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Muutokset v9.1 (4643.690.1951) - v9.1 (4652.701.1951)

  • Issue of high resource consumption resulting in occasional breakdowns of audio streaming is fixed

Muutokset v9.0 (4537.670.1937) - v9.1 (4643.690.1951)

  • The following improvements have been made:
  • SmartDecision operation algorithms. Decreased number of issues with unjustified understatement of applications’ rating
  • Extended version support for Internet Explorer for Quick Tune panel
  • The following issues have been fixed:
  • Possible cases of BSOD with Driver of network operations were fixed
  • Quick Scan: the issue with some system catalogs missing in the checklist under x64, was fixed
  • Possible system freeze on web browsing under Windows XP was fixed

Muutokset v9.0 (4535.670.1937) - v9.0 (4537.670.1937)

  • Possible installation procedure failure on process scanning is fixed
  • Impossibility to continue installation on detecting of partially incompatible products on Windows XP is fixed

Muutokset v8.1.2 (4313.670.1936) - v9.0 (4535.670.1937)

Muutokset v8.0 (4164.652.1856) - v8.1 (4303.670.1908)

Muutokset v7.6 (3984.639.1842) - v8.0 (4164.652.1856)

Muutokset v7.5.3 (3942.608.1810) - v7.6 (3984.645.1842)

  • The following improvements have been made:
  • Windows 8 support: general drivers support
  • Windows 8 support: blocking of infected Metro applications
  • Windows Action Center support is improved
  • Processing of IPv6 addresses is improved
  • ICMPv6 support in firewall rules names
  • Logs are moved from the product folder into the common Application Data folder
  • Blockpost module operation in suspended protection mode is improved
  • The following issues have been fixed:
  • Issues with torrent clients are fixed (zero connections, slow-downs, freezes)
  • Attack Detection issues are fixed, reaction logic in case of multiple attackers is improved
  • BSOD’s caused by network applications operation in fast networks are fixed
  • Blocking and freezing issues caused by the content filtering mechanism are fixed
  • Low-level rules priority issues are fixed

Muutokset v7.5.2 - v7.5.3 (3941.604.1810)

  • Issues with Java 7 and IPv6 on Windows 7
  • Issues with MySQL and IPv6 on Windows 7
  • Issues with Remote Desktop and IPv6 on Windows 7
  • Causes of several of the most commonly reported crashes fixed

Muutokset v7.5.1 (3791.596.1681) - v7.5.2

Muutokset v7.5 (3720.574.1668) - v7.5.1 (3791.596.1681)

  • The following issues have been fixed:
  • Disabling Proactive protection in Outpost interface could not disable it in fact
  • Progress bar window was always on top during the procession of quarantine objects
  • Several frequent crashes
  • The following improvements have been made:
  • Multiple compatibility improvements with third-party products
  • Improvements in detection, curing, and quarantining archives

Muutokset v7.5 (3717.574.1668) - v7.5 (3720.574.1668)

  • Minor GUI fixes

Muutokset v7.5 (3663.571.1653) Beta 3 - v7.5 (3717.574.1668)

  • Outpost Firewall Pro 7.5 — Performance Edition introduces the following improvements:
  • Performance:
  • Web page filtering is 3x faster
  • Filtering for spyware sites is up to 100 times faster
  • CPU and memory consumption are lower
  • Improved performance and stability on 64-bit PCs
  • Security:
  • New SmartDecision module increases accuracy of non-signature detection
  • New clipboard and screen content protection secures cut-and-paste operations and prevents screen scraping
  • Auto-Learn mode now operates more securely, even on infected PCs
  • Autorun Protection prevents malware from spreading via USB drives
  • Updated and extended list of applications and associated data protected by AppGuard
  • Enhanced self-protection mechanism
  • Greater control over registry backup and restore attempts
  • Compatibility and Ease of Use:
  • Ability to submit suspect files to Agnitum automatically from within the UI for further analysis
  • Support for mobile broadband devices under Windows 7
  • Redesigned pop-up dialogs for more intuitive operation
  • What’s Fixed:
  • Content filter and firewall operational issues under Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  • Blocking by keywords issues
  • Issues while streaming videos on YouTube
  • Performance issues on Windows 7 machines
  • Issues while using BitTorrent clients (including performance issues)
  • Most commonly reported causes of system crashes
  • Decreased number of Application Guard false positives
  • Minor GUI fixes

Muutokset v7.0.4 (3412.520.1245) - v7.1 (3415.520.1247)

  • The following improvements have been made:
  • New applications were added to the list of applications controlled by Application Guard
  • Most commonly reported crashes are fixed

Muutokset v7.0.3 (3395.517.1242) - v7.0.4 (3398.519.1243)

  • Most commonly reported crashes
  • Possible freeze on starting applications for which no rules are created if rules auto-creation is disabled
  • Possible freeze on Windows 7 x64 while downloading torrents and playing online games
  • Application Guard false positives for lsass.exe
  • Possible system freezes on various actions: delete file, open file from context menu, empty recycle bin
  • More minor issues and interface issues

Muutokset v7.0 (3373.514.1234) - v7.0.1 (3376.514.1234)

  • The following improvements are introduced:
  • Self-protection mechanism improved (new registry hives are now protected)
  • The following issues are resolved (only significant ones are listed):
  • Outpost could freeze on starting automatic update

Muutokset v6.7.2 (3001.452.0718) - v6.7.3 (3063.452.0726)

  • The following issues are resolved (only significant ones are listed):
  • Service was unavailable if installing on a low-power PC

Muutokset v6.7.1 (2983.450.0714) - v6.7.2 (3001.452.0718)

  • Autolearn mode is disabled by default if Advanced security level is selected during installation
  • Slowdown during installation of redistributable components
  • Entertainment mode prompt was not disabled on starting full-screen applications
  • SMTP attachments could not be sent using Thunderbird mail client
  • Installation issues (ACS server could not be found)
  • Rules for trusted and blocked applications could be lost after suspending protection
  • Properties of some applications could not be opened from the Edit Rules dialog
  • Log folder could not be opened using the command in the Settings window
  • Issues on displaying web pages on servers using gzip encoding
  • Real-time protection was disabled for some time after antivirus databases update

Muutokset v6.5.5 (2535.385.0692) - v6.7 (2954.446.0710)

  • What's new:
  • Windows 7 beta-support
  • Anti-Spyware engine improved
  • The following improvements are introduced:
  • Improved content filtering performance
  • The following issues are resolved (only significant ones are listed):
  • Issues with Heuristic analysis
  • Issues with configuration after computer infection
  • Self-protection exclusions list was not preserved under Windows Vista
  • Issues after Windows Vista SP1 loading, including: Services were not started, Strange windows behavior, Slow startup
  • Several most commonly reported crashes, including: Possible crash in case of insufficient memory, Possible crash while scrolling through the Host Protection components list
  • Several most commonly reported freezes, including: Possible freeze on scrolling the applications list, Possible freeze on UAC dialog display
  • Some visual notifications could be displayed in Entertainment Mode
  • Possible problems with ICS (packets could be blocked)
  • Possible problems with drivers installation
  • Possible compatibility issues with KAV/KIS
  • High CPU load in case of working with Lingvo X3
  • Hosts file modification could not sometimes be detected
  • Adding Windows/System32 folder to exclusions did not work
  • Rules for EMULE.EXE were not applied
  • Issues while receiving mail using The Bat!
  • Incredimail could crash on mail receiving
  • Rawsocket rules did not work correctly
  • Content filtering rules did not work for mtorrent.exe
  • Port scanning false positives on detecting UDP packet to the closed port from DNS server
  • Some printer functions did not work if Outpost was installed on a computer
  • Outpost could cause GUI freeze under Windows Vista 64
  • Internet Explorer could crash on trying to change site properties using Quick Tune plug-in
  • No Quick Tune plug-in in Internet Explorer on x64 platforms
  • Update settings did not work correctly
  • Registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager] "BootExecute" was not protected
  • Incompatibility with Jaws application
  • Outpost service could not start with enabled UAC
  • Windows Firewall could not sometimes be disabled after Outpost installation
  • Incoming NetBIOS connections were blocked even if NetBIOS check box in LAN settings was selected
  • By default content is not filtered for loopback address anymore
  • Music could not be played from with Outpost installed
  • RPC DCOM attack could not be detected
  • Outpost could not sometimes detect driver load
  • Outpost could detect Norton Antivirus after its uninstallation
  • Incoming connections could be successfully established in case of blocking policy
  • Transit packets were blocked on attempt to open web pages on VMWare
  • More minor issues

Muutokset v6.5.4 (2525.381.0687) - v6.5.5 (2535.385.0692)

  • The following improvements are introduced:
  • Compatibility with Windows Vista SP2
  • Compatibility with Windows Server 2008 SP2
  • The following issues are resolved (only significant ones are listed):
  • Driver could crash on plugging card reader
  • Packets blocked by IP Block component were not displayed in the Packets log
  • Updates did not work if Internet Explorer was not installed
  • More minor issues

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