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Muutokset v26.0 - v27.0

Muutokset v21.0 - v22.0

Muutokset v15.0 - v16.0

Muutokset v11.0 - v12.0

  • Added a workaround to make gadgets stay visible when pressing Win+D or when using the Show desktop button under Windows 8.1. Fixed a bug that prevented access to gadgets by touch. Due to high demand, it is now possible to install 8GadgetPack on Windows 7. Improved startup reliability. Improved multi-monitor support in 7 Sidebar. Updated outdated gadgets and added a new gadget (that I made myself): Glassy Network Monitor.

Muutokset v10.0 - v11.0

  • Fixed a bug that often caused a crash at startup. Updated outdated gadgets.

Muutokset v8.0 - v9.0

Muutokset v7.0 - v8.0

Muutokset v6.0 - v7.0

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