • Add alert when trying to burn DVD and there is no burning device.
  • Fix the bug that DVD menu settings can't be saved.

Muutokset v5.6.6 - v5.7.0

  • Add "Burn DVD" tab for more convenient DVD burning.
  • Optimize user interface and fix some minor bugs.
  • Allow to burn DVD with DVD menu added.

Muutokset v5.6.4 - v5.6.6

  • Automatically update video download engine to prevent downloading problems.

Muutokset v5.5.7 - v5.6.2

  • - Fix TS 2-pass encoding problem.
  • - Fix AVI (recorded by Canon camera) to x264 MP4 conversion problem.
  • - Fix WMV/ASF duration problem.
  • - Fix video playback problem caused by fonts scanning.

Muutokset v5.5.5 - v5.5.7

  • Fix crashing problem when CUDA acceleration is checked.
  • Add video files to conversion list automatically once video files are associated with Any Video Converter Professional in Windows Explorer.
  • Fix the problem that there is no subtitle in output file when internal subrip subtitle is used.
  • Upgrade video downloading engine.

Muutokset v5.5.0 - v5.5.5

  • Fix the conversion error when "deinterlace" or "fit to height" is checked.
  • Fix the bug that Pro version quits unusually when any video effect is applied.
  • Fix DVD ripping problems for some DVD movies.
  • Adjust default position of added subtitle.

Muutokset v5.0.9 - v5.5.0

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