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NotMyFault is a tool that can crash, hang, freeze or do any other number of bad things to a Windows computer.

The tool uses a system driver (myfault.sys - named because the driver is the actual culprit for the crashes/hangs) to screw around in memory and do other bad things that you command it to. It is used by Windows Sysinternals as examples of the types of bugs and crashes a system administrator can expect to run into with Windows software.

With NotMyuFault, you can cause the following terrible things..
  • High IRQL Fault (Kernel-mode)
  • Buffer overflow
  • Code overwrite
  • Stack trash
  • High-IRQL fault (user-mode)
  • Stack overflow
  • Hardcoded breakpoint
  • Double free

It can also be used to cause the system to Hang (so you can practice debugging the problem) or cause a major memory leak.

The download ZIP contains both the x86 and x64 versions of the tool.

WARNING: This tool is not a joke. It is intended to be used for educational purposes only. It is used as an example tool with the book "Windows Internals." Using this tool, you will crash or otherwise harm your Windows session. For example, selecting "High IRQL fault" and clicking "Crash" will, definitely, cause an immediate BSOD crash and reboot of your system. Do not use this on a system you can't easily recover. Perhaps try it with a virtual machine that you have a snapshot of, and under the guidance of the book Windows Internals 7, or other examples released by Windows Sysinternals.

Neither AfterDawn, or the tool's authors, accept any responsibility for your actions with this tool.
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NotMyFault v4.0Tiedoston koko: 234,63 kB


NotMyFault v4.0
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Lisätty 25.5.2012
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