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Muutokset v4.12.1880 - v4.13.1893

Muutokset v4.02.1717 - v4.02.1721

Muutokset v4.02.1711 - v4.02.1713

Muutokset v4.00.1695 - v4.01.1705

Muutokset v3.55 Build 1320 - v3.55 Build 1324

  • Sound Engine: The normalization function has been returned, the algorithm has been improved
  • Fixed: Sound Engine - application hangs when changing playback position via mouse wheel
  • Fixed: Sound Engine - player jumps over track in some cases when set is playing
  • Fixed: Common - windows position are shifted at taskbar height after restart if taskbar is placed at top edge of screen
  • Fixed: Advanced search - click via middle mouse button does't select row in the table
  • Small bugs were fixed

Muutokset v3.51.1288 - v3.55 Build 1320

  • Major Changes
  • Advanced Search: The "file Location" menu item has been added
  • Advanced search: Added an ability to add files to the queue via middle mouse button click
  • Bookmarks: Added an ability to add playlists to the bookmarks
  • Bookmarks: "Bookmarks Manager" dialogue - quick search has been added
  • Bookmarks: "Bookmarks Manager" dialogue - usability has been improved
  • Manual: Added search ability
  • Sound Engine: Anticlipping
  • Sound Engine: Added an ability to customize resampling speed/quality
  • Sound Engine: Added an ability to use dithering when decreasing bit depth
  • Sound Engine: activating / deactivating effects are now processed more smoothly
  • Sound Engine: The SoXR library is now used for resampling
  • Sound Engine: Cache system has been improved - read latency has been reduced
  • Sound Engine: Performance has been increased
  • Plugins: The "Internet Radiostation Catalog" plugin has been removed, you can access to catalogs via internet browser
  • Player: Fading and cross mixing settings has been moved to DSP Manager dialogue
  • Player: Cross mixing setting has been expanded
  • Tags: replay gain are now supported for MusePack v8 format

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