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Muutokset v2.8.350 - v2.8.398

  • added: basic option property sheet, subtitle prop page
  • added: configure subtitle color, outline, font size and font color
  • added: detect and load Windows Registry system default font for subtitle rendering
  • added: prefer bold font over regular font
  • added: font selection combo box rendering font name with corresponding fonts
  • added: app ini system, save/load app data from an ini file instead of Windows Registry
  • added: app ini system save/load in unicode format
  • added: save/load default paths into app ini file
  • added: save/load window resizing/aspect ratio/loop mode/current play item/ into app ini file
  • added: save/load font information into app ini file
  • added: button to reset default values in the subtitle prop page
  • added: display subtitle dialogue for extended duration
  • added: does not auto-load external subtitle if there are any internal subtitle presences
  • added: fullscreen window will overlay fixed Windows Taskbar
  • improved: yv12 blending speed
  • improved: subtitle default appearances
  • bug fixed: font size too small for internal subtitle
  • bug fixed: seeking media with subtitle should immediately erase last subtitle on the screen
  • bug fixed: loaded external subtitle files won't show up on the menu
  • bug fixed: external/internal subtitles in wrong display order
  • bug fixed: wrong rgb order when parsing color string in the app ini file
  • bug fixed: in rare instances an unexpected crash at app startup
  • Refractor: external subtitle files
  • Refractor: internal text subtitle
  • Refractor: internal bitmap subtitle

Muutokset v2.8.320 - v2.8.350

  • added: default video rendering is now in YUV format
  • added: default directshow rendering engine is now WMR7
  • added: full screen toolbar auto appear/hide determined by mouse movement
  • added: subtitle rendering in YUV format
  • improved: ensure focus item is visible at application startup
  • improved: ensure extremely large video files won't freeze the application UI
  • bug fixed: in some rare cases video picture flips upside down
  • bug fixed: drag & drop won't work in some situations
  • bug fixed: audio/video out of sync at playback startup in some situations
  • bug fixed: internal subtitle channels could not be selected the second time once 'no subtitle' menu had been selected

Muutokset v2.8.266 - v2.8.273

  • improved: smoother media file seeking
  • improved: media file title aligns vertically on-center with any supported operating system

Muutokset v2.8.235 - v2.8.266

  • added: context menu for playlist
  • added: tooltips for fullscreen controls
  • added: progress text for the fullscreen toolbar
  • added: more file extensions available in file open dialog
  • added: mouse hovering on position bar will show current position in progress text
  • added: changelog url in app about dialog
  • added: changelog url in app upgrade dialog
  • improved: larger position bar and volume bar
  • improved: AMP title logo design
  • improved: pause button appearance
  • bug fixed: incorrect tooltip texts for play/pause status
  • bug fixed: corrected the issues that in some special cases caused crashes
  • bug fixed: position bar dragging incorrect under winxp

Muutokset v2.8.221 - v2.8.235

  • better visibility for window title
  • better visibility for progress text
  • added: online manual
  • added: tooltip for playlist items
  • added: tooltip for controls
  • added: changing window size without changing playlist width(hold Ctrl key while splitting window)
  • added: play with Windows "Open With..." context menu
  • bug fixed: double clicking on playlist item will lost focus
  • bug fixed: pressing Enter to select playlist item will lost focus

Muutokset v2.8.218 - v2.8.221

  • added: better media info dialog
  • added: fastfoward/backward media position for 10 seconds
  • bug fixed: 2 empty lines in media info dialog while playing audio-only files
  • bug fixed: no sizer cursor

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