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Muutokset v5.18.632 (64-bit) - v5.19.239 (64-bit)

Muutokset v5.17.113 - v5.18.632 (64-bit)

Muutokset v5.16.55 - v5.17.113

Muutokset v5.16.36 - v5.16.55

Muutokset v5.15.239 - v5.16.36

Muutokset v5.11.55 - v5.12.12

Muutokset v5.10.10 - v5.11.25

Muutokset v5.9.25 - v5.10.10

Muutokset v5.8.20.15 - v5.9.25

  • Added: Prepared Text new feature, ability to prepare a text to be used directly in the subtitle editor window.
  • Added: ability to use Hunspell dictionaries files directly if already downloaded, user can just place the downloaded dictionary file(s) (with extension .oxt) in Dictionaries folder.
  • Added: ability to drag files to the converter to import directly.
  • Added: ability to import file to the converter via command-line.
  • Added: ability to import media file via drag-and-drop files into media tab.
  • Fixed: bug after editing one subtitle the subtitles data entries never updated.
  • Fixed: bug with Spell Check feature when spell-checking a subtitle track and uses (Use always, Ignore) the changes never applied to the subtitles.
  • Improved: media player improved using Directshow instead of Windows Media Player ActiveX control.
  • Improved: subtitle display in media player, was making problems when attempting to edit also subtitle hides in wrong times.

Muutokset v5.8.13 - v5.8.20.15

  • Added: ability to add subtitle using a shortcut on keyboard.
  • Added: hot keys support, ability to add shortcuts for some functions such as subtitle selection.
  • Added: new options such as an option indicates whether the program should add to each added new subtitle.
  • Added: ability to export/import settings to/from file.
  • Improved: auto saving window now displayed on the right corner to avoid interrupting work.
  • Fixed: spell check feature, the dictionaries download links were not work.

Muutokset v5.7.500.32 - v5.8.13

  • * Added new control "Multiple Subtitle Tracks Viewer" which allows to view subtitle for multiple tracks at a time. Usefull for viewing track and translation tracks at same time.
  • * Added new method for MKV ripping (in the Sub-Picture sub window).
  • * Improvments made to make it easier to use some features like translate.
  • * Fixed bugs in MKV rip feature; it was impossible for user to rip some mkv files.

Muutokset v5.7.250.11 - v5.7.500.32

Muutokset v5.7.189.1560 - v5.7.250.11

Muutokset v5.6.22.5466 - v5.7.189.1560

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